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  1. lol... fun times. edit - huh? I can't seem to find the exact video.... or my memory is wrong... there are 4 minutes videos alright but they all jump from Balmora... Is there something not right in my head or what?
  2. Can others test goblin habitats? Does your game run fine in the places with many goblins?
  3. You know, all I can do at this point is an empty promise. Vanilla creatures are not even half done. But I guess the werewolf have better starting than the stock creatures as they have original mesh and textures. Very weird. I went to Barren Mine just now, killed some Dust Eater goblins and no crash. In fact I had no crash with goblins so far. One thing you can try is to set bDisableRule63 to 1 temporarily (you can do it in game; set xLoversCreatureQuest.bDisableRule63 to 1). This will hault anything related to creature update, so if rule63 part was indeed causing the crashes, the game should no more crash if this is set to 1. Your log indeed shows it crashed while LC is processing creatures, but it doesn't really say the game crashed because of LC. Your crash moment: First, you had some 10 monsters in Derelict Mine. The first 3 were normal Sharp Tooth Goblins. xLoversCreatureQuest:: CYCLE START. xLoversCreatureProc.walk_queue = [ [Sharp Tooth Goblin<00074EDA>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin<00074ED7>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin<00074ED6>], [Rat<0000CB96>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin Chef<0000CB68>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin Skirmisher<00074ED8>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin Skirmisher<00074ED4>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin Berserker<00074ED5>], [Sharp Tooth Goblin Berserker<0000CBB0>] ] Then it suceeded processing the first goblin (00074EDA), almost processed the second goblin (00074ED7), then crashed before it could process the 3rd goblin (00074ED6). Could it happen? It's strange, because your log shows it had processed several other goblins (presumably) before you enter the mine. Even in the mine, the process was successful at least for one goblin. The first 3 of the batch were the same type of goblins. Why would it succeed for one of those and fail for others? If you're absolutely certain it's crashing because of LC, I'm kinda stumped here. Goblins have two empty meshes - "shamanchest_Lcbf.nif" and "shamanlegs01_Lcbf.nif" these are kind of dummy files. Try replacing those with "_Lcp.nif" (copy it and rename it accordingly) and see what happens? I don't really think this is the cause, but this is the only unusual quality about the goblins.
  4. Cheating by otherwise legitimate means is an exciting game on its own. It's fun.. especially when you discover it yourself. My favorite one is climb into high places using paintbrushes. Plus the classic skooma jumps. Plus getting the 100% Resist Magic shield in Arena using the Staff of Worms. Plus every other dirty trick that envolves the Staff of Worms. For Morrowind I love the Seyda Neen super jump to Balmora. I even actively practiced it. You know, the one featured in the [in]famous beat Morrowind in 4 minutes video. Well, super jump itself is legal, but entering the South Wall Cornerclub just before you're mashed to a pulp by the ground is... cheesy... at best... For a while I even refused to install uop just because I wanted to use the various dirty tricks. Besides, the boundary between cheat & cheese & powergaming can be very blurry at times. For example, should the act of making super potions in Morrowind considered to be a cheat? Or just cheesy? Or totally legal? (cheat or not btw, it's canon) The boring players will say it's a cheat because they don't like it. Any GM in his right mind would not let you make Fortify Luck 1000 pts potion even if the book would imply it can be done, in this light it's a cheese. Munchkins will say it's legal because it can be done in game therefore permitted. I've run some friendly roleplay campaigns in RL, and when I do I tend to allow at least some cheesy activities if they like it. Video or pen and paper, gaming is all about fun.
  5. Why not set up a stringmap as mother id as keys, or a two-dimensional array? Then you can cache multiple birth scenes.
