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  1. View File Add into game "Bondage Grenade" (based on fragmentation grenade). It tightly bounds all targets in explosion radius. Grenade available via console. (Type help "bondage grenade" 4 and then player.additem <id> <count>) Also some ingame mines (bottlecap and fragmentation) and fragmentation grenade bounds player. Added config variables. be_hardbondage 0 - (default) adds only one random DD piece on player. (NPC still tightly bound) 1 - tightly bound player and npc -1 - disables adding DD equipment Example of usage (open console and type): set be_hardbondage to 1 be_pacify 0 - (default) dont pacify bound enemies 1 - try to pacify bound enemies (will be pacified enemy who was bound, so man, animal and other races are unaffected to this feature) Example of usage (open console and type): set be_pacify to 1 Mods made just for fun and now under development. Consider it as beta. Requirements: 0.4+ Devious Devices 2.0+ and its requirements. 0.3 Devious Devices 1.3+ and its requirements. Permissions: Free to copy/use any part of mod inside LL. Submitter ssonly Submitted 05/25/2017 Category Other Requires Devious Devices  
  2. View File Trapped in Rubber A rubber fetish mod This mod provides: Shiny Rubber Catsuits by mxwqtkl (fully integrated), original source for reference: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/ More colors for the Shiny Rubber Catsuits: Cyan, light grey, dark grey, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow (the original had: black, white, red, blue, red/white and transparent versions) Ballet boots now also in "devious" variants (lockable using the Devious Devices framework) A framework that:Traps the wearer inside the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped) Fuses the gasmask with the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped either) Shows regular messages about what it feels like to be trapped in rubber Messages progress in three stage, e.g. first there's no sweating, then a bit, and then a lot. Chance for special messages when wearing a gag under the gasmask Wearing rubber increases actor arousal over time Framework currently only works for player character (but that's not a real problem, how would you know how someone else feels like anyway?) and works independantly from Devious Devices (except for the ballet boots, see above) [*]A questline/story woven around the catsuit/gasmask experience with focus on various fetishes, including rubber, of course. There are over 4400 lines of dialog. I took the time of one of my test playthroughs and it took me about 8 hours to complete the mod (already knowing where everything is and what to do and using fast travel). Donations: You are not required to donate. But if you would like to support me and my work, please feel free to do so. The more money I make, the more time I'll have to work on my mod. Every bit helps, so if you can't afford a large sum, don't worry. Just give what you can. You can send your donations via PayPal to greyspammer@gmail.com . There is also a Patreon through which you can support the mod on a more permanent basis (recurring payments). Current status: Overall, the mod is beta. The framework seems to be doing what it's supposed to and the story is complete. Future work will include bug fixing and adding features. This is my very first mod so I can not promise perfection. Rookie mistakes and all that. Requirements: ZaZ Animation Pack (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-2014-08-29/) SexLab Framework (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159b-updated-0915/) SexLab Aroused (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20193-wip-sexlab-aroused-v2014-01-24/) Devious Devices Assets (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19865-devious-devices-assets/) Devious Devices Integration (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21484-devious-devices-integration-08242014/) Devious Devices Expansion (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35569-devious-devices-expansion-v113a/) SKSE (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35569-devious-devices-expansion-v113a/) Fuz Roh D'oh (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884/) HDT Highheel System (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/) and all subsequent requirements of the components listed above Recommendations: Player character should be a human female. I do not enforce any checks on that, but there is no male version of the catsuits (and no, I cannot change that). So I made the mod centered around women in rubber and the writing will assume you are female. Elves are theoretically possible, but elven ears tend to clip through the gasmasks. Haven't yet figured out if I can fix that. If it doesn't bother you, feel free to play an elf. Beast races are not tested and the additional colors have no armor addons for them (I was too lazy to set it up in the CK). Also, the writing does not reflect their specifics. The way I see it, beast races would require enormous work to support properly. Cats and lizards don't sweat, so a lot of writing would have to be changed. Leaving the question what else they should suffer while in rubber. Too much work for now. Apologies to all furry lovers out there. When you install the mod for the first time, starting a new save is not necessary (unless Evette San is already dead, see above). If you upgrade, you will likely need to make a clean save. While the mod is a work in progress and beta, I most likely will not take any measure to ensure you can upgrade from any version to any version without hitch. It would slow down development too much. Sorry, folks. The mod does not support followers. There comes a point early on when it will try to determine if you have followers and give you a semi-plausible reason why you cannot have them with you. I'm not sure how reliable that check is and it's only supposed to be a reminder, not a tamper-proof barrier. I'm sure there are ways around it. But the writing will always assume you are alone and ignore your followers. I strongly recommend sending them home for the duration of the mod. The catsuits and gasmask are only available for the CBBE body (again, I cannot change that due to lack of knowledge and talent). If the sudden change in body shape does not bother you, you can also play with a different body. I'm doing that myself, because I personally prefer the UNP body. So if some talented 3D artist out there wants to make an UNP variant of the catsuits, you can be damned sure I'll integrate them in my mod. The number of slotted NPCs in the Devious Devices framework should be set to 12 or higher for optimal experience. Let me know if that is too much for your system to handle. It works fine on my rig but I have absolutely no idea about what's out there. If enough people have a problem, I will try to find a way to lower it. The device hider in Devious Devices Integration should be set to avoid slot 43. Use slot 54 or 60 or disable it completely. Conflicts Mods that modify combat defeat (like Death Alternative) can cause problems. Combat in the mod is always tied into the story. If you get defeated there, it makes no sense from a story point of view that the attacker would accept your surrender in any way (rape you or put you in bondage gear or whatever). The attacker really wants to kill you. As