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  1. Grine

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    When its ready. Not until then I cannot.
  2. Grine

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I am not that skilled in making pretty photos but I did figure out how to use the poser mod. So there's that.
  3. As the title says. I want to remove my ENB. Thanks!
  4. Grine


    That announcement was way too early. People were asking every 3 days for an update last I checked. When a demo is out we will make post/announcement about it. Please remove the "quote" while you are at it. Thanks.
  5. I gave it to Vinfamy to integrate to his Slave mod.
  6. I think the blogs page needs to be fixed. I avoid it like the plague. Even clicking it locks the whole page because of the sheer amount of images being loaded.
  7. So this is really weird and I am sure that this is the issue but I just can fix it. Re-doing saves, deleting save files and log files in documents doesn't help either. Essentially the Bikini tops and bikini bottoms of this mod have been categorized on the same slot (even though they should not be) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383 I have tried numerous times to revert the changes (even through mcm by doing the reset) and still... Nothing... Whats odd is when I start the game in Live another Life this issue is not present. Its as soon as I start the game by going outside that this problem pops up. Can anyone help please?
  8. Si tu a besoin plus d'aide il faut que tu joins le club francophone. https://www.loverslab.com/forum/123-général/ Tu peux les joindre si tu click sur "Join Club" Bonne chance.
  9. Grine

    Black Panther... overrated?

    I am well aware of how much the American movie business likes to rewrite history and whitewash roles where they can hence I did not watch Ghost in the Shell. Even now that its on Netflix. My only issue with it is again as I described how unlikely it is that this country could stay hidden and two its selective outrage (especially the main villains). never saw Song of the South. You mean that single sentence is suppose to make up for Killmonger's dad arming himself after visiting California and the 20 minute exposition by Killmonger? I did not even understand his plan... he said he will send weapons to all the black folks so they rise up... what does that even mean? it makes no sense. I kind of found it racist too, like a black university student and a ghetto thug are both going to grab those weapons and start a revolution against their elected officials? Like some kind of a hive mind? Or are the weapons suppose to be given to the various people in Africa? How are they distributed? Or are they given to the already existing anti government movements already raping and pillaging across the africa for decades? They broke a convey and they were just a couple of faceless nameless bad guys that we never saw or heard from again like who were they? Boko Haram? And wasn't that whole scene just to grab the queen?
  10. Grine

    Black Panther... overrated?

    Yeah? It happened all over the world. Whats your point? Are you specifically referencing racism? Almost all the slaves brought to the Europeans were from other African nations who sold the captives of their own wars to the Europeans in exchange for weapons and technological trinkets who helped them to conquer more tribes and bring in more slaves. The idea that the British or french were marching tens of thousands of troops in Africa capturing village to village for the slave trade is pure fiction. The settlement of Africa happened much later. Yeah China is much more active in Africa than America or Europe. They are using the insane corruption there to get what they can from there. I would not be surprised if USA and France would soon be exporting more freedom to the Sub-Saharan African countries. Really all I saw were visits in a California Ghetto. Killmonger grew up in the US and despite being so mistreated (as he claims) he was still able to reach the highest level of his profession. And in the movie all he talked about were USA and Europe and the hardships of African Americans almost specifically. Not a single word as I recall talked about gee I don't know the Rwandan or Sudan genocides. As far as the movie seemed concerned the outside world meant USA.
  11. Grine

    Black Panther... overrated?

    My only problem regarding the race bating was two fold. 1) How could Wakanda (sp?) realistically keep their technology hidden without one of their citizens spilling the beans? What about war? If they used their super tech then every neighbor would know. What about immigration...? Are they like North Korea? and so on... 2) the villain says he wants to free the black folks from the tyrants in America and Europe. Lol what? Dude you are a hundred years late and I think most African nations are way... WAY worse than what you would see in a California Ghetto. It was just so odd how Wakanda had to establish help centers in fucking USA rather than... lol I don't know... Sudan? Ethiopia? Nigeria? It was just so silly... Far better just to say "they enslaved our people before so now we enslave them now." That's way more believable than ignoring all the fucked up things happening in Africa right now and focusing on uneven wealth and education of white folks and other minorities of USA.
  12. True but I am kind of miffed they could not give me more options as a player. Thats not discrimination but rather game design. I guess I will wait and see if they expand the options through DLCs.
  13. Grine

    Black Panther... overrated?

    I watched it a few days ago. The pacing was alright in my opinion though some say it was really slow at first. The movie was ok I guess, biggest plot holes I have ever seen in a marvel movie in recent memory but still what bothers me about it is how racially charged it is... anyone else feel the same/different? I kind of understand all odd tweets about it now.
  14. Grine

    post your sexy screens here!

    God damn that's the most disgusting character I have ever seen. Kudos to you sir.
  15. Fourplay is still not completed so this mod can't do much until its ready. This has been repeated about a hundred times now.