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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51807 Another model based on the previous
  2. If we talk about a construction workshop, then I think our interests coincide here, since I'm interested not only in fashion for adults. How do I understand your native language Russian? In my profile on the nexus, you can see one model for the generator in the form of a "motor car" SZA. You might be interested in this. There are also several ideas (which I can implement in the form of models) that make everyday life more logical. But I think it's worth discussing in private messages.
  3. You did not understand. I cannot do anything in the game. I can't "look and do the same". I can only model, so I am looking for those who can do the rest. If we talk about "easy ways", then the question is: why are they needed? When we work for a customer, we are interested in doing it as simply and quickly as possible, since motivation is profit. But when we create something, not for the sake of profit, but for the sake of aesthetic pleasure, self-realization and other things, the main motivator is quality, not simplicity and speed. Or am I wrong?
  4. I mean a mistake when there were 4 skeletons. Now he is 1. And the pillows on the bed (if desired) can also move a little, but the backs of the bed slightly bend. And the same bones have a logical name. If you do it like clothes, it will require pre-put clothes, but not as in the case of "torture of the device", simply build and assign NPS. Can this be a separate NPS animation and a separate furniture animation?
  5. I have fixed the bugs with the bones you mentioned. Does it look like it should now?
  6. that is, for the furniture to perform animation synchronously with the victim, the furniture must be one object? So if I build a robotic laboratory, it must also be one object?
  7. I certainly don't understand much about animation. But the animators who made the AAF animations were unlikely to attach the bone of the dick to the bone of the ass 😃 What if the character is just trying to free himself by making small movements and exactly the same movements are performed by the restraints without being tied? 😃
  8. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51702 Another holding device, this time with bones
  9. Don't get upset about hateful comments? They make me happy! I perfectly understand who writes these comments. These are guys with vaginas (male feminists), mentally disabled, fat women with a hysterical character (female feminists), in other words SJW. As well as dads and moms who watch pornography and stick a dildo in each other's ass, but at the same time try to take care of the moral education of children. If I ruined their mood, this is great news for me =))) My plans? If it gets into the game, I will try to get people to make a story mod that includes these items. I have a coupl
  10. Excellent. Now the question is: are you interested in jointly creating several functioning devices for settlements, so that it is possible to build them and appoint a settler?
  11. Looks like this, whether there is no smooth group. Have you forgotten about them?
  12. In any case, I do not know how to make animations (only animate the mechanism in autocad and this is not suitable for human animations). Therefore, I have no goal to make them. Some users have shown a desire to cooperate (you can see in the thread). My task is to fit the models to the game model of a person and lay out the model with a couple of screenshots. But I cannot do this, since one proposed model is not exported correctly, and the second model does not provide an opportunity to make smooth groups and change the texture, but at the same time not spoil the connection of the bones.
  13. I will try to explain in more detail to make it clear: 1) when trying to edit a mesh, the mesh jumps off the skeleton. And the mesh needs to be edited, for example, add anti-aliasing groups. 2) when trying to select a mesh, the mesh also jumps off the skeleton. And I need to select the mesh to remove or change the texture. 3) If I don't work with mesh, then the screenshots will show a homeless origami, of course, in dirty tours. 4) if I just rename the folder with textures, then it will not be a homeless man in dirty panties, but still origami. What I mean when I say simple bone
  14. Here is one of the textured pieces of furniture. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51662 (high pillars are made only so that you can put an object on a slope) Why do I need a skeleton? Well, how to put the character in the right pose in order to try on the device? Move polygons and strike for one pose for 2 hours?) By the way, I opened the animation files that you sent. Well ... This is not a slim body. In addition, the body flies off the bones if you try to edit it. And you need to edit it, as at least apply anti-aliasing groups and change the texture (or remove it altog
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