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  1. I'm sorry. I announced in my Discord this, but haven't been available due to school. I tried contacting my hosting to see why the hell, even though I'm not using much data, the connection to my site is trash, after numerous back and forth I just cut hosting. IT's pinned on my patreon for free for now, since School stuff is killing me.
  2. Get an adblocker then... UBlock & SmartAdBlock work fine. I've already discussed this that there isn't really a great option that I haven't used up on my personal work and doesn't throttle the downloads to death if too many people run to it in a day.
  3. I had some trouble caused by almost forgetting to renew my hosting, so prolly why you had some connection issue.
  4. That's a ... loaded question and there's a lot that goes into creating outfits. You'd have to specify more Before you even begin: Do you have a basic understanding of working with the Tools used to edit items in Fallout 4 (Outfit Studio, Material Editor, Nifskope, CK)? - If not, You should start by getting an understanding of those tools first. Refitting and picking apart others works should help you get comfortable with the tools used in Fallout 4 Creation Do you have a basic understanding of how to edit and create Textures? - If not, Try making a Texture Edit to a vanilla item, and get it into game. Do you have a basic understanding of Blender, Max or any 3D modelling tool - If not, Start learning, cause you'll deffo need it. At best, there's not gonna be a tutorial that walks you through the entire process of making a new clothing item start to finish, and 0 tutorials will hold your hand through basic 3D modelling at that. You should be proactive in learning that. Every outfit modder's workflow is different as well, so learning how to work with 3D modelling programs is necesssary before you can even understand that. The best way you can get into learning is to start by porting clothing to Fallout. It'll give you a basic idea of how to shape models to the body, how to weight, make bodyslide files, make material files, convert textures for Fallout 4 and how to get it in game as a working clothing item you can wear. While you're there. You're best to start learning some blender tutorials for working with making your own custom armor pieces, like shoes or accessories and start small. Accessories are very easy to make and you can gain some practice there. Personally, My workflow starts in Marvelous Designer (You might want to look that up. It's pricey, but if you know where to look you can find it for a real nice price...) which is basically similar enough to 3D sewing. From there I'm in blender, retopologizing, setting up the UV maps, and adding details to the outfit. I swap over to Substance Painter once I'm done with both my outfit, and the high poly to bake from and I make the Textures. It's a simple, but complicated workflow to show because there's so many steps to it (It's not just pull an outfit out your ass)
  5. Off the top of my head, no. and it's a crap ton to list out, so.
  6. UPDATE 9/10/21 Before I get into this, big shout out and Thank you to Krettis (Yiffy Age Discord) for help updating the Vanilla Clothing. Do Note, I had plans to work on the rest of the DLC items, but between the death of my aunt and school work piling up to catch up on. I'm sort of trying to take a mini break and only work on what's necessary. That means my Patron works and commissions to help me pay for my CPC exam. I'm unsure when I'll get to the DLC stuff. IF anything you are welcome to contribute slides and I'll credit you as needed. Secondly If you like the work I do and would like to help me pay for my CPC Exam (I am halfway to my $300 goal. My parents are willing to help cover it, but I'd like to raise as much as I can get to reduce their need to pay. I've discussed it, but the short part is that the Work training program I'm in basically has said I need to pay it out of pocket, send the bill to them and they'll try to reimburse it.) You're more than welcome to check my patreon, my commissions (I'm selling small Commissions for $15) That all said, Let's get into the PATCH NOTES: SMP & CBPC versions have been removed and archived in their own file. I do not have the energy or desire to work on this setup. I think there was a lot of issues I could not resolve. Any mod author who has experience with them is 100% welcome to mess with this further and fix them for others. I prolly won't get to it myself. Body has been updated to use a new foot mesh & Seam. This fixes the issue of needing to patch skin Normals to work with Talos Blessed. Foot mesh is based on the SOS foot mesh but a little bit more proportionate for both weights. Included Body Normals have been fixed to not use the New Seam Claws and Claw Slots should now be fixed on Beast variants of gloves. All outfits that needed fixing for the new body references are fixed. RaceMenu Overlays should now properly work on outfits with exposed skin. Added the Muscle PSD for the Abs to match the Aryayda abs.
  7. Yea, They were good for their time, but now that I'm making my own work I want to focus on doing something I'll be happier with. If you happen to find the files anywhere, you're welcome to share them. I don't care what happens to it anymore
  8. AFAIK, There's something OS does not do, that I'm not sure if Pynifly does. You need to make sure that the CUT OFFSETS are copied over from a dismemberable mesh (Which I had to do manually in Nifskope, one by one). Secondly if you did not match the original BT Body in terms of naming it, you will have to regenerate the SSF File with your model's new name (This will have to be done with clothing and custom outfits if you want dismember to apply), Which is done in Creation Kit (Since it's a single mesh, you could crack open the BaseMaleBody.SSF file in Notepad and just fix the name from BaseMaleBody:0 to the name of your new body base, I kept it BaseMaleBody:0 just cause it makes working with Vanilla easier.). Unfortunately there is 0 way to test dismember other than basically ... blowing a raider or smth up.
  9. I did, Basic Jeans. I don't actually have the files for that mod anymore and in all the nexus mess, It's one of the few mods I didn't back up. Honestly NGL I wasn't a huge fan of the port as it had a ton of issues and things I was meh about, I'm considering at some point working on another unisex Jean set that I'll like more.
  10. If you replaced the meshes without redoing segmentation data or anything else, It won't work. Also do what you will with it, but we sometimes still get the idiots who complain about FG not having dismemberment, even though it's pretty much an afterthought in every other case, and no outfits outside of vanilla/vanilla mashup would support it, but you know double standards and all.
  11. Yea, Real fucking asshole guise, stay away from his discord guise. Dude's mad we didn't give him some idea on where to find some fetal movement mod or w/e for CBBE... cause apparently FG isn't there for him, but Per Rule #9 He got danced on, got mad, and left.
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