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  1. Did you use https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44798 ? I don't remember any noticable desync between animation duration and audio diration. On different FPS, like 15 and 140. I'm using mod above for a long time, so probably I miss desync issue at all.
  2. You could try to use Leito animations without patches. If it will works, then you can ask for help on patch's page. If not, then please leave a note here, it will be useful for me personally.
  3. You have to define "somehow" the module where race Form is declared. Something like "Lupine.esm" (I don't know how it named). You can use files shipped with AAF itself as example - AAF_raceData_DLCCoast.xml, AAF_raceData_DLCNukaWorld.xml, etc. All of them has "raceData" substring in file name. It is the criteria how AAF detect files with race information. So finally, you can create your own xml file. And name it like "My_raceData_Lupine.xml" or "Lupine_raceData.xml" or in any other way. An example: <raceData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="common.xsd"> <defaults source="Lupine.esm" skeleton="Human" maleSWF="AAF_ActorIcon_M.swf" femaleSWF="AAF_ActorIcon_F.swf" loadPriority="-1" /> <race id="Lupine" form="805" /> </raceData> You have to assign correct value for form. You can extract it from Lupine mod's esm/esl/esp file.
  4. Nipple wearing items could be changed in a way to not occupy biped slots at all. Probably it will be acceptable from backward compatibility point of view.
  5. KziitdAnimationPoses.esp ESL flagged ESP
  6. Vote for ability to disable aspects of DD functionality.
  7. hi @Saya Scarlett Fixed actors order in AAF animations. Actor 0 should be a victim, not aggressor ZaZOut4_animationData.xml
  8. Could you also remove redundant line of code? Function PlayDDAnimation has lines at the end if player Game.SetPlayerAIDriven(false) player.SetPlayerControls(true) endif line player.SetPlayerControls(true) should be removed. I just forgot to remove this line from code sample I provided.
  9. Arousal animation is not quite "regular". When arousal animation started player "can't" interrupt animation. The only way I've found - change camera to opposite person view (1st->3rd or 3rd->1st)
  10. It can be solved. As an example - on animation end just trigger some custom event. It is possible as animations started by your code. The boilerplate is: StartPlayMyAnimation(myActor) Utility.Wait(animationDuration) FireMyCustomEvent(myActor) There some other solutions, but this one seems most reliable for me.
  11. Error in rxl_bp70_anims_positionData.xml Line 317 <position id="BP70 Male Masturbation (Double Bed)" location="Double Bed" animation="rxl_bp70_male_bedmast" "tags=BP70... should be <position id="BP70 Male Masturbation (Double Bed)" location="Double Bed" animation="rxl_bp70_male_bedmast" tags="BP70...
  12. Error in rxl_bp70_anims_positionData.xml Line 30 <position id="BP70 Missionary Grind (tease)" animation="rxl_bp70_missionaryswish_1"/ tags="... should be <position id="BP70 Missionary Grind (tease)" animation="rxl_bp70_missionaryswish_1" tags="...
  13. Proceed, please. I would like to share code of this sample with mods authors.
  14. Here is the sample script how to invoke arousal animation. It works more or less stable. sample.psc In this sample animation can be started during dialogue and even during battle. This sample does not check if animation applicable for Actor's race/skeleton. It should be checked outside. As well as other desired conditions. Idle animations are not guaranteed to be be started. Animation will not start if Actor sit on a chair, for example.
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