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  1. 🚧 Out of plugin slots, time to merge-a-lot 🚧 How to install, configure and use Merge Plugins (with NMM) Tool: Merge Plugins NMM Requirements: Creation Kit (via steam) Champollion a PEX to Papyrus decompiler TESVedit 7-zip How to: Mator's Merge Plugin PDF: Merge Plugins Documentation.pdf GamerPoet's Merge Plugins Video: Start to finish Installation: Install Creation Kit via Steam delivers the PapyrusCompiler.exe Download Merge Plugins from Nexus and unzip Merge Plugins folder Rename folder to "Merge Plugins" and move it to ...Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim Create a shortcut from MergePlugins.exe to Desktop to create a shortcut: right-click > send to > desktop Preparation: The Merge Plugins Output folder: Create a new folder in Nexus Mod Manager/mods/ and name it Merge Plugins (example) actually location of the folder and folder name can be created as you like the created folder will be the place where MP will save finished merges to In Skyrim/data find Scripts.rar and extract it via "extract here" Scripts.rar has already the right folder structure Unzip Champollion and move the resulting folder to ...Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim First time startup of Merge Plugins (MP): Start MP and choose the Skyrim Profile (TES5), or create a new Profile If MP gets started the first time it will ask you to configure it Configuration of the MP Merging Tab: Configuration of the MP Integrations Tab After installation and configuration: After starting Merge Plugins always wait till the Background Loader is finished After the Background Loader is finished, do a "Find Errors" check via magnification glass 🔍 This has to be repeated every time new mods get added to LO and after opening MP The magnification glass will be grayed out if there is nothing new to check First Merging Process: Preparations and hints: Move the mods you want to merge close together in LO Keep them in the same order you would want them in LO (LO sequence remains unchanged inside the Merge) Keep in mind that you can only load 255 mods at once into Merge Plugins. Just deactivate a few plugins that are not needed for the merging process before starting Merge Plugins. ⚠️Deactivate Bashed Patch if you want to merge mods that could also be merged into the bashed patch. ⚠️Best to merge mods that do the same, for example create a pure follower merge, Outfits merge, City Overhaul merge... ⚠️If a master mod has multiple patches that you want to merge, but there are also multiple other mods that relay on the master mod, don't merge the master mor with the patches together. If no other mod relays on the master mod, then it's okey to merge the master mod with it's patches. Example for a Merging Process of multiple followers: First I move the followers together in LO and activate their esp Next I start Merge Plugins. Skyrim.esp must be activated manually in the MP mod selection window. The OK button is grayed out as long as: skyrim.exp isn't activated more than 255 plugins activated bashed patch is activated (not always an issue tho) Wait for the Background Loader to finish loading, after that use the magnifying glass to check for errors Mark all follower mods, right click > select new merge and name the merge. The actual merge will be build after that in the Merge tab. green check mark = theoretically merge-able without issues (but merged mods can have issues ingame) red exclamation mark = warning that the mod might not be merge-able. This can be resolved in the merges tab for some mods If the error can't be resolved then remove the mod from the patch
  2. Greetings. Really all i want is an immersive mod that would replace the "Blackout" when having sex with NPC's (kinda like the"Blackout to sex" mod should do) With an "all in one" kind of approach with nude skins and a simple layout, preferable some kind of MCM type of settings. All i really want it to be able to do is after some normal game play, without a world FULL of nude NPC's and full of sex things, be able to visits already existing prostitutes and/or my companions, to chill and have pretty much simple sex with maybe 2-3 different options/animations. And then continue on with a "seemingly vanilla-Not-sexyfied" game play. So that the "only trace" of this mod being installed is when you actually go to have sex, instead of these other mods frequently found where everything really gets transformed and the world is full of nude characters. (TL;DR - I only want the vanilla "blackout sex" to be replaced with optional sex animations, doesn't have to be overly complex, and not change anything other in the game, an "All in one" mod for this.) Does anyone know if it exist something like this, or is there anyone who could make a mod like this, i'm more than willing to pay you to make it, and make it worth your while, since i'm not experienced at all with modding and really would love a mod like this. Feel free to just reach out to me and we can talk about it! Hope to hear from you guys! =)
