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Nothing is ever constant, and things must evolve.  And so, the classic Lovers Creatures has now evolved.  No longer are creatures forced to be solely male and dominant.  Now the world of Nirn and the realms beyond have finally been balanced with gender, and animals and entities may be found both male and female! 



Finally, the thread by @movomo now has its own download page to keep his work found  (>here<)  alive.  And yes, this package is an extension and evolution of both Lovers Creatures 2.0 and the Female Creature Workshop.



So what is this mod and what does it do?


This mod makes it possible to have sex with creatures throughout Tamriel and beyond. It also expands the fauna of the realms by supporting the differences in gender. By installing this package, you install custom animations for sex between actors and creatures, and various graphic models to enhance certain creatures insofar as their prospective sex,



How to install?

Download the following files:

  • LC25 esps and Sound  - Contains all esps, esms and INI files required, and two replacement LAPF files
  • LC25 Meshes                 - Contains all required meshes
  • LC25 Textures              - Contains all required textures


Install the contents of all three zip files into your Oblivion\Data folder. When it asks, permit the LoversIdleAnimsPriority and LoversAnimObjectsPriority files to be overwritten by the ones from this package as they contain additional content for creature sex.


The LoversIdleAnimsPriority_MOO.esp is for use with Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.

The xLCR.esp adds peta-testing spells to determine if a creature is male or female, hopefully obvious in some cases.




What patches are there for Lovers Creatures 2.5?


LC Armor20

Lovers Creatures 2.0 replaced certain creature meshes with so-called pieces referred to as armor. Normal horse.nif meshes were replaced with horsearmor.nif files, and minotaur.nif files likewise replaced.  Mods that used Lovers Creatures 2.0 as a basis for their bestiary will rely upon these meshes not initially supplied with this package.


LC LoversBitch

LoversBitch creates various new canines which you may... befriend.  However, they rely upon Lovers Creatures 'armor' bodies (see above). This package compensates for that and supplies proper canine bodies and knots proper for the various breeds.  Recommended for use with LST BravilUnderground. Must be installed after LoversBitch and not before.

LC BravilUnderground Addon

A fine work by @fejeena, his add-on adds various visual enhancements throughout the cavernous underground city beneath Bravil. Of note, there are custom creatures that may be found, these too also relying upon Lovers Creatures 'armor' bodies (see above). This package again compensates and updates the meshes for the creatures, including some quite new and vibrant in appearance.  Must be installed after his BravilUnderground Addon.




Is Lovers Creatures 2.0 needed for this mod?

No.  When initially designed, the system relied upon the installation of Lovers Creatures 2.0 before the remaining files were added.  But now this package is fully integrated. If you have version 2.0 installed, you need only install this package atop.  And if you don't have version 2.0 installed, just install this version anyway.



Is Creature Replacer with Dicks needed?

Not at all.  As this creates gender differences between creatures, it supplies different meshes for both male and females. Dogs will be carrying a hell of a package between their legs while bitches will not. Female minotaurs will appear with a J-Cup bust while their males keep a thick package beneath their legs.




How compatible is LoversCreatures 2.5?

This mod functions quite well with all other mods, whether it be games like DarkBloodlines, LoversGGBlackmail, and beyond. Certain mods created their own creatures based on LoversCreatures 2.0, so some graphic appelations (mainly custom male genetalia) would be missing, but some patches have been made to take care of this issue.




Can creatures be raped?


Being able to have a creature be 'submissive' or receptive has always been possible, though quite limited as no actual animations were previously made.  Using the old LoversTachicat mod, you could be the aggressive during sex with a creature, but it would appear as if you and the creature were standing in the same place, fixed and still until the audible sex had played out.  However, a certain number of creatures now have submissive poses and may now actually appear receptive during sex.


Currently, the DUKKY version of LoversRaperS supports the actual rape of creatures, whether male or female, even performing tests to ensure a creature has submissive sex animations or not.   And the DUKKY version of LoversSlaveTrader does the same, allowing the training of creatures with aggressive or submissive sex.




Do all current creatures have female (or male) counterparts?

No.  Not every creature has its opposite.  Obviously, Mehrunes Dagon and Jyllylag have no feminine side (though my suggestions got some *GASP* reactions).  Spriggans definitely deliver a feminine persona.  And there isn't much distinction with various animals such as rats, mudcrabs or Land Dreugh. However, it is not out of the question if anyone wished to supply some alteration.


Oh, and good luck trying to find any distinction between will-o-the-wisps.




Do all current creatures have submissive poses?

Unfortunately not.  In fact, most creatures are lacking submissive poses. Currently, only a handful of creatures have been supported, none of which being 'natural' animals.  For now, only the baliwog, goblin, lich, minotaur, scamp, skeleton, spriggan, xivilai and zombie may behave receptively. And for those who use LoversBitch, the Werewolf too may behave submissive as it uses the xivilai skeleton (and thereby the xivilai animations).


Alas, I am not skilled in any way in the crafting of animations, let alone submissive poses. And I know that said poses also need to be inserted into the LoversAnims and Priorities files that come with this package... however THAT works.




Is sex with custom creatures allowed?


This mod, just as Lovers Creatures 2.0, bases the animation mechanics on the default (or vanilla) skeletons that the creatures use. As long as a custom creature uses such a skeleton, it will be fine. But one that comes with its own unique skeleton will not work and the animations will either temporarily freeze for the duration or appear very disjointed.  So a creature like Zenman's Water Nymph based on the Spriggan design will work fine. But the use of A Female Xivilai model by  Oldwolf58 will deliver disappointing results.



Can I knock up a creature?

Excuse me?  Well, actually yes.  You could with Lovers Creatures 2.0, that being if you used Tachicat as I mentioned before and installed the TamagoClub/HiyokoClub package.  But with LoversCreatures 2.5+, this can be more visually represented.  @movomo  began work on making creatures switch between meshes for different pregnancy stages. This I tested a while ago and was able to see distinctions with certain creatures. But I myself had not gotten any further.  Custom meshes for each stage of pregnancy is required per creatures, and I am not one fluent in altering said meshes.

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