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  1. WOW, nice find! thank you very much for posting this link, it's going straight into my skyrim installation I don't know how to edit cells in order to add "pre-built" stuff in, and my priority is about adding new features (I have added a subtle swing into the nooses, and I am now trying to add in hands and feet restraints, and also looking into getting more animations). If anyone wants to build an add-on esp adding my stuff into various cells, I am more than happy with that If you're asking about taking models from that mod, this is something I need to ask permission for from the author. It is technically doable, the wide horizontal log-tree certainly looks awesome
  2. My only gripe with the scripted flycam is that the mouse buttons for up / down don't work (as opposed to tfc)
  3. Happened to me too. Noticed it happening only when I needed to call tfc (toggle free camera) for some reason, during the animation. You might have a hot key mapped for that, not necessarily calling it from console
  4. Oh, I see. I thought the NPCs get cloned too. My bad, ty!
  5. I have a new question I have looked through the APIs, but I need something simpler which doesn't seem to be there: I don't need to trigger a scene, I just need to "dopplegang" a target actor, meaning I want to duplicate it with a "brainwashed" clone, and delete the original. I have issues with AI / sandbox taking over at times and I just cannot seem to be able to bypass them reliably. thank you!
  6. Sorry for necroing, but have you ever found out where those tats are from? ty
  7. @dagobaking I have a kind feature request, if possible: can you please add a hotkey for playing a random animation from the eligible list? It would be useful, it gets repetitive going sequentially through the same list of animations Thank you for considering!
  8. @Oakern thank you for your reply! In the meantime, I have de-commented spfeet = none, and got rid of the playsound error DeleteSpHandsForm() ; DeleteSpFeetForm() spfeet = none ... but now I have log spam with a different one [04/11/2019 - 08:46:46AM] error: Cannot play a None idle on an actor stack: [ (FF005308)].Actor.PlayIdle() - "<native>" Line ? [<nullptr form> (FF001A82)].CRXRestrainingWorkshopObjectScript.OnTimer() - "M:\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Source\User\CRXRestrainingWorkshopObjectScript.psc" Line 218 [<nullptr form> (FF001A82)].crxcrworkshopobjectscript.OnTimer() - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Source\User\CRXCrWorkshopObjectScript.psc" Line 149 Attaching the scripts, as far as I can remember, I have only messed with the crxworkshopobjectscript (not even sure I remember what crxrestrainingworkshopobjectscrip is about... ) I can totally relate to taking time away from modding at some point, I also took a long break until grayuser helped me immensely with animations for my mod, for which I am very grateful, and it definitely motivated me to make a new version and start tinkering again with various stuff I am very much looking forward to any new version you would decide to create CRXRestrainingWorkshopObjectScript.pscCRXInitQuestScript.pscCRXCrWorkshopObjectScript.psc
  9. Thank you! I am most interested in the "happy female" ones. I think I've got it, if you can remember any more "happy" ones, please add it to the list here. Thank you for your animations, hoping to see more in the future!
  10. Right, I should have mentioned nifskope: I have looked at the object in nifskope and there is only one mesh and one collision object, the panels are not separated so I could remove the bottom one. It needs to be edited in 3dmax or similar
  11. I would like to remove / delete the "bottom" / rectangular "floor" from the vanilla raidercampcage01.nif (\Meshes\SetDressing\Habitat\), along with the floor's collision, so that objects can fall into / out from the cage through the bottom. Basically, making the cage open at the bottom. Not looking for anything fancy like a hinged bottom, just remove it entirely. I was able to visually remove the floor in outfit studio (only just roughly, not happy with that result either), but there's nothing I can do in OS about collision Thank you very much! RaiderCampCage01.nif
  12. @Leito86 can you please tell me which animfacearchetypes are you referencing in your animations? ty!
  13. @SavageCabbage can you please tell me which animfacearchetypes are you referencing in your animations? ty!
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