in: Make you dead. He would not be content with anything less. Until I find a way to signal that to other mods without having to add them all as a dependency, you should deactivate them. Any mod that modifies dialogue or character behaviour on a worldwide basis (like SexLab Dialogues) has the potential to interfere. Deviously Cursed Loot (or similar mods that force-equip items) may strip the suit or mask if the item uses conflicting slots. A proper solution would, in my opinion, require a change in the DD framework. The request has been made but until then, I suggest to disable such mods. Cursed Loot can be temporarily disabled via the MCM. I suggest to use that for the time you play my mod. The mod currently needs Evette San in Solitude to be alive. If enough people complain, I'll try to find a way around it. But for now, make sure she survives. I have been told that the mod "Expanded Towns and Cities" makes one of the barrels required for a certain quest inaccessible. The barrel is normally located in Riverwood. You may need to disable the mod. See the troubleshooting section below for a possible workaround. FAQ: Is the mod for doms? Or subs? There something in there for both. I try to keep a balance between the two. Story explanation: Most content in that regard is optional, so if, for example, you don't feel like whipping a slave, there's usually another way. How do I get out of the rubber catsuit? How do I get my catsuit and start the main quest? Can I get a different color? What about my hands and feet? Why is there no forced rubber for them, too? Your English sucks! Well, it's not my native language. I tried my best, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. Something is wrong with the rubber stuff. I'm not wearing anything but still get the messages. Or it's not recognised correctly in dialogs. Or stuff like that. If the rubber framework goes haywire on you, there is a debug function that will strip all rubber gear, remove all effects and reset the entire framework. It can be activated from the console using: startquest tir_dbg_clearallrubber If you have to use it a second time, do a 'stopquest' with the same parameter before. You should then re-equip whatever rubber gear you should have on you at that point or it can break the story. How can I configure this mod? There is currently no MCM menu. Eventually, I'll make one, but for now you need to configure it by using global variables and the console. set tir_MessageInterval to XX This sets the interval at which the rubber messages appear. For your convenience, the value is in real-time seconds. Although there might a some jitter due to way the engine works. But setting it to 300, for instance, would give you a message roughly every 5 real-time minutes. set tir_Stage1Hours to XX Sets the number of in-game hours that the first stage will last. set tir_Stage2Hours to XX Sets the number of in-game hours that the second stage will last. Quest overview and help: A strange encounter (starting quest) Rubber Express - Wine Delivery Rubber Mail Rubber Hunt Wait for the party The Party Once the necessary satisfaction threshold has been reached, you can talk to the Mistress to end the party. There will be a little "farewell" scene and then you and the Mistress will be back in the Tower lobby. Party Aftermath: Leaving the basement: My Little Rubber Pony (Part 1) Rubber School Rubber Spy Rubber Assassin My Little Rubber Pony (Part 2) Rubber Rescue Rubber Express - Pony Girl Delivery Rubber Abduction Rubber Toy Rubber Ally Rubber Frame Job Rubber Parade Rubber Finale Rubber Epilog (Enaron) Rubber Epilog (Mistress) Rubber Boon Troubleshooting: The gasmasks do not show up on my character! There is currently a conflict between the default settings for the device hider from DDi and the gasmasks from the Shiny Catsuits mod. Open the MCM menu for DDi (Section "Devices Underneath (1)") and set the device hider to use a different slot (like 54 or 60) or disable it completely. As of version 0.5.0, the gasmask items from my mod will avoid the conflict. But the originals from the Shiny Catsuits mod will still conflict, so you might want to still change the setting. I keep loosing in the pony race You are meant to loose the first race. The second race can be won if you prepare correctly (see above). But in the end, it does not affect the rest of the mod whether you win or loose. So don't worry too much about it. I can't use the boat! It keeps complaining about followers, but I don't have any! You can bypass the follower check by opening the console and entering the command 'set tir_ignore_followers_check to 1'. Be aware that this does not make TIR follower-compatible. It just bypasses the check. A character is not where he or she is supposed to be! First, you should probably make certain that the character really should be where you expect him or her. Maybe you are mistaken. If you are sure, then you can use the console. Go to where the character should be, open the console and type 'prid <refid>' with the ref id of the character in question. Then type 'moveto player'. The character should be teleported to you. If not, try the command 'enable' as well. You can find out the ref id by loading a previous savegame and clicking on the character with the console open. His or her refid will appear in the top of the console window. For your convenience, here are the ref ids of a few important NPCs: The first two digits vary for each installation and indicate the load order index of my mod. So if "Trapped in Rubber.esp" had a load order of 0A in your installation, then you have to replace the "xx" with "0a". [*]I use "Expanded Towns and Cities" and cannot access the barrel in Riverwood! You may need to disable the mod or use the console to access it. The ref id of the barrel is 1f22b. So you could try: 'prid 1f22b', followed by 'moveto player' to teleport the barrel to where you are currently standing. [*]I cannot move my character anymore! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 20' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I'm stuck in devious devices that I cannot get rid of! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 30' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have a black screen that won't go away! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 40' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]My character won't move anymore Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 50' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have some other problem! Check your papyrus log. Disable all non-essential mods and try again with a fresh savegame. License and Credits: For the catsuits I integrated, mxwqtkl has described the license as: "Please modify and distribute this as you like." Sound samples were taken from SoundBible.com (Wooden Thump by Mike Koenig and Brushing Wood by Caroline Ford) and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Mistress' eye glasses worn during class are from Dwiss (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1609-dwiss-eyewear-version/) and used with express permission (detailed license can be found on the mod's homepage). For my own work, I say the same as mxwqtkl (do whatever you want with it). Just give credit and release your own work under the same license, so that others can build upon your work as you did on mine and as I did on others. Submitter greyspammer Submitted 10/02/2014 Category WIP / Beta Requires Zaz Animation Pack, SexLab Framework, SexLab Aroused, DDa, DDi, DDx, SKSE, Fuz Roh D'oh, HTD Highheel System Special Edition Compatible
