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  1. *reads thru changelog* There are Dragon PRIESTESSES now??? 👀 Also by CF do you mean Creature Framework? Havent updated that or this in a while so am mad behind on stuff
  2. So many people scared of Xbox fuckin shit up, if anything this means Xbox could make Bethesda release their games in less buggy states for starters. Also unless yall been living under a rock, you should know Xbox don't even do exclusives anymore lmao. All their shit on Windows 10 and they put all their 1st party games on Steam and they are moddable there (I replaced the MCC background UI with a lewd Cortana pinup mod found on Nexus). Plus Xbox has already stated they intend to honor all current platform deals like Deathloop as a PS exclusive and ES/Fallout still multiplatform. Also don't forget how more mod friendly Xbox is than PlayStation with Skyrim SE & Fo4 lmao. Its nowhere near PC level ofc but still, PlayStation more likely to be scummy if they bought Bethesda than Xbox. Xbox has been forgoing the whole exclusives, "my console better" route for a while now, that's why they release stuff on PC and made "Play Anywhere", they pushing crossplay & the Game Pass, & made xCloud for mobile as well as those rumors they want Game Pass on the Switch. They don't care where you play, they just want you to play their games because the money is moving from hardware to software & the more platforms their software is available, the more money & fans they get. They not gonna trash all the goodwill they been gettin by keepin longtime Bethesda franchises away from PlayStation or other PC stores. If i'm wrong in the future, then hell yeah i'll eat my words & shit all over Xbox like I do with Bethesda over Creation Club, the dead engine & Fallout 76 but until then, I see no reason to be upset by this deal. Also the Game Pass worth even hella more now with Beth games comin to it & the other perks like Discord Nitro & Funimation memberships.
  3. Other FPS limiters dont work for me, Vsync from stuff like Nvidia or Afterburner dont work while another mod I forgotten now once broke down completely in Oblivion and had to switch to it's own ENB limiter. The limiter on my ENB here on the other hand has worked fine barring this issue Didnt know it had hotkeys other than the ingame menu toggle. Jaxsonz uses Home for scaling up so will try changing the key for either side to see what works. Yea changin the hotkey fixed it, thnx
  4. This is only started recently but when I used Jaxonz Positioner to scale up a pillory, my FPS started going through the roof. Even if I just started the save or am doing nothing else for a while after. Thought it was just the pillory but its actually any object that gets scaled up. I haved moved & rotated objects & even placed brand new ones before without issue but scaling an object up seems to just disable my ENBs FPS limiter. Any ideas how to fix this or a recommendation on an object scaling/moving mod that doesn't break my game?
  5. On the outdated Votw mod page, the guy who made the patch told me the order to install it with the mod and what to do when NMM asks about upgrading or overwriting the original. Since no one else uses NMM (lmao) I assume it might not work with you but in case its relevant still it went like dis: First you install the original mod with NMM.Then you install my patch. NMM will ask you about “Upgrading” the already installed mod. You choose no.Then, in the testing I just did, NMM asked me a second time if I wanted to upgrade the existing mod. Chose no again.Then NMM askes for permission to overwrite files and you choose “yes to all” Thread I got it from: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68993-outdated-votw-plugin-sextapes/page/4/ Note that this was with version 2.5.2 of VotW from Nexus. Cant guarantee itll work with 2.6 but someone else there said it does so who knows lol
  6. That explains why half my registry vanished in the mcm and the whole list was empty in real time. As for disabling animations, that worked \: had to disable the ZAP ones (even tho I liked the oral ones lel) along with some others but managed to end up at 496/500 with animations from Anub & Billy all working, old & new, along with others. Am still gonna look more into that 1st mod u suggested but I dont look forward to rebuilding my registry like the author says I'll most likely have to do.
  7. Ill try it if disabling some animations dont work but am hopin i can remove the other mod safely
  8. I was directed to this mod to increase SexLab's animation limit. I use the other mod that increases it to 750 but it seems its not working as I went up to 525 by updating 2 packs and now all human on human animations have broken while human on creature function fine. The game doesn't crash either so I may not have hit Skyrim's hard limit with FNIS so is it safe for me to uninstall the older animation limit mod and replace it with this one? I only worry about rebuilding the registry as my number of animations make it hard to register everything I have enabled now and making sure they actually work.
