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Hello Lovers LAB!!!!!


This is a quicky release of the Femboy Santa Babe set. This mod is the possible prelude to many others for this Femboy body, I am debating on Opening a suggestions Topic for the Femboy Body so we can have more and more for this outfit. But for now if you have suggestions/ request please include them in here (Until further notice).


This mod is not my best and is really a quick last minute mash up of stuff I’ve previously made.

I kind of liked how it came out and did not have enough time to do it for the other bodies, as I was debating on no longer doing public releases.

Well at the last minute my Christmas spirit kicked and I’ve decided to through this together.




BBB Ragdoll:



Optional but useful:





About the Mod:

This mod is the Christmas mod, simple yet functional and it's kind of cute. Not 100% the most festive thing you'll ever see and certaininly not as great as some of the other modders works, but not a bad job for an impromptu release.


To Install:

Drag and Drop to your Data Folder and Check ESP, play, enjoy Merry Christmas!


What was done:

This was a rehashing of the Seductive Frill, but with a little more modifications to the two peices from that set (the corset and skirt). The UV maping on the bra is not great so at last minute changed the back texture, as I wanted to release the mod TODAY.


What will be done:

This mod could potentially lead to less sporatic releases and maybe even the start oh me doing bi-weekly releases for this body if people really seem to dig it. Keep in mind this body is intended for players who enjoy a Femboy / Crossdresser but rather have a little more curve.



Speedbuster for all the great work done and the Sui-Cup (which I always love)

Koutetsu for the Femboy A-Cup body.

My Alpha testers for letting me know all is well.

Mailamea for releasing such great BB work enough to get me into it and even graciously allowed me to use her weights even when I was first started modding, great person she is so I thank her greatly ?.




The body follows the FCPA bodies release, so please note that.

With regards to this outfit, it is really not something I expect a lot of support on but I ask, from here on out,

(I also kind of hope this is goes without saying) please if you want to use / modify parts of my mod, please.

1) ask my permission first.

2) remeber before asking me, please at least show interest / support my work.

3) If approved please give me credit for usage of any features of my works.


PS: Sorry for the late release, and also note this is ONLY and outfit mod!


















-HappySparkles :)

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