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About This File

This is a compilation pack of various minor mods. The following is contained:


Plugins that may have issues with Rev96:

LoversAdultPlayPlus: Allows for prostitution (female only) and consensual sex through dialog.

NOTE: This plugin is outdated - Recommend you use the SSP version.

LoversStopCombatEx: Ensures all combat stops when the player is in the middle of sex.

NOTE: This is now included directly in LPK's esp file. There is a newer version in the Lovers Beta thread.

Not recommended to use this version anymore.

LoversHideMenus: Toggles off your HUD during sex.

NOTE: Unknown if this works with the current version of LPK (rev96) - requires pluggy.

LoversBed: When two actors are in the same bed, they will begin to fuck. Makes stalking through peoples houses at night stealing stuff a whole lot more entertaining.

NOTE: Not the latest version. The latest version of Lovers Bed can be found in the downloads section.



Plugins that "should" work fine with Rev96:

LoversBackup2: Saves your position adjustments to a local file.

LoversContraception: Practice safe sex! Not only good advice in real life, but if you run a pregnancy mod, this will prove useful as it adds condoms and birth-control pills to the game.

LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer: Allows you to use your BLOCK button to attempt to stop an attempt at rape on your character before it happens.

LoversHelpRapeVPlayer: If you have any companions with you, they will attempt to help protect you from rapist.

LoversLight: Adds a light aura around characters having sex, useful for dark places.

LoversPower: After sex, characters will receive a temporary random buff.

LoversRapeSlave: After raping a NPC so many times, they will eventually become your slave and no longer resist.

LoversSoundVolumeDown: Turns your game volume down lower during sex.

LoversSpermSplashEx: Will change the way sperm is handled by the Lovers base package. You are able to adjust how long it lasts, and if a character covered in sperm receives any negative side effects.





Translated by: Ashal

Requires: OBSE v0019+, Lovers Base System

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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