  9. Been a long time since I added anything new to my Skyrim and saw that Billy & Anub updated their animation packs. I wanted to add them so I did. I uninstalled the old versions I had, ran FNIS, installed the new ones, re-ran FNIS, registered them to SexLab and nothing bad happened. 1st I tested the new creature animations and they worked along with the old ones too. The problem came with human animations and the list of human ones. The list of human animations in SexLab's menu had 5 pages with 1 - 3 missing animations. Thought it wasnt too serious as they were all registered anyways so I tested the human ones with an NPC & the encounter started but the message on the top corner said "Playing Animation : ". The encounter also had the popup list of animations invisible so I couldnt pick anything. Then the game started moving again & it teleported me to the middle of Whiterun hold with no animation ever playing. Another list then popped up with a bunch of ">>>" as the entries. So now I can't play any human animations. I was at 487 human sex animations and went to 525. I have the mod that increases SexLab's limit to 750 & the game wasn't crashing like most people who go over the game's hard limit while creature animations still functioned perfectly fine so other than uninstalling human animation mods, I dont know what to do about this. I have 13,128 animations total with FNIS XXL so is there a way to fix this preferably without uninstalling animations or am I fucked and have to?
  10. they show up in the same file location as a manual install. Look at the file structure of the mods itself and follow it in ur skyrim location. example: DD gear in Devious Devices Expansion for CBBE bodies follow this structure starting from the games parent folder: Skyrim/Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ and there it splits to SliderSets, SliderGroups & ShapeData. If nothing from DD is in those folders, you or NMM/MO installed it wrong. Also know that if you use certain body shapes (preset or custom) outfits may not appear correctly in BodySlide previews. I had to create copies of my nude preset that were slightly less thicc to get them to work for certain outfits.
  11. Anyone know any communities online that allow mythical & shiny trading for legendaries & UBs? The 1st couple subreddits I found are mad extra, either banning them outright or only allowing one of these kinds of trades after you've proven to do something like "10 verified" trades or some annoying bs like that. I get its for scammers but its still annoying. I'm just trying to complete my living dex for the special Home Magearna before I make the move to gen 8 and I need the following: Diancie Magearna Marshadow Zeraora Poipole Shiny Blacephalon Shiny Kartana Shiny Dialga I have multiple mythicals to trade in return for the ones l need. As for Blacephalon, I have a shiny Stakataka I can trade for a shiny Blacephalon & I'm workin on shiny Pheromosa for Buzzwole, shiny Kartana for Celesteela, and shiny Palkia for Dialga if anyone has them too. If any of yall know a less strict but still reliable trading community somewhere or if YOU are interested in trading these mons with me, you can DM me or post below. However, the mons HAVE to be legit. Won't risk a ban on Home or have them not getting through Pokemon Bank's checks cuz they're hacked or some bs like that.
  12. neat, then like Skooma Whore, I can just load Solutions ahead of them both since I like how that mod handles it more.
  13. Guessing this would conflict with Solutions but can I avoid the straight encounters this mod introduces as a female PC or are they all required to progress thru their respective quests?
  14. Was streaming to friends my playthrough of my game and outta nowhere my character freezes near a door. Cannot move, jump, attack or anything. Can still access menus, can still initiate dialogue if close enough to ppl, can still open doors and transition between cells, can still use console, but I myself couldnt fuckin move at all. Had no recent saves to go back to so I cut the stream & googled shiet to fix this but nothing worked. Some command called enableplayercontrols didnt work, TC & TAI commands didnt work, pushactoraway didnt work, collision commands didnt work. Then I tried killin myself with the console & resurrected myself too, & all the sudden I could look around and jump, but could not walk in any direction or attack still. Using pushactoraway would push me only once and lock me in place without my player ever getttin back up unless I killed/revived myself again & idk if the enemy ai is stupid or something but they would never attack me unless I was directly in their faces (which took alot of pushactoraway commands). Disabling collisions would allow me to float upwards and downwards when looking up or down after killing/reviving myself but its no good if I cant move forward or back. Even when the mod PlayerSlaveEncounters tried to enslave me to one of the enemies around, they would not interact with me in any means like as if I wasnt there (ai detection was still on). So how in the fuck do I re-enable movement and attack controls on my player when I get frozen like this?
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