  3. Conglomerate 01 Well, here I go again, made my Skyrim install a bloody mess and now I have to clean up. It happens once or twice a year and for some "unknown" reason I always forget what to do 🤔. Maybe this blog entry will help me remember? (It really helps not to throw mindlessly single files into skyrim>data and forget about those later 😬) Last Update: 29.07.2020 Blogs I find useful in combination with my own blog: I would like to post more here, so I'm open for suggestions! @Psalam's blog Lots of information and hints for users new to Skyrim modding (even a category "How to use Loverslab"). Also there is a growing category about how to mod for real. @worik's blog Huge Blog with many interesting categories and a treasure chest full of useful links. Pretty much every part of Skyrim modding gets treated. @mrsrt's 2020 Skyrim LE Stability Guide Highly Recommend Guide for Skyrim stability fixes! I would say a must read if you find this page useful. Intro: My blog is pretty basic and should be used as a "quick" reference. If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of how the various Stability Fixes work, you can start your research from here. Main goal is to show how to install Skyrim right to be modded and how to use "Stability Fixes" to keep Skyrim LE stable even with a multitude of Mods. In addition you can find here a list of tools needed to keep the game stable and in best cases even help to fix issues. The instructions are written in a way that a user can just work through it from top to bottom (recommend!), after a first install or reinstall of Skyrim LE. I use NMM (v0.71+) in combination with Wyre Bash to compensate for the NMM shortcomings, that's why there are many NMM related hints included in this blog. The stability fixes are the same for use with MO, but I can't help with the special installation requirements to make them work with MO. I mainly post only things I tried on my own Skyrim installation and that showed practically useful results. Everything posted here are the absolute basics and basically mandatory to create a stable modding environment. In combination with Conglomerate 02 it is possible to create a setup that can be trusted to be stable and to be able to reduce possible error to make troubleshooting easier after adding more and more Nexus/LL mods. What you find on this blog page: Red are the most important stability fixes Installing Skyrim LE Reinstalling Skyrim: Before uninstalling Mods and deleting Skyrim please check "10. Backup" first TESVedit and cleaning Skyrim Master files SKSE NMM & Hints Wrye Bash Enboost & Enboost.ini Crash fixes, CF Memory Allocator, SKSE.ini and SKSE Plugin Preloader BethINI Additional Tools: LOOT FallrimTools NetImmerse Override Cleaner (SKSE Co-Save Cleaner Utility) Backup and preparations before uninstalling Skyrim 1. Installing Skyrim 2. TESVedit and cleaning Skyrim Master files 3. SKSE 4. NMM & Hints 5. Wrye Bash 6. Enboost & Enboost.ini 7. Crash fixes, CF memory allocator, SKSE.ini and SKSE Plugin Preloader 8. BethINI 9. Additional Tools: LOOT FallrimTools NetImmerse Override Cleaner (SKSE Co-Save Cleaner Utility) 10. Backup and preparations before uninstalling Skyrim:
  4. This is only started recently but when I used Jaxonz Positioner to scale up a pillory, my FPS started going through the roof. Even if I just started the save or am doing nothing else for a while after. Thought it was just the pillory but its actually any object that gets scaled up. I haved moved & rotated objects & even placed brand new ones before without issue but scaling an object up seems to just disable my ENBs FPS limiter. Any ideas how to fix this or a recommendation on an object scaling/moving mod that doesn't break my game?
  5. Been a long time since I added anything new to my Skyrim and saw that Billy & Anub updated their animation packs. I wanted to add them so I did. I uninstalled the old versions I had, ran FNIS, installed the new ones, re-ran FNIS, registered them to SexLab and nothing bad happened. 1st I tested the new creature animations and they worked along with the old ones too. The problem came with human animations and the list of human ones. The list of human animations in SexLab's menu had 5 pages with 1 - 3 missing animations. Thought it wasnt too serious as they were all registered anyways so I tested the human ones with an NPC & the encounter started but the message on the top corner said "Playing Animation : ". The encounter also had the popup list of animations invisible so I couldnt pick anything. Then the game started moving again & it teleported me to the middle of Whiterun hold with no animation ever playing. Another list then popped up with a bunch of ">>>" as the entries. So now I can't play any human animations. I was at 487 human sex animations and went to 525. I have the mod that increases SexLab's limit to 750 & the game wasn't crashing like most people who go over the game's hard limit while creature animations still functioned perfectly fine so other than uninstalling human animation mods, I dont know what to do about this. I have 13,128 animations total with FNIS XXL so is there a way to fix this preferably without uninstalling animations or am I fucked and have to?
