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  1. Not meaning to hijack the thread, so I will not follow up on this any further, but I am not touching cbbe or any other female body (FO4-wise, of course). Glad you like the outfits, though, I will probably add more at some point (EVB-only, feel free to convert them to any body you like).
  2. Hi! Any way to skip the dialogue and get straight to business? (NPC-NPC) TY
  3. I have a problem: suddenly the NPCs get on the cross, but the next step (placing spikes) doesn't trigger, so they just chill on the cross I have tried reloading assets, resetting the quest, cleaning script instances with fallrim tools, not sure what to try next
  4. Very useful, however bodytalk has erection issues with this. How to fix?
  5. Looks good! Which mod is the haircut from?
  6. Found this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39584?tab=description It is a list of console commands that activate specific face morphs (expressions), most useful of which is to make an actor open the mouth wide: mfg morphs 2 100 => opens the mouth wide I couldn't find a corresponding papyrus function in order to call these via a script - so, is there any way to script these? TY
  7. I don’t think so. You could try fallrim cleaner and try to delete all the crx script instances, no idea if that could work
  8. The problem is this: in the past, I've never had any problem with teens engaging in sex, with any partner, while, after upgrading (several versions away, I had an old version), they only "recognize" other teens as potential sex partners. Relevant test example: - while having a teen female sim active, I click on furniture => wickedwhims => random sex => only the teen sims around are recognized as available partners - if I age up the female teen sim to young adult (via MCCC) => follow the same process => all surrounding sims instantly become available partners My understanding is that teen sex has been disabled in order to comply to patreon rules, and there is an "inappropriate" patch to unlock teen sex. I have installed it. I have not changed any setting since forever, and teen sex is currently enabled in settings. Are there other settings to be aware of? (I don't know what is published on patreon vs LL, but is there any need for the inappropriate patch for the LL version?)
  9. I can confirm it's definitely the teen unlock patch not working (completely). Tested the following: - having a teen female sim active, click on furniture => wickedwhims => random sex => only teen sims around are available partners (this is the same process I've always used, and it has always been working fine) - age up the female teen sim to young adult (via MCCC) => same process => all surrounding sims instantly become available partners Kindly please look further into this, it is half ruining the game (and Nisa's too, I suspect, since teen prostitution is broken in her latest version). And I do suggest switching from patreon to subscribestar, a number of authors who I'm subscribed to did this move in order to avoid hypocritical prudish patreon rules
  10. Also, with this new version, I am basically failing all prostitution events, the client shows up, the prostitution progress wheel fills immediately with green and they leave. Is it related to teens filtering, or something else?
  11. I have a problem after updating since a (much) older version: for a female sim, I used to be able to choose any partner around and start an instant interaction - however, with the current version, only some males appear as eligible (if any). Is there some sort of new partner filter, is it related to teens? I have installed the inappropriate unlock package
  12. Found an issue with "Patio chair", 83907, positions should be rotated 180deg, right now they clip into the backrest (actors are sitting backwards into the chair) Also, can you please add a bed variant, 14D090? TY!
  13. Thank you for this! My opinion is it would be best to continue adding more animations (threesome+) before tweaking further the xmls you've already made
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