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  1. Maybe I missed the point of the OP. Still don't know exactly what you wanted to discuss, but I just wanted to say that people with different interests make various mods that are not player armor, weapon, house, weapon, armor or another armor. Combined all different things together, it's not as dead as some might think. Besides, the game's more than 10 years old. It's only natural for Skyrim to take its place and, in due time, Skyrim communities will become just as vacant as we are now. But in the end it doesn't matter. If the game is great enough or you like it enough then I see no problem. I know some modders who are still working on freaking Diablo 2, Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale.
  2. Hehe, the 'less hot' version. A most reasonable adaptation for the general climate of Colovia.
  3. You should be able to put them in the spoilers if you edit the html source directly. Or not. Codes in the spoilers seems to work just fine even in the wysiwyg mode. My idea of switching creature models revolves around hardcoding as few stuff as possible. For that I need their model name set in my way, and that's what my "bash-creature" script (you see that in the pm) is about. Now I think I have to write a proof-of-concept plugin soon to show off what it will be like. Oh, but it's good to know that Update3D works for ToggleCreatureModel. I've been contemplating what would disabling a creature for one frame imply (this includes things like spell scripts on disabled actors sometimes going postal) which is the canonical (documented) way of refreshing creature graphics. But now that I know you're doing it with update3D, I guess I'll do it that way too.
  4. You say like cosmetic mods are the only things worth your time.
  5. I have little idea on how should the imps and scamps look like without utterly breaking their original theme. On the other hand, I do have some thoughts on the Frost Atronach so I think maybe I'll do them next time. Btw removing clothings during sex is supposed to be one of the core features of the upcoming 2.5 update. I'm fairly certain it could be done.
  6. On reflection, it indeed seems like we don't have too many quest mods for lovers. But then I suppose you don't need to restrict yourself to writing only quest guides. Just some introductory writings (with some story) for other types of mods could do well perhaps.
  7. The mod index xx or not loaded messages are probably from TamagoSetBody. It's showing because I forgot to suppress console output when reading .ini file. It's not pretty but harmless, you can ignore it. I have no idea about this hiyokos offering service thing, though. They can (theoretically, I think) become a merchant class by HFD, but what I don't know is do the npcs with merchant class automatically get to sell stuff? Well I think that's kinda cool if they did... but you said even those with bandit class sold things. NPCs need the "offer service" flag in their AI setting to have barter/repair options, but neither HFD nor HGGF mess with that. So, I'm clueless. Let others answer that. It would help if you post your full load order because non-lovers mods may very well be affecting AI behavior.
  8. LoversVoiceSSPplus LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP lets you bang npc thru dialog and choose position category as you like. So you might try that one, at least that way you can be certain if your oral sex animations are working at all. More importantly, anim number is printed in the console once sex starts (this applies to all LAPF sex). Once you know the anim numbers, editing ini files shouldn't give you too much trouble so long as you have some patience.
  9. Female Flesh Atronach finally done, so bumping.
  10. Probably bad exporter or bad edit. Pyffi will fix the framerate issue.
  11. Thanks. err.. Unfortunately, the zombie (I presume it's Colourwheel's) sounds like they use human skeleton. Female Lich uses human skeleton too. Though I might have to check if I can easily convert them before I waste time. Only the Ogre one is usable, but I'm not quite sure if it's any better than OSM's.
  12. Showing your interest is good enough for me, thanks. I forgot to comment about this. Ah, yes. Minotaur girls really do need to lose their horns. And no I have not seen a cow with the horns, well except in the glorified monstergirl stuff. I [want to] think of the Imps and Scamps as some sort of little cute devils. Mischief, but still adorable. At least in everything except appearance. And voice. So why not make their chick version better? Espcially when their OSM version are sub-optimal. I want to do them if I can spare some time. (low priority) The lich mod on Nexus used different skeleton last time I checked. Duh... I plan to do Aurorans because they are from an official plugin that is Knights of the Nine, friend. Not originally from ESO, I assure you. Although, for some unknown (but imaginable) reason, not included in LoversCreature. I do want to work Twilight also, believe me. But those already on the list alone will take at least months.
  13. If you're going do this with nifskope, you'll need to copy the pieces to every lowerbody-ish meshes. Including clothings and armors, of course. And then they will affect all characters that wear them. I guess you could use Blockhead to remedy that, but setting them up correctly will be a hell lot of work. One way to circumvent it I can think of right now is to modify your body texture, then use Blockhead to apply it to only the select few characters of your choosing (such as yourself). But you'll need to bake an insanely good normal map for the proper bump effect. The free NVidia DDS plugin can't do that, sorry. Also, obviously, this won't work if this 'jewelry' you're talking about is more than just some gemstones bumps on the body.
  14. This very much sounds like LoversBed and LoversAphrodisia joined together and on steroid. I think the description is a bit vague as to what exactly the mod is supposed to do though. Hopefully I'll be able to try out soon enough to find out.
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