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  1. I can help a wee bit. Yes, you enable it via the controls in your inventory and setup your hotkey. NPCs won't process if the PC Is set to run. Whenever you add someone, you have to wait for them to flash red either three or four times, and then once they're ready, they flash green. I found that you have to hang out in the same cell with them while they finish their processing, or they'll start over the next time you're in for a visit. This applies to both manually adding someone and adding an area. If I add Goodsprings from inside Chet's, he'll process. Then once I go outside, Easy Pete will process. Trudy isn't going to be added until I go into the saloon, etc. It's the same thing if you remove someone. They flash red a time or two and then flash green once they're out. I don't know if the "only process adding someone while the PC is in the same cell" as well as "don't add if the player is running" is working as designed or not, but there you go. If you're running (and by running, I mean that you're toggled to run rather than walk), using the hotkey on NPCs after they've been setup does work.
  2. "Sex starved pervert ain't no country I ever heard of. Do they speak English in sex started pervert?"
  3. I **may** take a look at this. Since I'm what I'll call a lapsed modder, with FO4 upcoming, I'm undecided if I feel like jumping back in now or not. What I'm GUESSING is that you'd really just need to tweak dialogue/conditions. I wouldn't think that the scripts would be tied to Ver/Cass, but who knows. Anyway, I'm sure dialogue would be checking if it's Ver or Cass being the speaker. Instead, you'd remove that and change it to check if someone is in the player companion factor (there are two that I can recall...and actually, the don'ttazemebro one should cover the two real ones). The annoying thing would be duplicating dialogue for anytime the word "mistress," "ma'am," etc. is used. You'd have to use the faction check as well as isMale or getsex or something like that if you didn't want it immersion breaking. If specific sex acts are called, well...you can rim a guy, but you can't eat him out, so any "pleasure me with your mouth" kind of stuff would need to have the sex act call for a blow job. I'm definitely outdated with how SO is working now behind the scenes. I'm pretty sure that tokens have been removed, but I don't know if this mod relies on them. I think I cracked Mavia's original open in the GECK once, but that was at least a year ago. ; P
  4. Huh. I was thinking the "invalid ref" was because I was doing a new game and focusing on FO3 people. Couldn't get Burke or Ringo to finish being added (when I was trying to troubleshoot what was going on). I did see that they both periodically had some function along the lines of AbortRun. My character is currently negative karma, but Burke is also negative karma. Uncertain what's going down, but there you go.
  5. @BW Sarah looks pretty badass.
  6. @nkAlex Those are good ideas for companions; however, companions are all created differently, so I think that it would be difficult to implement. Some have magical ammo that always replenishes. Some auto-stim. Some are magically back to 100% after fights.
  7. Was really trying to figure out if it was missing functionality or user error. The activity continued inside. BTW - don't forget to add "Back" to the new [sOI Settings] dialogue option. ; )
  8. Curious: Is arguing working? Ceding only gets me a negative reaction. I've had arguments about dates, but then I also got an angry argument out of what seemed like nowhere (that said, I may have loaded into a save mid-activity). Don't know if [info] would have given any info on why, but all I've gotten from talking have been positive responses. Using the romantic profile (from yours), and the only thing I can think of is talking, although keeping it to small talk with other people. Maybe it was an arbitrary thing, like he stubbed his toe and therefore, fuck the world. Just curious as to what might be going on (or not going on) mechanically. Seems like the variables go to crazy negative numbers after I install a new version sometimes. Maybe it's connected, maybe not. I don't have a log for you, and I haven't been watching the variables religiously. I did start an activity outside, but then Nevada Skies started a radiation storm, so I went inside Mick and Ralph's. The activity continued. Maybe he considered that a walking away still?
  9. That beats the hell out of my story.
  10. If it's from the first post in this thread/page's download link, it's legit...aaaaand required.
  11. Don't know if you have a male or female character, but my understand is that a lot of stuff only has female textures...no male.
  12. Charon invited me to lunch and then gave me an imitation strange meat pie. I'm not sure what this says about either of us.
  13. Not all humans are at scale 1.0. Sunny Smiles is .95, for example. Not sure what you're asking. : \
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