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  1. EEps!! This is awesome!!! I personally haven't touched my Oblivion in sometime, But I am SO happy to see others doing Futa (or trans ) content. Especially clothing ones. One of my goals when I was learning to mod and releasing some of my efforts, was to give those who prefer futa or trans characters the option to play without always being naked and without just being fully tucked, since you know, to identify the difference without always having the penis out. Anyway, I do wish you the utmost luck with your project. I never managed to finish my own version of this.
  2. OMG So glad you're going to get back into this, sweetie ❤️ *Hugs tightly*
  3. To be clear you are talking about ALL parades right? Inclusive of the straight pride one too. Right? Or is it just the ones you personally have issues with?
  4. Well the good news is you don't have to participate in said events or even contribute to the community. That's OK - just be you. I will say though..Ok…I hate to say it but just gonna say it…I being a right winged trans girl, my cringe is more at the expected idea that we have to all be liberal and support the same things or if I don’t vote for the same candidate as everyone else, I am not worthy of being their friend and thus, I’m a 'traitor'. So I can relate to your sentiment there. Whilst I do not agree with some of the typical methodology that the LGBTQ community uses, I still support
  5. Yeah is agree, Resdayn. I am currently in a relationship but may not be for long. Long time partner and I are just not working well anymore. So at this point I’m learning that I may be single soon. Will I be lonely, no. I won’t even have I’ll will toward anyone for it. I’ll just go out for drinks with my girlfriends, find some hobbies, travel, find some new hobbies and maybe even explore both men and women. It’s all about making the most of your “lonely” moments. Sometimes you can be lonely even when you’re not when it comes to the being lonely in a roman
  6. Well to be fair. I don’t think it would be her loss for rejecting someone offering their ‘discount isle dick’ to any attractive woman. He can move on to the next one, that’s his business not mine. I’d just personally be grateful to have dodged that bullet. Thought realistically, I am not expecting roses or any of that but I do respect a proper effort. This being if I felt lonely and wanted a random hookup. (trying to somewhat keep the topic going ha). Just an actual effort is more meaningful. Though everyone’s different, man or woman so to each their own. I will say tho
  7. True. LOLZ. Like the photo btw ❤️ As for lonely. Yeah...that's me right now. I am in a mood to drink on a Sunday night but no one wants to go bar hopping tonight, understandably so bored Ops sorry for double post. Some reason my text go trapped in the spoiler and thought I fixed it but instead posted 2x. Deleted the first one.
  8. Will she be wearing this later? I tried to buy it but it just sold out; maybe it's for the better.
  9. Why hello there!! Welcome to Lover's lab ^_^ Edit: Ops...yep there is a thread for hi's hahahhaha. Still welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here
  10. When people you vent to play pro bono lawyer for the asshole you’re venting about and give them the hugest benefit of a doubt but you do the tiniest thing wrong and suddenly you’re the worst human that ever walked the planet to said person...
  11. Hello, can I please talk to you somehow? It's very important to me, it's about modding my skyrim character with sos for females version, I have a custom race, and I'm usng cbbe, hdt, and the cbbe hdt tbbp bouncing butts and boobs mod, and as a newhalf myself, I would nothing more than to be able to fix my character to be as such. Please.

    1. Happysparkles


      Sorry for like the year delay here. As for Skyrim,  I sadly never really ventured into modding it deeply  :(.

      But I take it you probably already got the information you're looking for but if you did not, let me know and I'll do some digging :)

  12. Version 1


    Hi lovers, Introducing my Fallout 4 "unlimited" death time mod. This is my first attempt at modifying a game variable so it might not have been as fruitful as I hoped but it should work. The the mod has about 50000000000.00, or some insanely high variable to how long you respawn because 5 seconds is just not, too fun. Sadly, like Skyrim, it will require a good camera modification mod to allow us to TFC around like in the older installments of Fallout. If I develop the skill, I will build upon this mod, but I really cannot make any promises. Please enjoy the mod and Rest In
  13. I'm releasing them soon, just making a few adjustments. WOO!! I cannot wait . I will be happy to play with them. But take your time of course. A modder must have time to make them perfect .
  14. I am thinking about modding a different game... I love Oblivion, but I think the time to expand my universe is coming...

    1. RitualClarity


      I have it on a reliable source that the universe is constantly expanding....

      You should expand too. :P

  15. Love those glowing shoes. They must be so nice to wear, especially in a club scene. Hehe
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