  6. So Im having an issue where the SOS MCM isn't showing up, and the male bodies have all returned to vanilla. Everything was fine and stable, then I went to install a female schlong addon through NMM and it prompted me that there was an updated version of SOS and asked me to install, and I clicked yes accidentally but it just uninstalled SOS and did nothing more. I removed the new addon, reinstalled sos, but now it's just not working. My load order seems fine, all the data is still there, it's just like I say all the male bodies are vanilla and the mcm isn't showing up. I'm kinda helpless and have no idea what to do. This happen to anyone before? or any common fixes that might help? I appreciate any help y'all can give.
  7. Can someone please help me out? Whenever I try to play the game (in old or new saves) my character, regardless of gender, is always in a T-pose. I have used FNIS several times but nothing changes. I have validated mods on Steam to make sure nothing is missing. Here are all the mods I have active: (Click on the image to make it clearer)
  8. Hello! I've been having extremely bad crashes to desktop moments. Simply loading my save and walking a few feet is enough to instantly crash. (Things like opening the items tab and map also do this, sometimes even trying to wait.) I assume it has something to do with an error in my load order? I've used LOOT plenty, and looked up as many tutorials as I could, though I'm still having this issue. I'm worried I'm missing something obvious here, could someone take a look at my plugin order and let me know what I should change? Also, this is a fairly new save, if something requires a new character, I would be willing to take that option! (Note, I use Nexus Mod Manager) Goes from 1 to 3 in terms of order. Top picture the highest load priority, so on and so forth. 1 2 3 Apologies for my ignorance on modding and formatting! I'd be thankful for any assistance at all!
  9. The reason I'm hear and not in the Nexus forum is because the majority of my mods are from LL. That being said I have skse (original) and have over a year wrapped up in dl mods from here and Nexus. I received a notice from winzip for a free malaware scan and I used it. That has turned out to be a HUGE MISTAKE because when I went to play Skyrim later it said that SKYUI was not running and all the mods that use SKYUI. Told me it could be a bad skse (have 173 and never had any problems with SKYUI or skse) Before all this i have been having problems w nmm running into a problem c install or it saying it needs to shut down etc. I believe the problems started when I updated NMM. I thought maybe if I uninstalled all my mods (around 300) and reinstall again I would be ok. Still ran into the problem c install. Next I might of jumped the gun by uninstalling NMM! Now when I go on the sight (NEXUS) it wants me to download Vortex! I want no part of Vortex, I just want my NMM back so I can try to reinstall my mods and hopefully the SKYUI issue is fixed and the NMM issue with poblem c install! I do apologize for the length but I didn't want to leave any crucial needed info out. I have had good luck with you guys helping in the past.
