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  1. post your sexy screens here!

    God damn that's the most disgusting character I have ever seen. Kudos to you sir.
  2. Fourplay is still not completed so this mod can't do much until its ready. This has been repeated about a hundred times now.
  3. @ShadeAnimator Dynasty Warrior's combat system is pretty much like your typical Japanese hack and slash game. Kind of like this but imagine hundreds of nameless mobs around you getting shredded to pieces by click of a button. The DW6 animations are kind of like the ones below except worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNTFUNzeMVA @alucrad90 Nothing has been finalized in terms of combat or gameplay, CC has mentioned several times in his design preferences were personal and nothing has been finalized. So stop losing your shit over something that hasn't been finalized. Also what the fuck is this about?
  4. I think its fair to say our whole philosophy when making this game... or rather platform is to provide a good base for players to enjoy a game. In all of our discussions we try to maximize the possible things mods could add to the picture. So CC is completely correct about this game is not a "sex game" because there are loads of those games out there already. Games like Honey Select or Fallen Doll and etc give you all the sex game you would probably need so we are not interested in making such a game. However at the same time we want to put all the ground work necessary that it could handle that amount of adult material at a certain point in time. Everyone here needs to understand that if our team manages to implement a fun and smooth combat system, a few races and resources for architecture, equipment and nature we would be pretty much at our limit... these are huge undertakings and implementing them would probably be as far as we can go with our small team and limited resource. After providing the base and bare minimum resources all we could do is count on the community to pitch in and perfect what we have done and insert their own additions on it. For example imagine the team makes Riverwood sized city as the "base" well hopefully the community could help us extend this Riverwood into a Solitude sized city. I am trying to think of ways that we developers and community modder's could coordinate and work together on achieving the big goals because that's the only realistic way of achieving them. Something like this has never been done before and it would be interesting to see what comes out of this. PS. Regarding some of the discussions earlier about complex additions in the game, I would say to not worry about it from a player perspective. This is the nature of developing a game. Ideas get discussed, tested and improved or discarded and whats more we are in total control of how much of it is felt first hand by the player and how much of it is automated. This is another perfect example of having a good base... a good "mod" would allow players to experience a very complicated pen and paper style game or a very straightforward typical casual RPG system. In either case the base would allow for both to be possible and that's whats important here. Trying to get a perfect system that pleases everyone will never happen so best case scenario is to have to a base that allows alternatives.
  5. Space issues. I feel like I am getting quizzed.
  6. Yes but those "bonus" as Mega likes to call them are temporary. Dropbox may have lower space but at least its consistent so we can play around it at least initially before exploring paid alternatives or setting up our own servers. PS. Thank you to everyone helping me with the referrals. Please be sure to install their desktop app and then verify the email they send you. As I understand it unless you do all the annoying steps they wont validate the referral. Sorry about that.
  7. Dropbox is talking about one person using multiple emails to use to trick the system thinking its multiple people. I have done this before and it worked, right now my account is over 12 gigs from referrals in 2012 alone but it can reach 16 gigs which I am hoping you guys can help me with.
  8. Hi everyone. We need a little help since no one wants to set up a server at their home yet or pay dropbox $100 fees (not yet at least). Instead we were hoping to take advantage of the referal system by drop box to increase our space. This measure would temporarily help the team to share large sizes of data between each other faster. This is obviously a temporarly measure but one we need dearly until a later date where we need to explore other methods of sharing the data between each other. Please use the link below, signup, download and follow the installation process of Dropbox for the team to unlock more space. https://db.tt/SsFjWkWG Thanks everyone PS. If the process is not fully completed we wont be awarded with more space unfortunately.
  9. Nah we are using our own. The Manuel Lab were for early tests.
  10. Yeah way more important things to do first.... Like Hair people!
  11. If anyone here has any favorite hair style designs from movies, books, anime, games, fan art and etc... Post them here in a spoiler. We are exploring hairs now
  12. If you or anyone has extensive experience with UE4, UE4 Coding and Level Design, 3D art or Animating then we will really appreciate the help. Otherwise there is nothing but being patient for now.
  13. If you guys want talk about races, cultures, magic system, combat system. Adult stuff too... whatever pleases you. As we are working on the basics maybe reading through everyone's posts may give us some ideas.
  14. Answering those would just lead to more questions and justifications but think of it this way. We are not modding a Bethesda game. We are building something from the ground up so we are not bound to the same rules. Besides everything we are doing is work in process, we can always change what we have to something that suit our needs more. As for alphas or betas. We will tell you guys when we reach that stage.
  15. Yes progress is slow but we are working towards it. Its also been the holiday season so things are also slow due to RL.