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  1. She is beautiful, however, I do have an issue with her. I don't see anything in the description here or on the Nexus about installing her as a follower making frost spells cost 0 magicka for the player... Easily remedied with TESEDIT, but it IS the sort of thing you should mention in the description. People don't download a follower mod and expect it to change gameplay in that manner. Giving them a heads up so they don't start troubleshooting their game for why frost spells suddenly have no cost would be cool.
  2. "Is anybody(gay guy) can remotely help me install these mods...? [Paid]" Well, that made my night.
  3. Lmao, didn't take them long to get that off of youtube.  Thanks, though.  Sometimes, you want to see something that doesn't involve 50 guys jizzing on someone's eyeball.  Decent music was a nice change as well.

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    2. BeefyRhino


      whats the name of the girl?


    3. varfolomey


      Look at YouTube.There is a lot of her movies,but already dressed.I rocked the Assembly with the name Bella Brookz.

    4. mojodajojo


      " This YouTube video already removed (does not meet their requirements),and I issued a warning.If I understand correctly, what video You mean. "  Yeah, I downloaded it before they yanked it.  I knew it wouldn't last long. Thanks :smile:

  4. " Question, would it be ok to make a patch and share it to move Marisol to DC for TTW. Thinking Silvers house or Darkovs place. " Sorry, not checked on this mod in forever. Do what you want with them
  5. Ugh, sorry, I didn't mean to imply there was a problem. I was just posting a picture of her.
  6. Greetings from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Must be pretty cold up there in Sinaloa. It's been colder than normal down here, anyway.
  7. I didn't even think about the tattoos. I guess user end you'd have to use a UNP body and use that texture for everyone if you want to really , really, look like her (without a playable race). It's not something I'm personally worried about or anything, though. I'm flattered you're using my dialogue suggestions.
  8. Nice mod. I'm too lazy to check if anyone's mentioned this, but when I load up the game my Player character sometimes breaks the 4th wall and tells me something like "I've been missing you. I thought you'd forgotten me." (Paraphrasing from memory.) I have 4th wall comments unchecked. Edit: Yeah, getting other 4th wall comments as well.
  9. I noticed that, though you folks didn't set her up as a custom race, her hair and eyebrows were showing up in chargen for me. So should be pretty easy to set up a Player Character that looked quite a bit like her. Edit: I mean for us end users to do so would be easy.
  10. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/335-sos-equipable-schlong-and-more/ If you download SOS , the UNP SOS plugin, and the SOS racemenu plugin, you can play a female with a "shlong." (I thought that SOS and the UNP SOS plugins were required for Kalena to work?) But you'll still need the racemenu plugin to adjust PC schlong size/length, etc... You can set SOS through MCM to add schlongs to females in game or turn it off and manually give schlongs to certain NPCs. I turn it off and assign schlongs to the women I like best. (Lydia, Uthgerd, Hilund, etc...) To manually assign a schlong to an npc, you face the lady you want to change and then go into the SOS MCM menu. I believe it's listed under Player/NPC settings there. Then click on the little arrow there and select the UNP schlong and the size number you want. The assignment for the Player Character is on the left, but you'll need the racemenu plugin to adjust size for the player. You should use a mod that uses the showlimitedracemenu command if you want to change your looks or schlong size mid-playthrough. One of the dlcs adds a bald lady to the Thieves Guild area that will do this. Alternatively, I have a mod on Nexus that allows this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20092 I'd avoid using the old showracemenu command through the console. It can mess up your stats.
  11. You should not need to use SexLab Cumshot. You should be able to set her to not use a strapon within Sexlab's base framework in the MCM menu. Look under Player Hotkeys. My hotkey is N, and I think that is default. Now go back into game and face her way and push whatever your key is bound too. You should see an effect hit her. Now go back to the MCM under Sexlab Animation Settings and it should have added an option to change how Sexlab treats her gender. Under Animations is a Voices and SFX where you can also set the voice type Sexlab will use for her.
  12. "Eating sweetrolls provides Buxom Fortification effect which increases max health and enlarges the butt for a limited time." I'm not sure what more you could ask for in a mod. *Downloading.
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