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  1. Suggestion: Since the tooltip text for opinion_lv_lustful/horny specifically mention "your species", remove the modifiers if they are the same species. I just used NOT = { is_same_species = FROM } but you may prefer is_subspecies?
  2. You might perhaps be confusing Fallout 4 and Sims 4?
  3. I think that the primary issue is that I couldn't spoil Avengers even if I wanted to because I've never seen any of them.
  4. Also as of three months ago either the FNV GECK or MO hates me because I can open the GECK with it precisely once. If I close it and want to re-open it, as I might if I were testing something, I have to reboot my computer.
  5. Are you launching GenerateFNIS via Mod Organizer?
  6. Like this, minus the flagpoles, NPC, and editor markers.
  7. ? ?? ???????? ‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽
  8. Don't just check LOOT and see what it says, actually use it to sort your load order.
  9. You wouldn't really want to use the GECK for this as you'd have to unpack the .bsa files first, and for your everyday user that's probably not worth the trouble. Your best bet would be to use FNVEdit instead, open both races, and make the changes to the race in question by right-clicking on the mismatched entries, clicking edit, and typing in the correct path. (The mod looks like the person who made it attempted to enter the male race data in from memory and got everything almost but not quite right.) If you want to know what that should look like when you're done, I did it for you and attached it. I also fixed two dirty edits that could negatively affect mods changing vanilla races. EDIT: Nope, I screwed it up because I somehow always do that the first time I try something. Hold on. EDIT 2: Never mind, I apparently had it right the first time. The GECK can't find the default eye textures for either male or female but set NPCs seem to be fine. Mannequin Rce.esp
  10. Hover over the ! icon next to the plugin. It will tell you what you're missing.
  11. Is there still no way to prevent people from being able to see your Discord username by clicking your server nickname?
  12. Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong door, the fox head hat club's down in Nipton. So... Are you saying he... Never should have come here?
  13. Absolute pairing pairs absolutely. That's only 4. What about the other 46? I already knew that, it's in your username. Thanks for the permission, but no thanks. What exactly is getting into hell a bit? Is it like standing on state lines and being a bit in Utah and a bit in Nevada? Do I get to pick which bit is in hell? Where's the rest of me? I see the point of confusion now. This site is not the police. Please contact the police. Well that's what happens when you confuse a web forum for the police, it just doesn't solve anything. It's kinda like sports. To win the game, just score more points. Simple! ...recycle. Wait, wait. You forgot to mention spells. Join the club. You just got here and we're already tired of you! A wise man once said, when asked what new trick I could teach my old dog: "Fuck the dog penis." There's a mod for that. But only a bit, maybe. No promises.
  14. That's what I assumed at first, but if removing the loose files causes missing textures, then either the originals are gone or a mod has caused the game to look in a different place.
  15. That's actually a bit weird, since as far as I'm aware all the vanilla assets for FO4 are stored in the .ba2 archives. Unless you deleted or modified those, which is unlikely, you should still have the originals. Since we're talking about multiple gigs of files there, I don't think it's going to be possible to send them to you. Your best bet is probably going to be having Steam validate the files.
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