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About This File

Hi my Favorite site!!!


This mod is just a release to close older models I've made.


Basically I wanted to share this set with the public, thought it is not exactly perfect. It is a mod that I am not going to work on anymore and rather something that is better done completely anew, so eventually you will see an even sexier Seductive Frill set.




BBB Ragdoll:



Optional Requirements:

Sui Cup Body:


BTRA TSBody (on my TS Blog )



About the Mod:

This mod is an older mod. It contains some Skirts, Bras, Panties, Stockings, Shoes and Corsets.

It contains the TS to Female files as the optional choice. Since my TS characters are actually made from and used as the Male gender. Also includes the braless and pantyless versions too (which work as tail for the skirt).


To Install:

Drag and drop to your Data Folder. Activate the ESP and go to Location and open that chest.


What was done:

This mod was made sometime ago, but never released. It did fix the issue with the GND model that lacked in earliest private release, also added a more compatible container and moved it to the back of the inn. I've also considered variety with this set so some users will appreciate that they can switch and swap pieces accordingly. Also includes the smaller version of the Mini Top Hats.


What will be done:

This mod is old and probably nothing special at this point. The plan for this is for me to not fix the many notable issues with it, but rather remake the mod according to my stronger modeling skills. I will also be revamping it, to make the corset a sexier one :).



Please do not use anything from this mod without first asking me and getting my approval.

If approved, as I ask for not just me but towards other modders work you work on/improve, never insult the other modder or their work, especially because in many cases they've spent countless hours (or days) to bring you their work and it would be only respectful to show them that appreciation, even if you fix up their mod.



Speedbuster for the Sui Cup.

Anyone involved with the Original body leading to the BTRA

KameleonKlik from Deviant art for the wonderful lace texture!



Dear Contributors/ Admins: Can anyone tell me why 100MB is the limit in file size?

Also can anyone explain to me how I can upload mod on external site and link it without uploading it here?

Reason I ask this is because my mod was (and future ones) tend to be 111mb in total and it literally just was not going to happen. I am just a regular member so maybe it's not important, but yeah it would be nice to have a bigger file option, as I'd rather not just paste a random notpad or something that is not my mod in the mod file download, since it would be kind of annoying for the modders.


Thanks and sorry if I am being a pain X_X, but I love this site and the community and I know that eventually an ambitious project me and a few friends are working on will be uploaded, and we'd really love to share them here :).

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