  6. Have you searched any thing like ebay? I bought 3 used GTS250's last year or so, one Gigabyte one MSI one Emtech, like 7-8 USD for each. The seller didn't even seem to care the fact that the Gigabyte one had twice more memory than others. There were other models on the market also, of course... like HD6850 for $20 for example... I kinda should have boght that one instead. Was a good deal. Because I have HD5850 and it runs things much much much better with FHD resolution than GTS250... The Emtech one died out but I still have two! The remaining both are running mighty fine on two of my old rigs. You don't mind such ones being ex-cryptomining equipment when each costs comparable to a cup of cofee, assuming the fuckers use GTS250 for that purpose at all. I also have an Athlon XP computer with ATI Radeon 9550 fanless card on it. I still can (occasionally) find spare parts for it on the used market. Do not surrender!
  7. I examined the scripts just now and... no, don't use it. It's incomplete and broken. It was incomplete and I broke it with the 2.5.4 release. One line in a script needs fixing but it's not worth even that meager effort because it's incomplete, and very early stage at that. There is a bug that I fix in 2.5.9 related to goblins, but unrelated to any crash: That means being a goblin is not a problem on its own. (how could I have found that bug in the first place? if goblins cause crash.) Recently I've been focusing on playing to test things through the usual gameplay. Goblin cave, goblin fort, goblin mines, goblin ruins, goblin congress and goblin lemonade stand, not a problem. Except that I have not visited this particular place that is Barren Mine. I'll get there soon enough, but in the mean time try some other goblin whatever-holes. Also, if you install Conscribe, it will output all console messages to a text file. It's sometimes helpful for figuring out what's causing the crash.
  8. I think I'll force defensive only when futa is disabled. Once this is done, feature-wise, I don't think I have much to do on the esp other than sporadic bug fixes. Only the endless creature and animation making. I don't know what the LPK stamina bar is. Is there such thing in LPK extender? Where the hell was this information the last time I played Oblivion? This could make for some interesting gameplay. Story time! Was playing an evil(ish) slaver/breeder character raiding a bandit den, but RNGesus only provided me with a single female Khajiit and she got killed in the heat of the battle, leaving only a male Dunmer as the only survivor (and enslaveable NPC). Evil me thought it could be fun to stick the Khajiit's womb inside him and have him act as surrogate for the future kittens, but I couldn't seem to get the sperm to show up in his inventory after the scenes no matter what Tamago settings I tweaked, so I had to give up on it and just sold the dude off to the first peasant I came across. Guess now I know why it didn't work. I kinda wish that containers could get pregnant as well. I mean you don't want to bang a cupboard, probably, but in the fantasy and sci-fi stuff (doesn't seem to really matter), evil wizards and Lex Luthor wannabe's all have their VAT grown clones everywhere... they make clone of themselves and show up again and again after you think you've killed them proper this time. So why not us? If containers could get pregnant natively, everyone can have their own Biomancy lab! Although I wouldn't say it's impossible with the current system, as long as one is truly determined to make it. And Tamagosetbody would have busy time replacing container models with the ones with an embryo inside... Side note: Slaughterfish defense animation If I am ever to make a full lovers animation, this whould be the first one. lol..
  9. So it was sort of my bad english instance, I guess. If it resurrected a used card 5 times, it did do some good thing after all! But still it's far beyond me, why one wouldn't buy a better chip from the beginning instead, for example...
  10. What?? There is anything to read about graphics card in an oven?
  11. I hate to bug you when you've just updated... but I still got suggestions. If you aren't doing this already, try inserting tab characters (09h) instead of spaces (20h). But don't get disappointed if it doesn't work. I wouldn't be surprised. Also, you should not be measuring their width values. Two reasons: ActorValueToString translates actor value enum to their localized name. For all non-English Oblivion installation, your measured text width will not even be close to accurate. On top of that, you don't know which font the user actually has for rendering messagebox. Again for all other non-vanilla fonts (common in localized Oblivion), it will be inaccurate. Adding two functions will not alter or change the system's underlying code. Not one bit. I assure you. Those two are intended to be used by the makers of add-on mods who need to debug their data arrays in a less painful way. TamagoClub will not call them unless you tell it to.
