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Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR):


Questions related to use of this tutorial:
This tutorial covers the how to create the Resource folder and install it. Support will only cover any issues related to these two issues.


Any questions related to issues downloading, extracting or obtaining these files should be directed to the threads host the resources. Please refrain to posting missing requirements here unless they have been added to Halstroms SCR thread. This tutorial is based off of his thread and any new or missing requirements need to be posted there first before being added to this tutorial.


FYI: This is the brief tutorial, general instructions and such. For the full step by step instructions download the PDF. It is very large and complete with pictures. :)


Do not PM me with questions on the tutorial. These PMs will be ignored. If it is valuable enough for you to take time to send a PM then it is valuable enough to actually post in the forum. There are others here that can answer many of the common questions I get in PMs.


Anybody that wishes to make translations of my tutorial is welcome to do so. Please cite your source (this tutorial) appropriately. However keep in mind if you translate you will be expected to provide support for that language. Please also let me know you have done this. I will be happy to post a link for your language version to help those people with a native language speaker support for SCR Resources.


Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR):
This tutorial is for those individuals that can use tools such as FOMM and 7zip.
A Downloadable PDF for convenience.


Step 1: Prerequirements
Make sure you have all the SCR pre-requirements installed and setup properly.


There is an excellent tutorial by BruceWayne on Sexout installation and its requirements found

Still have problems go here, here and here.


Step 2: Installation Prep
These requirements installed in this step aren't available in game without some mod accessing them. If you desire to access these outside of mods and gameplay my advice is to install SexoutStore so that you can access these armors and other items when you desire. Provided you have the caps. Keep in mind in order for SexoutStore or Halstrom’s Pregnancy mod to work properly you need all the resources installed.


General Concept:

  • Download all the requirements to the SCR Archive folder.
  • Extract the requirements to a convenient location then drag the textures, meshes and sound to the SCR Resources folder.
  • Finally delete the extracted folder and move on to the next requirement.

It is advised to follow the list of requirements in order. Remove all esp's from these resources. There will be special instructions to rename files. This must be done in order to get a functional SCR Resource. If you do not follow the instructions properly many issues may occur. In some cases there will be two sets of records (clothes, toys etc) in the game which only one is controlled by SCR. Other cases the items won’t be available and giant red exclamation marks, pink skin, or floating head and hands will be the result. The worst effect of not following the instructions would be your game will crash when you start it. You have been warned!


Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements:
[SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack by Spectrum Warrior.
Refugee Outfits for Type 3 by Exter (Delete the esp(s)
T6 M CH Raider Armor by Izumiko (Delete the esps)
Raider Chains Armor T6m – T6BB – TN – BerryK2 .2 by nagothm (Delete the esp(s)
Sexout Clothing System by Evilrunner (Sexout Clothing Damage Updated with Combat Armour! Only) (Delete the esp(s)
Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs by Norland
GSB’s BDSM Files 20130227 by GSBmodder


You now have all the base and specific resources installed. If you desire to have SexoutStore, or Halstrom’s Pregnancy installed continue with the tutorial. If not you can skip to Step 3.


The Following are required if using SexoutStore, Halstrom’s Pregnancy, and/or Tryouts mod.


The following are mod specific resources and are only required if using specific mods, SexoutStore, or Pregnancy.
Tryout's Meshes, Textures and TryoutAudio by Loogie:
Sexout Maternity Clothes – Old by Evilrunner
Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV by Primantis. (Delete the esp(s)
Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture by static07 and Primantis (Delete the esp(s)
Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 by Backsteppo (Delete the esp(s)
Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp by Ken1945 - Bunsaki – Rikai (Delete the esp(s)
Vegas Chokers by adriant1978 (Delete the esp(s)

  • You have to rename the BSA to SexoutCommonResources – VegasChokers

Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors by revang. (Delete the esp(s)

  • Requires Pack 1, 2, and BB Sexy Sleepwear.
  • The Dragon Girl Dresses Do not use the one on this page. Use this one instead.

Julia Chang Set by GSBmodder (Delete the esp(s)
Ghost Variants by Brokencrash. (Delete the esp(s)
Extravagant Half Masks FNV by t3589.
T6M Competition Swimsuit NV by Shimaneko (Delete the esp(s)


The following are mods that have been removed by the author. They are no longer publicly available for download.


A Collection of Sexy Attire by Shadowtroop (Delete the esp)


Step 3: Verification of Installation
Check the SCR Resources folder and you should only have the following:

  • Meshes
  • Textures
  • Sound
  • SexoutCommonResources - VegasChokers

If you have anything else you did something wrong go back and figure out where you went wrong. If your folder has only the files I mention above and you are completely satisfied that you have everything ready move to Step 4. If you think you made mistake go back and repeat any or all the individual steps for the requirements.


Step 4: Installation Instructions
Create an FMOD that can be used when installing SCR.

  • Open FOMM and select Fallout New Vegas.
  • Click on Package manager.
  • Click on the arrow pointing down on the “Add FOMod” button.
  • Select Create from Folder. A window opens up select the SCR Resources Folder and click OK.
  • Wait until done. This will take quite some time.
  • When done you will see SCR Resources entry in the Package Manager. Select that and click the Activate button and wait some more.
  • When done you can close the package manager and move on to Step 5 if you desire to add some of the available options from the mods mentioned above, if not move to Step 6.