  10. I'm at my wits end trying to get this to work. I'm probably doing something horribly stupid with the amount of animation packs and such that it can no longer load. I had recently installed: Sexlab Pheromone SLAL Billyy Animations SLAL Leito Animations MoreNastyCritters I was doing this in an attempt to get Sexlab Parasites to work, but it ended up completely wrecking my skyrim and all saves and attempts at new games. I attempted using Papyrus to discern the issue, but it turns out I fucked it even more I tried AstroGrep, still no luck. I'm including my Skyrim load order from NMM and an attempt at sorting my most recent papyrus. I am probably missing something so major but I'm probably just dumb and destroyed a whole lot of everything LoadOrder_Skyrim_2018-10-27T21-43-55.txt Papyrus.0.log Edit: P.S. Yeah, I know the mod loader is fucked up, I ran Boss and forgot to LOOT it back to normal
  11. I went & downloaded many new armors & weapons last night from here & Nexus like Armored Leotard, HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit, etc and the mod Armorsmith Extended. Went to bed without testing each mod individually & woke up today to try them out and because I couldn't get IN-GAME ESP Explorer, I went to the bench to craft the new gear & scrolling down the options in the armor bench crashed my game. No idea why as I have all of my new mods required files. Can upload logs if that helps or not, but any suggestions on why it would crash? Should also mention some strange things I noticed like the Nanosuit mod missing the ass part of its armor in bodyslide (not textures, the actual mesh itself) tho I didnt even see it b4 it crashed. Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log
  12. forword I open this Topic, to help people with the installation progress using Nexus Mod Managar. Since nearby every major mod for FNV relies on NMM these days and FOMM is heavy outdated. I also presume you guys are familar with the NMM UI so ^^ no pictures for you. This is aimed to give you just some additional hints for NMM, since NMM has occasionally problems with scripted mod installatons. READ and GET first (obviously) Read the installation tutorials by BRUCE and Ritualclarity first!!! go here and here Heavy outdated too, but they cover the basics you need. additional advice do not test with sexoutsexlite, for myself it was broken, the text option appeared normal, but as soon as the animations was about to start FNV crashed. Aim for the "big" installation imidiatly. ************************************************************************************************************ install tips for NMM 1. Keep in mind that NMM copies manually downloaded Mods, so save all Sexout related mods in a seperate folder. [pathexample] X:\Modding\FNV\Mods\Sexout <<< download folder of the sexoutmods X:\Modding\FNV\Mods <<< "working" folder of NMM working folder means that one you set in the settings for NMM where NMM stores the dl form nexus if you download via NMM 2. add Sexout Mods manually hit the green + icon on the left side, select your sexout dl folder, NMM makes then a copy of the mod to the working folder "simulating" the dl from nexus so to say 3. install SexoutNG Core, SexoutNG Data; Bodys right click on SexoutNG Core install the mods as you usually do right click in SexoutNG Data, when you get asked by NMM to upgrade the detected Sexout NG Core mod, say NO!!! and let NMM install SexoutNG Data normal right click on the bodys to install it (if you choose your own body meshed then choose it in the option when you get asked) otherwise install breezes fixes and bodys (for testing for example) Here it is important that you say NO!!! to the upgrade question NMM will pop up, otherwise NMM has the strange behavior to uninstall SEXOUT NG Core and install SEXOUT NG Data instead, but we need BOTH to make Sexout working thats it Sexout Framework is now in place and kicking, all you need is adding the needed/ desired Mods (see step 4 ^^) 4. install Sexout Common Resources if you followed Ritualclaritys tutorial you have your SCR FOMOd on place (see folder example for Sexout above), add manually then right click to install, let it overwrite what ever it wants to overwrite (shouldn t happen with a "virgin" FNV folder andagain a Sexout installed) except for soma animations they are already integrated in SexoutNG 5. install SexoutSex 1.6 again add mod manually, right click on it and install done 6. install smallertalk same procedure, add manually, rightclick to install, done ************************************************************************************************************ Thats it, all done, if nothing went wrong during the process Sexout and 1 basic mod is in place and should work to test just start a new game or load a clean save in Goodsprings and talk to an NPC the Sexout smaller talk choices should be there, take one and the animations should start Keep in mind that it SEEMS to work, but i just started with sexout mods so i barely see that it is in place and some animations work. i can t tell if NMM messes up the installation any further so animations might be missing and so on. For me the basic stuff is in place and working without any crashes, exclamations marks or missing bodys and so on. PS: i hope that helps out a bit, with the install NMM process
  13. https://gyazo.com/54691afae32ec965759f26ff36e381ee if anyone doesnt mind let me know a way to fix or the problem. I also have team viewer if think you can better help the problem
  14. I reinstalled NMM because there was a Firewall Error, but now every section is shortened. For Example: Quests And Adventures is now: Qu And Mods, for example NetImmersive Override are now: N. Overhauls. I imagine somehow it got bugged out and it thinks my screen is very small. Not sure. Help ? Anyone ? -Aki EDIT: I fixed it myself already! You just gotta drag "Name" above all the mods to the right. For anyone having this issue too!