  3. View File Devious Devices Bodyslie CBBE CT77 Body TBBP ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: This Last Update has almost every asset redone, so please test them and post issues if you find them: If you want more Devious Devices related mods, you can check out this list made by Zadil: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/30855-devious-skyrim/?p=770724 ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 15/02/2015 | Ver 4.0 | -------------------------------------------- -Almost Every Asset Re-builded -Added latest Assets ;----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Body conversion of Devious Devices for CBBE CT77 body, this body was made by ChronoTrigger77 and it is included in his Armor pack: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/? I made this conversion based on the work made by Skeuomorph : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/539-devious-assets-for-bodyslide-cbbe-psb-hdt-bodies/ So I just converted every asset Skeuomorph included on his conversions, I also added TBBP to it. I'm not an experienced moder or anything so may be some clipping, I tested some of the assets and didn't find much problems, but who knows. I did this mostly because for some reason any conversion was working for me at all. ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included Assets 2.8: DDAssets DD Integration: Armbinder Iron Belt Padded Belt Padded Belt Open Padded Bra Leather Arm Cuffs Leather Leg Cuffs Padded Arm Cuffs Padded Leg Cuffs Body Harness Body Harness Full Body Harness Single DD Expansion: Ebonite Armbinder Ebonite Arm Cuffs Ebonite Leg Cuffs Custom Harness Single Ebonite Body Harness ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requeriments: Body Slide 2 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? Custom Skeleton (recomended Xp32 Maximum Skeleton) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26800/? CBBE Body http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/? Recomended (as far as known not essential ) CT77 Armor Pack (Including body) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/? ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instalation: Just drop the content on Data folder or use NMM. You need to build the meshes on Bodyslide to see the changes ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: I recomend CT77 Body for this to work, Its reported to be working good with CBBE advanced body TBBP, But try It out for yourself. If you think theres information missing on this description, let me now so I can add it. Submitter Aensland_src Submitted 07/18/2014 Category Other Requires Devious Devices(Assets, Integration ,Expansion), BodySlide 2, Custom Skeleton Special Edition Compatible  
  4. View File VERSION 1.0!!! (LAL version 3.0.5) Tons of new LoversLab mod starting scenarios (via Simple Slavery if you have it installed). Tons of new wilderness/vampire/bandit locations (via new Live Another Life quest functionality). Immerslave quest bug fix. VERSION!!! (LAL version 2.5.6, no DLCs) Tons of new LoversLab mod starting scenarios (via Simple Slavery if you have it installed). Immerslave quest bug fix. Q: Why are there two versions? A: Version Is the last version that will support LAL version 2.5.6. I have fixed the ImmerSlave quest and added Simple Slavery support. The new functionality LAL provides reduces faction problems and provides a large variety of locations to choose from, and any work on this will require depending on new versions of LAL. I will no longer be making updates to version as it is difficult to work with. However, Simple Slavery updates will still allow users of to keep up with the latest LL mods. Fair warning: Mods adding bandits or changing bandit factions can get you immediately ganked on wilderness/frozen wasteland starts, and can cause chaos with bandit enslavement starts. For instance, Immersive Patrols II puts a group of bandits in the middle of one of the frozen wasteland starts, which is also a start that can be chosen by the wilderness start option (very low probability but it happened to me the very first test). Save before you activate the bed in case you need to reroll a different start. Also see my other mod: Blindfolded? Gagged? Got a knife? Cut 'em off! Devious Device Cutting To start this mod: 1. Begin a new game with LAL (Live Another Life) active and select the "I'm a Slave" option on the Mara statue. 2a. If you want to hook into one of the many fine LoversLab mods you have installed, use Simple Slavery and select the Simple Slavery start. 2b. If you want to be spawned in a variety of random places with a variety of random devices equipped and/or a variety of different masters/mistresses, make sure you have SD+ installed and walk through the dialog selecting either "Master" or "Mistress." 2c. The captured dreams start option will start you directly into the basement scenario. You can also start it with Simple Slavery, you'll have the auction block scene first. Recent changes/patch notes 1.0 (11/01/2015) - Added Simple Slavery start - now you can hook into tons of LoversLab mods, right at game start, thanks to jfraser's hard work. Thanks to jfraser for providing the hook-in code. - Fixed Immerslave quest bug - it should progress and end properly now. - Added message after talking to Mara statue to guide the user to set up mods (and save/reload) properly so as to reduce issues/crashes. - Wilderness starts now pick between a large variety of locations using new LAL functionality. The frozen wasteland starts are the same two. - Bandit enslavement starts now pick pick between a large variety of locations using new LAL functionality. The new LAL quest for bandit faction removal should reduce faction issues. - Vampire enslavement starts now pick pick between a large variety of locations using new LAL functionality. The new LAL quest for vampire faction removal should reduce faction issues. - Markers that LAL no longer uses were removed or replaced to reduce the likelihood of a LAL update that removes one from breaking everything. - Moved from .bsa file to loose files. Archive.exe is a headache, and was slowing down the process all around. Plus there is now one less bsa to add to your esp/bsa limit (325ish?). Old Patch Notes: What is this? This is an alternate start mod that uses Live Another Life to provide a few dozen different starts in which you can start bound, with the very short immerslave "quest" being one of getting free. This includes plenty of kinky flavor text in the quest log. Painless configuration Choices are presented in dialogue with the Mara statue. Pains were taken to include short empty sound files for each conversation option so as to prevent either replies so fast they can't be read (without fuz doh ro) or replies that last an aggravating 4 seconds (with fuz doh ro). So it's pretty painless and fast right up front, with dozens of DD choices, start locations and... masters or mistresses to be enslaved to. Start enslaved! Immerslave provides hooks into Simple Slavery, the captured dreams basement quest, and SD+ to provide a variety of starts in which you are enslaved - without SD+, if you choose a recaptured start you'll just stand there and