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This mod adds a cell with vendors that sell every playable item included in SexoutCommonResources, with the exception of the pregnant versions of armors that the Pregnancy mod auto-replaces (in those cases I sell the original base armor only). This very likely includes some mod-specific items that shouldn't be available to the player, so I will remove those on request.


A map marker is added (but not fast travel enabled) on load and is marked S.O. Bunker. The entrance is a bit before Primm.



Anyone who has a series of outfits/items/whatever added to SCR is welcome to request that I remove them from the Store altogether, move them from the main generic vendors to a special room/NPC, or anything like that. As long as I have the ability to do it and it doesn't somehow make it so inconvenient it defeats the purpose, I'll implement it.



This plugin takes the items contained within SCR and creates a location and vendors for them to be sold. None of the items for sale are actually present within the SexoutStore plugin. In other words, problems with the cell or the vendors (not selling things they should, for example) should be reported in this thread. Problems with the sold items themselves (such as missing/incorrect/broken/old textures/meshes/stats) need to be reported to the SexoutCommonResources thread as I am simply referencing the records within there and can't fix any errors that may be occurring. Any and all items held by RS officers (identifiable by the existence of a rank before their name in case their clothing is what's having a problem) are resources provided by this mod's .bsa and should be reported here.



During the period that SexoutStore (henceforth referred to as "the Mod") is under active development, the following restrictions shall be in effect:

  • The Mod may be translated into other languages and hosted without my permission as long as only the .esm file is hosted and the player is directed to this thread for the assets.
  • With the exception of the above, the Mod may not be hosted in any form on any site, with the exception of Lovers Lab, unless permission is requested and granted. Requests shall be made via PM and a lack of response shall be considered to be equivalent to a "No".
  • New mods requiring the Mod as a master may be created without permission as long as they do not alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod.
  • New mods that alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod must be approved by me to ensure that it properly fits within the current structure and future plans for the Mod.

The Mod will be considered to be inactive when/if one of two things occur; 1) I specifically state that the Mod is no longer under active development using a post in this thread, 2) I fail to log on to Lovers Lab for a period of ninety days. If the Mod is in an abandoned state, it, and all its original assets, may be freely distributed and modified as long as credit is given to me, with the exception that the mod may not be hosted in any form on the Nexus. Another Lovers Lab user may take over active development of the inactive Mod if they so desire. If no user has taken over active development, I reserve the right to remove the Mod's inactive status and resume active development myself at any time.


As the Mod is a resource, it will not at any point be in a finalized state.


If the Mod's status changes from inactive to active or finalized to active, any site that is currently hosting the Mod will be permitted to continue hosting the Mod in the form it was in when the Mod was declared inactive or finalized. Future updates may not be hosted without first satisfying the restrictions. This rule also applies to any site hosting the Mod before these restrictions were published.

What's New in Version 6 Jan 2015   See changelog


  • Fixed dumb mistake that cause most inventories to be empty

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