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  1. ^Help with dat pls, that dialogue has been overriding all other guard interactions when I wear DDi gear yet I never got the dialogue in past games. He tells me it was found in DEC thru xEdit but I couldnt find it in mine, prolly because Im using version 13.18
  2. W A T, I havent updated that mod in ages tho, its still on versions that uses DDi 3.0 instead of 4.0 as well as ZAP 7.0 Guess Im gonna have to ask the author how to disable it since he helped me on other shiet in the past EDIT: Uh im not seeing the line in DEC in xEdit so how do u know its that mod causing this?
  3. Thats exactly the dialogue I get but without the carriage driver stuff. Here's my load order: https://modwat.ch/u/LesboIsBesto/plugins
  4. So I started a new game to retrieve a missing dialogue option from Maria Eden & now whenever I wear devious devices, all guard dialogue is replaced with this: "Where is your master, slave? Its too dangerous to be out here alone?" to which I get 2 responses to choose & the guard always ends with "Too bad! Im too lazy to put this feature in!". I havent downloaded any new sexlab mods that add dialogue or other sex stuff in ages or updated any of the ones I got before & this never happened in any of the other saves I've had before this one so I have no idea where this dialogue is coming from & no idea how to find it in xEdit or CK. Anyone know how to search up a dialogue line through xEdit without an ID or anyone who recognizes the lines can tell me what mod it came from??? The dialogue is stopping all guard interactions I should be able to do with them & I have no idea how to disable that dialogue if possible.
  5. Im sickened but curious
  6. LesboIsBesto

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    Quick question, can googling my username get results leading to this site? askin for actual concerning reasons
  7. LesboIsBesto

    Dragonborn In Distress

    Any idea if this will run into issues with other slavery & rape mods like SD+, Maria Eden, Captured Dreams, or Enslaved Continued? Also is there any support with creatures? I can disable certain things from them if yes but not the whole mods. Either way, been waiting for a new slavery mod
  8. Someone who knows how Creation Kit works, does it crash if I try to open mods translated into another language? I have tried opening up the Mihail Monster Pack mod I downloaded from that chinese Baidu site but it crashes everytime no matter what I do. Need to get inside of it to mess with the Draugr patrols it has but I cant get the mod to open there & xEdit doesnt help either as the changes I need to make only work in CK. Even if it worked in xEdit too, there's no way for me to tell where the Draugr I'm editing are at because no model previews & I have no access to their IDs. Anyone know what's going on?
  9. LesboIsBesto

    Maria Eden

    Question, does the abduction event only apply to bandits in certain locations or can it work on anyone in any faction? Surrendering to bandits any number of times anywhere excluding 2 different bandit hideouts so far has not allowed them to make my pc their fucktoy, even with the abduction event set at 100. Doing it thru the dialogue option doesnt do it either. Trying it on necromancers didnt work at all yet the bandits at those 2 locations work the 2nd time I surrender to them like I was told here a few months back.
  10. Prolly that plus most mod authors of big mods are ded af so no one can convert them eiher cuz of lack of knowledge to do it or permission. Would love to see Srende's & Vinfamy's mods updated & ported to SSE but it'll never happen \:
  11. Yep, making a new save has fixed SD+'s long start problem. Still have the collar & DDI 4.0 stuff as far as I know but like I said, not a issue to worry about. Making a new game even brought back Maria Eden's consensual enslavement/follower request dialogue that mysteriously disappeared lel
  12. I figured re-enabling it would be faster & give me the same options I chose in the fomods than completely removing them from NMM, especially considering the situation with Steam & me worried about getting my game back to the way it was. NMM not only gave me my same install options, it saved certain customizations I made within the files like with IFP, MNC meshes, etc so it did a fine job far as I'm concerned. I am gonna try starting a new game to test enslavement again but if that doesn't fix it, I will try uninstalling & reinstalling SD+ in the way DeepBlueFrog told me a few months back.
  13. yeah about that, what I meant is Steam installed Creation Kit in a way that overwrote Skyrim's entire folder. As for the actual mod, remember when you said I could try installing the latest SD+ to my existing game without updating DDi from its last 3.x version to 4.0 by doing it a certain way a few months ago? I did that & the mod worked well enough then. The only issues were if it called for DDi 4.0 devices like the straightjacket, it would give an error message & the falmer collar was unremovable after escaping enslavement (course that issue popped up for others with normal installs too as I saw it in the github before). But nothing else was broken, spriggan quests & progression worked, enslavement would occur normally thru any means meant to do it at a normal speed & tasks worked fine as well as increasing/decreasing slave levels, trust points, etc. So the issue with enslavement taking too long started only after I had to re-enable all my mods thru NMM. Do you think starting a new game would fix the enslavement times or reinstalling the mod the way you told me to do it back then? The other 2 issues aren't really a serious enough problem to me plus not all my important DD mods have updated for 4.0 yet so am still reluctant to update DDi & its companion mods.
  14. So I have a big problem with getting enslaved now. When Steam overwrote my Skyrim directory, I had to reinstall every mod either manually or thru Nexus manager. The mods Nexus used were "reinstalled" by simply disabling & re-enabling the mods because NMM didn't realize the game was gone or the mods. Since getting everything back, the game is working as good as can be expected but something very bad with SD+ is going on. Enslavements now take waaaayyyyy too long to start or end up not happening at all whether I surrender or get taken by force. I was taken by a random NPC in the wilderness thru Deviously Enslaved Continued & it took a gud few minutes before the enslavement began. Later I surrendered to an NPC in Riften & the sequence never happened. The message said to wait in the console, I waited more than 5-7 minutes & nothing happened. I even tried 2 more times & nothing changed. It always happened immediately before the shit with Steam happened so I think that may have fucked up my game or the mod somehow. Any ideas on how to fix? Not sure if this is the correct log from that session, if u or anyone checks it, lemme know if its missin SD+ stuff in it cuz I still have others that may be it Papyrus.1.log