imagine with your brain or (in the case of the Warlock specifically) get immediately ganked. Again, you can totally get your lesbo on with a mistress, or you can choose a master. Slave ship(wreck) The shipwreck start (hardest start in the game with Frostfall!) has been heavily modified to be a wrecked slave ship full of dead slaves with DD items on them (I don't condone violence to women, everyone on the ship is already dead in LAL and they're dead here because there's no navmesh and it would be tons more work). Various little extras were added to a semi-secret corpse that's hardish to find. Activate Paradise Halls slavery with LAL and get PH items (If you are using the Paradise Halls sexlab enhancement here at LoversLab, this won't matter much to you as it allows you to start the quest without the immerslave patch provided here). A patch for Paradise Halls lets you immediately start PH and get some slaving equipment (you have to swim to the semi-secret location to find the items), saving the long stupid trip to some random place before you can engage in PH activity. If you're using PH make sure to get the patch for Devious Devices compatibility from RiiakShiNal on the nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53108/? Bounties and disguise You can also pick from multiple bounties, and with sneak tools installed you can get a sneak tools mask to roleplay sneaking into towns. I recommend the sneak tools patch, and maybe setting the mask so you can talk to npcs with it on. Because of the bounties, I've included a patch for requiem to prevent bounties and lifetime bounties from affecting temple functionality. I've also extended the max items you can steal from 10 to 30 - the gods are more merciful to escaped slaves who need to grab a bite to eat here or there. Installation and Requirements Version and below: Make sure LAL is version 2.5.2+ Version 1.0 and above: Make sure LaL is version 3.0.5+ Put LAL near the end of your load order, just before weather mods. This is all completely untested for males and non-vanilla races. Sorry. You won't get re-enslaved if you do not use SD+. You'll just show up where they are and then pretend in your brain. And probably get ganked if it's the Warlock start. SexLab Sexlab Aroused Redux ZaZ Animation Pack NiOverride (Or RaceMenu) (requirement for Devious Devices Expansion) Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration Devious Devices - Expansion Alternate Start - Live Another Life 3.0.5 (Immerslave version 1.0 and above) or 2.5.6 (no DLC requirement, Immerslave version Optional but not required (installing these adds content): Sanguine's Debauchery (plus its requirements) Captured Dreams Simple Slavery Sneak Tools Sneak Tools Patch For those who crash at startup (Beth logo) with Sneak Tools: If you need help: If you are having a problem with everything working until you click the bed, and then the bed fading back in and nothing happening: This is likely a load order problem. Please make sure that LAL is next to last, ImmerSlave is last AFTER LAL and only weather mods are after this. If sneak tools crashes your game, see the sneak tools requirement in the Installation section. If you are having a problem with the Mara statue not giving you the "I'm a Slave" option, Doomsman was having the same problem but fixed it. His comment on this is as follows: Old description, still mostly relevant Thanks: Veladarius for helping with Captured Dreams start Aelie for LADL Zadil and min (other people too?) for DD skyrimII for SD RiiakShiNal for PH patch (the one on the nexus, not the one for download here) Other ppl I probably forgot (sorry) Submitter arbiter Submitted 07/21/2014 Category Quests Requires Special Edition Compatible
  5. View File Due to numerous quest changes a CLEAN INSTALL OF THE SGS MOD FOR 1.4.0b IS REQUIRED. To make things simple: -If Applicable, Uninstall Suspicious Gold Starter old version (less than 1.4.0) through your mod manager -Install Suspicious Gold Starter latest version through your mod manager -Play a new character or duplicate an existing save that has never interacted with the mod. Thanks First and Foremost Big Thanks to everyone so far who has contributed in the thread as well as downloading, reporting errors, helping me out as I make the mod. I've had a great time making this as a solid little mod to build some fun gameplay on top of and I've learnt a lot with the CK thanks to the wonderfully patient folks on this forum, you all know who you are. Thanks again. (im terrified of thanking by name in case I forget one person and they hate me forever) Quest Details This is a short questchain that introduces several new NPCs that the player can interact with. It makes heavy usage of DD functionality. A little Sexlab thrown in for flavour. Starting with the theft of a Suspicious Gold coin traverse the labyrinth and play through a quest to free yourself from a curse placed on you. One additional quest will appear 24 hours after being in Rainas Chastity Belt. Complete the next quest for a reward, new dialogue options and the privilege of entering Rainas Manor. Follow up quests have hopefully interesting rewards. After completing this Quest until you are freed from chastity (50 gold ingots) you may ask Raina to replace your current plugs for more beneficial ones. - NEW PLUGS WILL BE CREATED IF THE CURRENT THREE ARE NOT EXTENSIVE ENOUGH - Give feedback in the thread if you please with the effects you would like. Preferably with 'some' identifiable downsides. I can't promise I'll give exactly the suggestion but I'll add it if it fills a hole! (heh) Keyholding and "bondage game" services are provided by Raina with the conclusion of the main questline, where the rewards are the perk implemented belt to unlock any lock, and your choice of combat enhancing plugs for Warrior/Mage/Rogue archetypes. Quest walkthrough in the spoilers below. Post quest content in the spoilers below: Bugs Currently Known Bugs (v1.4.0a) Sexlab may be a little slow for Vilkas and Maven. Help I've found a bug that isn't listed! I'm Stuck! Post it in the thread. Give as much detail as you can, don't worry if there isn't much detail to go on, but there’s a better chance I can fix something or help you the more information I have. If a device is stuck search the console *help "keywand" * should return a key that will enable you to remove any items that are stuck (but please report any items stuck on) The growing list of Experienced Problems playing mod (v1.3.01) Raina has no dialogue/Freezes during the scene - Make sure you have Fuz Ro Doh installed Raina left the cell - She has a schedule to sleep in the manor you cannot access until you have a stronger relationship with her. Rest until morning and she should come back! Submitter donotbugme Submitted 02/23/2016 Category Sexual Content Requires Fuz'Ro'Doh, Sexlab SexlabAroused Redux, DDa, DDi, DDe, ZazAnimationPack Special Edition Compatible
  6. I get this error message whenever I try to equip the Obsidian Slave Boots in Ustolf's Mansion: "An error has occured with your installation of Devious Devices. Please check the log for more information. Error Text: LookupDeviceType received invalid keyword [Keyword <zad_DeviousBoots (0C027F929)>] It appears on the character model but the game doesn't really register it. I can't proceed any further in Ustolf's Mansion. It sometimes occurs with some other boots. Can anyone please help?