  15. So i encountered a problem which i listed here: But i was unable to find a solution, and whats worse, some of the replies ended up producing more problems in the meshes of the males So, i figured i should re-start from scratch would be a quicker way. What i want to do is basicly uninstall all the mods from the NMM (But not delete them), basicly render it So as if i had to re-install them from scratch/never activated them after download (where their install options appear, something they dont do the second time i re-activate them unless i delete them -> then re-download them -> Re-install -> a tedious task, especially if you have more than 170 mods you want to put in). That way, hopefully i can target the mods i believe are causing the problem i have right now, but which uninstalling them causes too many issues. At the same time, i wish to try out Mod Organizer. Im not exactly sure if i can work with NMM and MO at the same time, or if i must choose one, likewise, im wondering if i can straight up install the mods i have in my NMM right into MO, a program im not really sure how to use tho. Can someone tell me what is the best way/order to do this?
  16. 252 Active Plugins + 347 Installed Mods + Horizon + AAF + RSE Full Load Order in Spoiler If anyone is familiar with me from Skyrim you're probably well aware I've never physically finished Skyrim due to being constantly hauled into game restarts cause of my constantly changing mod list. Thankfully I finished Fallout 4 back about a month or so after its original release but with 76 on its way I'm getting back into Fallout 4 specifically mostly for building because being able to create swank crash pads in the new game is gonna be lit obvi so.....I wanted to get stronger on that end of things. That aside I can never play a game without modding the living crap out of it. I remember when I stole my brothers Fallout 2 disc and played it like crazy and the best parts about it were the more adult situations the game presented, I'd never played a game like that in my entire life and it set my expectations for what I expect from an immersive roleplay experience....so here I am, weirdest weirdo on the internet....or so I thought til I found you people. That aside, I've been watching the RSE thread and seeing a lot of confusion about how load order works to make everything work together and even had an immense amount of trouble myself and it all comes down to an automatic assumption many of us will make if we're familiar with NMM and LOOT from Skyrim and that assumption is simple. "The software understands how to create a proper load order." and unfortunately in the case of Fallout 4 that is entirely incorrect. I was consistently having mod failures and issues with Horizon and AAF/RSE based integrations and it all stems from having faith in the LOOT system to be able to coherently understand how Fallout 4 formid's work and what has the greatest potential to override what and it appears to have no bloody idea how to deal with any of it. I'm sharing my load order to give people help with understanding the right way to get all of this stuff to function with the maximum amount of stability....and since I tend to run the most ridiculous installs ever, hopefully it will help people that are running much smaller installations that are still having trouble. The basic structure goes like this >MAIN GAME ESMS >MOD ESM LOAD -----AAF.ESM -----Z_Architect.esm > ESL FILES > WEAPON ESPs > ARMOR ESPs > HOMESTEAD ESPs > MINOR ADDITION ESPs > CHARACTER OVERHAUL ESPs > MAJOR SYSTEM OVERHAUL ESPs -----FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced.esp=1 -----four_play.esp=1 <===AAF Compatibility - not FP -----AAF_RSE.esp=1 -----RSE_CWSS_patch.esp=1 -----AAF_RSE_DLCPatch.esp=1 -----AAF_Four-Play_Animations_Crazy6987.esp=1 -----SavageCabbage_Animations.esp=1 -----CumNWealth.esp=1 -----Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_FarHarbor.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Nuka.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop01.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop03.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop02.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn_DLC.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DEFUI_MenusOnly.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ArmorsmithExtended.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ArmorsmithExtendedDLC.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_Homemaker.esp=1 -----Z_Extras.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Timescale.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ScrapEverythingFull.esp=1 -----EnhancedLightsandFX.esp=1 -----StartMeUp.esp=1 By following this structure you can very simply reorder your mod install to ensure the least amount of error my cut and pasted mod list isn't 100% optimal yet but it does all work so I'm loathe to even mess with it at this time. As far as AAF/RSE goes I am able to trigger CSA, abductions and encounters do have a potential to result in pregnancies from Family Planning and I finally got the cum layers from the AAF compatibility patches for Leito and Crazy Animations working as well. So its a 100% functional install with the highest possible load order without merged patches....which to be fair don't work well for FO4 anyways from what I can tell. But basically a lot of the problems I was having were all created by trusting LOOT to sort my load order coherently, and it didn't, it took my Horizon install and put the esp's all over the place, the AAF/RSE related stuff was all wrong, hell it couldn't even seem to put Bobblegirl in the right place and that was constantly getting overwritten by something else. TLDR: DON'T TRUST LOOT TO NOT FUCK UP YOUR MOD ORDER. CAUSE IT WILL. CONSTANTLY. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO BEST ORDER YOUR MOD INSTALL YOURSELF.
