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  1. What pisses me off is ableist bullshit. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/63677-oculus-rift-skyrim-sex-mods/?do=findComment&comment=1605547 The wheelchair effect? As a negative. I'm disabled, in a wheelchair myself. I try to have an active life and I have to hear this type BS so often. Having been told to my face by a fucking police officer, "Cripples shouldn't even go out in public, nobody wants to see that " then to be denied a complaint form. Or the douchenozzels who think I owe them because their taxes pay my ssdi. I paid taxes too before becoming disabled. Hell, try doing the math once. All that tax money goes into a large account, then gets paid out to the recipients. It takes the contributions of over 2400 people to make 1 cent of what I get monthly. That means it would take almost 200 years of taxes for any 1 person to have given me a single penny. As for VR games, I applaud every game designer who allows for seated VR gameplay. Granted, most don't incorporate seated play for the accessibility aspect, but it's there. I ended up on the linked post while researching how Skyrim VR plays with adult mods, but to see a post that puts being in a wheelchair in such a negative light, because being able to stand up and walk around really makes it feel like you're there. What, am I just some prop? Wheelchair users play plenty of VR games. Anything stated in a similar manner that alluded to race or gender is unacceptable, so why is it acceptable to say things like this about the disabled? Really growing so fucking sick of the ableist views.
  2. I too would like to know if anyone has it. I put a lot of work into doing that. I pulled all my mods from nexus a few years back due to issues with site admins / grey area of permissions. My hdd failed while I was in the process of uploading my mods here.
  3. Also, another great tool to use if you see land tears is Land Magic.
  4. Hi @fejeena, been a while and finally decided to get back into Oblivion and modding. Noticed your updated info in the OP. Damn Win 10 forcing newest CSE, but it seems CSE 8.1 does not play well with Pluggy125c. Had to update it to 132, otherwise CSE would just crash. Just though I'd throw this on here in case you wanted to update the OP.
  5. Dog, you are my hero. These are the best candles I've ever seen for this game. TYVM!
  6. Does anyone have the Portable Candles and Stands mod by Razorwire?
  7. Hi Fienyx,

    you once uploaded a compatibility patch for OCR + Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood to nexusmods (Oblivion) once. However, it has been taken down for a while. I am desperately looking for this patch since I am following a Morroblivion Overhaul guide where this patch plays a crucial role. Would you still happen to have this patch and willing to share it?

    Thanks a bunch!


    1. Fienyx


      Unfortunately no, it has been sent to the great scrap heap in the sky along with anything I hadn't gotten uploaded here. HDD failures due to shitty circumstances, but c'est la vie. If you do happen to find anyone who has it, I would gladly take a copy and put it up with the files I have here on LL.

  8. I started elder scrolls with oblivion. Haven't played morrowind (i plan to when i get my new computer built) and have played some skyrim. I didn't like how the menues worked in skyrim, but i use a hotkey mod for oblivion that gives me 160 hotkeys. In oblivion, I barely ever need to enter inventory or magic menus. As for adult mods, I prefer LAPF over SL. Best way to know is research and try for yourself though. Happy gaming.
  9. The link for nifskope in the OP is outdated. Here's a working one, direct to ver 1.1.3 https://github.com/niftools/nifskope/releases/tag/nifskope-1.1.3
  10. For Excitement, Why not make it based off your major skills? Most people choose major skills that reflect their character, so it would then also reflect the things that excite them.
  11. Downloaded your cursed plug file, but for some reason it isn't being sold at the copious coin purse in the imperial city. Did I do something wrong with the download?


    YAY for Christmas furries!

    1. tolerance


      aw thanks, but according to a song, everyday is Halloween. but here's a song that is kind of like a Christmas song "little orphans in the snow with no place to call their home start their singing..."


  13. Checked through the mod, and the sound isn't used. Just something sitting in the BSA.
  14. I'm currently working with a clean install, no dlc other that SI atm. Only have the mods that add the rest of the tamriel world space installed. Active Mod Files: I'm going through the armors and redirecting them to the closest vanilla version. I've removed the extra races except for the children from twmp mods, which will probably be replaced with COC children and ai. Have so much I want to do, but need to get things set close to vanilla before I make my additions and changes.
  15. The biggest issue is really just the game engine its self. Just curious, how long has it been since you played vanilla? I did a little just to see, and I had to cap my fps. Too high fps causes issues too, and i was getting 90-110.... but once you start adding more scripted stuff (AWLS, Vector, Tama/Hiyo), more npcs (more AI pcaks need to run), and more clutter (really, why do we need to be able to steal the dishes and vases?? lol), the game engine starts going "WTF!!!". It also matters how many BSAs are in your data folder. I had a maxed out load order, and was able to unpack 30ish BSAs (not bethesdas or Better Cities) and was able to get an extra 5 fps just by not needing to access archives.
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