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  1. just for curiosity's sake, has anyone tried modding the Game Pass version of SE on PC? Is it basically the xbox version on PC or the same as Steam?
  2. its been every mod I have that starts sex so far (Defeat, SD+, Cursed Loot, Matchmaker, Maria Eden, Enslaved Continued, Helpless, & some others). I disable mod filters that let me disable them & these ones still work if foreplay is started so could just be what OsmeImc said about the foreplay section. They're Billy's Armbinder animations, i asked there but nothin yet That explains it then
  3. ahh didnt know dat, also do I even need to replace male meshes & textures to get them all futa if i have the skyfem patch? I did all that before getting it so if its not necessary to do all that anymore, thats neat
  4. anyone else gotten his armbinder animations to appear at all? They have not appeared for me ever, even in situations where I specifically request armbinder tags be used only way I have been able to play em is by enabling them in the foreplay section of sexlab I do have the 2000 animations mod enabled with over 600 currently active tho
  5. New scripts u gave me seem to work, a bit sporadically though (unless my brain is just being dumb when i look at the lists) but its definitely changing more often than earlier so yeet/ a couple animations still have yet to play without being in the foreplay section tho so maybe theres still something limiting them?
  6. tfw tried to add them futa dragon priestesses to my game after getting my other new stuff up but 12_5A which has em is newer than what I have (11_2A) so to avoid updating & replacing the meshes I already replaced ages ago, i replaced the male meshes with the futas & now the dick stays in one place during animations & stretches out while moving rip I still have the SkyFem patch (11_1D), would that work on the newer MNC? If not ill just replace the other meshes & textures like I did before
  7. ah, its not in the preview pics so wasnt sure lel. def pickin up then when i update my ZaZ & DD
  8. any chance of gender preference settings getting added to this in the future?
  9. Yeah thanks for mentioning that thread of mine here, DayTri. Finally got this mod working only to find out its giving me the same set of animations every time each mod starts sex in its own way was a huge downer (especially since Ive discovered since posting that thread, some animations refuse to play at all even with specific filters active unless I enable them in the smaller foreplay section). Will try these scripts once I've tested disabling some of sexlabs base animations & rebuilding the registry as well as get some other mods cleaned up.
  10. fuck if thats the case, gonna share dis on that mod's page, maybe the author will have a solution. EDIT: Oh u already did lmao, thanks for that
  11. After getting Sexlab sslAnimationSlots 2000 LE & updating FNIS XXL to account for all the animations i got by updating my current packs, I have been able to register nearly 700 animations but a new issue came out of it. Depending on how sex is started, my animation options are limited by being the same choices every time a mod starts sex. Before all it took was sex with another npc to change up my options for that sex encounter. Now depending on how the sex starts, my animation options are always the same no matter who I do it with or how long in between each time sex starts or
  12. im using SlaveTats-1.3.0-beta-2.7z, downloaded this back in 2017, before SexLab was even converted to SE
  13. Keep getting these errors whenever tattoos are applied to me through mods or myself manually: the tattoos themselves still get added but Id like to clear this error out of my game so how do I fix this? The json's have the appropriate brackets closing it off at the beginning & end so im not sure how its picking up errors? If another set of eyes see it themselves below, lemme know what it is. I've never touched these files btw, they came like this when I installed them.
  14. rip, no clue how to access jsons (if I could, would also fix the errors I keep getting with slavetats) should also clarify just in case that these draugr dont just not "strip down" but not even their normal appearance uses the nude meshes (also pretty spooki thing I found but just changing the display name of these monster's race seems to make em valid or invalid for animations lmao (ofc long as the skeleton matches im sure) EDIT: got it to work, i was redirecting the meshes in xEdit to one of its own meshes that I had replaced with yours & thought that would be eno
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