  17. Recently switched from MO to NMM during the window when FNIS didnt have the 32bit support for MO. Had to download a lot more mods than I used in the past, and any loads in skyrim everyone is tposed all the time. Tried to start a new game and no cigar -- just a flying cart spinning through space. Deactivated all the sexy-time mods, new game went (more or less) fine, got to the pub and saved my game. Reactivated what I believe are the core sexy-time mods but one of them is causing the Tposing I just dont know what. I have attached an image of my mod list, if someone can tell me what mod(s) arent necessary anymore, I would appreciate it. Exceptions: DD Integration needed 2 different versions because some other mod needed the ESP from 3.0 that 4.0 didnt have (or some such nonsense). I think this happened with a couple others as well. Thanks for your help!
  18. This is my problem I had Apropos 2 LATEST and Apropos update. I installed them both and like an idiot didn't look what I was overwriting. when I started my game my race menu is different. I can no longer pick the size of my face , eyes, ears, etc all that stuff that made your character much more in depth. Everything else is on there like cbbe morphs but not the other features. When I tried to deactivate apropros (either of the 2) it won't let me. I click on it and it and the circle spins and the top says skyrim not responding. Is there anyway else I can deactivate these 2 mods so I can get my race menu features back. I wish I knew what mod it was because I would just reinstall it and overwrite apropos. Any feed back would be nice
  19. Hello there! It's been a couple times I sought or asked around for something or for a mod-gone-MIA, when trying to re-install/set up Skyrim - something I try to sit down and get to do every last week of the year. I've been heavily into Skyrim and dumping it with all the cool stuff I could find, edit and mod it with, specially in the NSFW regard, until moreless early 2015 to early 2016. But after a lot of stuff happened, I pretty much had no time to be around, keep up with what was new and actually play it.. when I tried to hastily update what I could, I got nothing but a gamebreaking combo that made me uninstall all of it, in rage. 🥺 I always keep trying to push myself into coming back and going after all that stuff again, also now with a new PC and whatnot, however, I'm always madly stricken with a massive overload of mental fatigue and a touch of anxiety when thinking of going aaaaall the way back into the Skyrim setup I once had, while fully updated with all the new content. It's just so much stuff to do and search for.. I used to love spending hours and days browsing and browsing content and trying to find new things, but, I can't keep up with it, in the same pace, but I can't manage to fully explore 3-4 missed years of novelty. 😰 There's SO much stuff, so many small details to remember, from fixes in the .inis to downloading order, manual changes, all that whole fixing and testing with TSE4edit, SweetFX, optimization and all.. URGH!.. that it just breaks my morale and will, thinking of even trying to start over again.. 😭 So I'd like to seek help in finally getting to, even if slowly, mod my Skyrim back into full activity.. getting back into what it once was and expanding on that. These are some of the questions I had, which may prolly clarify some doubts and give some aid in the headstart; 🙏 • 1- Is there any guide or step-by-step guide on where to start all the modding frenzy, or what to set up first? Or a mega compilation page where all the NSFW categories of mods are listed? I remember seeing a guide on the likes of 'Starters' Guide for a NSFW Skyrim' or something similar, times ago, but, it's gone. I always followed some kind of pattern (like 'environment>gameplay>quality of life>systems>chars>NSFW'), but I'm kinda lost now, still.. Any kind of 'Where to start - 2018/19 edition' would be extremely appreciated.. • 2- What's the deal with NMM? I always used it, but it seems that 2-3 years ago it started acting up and it was rendered unusable, from what I recall.. Is that so? Should I just avoid NMM and go after something like MO? Is it ok to use NMM now, still? • 3- I see now that genitals have physics; dangly balls, stretchable vaginas and HDT stuff.. Is that readily available and part of the existing genital mods? • 4- I remember there were two main sex systems for Skyrim, Sexiles and another composed of 2 letters.. With some different anims/controls.. Do they work well together? • 5- Are the Atlas and Demonica bodies still around/updated? I loved the Demonica, but it was quite a pain in the ass to go around browsing all that russian stuff for content.. Where may I find more info/content for them, these days? • 6- I see lots of videos and pics of extremely nicely-modded chars in modern-day settings, with outstanding glossiness and a lot of lighting play. What people use to achieve those? What about those photo studios - is there a popular mod around that provides something of the sort? • 7- I have never used nor tried playing SE; it came out close to the time when I stopped playing. I remember there was a lot of incompatibility between SE and most mods around. Is that so? Is it ok for me not to use SE, at all? Is there something actually reliant on SE? Thanks immensely for the help, in advance! As soon as I start getting things in place and find out where to find this or that, I'll be able to carry on with things, more smoothly.. PS.: I dont know if it helps in finding out where to start rebuilding, but, I still have the modlist (or at least most of them) I used when I last played, below. (I think some mods are kinda gone from anywhere (like some of those which added raptor-like feet to argonians and so), so maybe if that's true I could upload any here, too. I dont know if some of them can be reused.)
