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  1. I'm sorry for not showing up for years, but I was reanimated from the modders' grave thanks to my friend's message. Currently I'm not motivated enough to resume this stuff but it's definitely on the todo list cuz this game is my all time favorite. One of these days I'll have to take some time to read the posts I missed. Still no ETA though ☠️😅
  2. The first and foremost reason as to why the normals appear messed up is because the verts are messed up. In this case, it merely seems to be only a single spot of double. Just merge the two verts there and seam mend again.
  3. Ah! for that, I'll make a list of hardcoded vanilla creatures and make an option entry in the ini file with default 'on'. Currently: Blossom, Amelion family, other Water's edge residents, Shadowmere.
  4. The penis will probably have to be at the end of the belly, not in the crotch. The penis at the crotch may be better to switch position with the 'web dildo' there.
  5. That was fast! I'm a bit busy these days, and not motivated enough to squeeze time. But do continue! If you're not too familiar with graphics tools, I think starting from vanilla Spider Daedra is a good idea. I've been making female ones from almost scratch based off human bodies, but that way takes much time.
  6. Why not? If you can spare time. As long as the models aren't too far from vanilla, rigging can be done.
  7. Actually, I tried requesting male creature variants to a friend, someone who can sculpt male body with much more enthusiasm than myself. Sadly it was refused.
  8. That depends on whether the specific rape mod allows raping male. I don't have any plan to systematically disallow male victim. That would be unfair.
  9. Sorry, I've been in my annual Diablo 2 spree. I trashed another 3 characters in the hall of valor. I really have to note what you've said and have a look when I'm in the right mood. A normal female and futa female at the same time? It's not possible now? (I've been away from this for a while) I'll have to check the code later. Thanks for the heads up. At the moment, those spells are added only when debug mode is enabled. So I think it should be added to spellbook regardless of genderbender. It's just that debug is enabled by default in the early versions.
  10. The only real thing you really must salvage from any save file is your character's facegen. Shame if you had any irreplicable data such as specific hiyoko.... buuuuut I guess you could redo most of your history stuff again. That tona mod compilation doesn't have any problem iirc. Nothing can go wrong. I have it enabled all the time. Usually such clothing/npc/place mods are not capable of damaing save files. And something is weird about Dynamic Map... because I've been using it for years too. Without any serious problem. The only time it generates runtime errors is when
  11. Teasing with screenshots can be dickish, I agree. I've seen several of those who enjoy exclusivity myself. But then there are those pricks who think I owe them anything... Sorry Nepro, not talking about you. But I can't be much supportive here. Someone on Nexus told me I'm bad because he could not get a male version armor. You can't say I'm not a man of creativity and sharing spirit man.... But this particular recent incident offended me to no end, made me rethink all my tes modding years. I've always been all out sharing but in the end I'm terrible because I did not dedicate even more of my t
  12. scn FnOnHitByPlayer ref target ref attacker begin Function { target, attacker } ; we know the attacker must be the player, but the argument is still required print $target + " was hit by the player" end ------------- scn FnOnPlayerRestoreHealth ref target long effectCode begin Function { target, effectCode } print "The player has been hit by a restore health effect" end -------------- scn FnOnLoadGame string_var filename begin Function { filename } print "Loading game from " + $filename end --------------- scn SomeQuestScript begin gamemode if getGameRestarted
  13. You are very lucky to have a constant and reliable crash spot. It's a very sweet opportunity to eliminate a problem. Disable your mods (hint: bisection search) until it doesn't crash. But otherwise I cannot help, the reason for crash could be anything. Note that the problem is not necessarily on your mod setup, as Fejeena suggests. Your save game could be a problem. Long ago I had a very consistent crash spot near Cheydinhal. I did what I suggested above, bisection disabling until it wouldn't crash. And it turns out that the crash culprit was, surprisingly, MCS. (The one Slade
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