  7. View File This Mod: Sacrificial Spriggan is a quest mod inspired by the Flowering Spriggan quest from Sanguine's Debauchery, but implemented entirely from scratch. Due to the fact that the key dependency is a femaie-only armor, this is written for female characters exclusively (though gender checks are not enforced). The Quest: The quest starts some time after completing the quest to rescue Dibella's Sybil from the Forsworn; the character gets knocked on the head, and awakens back in Broken Tower faced with a hagraven who is irritated at having her plans spoiled. The hag curses the player character with a gradual transformation, then turns her loose to serve as a living warning to the Forsworn's foes. Intro Quest Summary: Guardian Quest Summary: Amulet Quest Summary: Magical Effects: The magical effects of the Spriggan transformation grow over time, as more of the body is covered. It starts with the torso, then the feet, then the hands, and finally the face. Some effects are permanent, even if the visible part of the Spriggan is removed. Growth is triggered by your spell-casting, as the Spriggan absorbs some of your magic - the more spells you use, the faster the transformation proceeds. When a growth phase starts, you'll need to have sex to complete the process. +20-100 magicka +20-100 stamina 5-25% weakness to fire 5-25% stealth bonus outdoors +15 unarmed damage from claws (when those grow) Hunters and Vigilants will be hostile while any of the Spriggan rootlets are visible Random NPC comments (and other events) When the Spriggan growth is complete, the following additional effects: +25% alteration spell duration Spriggan Call of the Wild lesser power Spriggans and predators are friendly Face mask acts as a living gag, preventing most speech The gag effect does not interfere in Kynareth's holy places (the Temple in Whiterun, Eldergleam Sanctuary, High Hrothgar), and can be worked around using writing materials (ink, quill, roll of paper). However, there is a -50% barter penalty in written interactions - Spriggan claws do not make for good penmanship. Controlling the Transformation: There are several methods for affecting the course of the transformation: Thanks: Thanks go to jbezorg for Sanguine's Debauchery and Devious Gags+, mods that inspired this one, and to skyrimll for continued updates to SD+. Also to the Devious mods gang, for fantastic mod resources. And Nalim, for the armor that made this possible. Requirements: This mod requires SexLab, of course, as well as the following additional mods: Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration Zaz Animation Pack Spriggan Armor Nalim's Spriggan Armor is based on CBBE; a UNP version is bundled with Sanguine's Debauchery, so it should be possible to copy those meshes and textures over the original versions (renaming files as needed, to match the original). Also available elsewhere on LoversLab. For the unvoiced dialogue, Fuz Ro Do'h is strongly recommended. The GagSFX mod is also strongly recommended. Tested with SexLab 1.59c, Zaz 6.04, and Devious Devices 2.9.0. Optional mods known to work with this include: SexLab Defeat SexLab Enchantress Deviously Helpless Known conflicts: the Flowering Spriggan quest from SD+ will fight with this mod, if both try to equip their respective versions of the Spriggan armor. Choose one or the other. Version History: Submitter stobor Submitted 04/15/2014 Category Quests Requires SexLab, Zaz Animation Pack, Devious Devices (Assets and Integration), Spriggan Armor Special Edition Compatible
  8. View File Quick As You Like is a cross-country survival mod with elements of player slavery, and humiliation. It starts when the courier delivers a note inviting the player to discuss a business proposition and rapidly progresses to the PC being stripped, bound and left to cross Skyrim under somewhat adverse circumstance. Thereafter the player will be periodically required to run races under similar circumstances and against similarly handicapped opponents. The player can choose to co-operate with the process ... or not. There is a fair amount of backstory to the races, and a series of quests will allow the player to investigate and maybe find a way out of her predicament The mod is WIP and currently on haitus. Only one run (the initial solo run) is fully implemented and the second quest currently ends abruptly leaving your character high and ... well "dry" probably isn't the right word to use by that stage. Keep a save. There are also some deeply unpleasant tattoos that may or may not get inflicted on your character if you have Slavetats running. Actually, there's a pretty good chance they will get inflicted on your character. There's a chance they may not come off afterwards. You might want to keep a save. Just saying... STATUS Alpha Software, WIP. Keep a save. Really. I'm not kidding. 3.0 Warning: The release is very raw indeed. In fact it is pretty much guaranteed to leave your PC in an unplayable state. So just to reiterate: KEEP A SAVE! Currently we have one run, a detailed conversation with an NPC and some interesting consequences. Next update should start the racing proper as well as introduce a couple more quests. Death Alternative is not currently used by this mod. I may bring it back as an option at some point in the future COMPATIBILITY Should work well with Deviously Helpless, SD+ and Submit and/or Defeat. You may struggle if you have Frostfall on lethal or a vampire mod that involves sunlight damage. If you want demeaning and humiliating tattoos to be inflicted upon your toon then you need Slavetats 1.0 or greater. Note that Slavetats now requires JContainers, so you need that too. Darkconsole's Pony Pack is also optional: if you have it, QAYL will make use of the boots. Like wise for Xinafay's High Heels. If you have that, it'll pick randomly between the ultra high heels and the pony boots. It's been reported that there's a CTD conflict with the mod "More Bandit Camps". Slavetats compatibility should