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Hello new users,


This is a list of Sexout Mods that are verified to work with the current version ‘97 of Sexout NG, and also the Beta ‘98 of Sexout NG.

While it depends greatly on your fetishes, almost all mods require the following:





Mod managers like: Mod Organizer, Vortex. Personal preference is Mod Organizer 2

LOOT. Can help you sort plugins (*.esm and *.esp)

NVSE (=OBSE/SKSE/F4SE for Fallout)


JohnnyGuitar NVSE Another NVSE script addon, only for xNVSE. (Optional)


MCM (The Mod Configuration Menu)

CASM for automating the saving.

4GB solution like 4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated or FNV 4GB Patcher

New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)

New Vegas Tick Fix . If you still have New Vegas Stutter Remover. Remove that mod, it is less efficient and causes crashes in Windows 10


FNV Mod Limit Bug Fix.Dpubles the number of plugins that the Fallout New Vegas engine can handle and doesn't affect performance.

Nude bodies for males and females.

– – NV Compatible Skeleton Required for Sexout animations and Bouncing Natural Breasts etc. Lots of body-mods overwrite the Skeleton with their version which is bad. So make sure to reinstall the Compatibility Skeleton as last mod.

– – Suggested for male are Breezes or Robert’s

– – For females are a ton of choices. Most popular are Type 3, Type 3M, Type 6, Type N

– – – Bouncing natural breasts (BNB) ‘Animations’ to make breasts bounce (Optional)




Now we come to the Sexout Mods. We have 2 options here. You can install SOFA and make sure you also follow the installation guide at the bottom of SOFA's download page..


If your PC isn’t that strong, you dislike the pregnancy options, or dislike the number of plugins being used, you can install each step manually. Start with...


NVSE Extender  (NX) Place the dll in data/nvse/plugins

SmallerTalk or SmallTalk. I only use SmallerTalk, as I find SmallTalk too limited.
Sexout NG (=Fallout New Vegas version of Skyrim’s Sexlab, or Sims KinkyWorld, Oblivion’s Lovers with PK, or Fallout 4’s AAF) or the Beta of Sexout NG. There is an installation guide if you have issues.

And 99% of all mods also require Sexout Common Resources. This framework is difficult to install, due to copyright stuff, so take your time on it and follow the Installation Guide.

Sexout Spunk . To keep track of lust and juices on/in body parts.

Sexout Pregnancy. If you have a pregnancy fetish. It’s also a requirement for some big mods.
– – Addon Maternity Pack Overkill, to have even more pregnancy enabled outfits and to make the game recognize those pregnancy versions of outfits in dialog-checks. Note: The Mod Fertile Breeder requires this.


Other Framework mods



Sexout Sound Replacer. If you don’t like the current sounds from Sexout NG.

Sexout Drugging - To add some sex-related drugs and add special effects to the ingame drugs and alcohol **

Sexout Wear and Tear If you like your character get negative debuffs for too much sex.

Advanced Medical Scanner Addon for Sexout Spunk to get more details then the already added Medical Scanner from Sexout Spunk

Immersive Lactation for if you get thirsty. (Eventually similar functionality will be scrapped from Sexout Breeder below)

Sexout Lactation similar mod as the one above, but outdated, with less features. (Currently the version being used inside SexoutBreeder below). Only install this, Sexout Breeder, or Immersive Lactation. Not a combination.



Note that even if you install all the mods above, you still don’t get any sex. All mods above are just the framework on which the sex-enabling mods are build. Below we start with basic mods and test mods.

** SexoutDrugging has been flagged as having possible incompatiblities with the newest xNVSE


Simple unimmersive mods:




For testing the installation and very basic sex-stuff.

Sexout SexKey press 'X' for sex

Sexout Store To buy most of the outfits from Sexout Common Resources + a fetch quest

SexoutSex (Basically Sexout SexKey, but then through dialogue) or lite

– – SexoutSexMS (If you don’t like gay options for your male player-character)


– – Prostitutes (Makes all NPCs in game into prostitutes. Requires edited SexoutSex on it's download page)

SexoutStraponSex (For female player-characters having some lesbian interaction)

Sexout KissKey (press ‘K’ to kiss)



Before you continue it’s advisable to start Fallout New Vegas, start a new game, run up to an NPC or animal and press ‘X’, to test if you’ve installed SexoutNG Correctly.

Once you’ve tested that you can have sex, we can get to the fetishes. For this I'm very biased as I'm involved in some of these and at the same time haven’t played many others. At the top of each section are the bigger mods, at the bottom the mods that only add a bit of dialogue, or a small simple quest, etc.


Normal Sex - Adding Sex-related stuff to existing and modded quests and dialogue.




SexoutConsequences adds sex-related solutions.

SexoutFadeToBlack Removes the Fade-To-Black screens you get in the default game, and replaces them with sex-scenes

SexoutLust Gives NPC’s horniness counters. If they are exceeded, they will either masturbate or find comfort in the player. Also gives player a horniness counter, and will masturbate if it doesn’t go down fast enough. (Requires SexoutSpunk)

SexoutWillow . Removes the fade-to-black scene with sex and adds a repeat-for-sex dialog option after the first time. (Requires Willow)

SexoutVanessa Same as SexoutWillow, but then for follower Vanessa. (Requires Vanessa)

SexoutCompanions (issues reported with ‘Cass’ though)




Normal Sex - New content




Sexout Intimacy Adds a way to start an initimate relationship with an NPC

Sexout Coito Ergo Sum Operate your own Brothel (Requires Coito Ergo Sum )

Sexout Soliciting You + Followers can be hookers in the casino’s.

Sexout Loversbed If you are sneaky enough, you can see NPC’s “sharing” beds.

GG_Naughty_Trading Pimp youself

Mojave Pimp Pimp out your followers and specific NPC’s

Sexout ScorpionsGang pimp yourself to the scorpions gang.

Sexout Affairs adds realistic dating with a girl added by this mod.

SexoutBang Same as SexoutSex, but adds conditions players must pass, before sex commences. (!!Issues reported with several other mods dialog trees!!)





Continued on Post 2

(thanks to MasterKingly for the Icon)

Edited by dborg2

What's New in Version 1.6


Removed Nexus Mod Manager and added Vortex.. Updated the downloadable guide.

-Edit. discovered wrong version NVSE Extender was linked.


Added SOFA mod. Removed SMMP


Updated the document, fixed all links, layout etc.

Added JohnnyguitarNVSE, Prostitutes, Sexout Tryout addons (2x), Moved NCF-CF, Restraint(Death alternative)



Removed  Astymma Compatability Skeleton and replaced it with NV Compatible Skeleton

Had to move half the Download page to post 2, because it was too big


Removed New Vegas Stutter Remover and added New Vegas Tick Fix and New Vegas Mod Limit Bug Fix


Added Immersive Lactation by Neutron_Rus


Added mod suggested by Encon4 and WSEX mods suggested by rabidsquirrel

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