  20. There is a new version of Nexus Mod Manager, 2 actually, 0.65.0 and 0.52.4 0.65.2 & 0.56.2 https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/4?tab=files A security update. Release notes: https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/NMM/releasenotes.html
  21. I have been wanting to use A LOT of Mihail's monster mods but I have 205 active plugins & I don't want to get anywhere close to the 255 limit unless its unavoidable. Mihail has said to merge his plugins to avoid the issue but I have tried looking it up & I keep running into outdated or poorly done guides & would like a method that people are still using & is confirmed still good to go. I would rather wait for Mihail to make monster packs himself but he taking a long ass time, in fact he was AFK during my entire vacation during which time I had hoped he would have at least a new monster or an update to making a pack so waiting won't work anymore.
  22. I've tried everything I can think of. But the damn Nexus Mod Manager is getting on my last nerves. I've used Mod Organizer for my original Skyrim, but thought NMM best because I've heard the second MO is buggy. Well, SKSE isn't available in the launch menu, and I dropped the SKSE64 files in the right folder. I have no idea what to do now. That and often times Nexus will install a mod and it's still grayed out. I'm so confused and annoyed.
  23. Hey guys, So recently I was adding a mod to my Oldrim and when I went to load up the game it said mods where uninstalled which I thought was odd as I didn't uninstall anything.. so then it CTD on load up.... I then went to try to make a new save with the same load order to see the issue in depth and it put me in the default Bethesda intro with the prison cart.... (( I have alternate start installed and properly working )) So I decided to uninstall the mods I just downloaded and loaded it up and it worked fine.... alternate start and logging in was all Gucci. I then installed a different mod and the same issue proceeded... eventually I decided to type showracemenu in console while on the cart and low and behold it seemed only a fraction of my mods where working and none of the racemenu mods or custom races appeared to function properly. Again I uninstalled that mod and it all worked fine... I knew now it couldn't of been a simple confliction between two mods as it happened with two separate mods... What started to bother me was the fact that both mods where around 50Mbs or more in size.... From all my experience in modding I dont really recall an event in where theres such a thing as a memory cap... however this appears to resemble that issue. I do run Loot, Wyrebash and have over 550+ mods working on my save largely in part due to my skilled efforts in merging a couple 100 ESP's into around 10 ESP's. My game doesn't really lag in loading screens or while running around and rarely CTD's is ever which makes me think stability and lack of RAM isn't a problem... yet somehow I cant seem to add anymore mods without it becoming unstable.... Could this be the result of an outdated mod? My computer not having the adequate RAM even though its got 16.... GBs of ram and over 2 Terabytes of memory or could it be something else? Honestly any help is appreciated and if anyone knows any solutions to increase memory or stuff please comment below. I run a lot of CTD fixing mods too like crash fixes and performance mods to deal with the bulk of the potential lag caused by my insane load order... Its just weird honestly I dont remember an issue like this in SSE and I know people who have had 1000s of mods on their Skyrim and it worked fine... but perhaps mine are just too …. taxing. Thanks in an advance for any help anyone could provide and have a great day!
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