be restored from 3.0 onwards. UNP users may want to install ZaZ Doggie Belt UNP by zanith86. INSTALLATION Download the latest and install as usual. Tats are bundled with the main d/l but I can't put them in the BSA. If it asks you about overwriting, say "yes". Future Plans involve races with penalties for losing and some NPCs including a trainer for the player. Also more routes, some variety in bondage gear and some special rules, like penalties for getting raped, or a whoring tour of the hold capitals. Probably. Time allowing. A Coldharbour Bedtime Story may also turn out to be relevant in some way. Lastly, Have Fun! Submitter DocClox Submitted 06/29/2014 Category Quests Requires Devious Devices Integration, Devious Devices - Assets, Zaz, Sexlab. (Optional) Slavetats 1.0.3, JContainers 0.67.5, Xinafay High Heels, HDT High Heel system, zanith86's ZAZ Doggie Belt UNP Special Edition Compatible
  9. View File Description: Adds a quest to retrieve some books, a descriptive user's manual for Devious Devices, in nine volumes, with pictures. There are also a couple of other books too, that don't necessarily have much to do with the quest. You get (most of) the books by doing a series of fetch quests for Herra, at her house at the Half-Moon Mill in Falkreath hold. This mod requires (including all prerequisites): Devious Devices Integration Devious Devices Assets ZaZ Animation Pack SexLab Aroused OR SexLab Aroused Redux (recommended) SexLab Animation Framework (this mod made with version 1.59c) SKSE SkyUI OR SkyUI + SkyUI-Away (if you really hate SkyUI) Fus-Ro-D'oh Also recommended: Sexlab Interactive Arousal Known bugs, conflicts and other issues: Anything that modifies the following NPCs might break progress in this mod: . Grogmar gro-Burzag (Shor's Stone) . Anton Virane (Markarth Understone Keep) . Garvey (Markarth Warrens) . Odar (Solitude Blue Palace) Note that this means that if you've killed any of those NPCs before installing this mod, it'll break progress. A possible fix is to .placeatme them if they're missing. . Herra's mouth stays open and her lip animations when speaking twitch oddly after her gag is removed. There's nothing I can do about this. Saving, exiting the game, and re-entering fixes it. . It is possible to fast-forward the quest, possibly breaking things, by pickpocketing books 1, 4, and 7 before the quest reaches that stage. You should probably not do that. . Many people have problems finding the dead courier(s). These posts HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE should help. . Exiting dialog early at some stages may lead to the quest becoming unfinishable. Also, pickpocketing or otherwise obtaining the books before they are needed for the quest may break progress. . Alva may be hostile or nonhostile, and her schedule may alter quite a bit, depending on the status of the Laid to Rest quest. I am not sure if killing her before that quest is completed would mess it up, so I recommend stealth to get her book. . Cutting Room Floor v1.13 adds in an NPC to Kynesgrove (Froa, daughter of Kjeld and Iddra). This isn't exactly a conflict, but it makes no sense to have two Froas there. . There are two versions of this mod. One should only be used if you use Skooma Whore 1.0 or later. Using the other version will block you from accessing the Markarth skooma den. . The Skooma Whore patch has been removed and replaced with a full Skooma Whore version, so you only have to download one. FAQ Flying Astronaut Quadrupeds. No, I mean Fortuitous Apple Questionnaire. Or possibly Forthright Assholes Qualify. Okay, I'll stop playing whack-a-mole with the abbreviations, here's a Frequently Asked Questions section. Q: I'm having a problem with this mod. A: That's not only possible, it's likely. I'm a newb to modding. Leave a comment in the support thread and I'll get back to you. I can't guarantee I can fix a problem, but I'll do my best. Q: I have a question about this or any other mod. Should I PM you? A: No, please. Use the support thread. That's what it's there for. Q: Your mod conflicts with <other mod>. A: That's also highly likely. In general, for stuff like this, put whichever one you want more lower on the list. Q: Can I suggest <feature> or <NPC>? A: Yes please! I can't guarantee the request will get into the mod, because as I've said I'm not very good at modding, but I'll certainly consider it! Q: Can I translate your mod? A: Certainly! I didn't write it with any sort of translation in mind, though, and I do tend to use American English idioms and phrasing, so... good luck! Go ahead and post your translation in the support thread and I will link to it in the OP. Q: Can I or you upload this to another site? A: Nope. I don't personally have anything against other sites, but this mod is Sexlab-based so it's all staying right here on Loverslab. Credits and thank-yous: . jordisslave, for inspiration, beta testing, bugfixing, text editing, and most especially all the images, without whom these books would be much more drab, not to mention shorter, and quite frankly boring. . Also thanks to jordisslave for writing "Harnessed and Free" and "Ariel's Mistress" . And special thanks to DocClox, WaxenFigure, Z0mBieP00Nani, mybrainhurts, Kimy, and Coopervane, for helping me figure out how to actually do stuff. . Extra special thanks to Jfraser, for helping with the scripting, saving me from going completely insane and punching the computer right in the CK, and without whom this mod wouldn't even exist in its current form. Also for spotting grammmmmmmmar and spelping eors. . Special thanks to mybrainhurts for helping me to learn and grow and become a better person and chop out the aliases in this mod with pruning shears, I'm really annoyed with aliases right now, and thanks to mybrainhurts, this mod actually works for more people than just me. . Zadil, Min, Coopervane, and Veladarius for making my Skyrim much more interesting. I'm stopping there, because if I wanted to mention everyone who made a mod I particularly enjoy, I'd have to list over 230 names. . Omega1084 for a stolen line of text. Thanks to r5e4w3q2 and Thermius for ideas and suggestions. . Adorabledeviant for pointing out the "failed to complete quest" bug, fixed in 2.1.3. . spoonsinger for pointing out a bit of leftover scenery in 2.1.7. Previously, in version 1.1: Submitter Content Consumer Submitted 09/16/2014 Category Quests Requires Skyrim, Devious Devices Assets, Devious Devices Integration, SexLab Aroused, SexLab, Fus-Ro-D'oh Special Edition Compatible