Step 5: Optional Patches
(Optional) SCR Resources Patch
Used in case there are some options that are desired from the SCR Resources Tutorial above or files added in the future to SCR and SCR’s family of mods. You can also create a patch if you are concerned there might be a mistake or problem with your SCR Resources folder. Patches can be installed separately ( after the base SCR Resources folder of course) and the installation will prompt you for overwrite. After verification that it is what you desire you can later merge this into the SCR Resources folder and overwrite those files.
Benefits to creating a patch:

  • Flexibility and expandability without risking the core base folder created by the above instructions.
  • Ability to make multiple patches and numbering them or giving them a brief name at the end. For example SCR Resources Patch – Ghost Armor. This can make it easier to figure out which patch is which in the future. This also allows you to make smaller changes. My suggestion is make a patch for each mod or resource used or added.
  • Patches can be added, removed, altered, and tested until just right.
  • When finalized and determined as “perfect” the folder then can be merged with the SCR Resources folder created in the tutorial above. More info further down under “Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder”.

How to create the SCR Resources Patch:

  • Create a folder named SCR Resources Patch
  • Open up the mod desired and look for the Textures, Meshes, or Sounds desired.
  • Might have to dig down onto the folders and move specific files over.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions of the author on how to place these extra folders as some options means manually creating a file, placing a single file into a folder in a specific location etc.
  • When finished return to Step 5 and import the new patch into the game and test.
  • When reinstalling your mods remember that the SCR Resources folder needs to be installed before an SCR Resources Patches.

Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder
You have determined that the patches you have created are perfect and what you want to use going forward. You would desire to merge these together to easy the management of your mods in your manager.

  • Grab the SCR Resources folder you created earlier.
  • Make a copy. Might take a bit of time.
  • Rename the old copy “SCR Resources Original” This is to designate it is what was started with. You might change your mind later and decide to go back and rework the files. It is always a good idea to have the same base files to start from that everybody else will have.
  • Grab the files out of the SCR Resources Patch

What's New in Version 2018.02.18.1


  • 2018.02.18.1 Update Tryouts install instructions for the PDF copy.
  • 2017.09.27.1 Alteration of items needed from Tryouts
  • 2017.08.06 Addition of Tryouts to the advanced requirements.
  • 2016.10.08 Change of Maternity Clothing link
  • 2016.10.08.2 Addition of T6m Ch Raider Armor by Izumiko.
  • 2016.10.08.1 Editing adding removed mods for aid of confusion.
  • 2015.06.30.1. Removed SexyAttire mod from list of requirements. Halstrom removed it as it is no longer properly available for SCR access. Updated a few links to current Nexus links.
  • 2015.02.25.1 Removed the Pending from Tryouts mod as it is active now.
  • 2015.02.21.1 Made some changes based on Loogies changes to Tryouts.
  • 2015.01.27.1 Removed the Zaz Requirement as it is now included in SexoutNG.
  • 2014.11.11 ESP fix omission for Refugee Outfits and Raider chains credit Golgo13
  • 2014.10.01.1 Added info r/t Zaz not being needed if SexoutNG 2.6.68 or newer is installed
  • 2014.09.19.1 Fix links in PDF and post. Minor fix to main thread.
  • 2014.09.10.0 Fix links.
  • 2014.08.23.1 OP Edited and added requirements per Halstrom.
  • 2014.08.09.1 Changed Raider Chains and Refugee Outfits for T3 to Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements per Halstroms Instructions.
  • •2014.08.03.2 Rearranged the order of installation to have base requirements above the SexoutStore / Pregnancy.
  • •2014.08.03.1 Changed Combat Armor instructions to remove esp. – Credit Ellewah
  • 2014.06.16.1 Changed Maternity Instructions and added patches to second post for older versions.
  • 2014.04.25 Fixed Omission of T6M Competition swimsuit - Credit Raven50
  • 2014.04.13.2 Fixed omission
  • 2014.04.13.2 Rework of the layout and disclaimers placed in OP.
  • 2014.04.13.1 Updated to include T6M Raider Armor - credit Shardoom
  • 2014.04.06 Changed install instructions for Raider Chains - credit Shardoom
  • 2014.04.06 Updated MaternityClothes installation instructions - credit Soap desu
  • 2014.04.03 Major changes on instructions r/t extras and patches.
  • 2014.01.05 Added link for Dragon Girl Dresses - Credit MrMultiB
  • 2013.11.18.1 Updated MaternityClothesFull installation requirements. - credit Soap desu
  • 2013.11.16.1 Added disclaimer that contents of Resource folder not available in game need SexoutStore or other mod to access it. Link provided. -credit Verd
  • 2013.11.08.1 General Fixes.
  • 2013.10.27.1 Reflex Armor S0-07 link fix - credit jap2015
  • 2013.10.25.3 General grammar fix
  • 2013.10.25.2 Toy pack instruction fix
  • 2013.10.25.1 Updated SexoutZAZ hyperlink.
  • 2013.10.23.1 Toy Pack error fix - credit gabosh
  • 2013.10.21.2 Added SCR as a requirement (Duh)
  • 2013.10.21.1 Main upload released.

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