  12. Let me clarify something about this issue here. After HiyokoGenerator has built the name list, it checks if the storage array contains at least one name when you load the game next time. If not, you get the "have to generate name list" message again. In short, you get that message when your name list is empty. The name list is built by reading a config file named "HiyokoNameList.ini". The default ini has some 2000 random fantasy names. And why could it be empty? On Windows notepad, you have 4 options as to what character encoding to use when you save a text file. They are: ANSI, Unicode (UTF-16 LE), Unicode big endian (UTF-16 BE), UTF-8* (with BOM). * UTF-8 could be only on Windows 10, I don't remember The thing people talking about ANSI is that, if the ini file is saved in Unicode, it is saved as double-byte encoding - "UTF-16 LE". Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has been persistently refering UTF-16 as "unicode" which led to many confusions. But there are other unicode codecs like utf-8 or utf-32. And what is this ANSI? It's supposed to mean some sort of standard codec, but again on Windows, it means whatever current encoding your system is using. Oblivion expects a specific encoding namely "cp1252" aka Windows-1252 aka Latin 1 aka Western European. If your system encoding is cp1252, this is the ANSI codec... on your computer. And it's an ASCII-compatible single-byte encoding. This is why people tell you to save ini file in ANSI. You save it in UTF-16 which is double-byte, Oblivion cannot read it. You save it in UTF-8 with BOM, Oblivion cannot read it because of the Byte Order Mark. (UTF-8 without BOM is fine though, because utf-8 is ascii-compatible too, in fact ascii is utf-8.) If the file cannot be read, your name list won't be filled obviously. The next time you load the game it's empty, so the mod attempts to read the file again, to no avail. Whether saving it in ANSI codec will work or not depends on your system encoding. The HiyokoNameList.ini file is totally written only in ASCII characters (but originally written by Japanese people). And all english codecs and many non-english codecs are ascii-compatible, so most of the time it will work. If your system codec is either shift-jis (It's an utterly stupid but very popular Japanese codec that is not ascii-compatible), some Cyrillic or Hebrew however, it will not work. On to the problem at hand, you can try the following: Grab a programmer's text editor that is better than notepad. Notepad++, Geany, PSPad, things like that. Open your HiyokoNameList.ini file and check its encoding. Convert all line endings (EOL) to Windows/DOS CRLF. A proper programming editor must support this operation. Save the file as ASCII. If your editor does not list ASCII, choose UTF-8, but not UTF-8 BOM. If your editor lets you choose a specific character sets, choose Windows-1252, OEM 437 or ISO-8859-1. LongDukDong has already encoded the ini file in ASCII, but you are just double-checking here in case you had a residual file from your previous installation. (or maybe just extract the ini file from the archive again, it's already ASCII unless you've done something on it) That also means I'm not very hopeful to fix your current issue with this. I can't really tell if this is load order issue or something else. It could be corrupt OBSE issue. Just to be sure, try replacing your OBSE files (obse_something dlls and exe) with the new ones fresh out of the distribution package. If it still doesn't work, keep following Fejeena's instructions. Or maybe do a fresh reinstall of HiyokoGenerator.
  13. This issue is not strictly related to load order (but not entirely unrelated either)... so I can achieve the same in LoversCreature.esp too. (LoversCreature.esp must be loaded after Lovers with PK.esp anyway) Anyway I'm considering this as a viable option. I'll probably override some LAPF functions at least temporarily. Below video features a female werewolf.... (10:48) https://www.xvideos.com/video42608663/cloud_meadow_-_animation_gallery_public_build_december_2018_ I can't say I have any LC-related crash now. But keep an eye on it, you know, just in case. Not finding womb is normal. Womb sync does not work in 2.5.8. This issue is fixed in 2.5.9. Don't know why you couldn't find sperm though. This part hasn't been through much testing... edit -> Read LongDukDong's reply, I've mistaken something wrong. Womb sync bug applies only to the sex change spell. I can't tell much about the _MOO thing. I've never even examined it myself. I don't even know if it's in a usable state. You'll need to find out yourself... in case you do use it however, it's suposed to be supplementary rather than replace the existing LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp. Load _MOO thing right after it and see if it has any ill effect for your game.
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