  10. View File Devious Captures is an addon to Sexlab Defeat and Devious Devices that builds an immersive bridge between the two by allowing enemies to equip various devices on the player after defeat. The devious outlaws of skyrim may decide that robbing their victim isn't enough and may just have an appropriate means of making things even more inconvenient on hand... In order to receive devices after defeat player must be robbed! Devices will be equipped one at a time during the robbery scene. They will not be equipped unless the scene is triggered which should (I hope!) prevent animals and other invalid actors from being more devious than they should be. If you'd like Devious Captures to trigger often make sure to increase the chances of robbery! Since version 2.5 there is also another way of getting into devices upon defeat! MCM includes an option to enable Assault Events. Assault Events trigger during Defeat rapes and don't require robbery! Assault Events will only equip one device at a time but it's possible to trigger them more than once per encounter if your character found herself surrounded by many lustful enemies! Update notice! If you're upgrading to version 2.0b+ from an earlier version please use MCM menu to uninstall the previous version first before installing the new version! If upgrading from 2.0b+ to later versions simply overwriting the files and then using "Update" function in MCM should be enough. A new version of Defeat just came out! Is Captures still compatible? Yes. Goubo and I collaborated to ensure forward compatibility for the foreseeable future. Unless announced otherwise, assume that it works with the newest version of Defeat. On the 0.01% off-chance that it isn't and you can confirm it in game, please let me know. Recommendations: ----------------------------------- Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy: My mod has its own inbuilt way of obtaining keys to help you get out of the devices it puts on you but it's not the most exciting way. But Kimy's mod can be used to find keys as random loots on dead bodies and containers all over skyrim! Or to get into even more trouble if your little sticky fingers trigger a devious trap! Devious Devices Expansion by Coopervane: Installing it will add lots of variety to the devices you may get yourself locked into! If you have to walk around covered in straps why not turn them into a fashion statement? ^^ Deviously Helpless by Srende: It synergises with Captures so well by adding more spice and gameplay options for the unlucky adventurer who keeps getting covered in restraints! Your assailants and all kinds of opportunists around Skyrim love when a wrapped up gift stumbles into their lairs! n_~ Devious Devices Equip by Inte: Adds lots and lots of new patterns and colours to the pool of available devices! Captured Dreams Shop by Veladarius: Adds a few more types of devices to the pool, further increasing variety! Known bugs and issues: ----------------------------------- Timing can be a little off depending on how many script intensive mods you have running, sometimes a few seconds can pass before the mod kicks in and it may not look very natural I take no responsibility for the devices registered by other mods. If someone's devices do not follow the established rules, they will cause issues. If you're a modder, make sure that the devices you want to register as generic use ONLY Integration scripts and slot conventions. There is a Framework-side issue with generic Mittens not spawning. As such the Mittens slider doesn't do anything, you will get regular gloves instead. Installation (Manual, MO or NMM installation is recommended instead): ----------------------------------- Extract the archive Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim Data folder Open the Skyrim launcher and check the mslDeviousCaptures.esp in the Data Files section Uninstall (IMPORTANT! Do not skip the first step!): ----------------------------------- Go the Devious Captures MCM menu in game and choose the "Uninstall" function Uncheck the esp plugin Delete all files that came with the mod Requirements: ----------------------------------- Latest version of Sexlab Defeat (at minimum 5.3.2) Latest version of Devious Devices Integration (at minimum 3.3b) Latest version of Devious Devices Expansion (at minimum 2.0c) All requirements of the above mods Latest version SkyUI (at minimum 5.0) Latest version of SKSE (recommended at least 1.7.2!) Credits: ----------------------------------- Princessity/Ms Leeches Goubo for SexLab Defeat! Zadil, Min and all others who create and develop Devious Devices and expansions for it! Especially Srende who was happy to accommodate my requests and extend the DD API with functions I needed! redneck2x for making Lovers Victim which helped me understand how SexLab hooks work! Ashal for SexLab Framework without which none of this would be possible! Bethesda for making the most addictive games and modding tools ever! Submitter Princessity Submitted 02/27/2014 Category Other Requires Devious Devices Integration, Sexlab Defeat, SkyUI, SKSE Special Edition Compatible
