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  1. Bazinga No, I created the game body on a body slide. In the outfit studio, instead of boobs, it turns out "grandma's jelly" (maybe I have crooked hands that can only use photoshop and 3d max). In an outfit studio, I was just trying to adapt the clothes. Now it remains to find a way to adapt the AAF animations for the game body and high heels, and you can finally go from the settings to the game 😃 Thank you very much again.
  2. Bazinga Everything is much simpler than I expected. Thank you very much. The method works, but small "inaccuracies" remain (in small areas, the skin appears through the suit. Also, the fit of the skirt is not accurate, everything is in order at the waist, and the fabric sticks out at the legs). How to deal with this?
  3. dismembered I don't quite understand what I have to do. I have to load the body slide file, and then the body slide file adjust the sliders the same way as my body, and then do this with each mod? Or is there a way to fit the clothes to the body faster?
  4. It doesn't matter, the author of VTAW has all the fashion of clothes based on 1 principle. Let's take this mod that I'm trying to work with as an example: https://www.patreon.com/posts/vtaw-sara-bellum-44039909
  5. CBBE body phisics. MOD: I am uploading this to an outfit studio, because of the body, as the body slide cannot adapt this garment. I will try to show. Here's the body of my character, the body of the author's character, and what happens when you combine them.
  6. It takes too long to customize the body from the author. believe me. we are talking about VTAW. This is not SHINO, whose clothes adapt to the game body. If you have an idea of how to add a finished body to a mod with clothes and at the same time keep the lower legs (for high heels), please tell me how to do it.
  7. yes I know what it is. but the file is along with the body and he has high heels. therefore I can not delete the body that goes in the file. I have no instructions on what to do in this case.
  8. What bones? I don't see this in the outfit studio. What I see is this body, but I cannot remove the body, because there are legs with high heels. Do you have a link for text or video instructions? I am grateful that you have responded, but I do not quite understand you.
  9. Some authors make great clothes, but they think the world is made up of cowboys who love cows. Their clothes change parts of the body or the whole body, as a rule, turns the breasts into a cow's udder, and the ass into a horse croup. When I try to load the meshes of this clothing into the outfit studio, it loads with the body and I don't see the body I created to fit the clothing. What can be done?
  10. Good textures, good design, split clothes, mod is compatible with mod for legendary properties, displayed on the workbench as armor. Everything is fine, but there is also a big disadvantage: The author does not know that it is not only cowboys who play fallout. This means that not everyone loves cows. Why create clothes that don't adapt to the body, but change the body? I just have to pass by.
  11. installed this patch just now. immediately got this problem:
  12. I do not understand what patch we are talking about. Please tell me the full name of the patch. If the second picture can be explained by the use of different parts of the animation (for example, if the animation of the man in the back is a furniture animation and therefore he stands at the height of the bed). That third picture, where the penis sticks out in the wrong direction, cannot be explained by such a reason.
  13. 1) Your animation package is only overwritten with "Patch for animations (SquirtCum Effects, cumtattoo overlays, stages, fixes) 7.5" and "AAF Prostitution V0.86.4" 2) This is another pose that is in the same place. And this is a problematic position, but this time there is a place under the man to stand on the floor. But this picture shows a discrepancy in the position of the penis. In animation, the penis does not enter the woman
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