  11. I can not make topic in "Downloads - SexLab Framework" Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03 Topic with old version Description: It seems that a wear and tear type plugin for sexlab was overdue. Sexlab Apropos/describe just released their own wear and tear upgrade. This is my own take on W&T, a very simple plugin with no dependencies (other than Sexlab of course) and no strings attached. - 5 stages for each organs (except penis which are indestructible): nothing, slight discomfort, discomfort, pain and severe pain. - There are no positive effects, positive effects will have to come from other plugins. - The defuff are not extremely hard but if they accumulate they can be annoying, mainly damage speech/voice and damage speed. - Relative size of the participant influence damage... an big Orc fucking a small elf will result in more damage than 2 elves... that sort of thing. It measure the collision box size... I haven't tested it with creatures but the same rule should apply. Large creature should result in large damage received. This can be tweaked with the "size matter" setting. - 3 craftable items under cooking pot (misc section) can help you mitigate the negative effects. - Natural lubrication results in diminishing returns of damage received. - Experience increases resistance to damage. - Config menu can be used to monitor and tweak almost very aspect. - you can config state bars of organs in menu - plugs from Devious Devices series decrease healing speed of anus and vagina, gag - mouth - catch orgasm events sended by Devious Devices vibrations Required - Sex Animation Framework v1.59c+ (you can use elder versions, but make sure that it sends event "OrgasmEnd") - SkUI 4.1 - HearthFires.esm - PlayerValueControler Recomended - mods of Devious Devices series Update - in MCM disable checkbox "Effects Enabled" on page "General" - delete mod - save game - install new version Change Log: 2.03 (03/01/2015) - initial reliz at www.loverslab.com - clean of mod start after game load, now - decrease debuffs Credits: mainfct - for the first version of this mod. based on mod Sexout: Wear and Tear для FO:NV(author Odessa). Ashal - for Sexlab framework Zadil - for Devious Devices - Assets Min - forDevious Devices - Integration Coopervane - for Devious Devices - Expansion. And the other developing series of Devious Devices PlayerValueControler v0.02 This mod management of speed. Other mods send request to it. Maximum 128 mods. Player can configure calculations rule. This mod takes the test of time. I makes integration patch for "Devious Devices Expansion" and "DeviousDevices-Integration"(just do not install DDx_PVC_patch.esp and zadx_slowfixSCR.pex, if you do not use Expansion) It would be better, if Min include integration into the right place. I'm not sure that my decision - the best. Types of formulas Simple sum - adds all speed mults Limited sum - player set limits of sum Extremum - sum limited by min mult and max mult Cumulative extremum - same as Extremum, but if (sum > max mult) or (sum < min mult ) then result = (max mult or min mult) + portion(sum - (max mult or min mult)) API int Function SetMultBonus(String ModName, String ValueName, Float Value) Request to add / overwrite coefficient ModName - name of mod (for example "YouMod.eps"), sending the request (if the next game loads this mod is not connected, than this coefficient will be received) ValueName = "SpeedMult". It one value at this time Value - value of coefficient Return 1 - success 0 - mod is busy(script work fast. I did not see this result. Just in case) -1 - failure(it is too many mods / wrong ValueName) int Function CleanModByName(String ModName) Remode you mod. ModName - name of mod 1 - success 0 - mod is busy Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.02 has the same API with small differences int Function SetMultBonus(String ModName, String ValueName, Float Value) ValueName = MouthHealingMult, AnusHealingMult, VaginaHealingMult, MouthResistBonus, AnusResistBonus, VaginaResistBonus Recommended values for MouthResistBonus, AnusResistBonus, VaginaResistBonus : (-1, 1) with step 0.05 MouthHealingMult, AnusHealingMult, VaginaHealingMult : (-1, 1) with step 0.01 For modmakers and tranlators I am not good in english. It would be better if someone translation. I use for translation TesVTranslator. Dictionaries for it can be found in UserDictionary.7z If you need in same changes in mod, tell me about it. I founded critical error in PlayerValueControler v0.02. I apologize. Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03 was reactivated. You can use it, but without PlayerValueControler speed debufs do not work. My computer was broken. I do not know, when I can upload the new version. Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03.7z
  12. View File Title: Deviously Patched Hydra Slave Girls Description: This is a patch for the Hydra Slave Girls modification. Simply put this removes most of the ZAZ items and adds Outfit creations from Devious Devices Assets, Expanded, and Captured Dreams Shop. Only male slaves should still have ZAZ items. There are 3 basic outfits that slaves will wear, 1) Padded Sets, there are quite a few different colors and they should match. 2) Restrictive Sets, sometimes with Padded Bra's or Nipple Piercings and in different colors but overall the leather colors should match. 3) Harness Sets, the leather should match but sometimes you will get slaves that have a harness and padded bra with chastity belt that are of different color. All Slaves wear slave boots. All Slaves have a chance of having a gag and blindfold. Slaves will usually have either nipple piercings or a padded bra or neither. All Slaves that had a yoke "should" have either a yoke or armbinder. All Slaves should have a vaginal piercing and either a soulgem plug or Grand Soulgem Plug. The patch does not contain any scripts. The patch contains a comprehensive leveled list that contains outfit combinations that are then directly overwriting the outfit section of the aforementioned mod that it patches. Note that these items are not decor' if you should have your settings for DDI turned on for NPC's to react to wearing these items well they will, so be catious about your particular settings and load on your computer. Also note that since the mod does not place these outfits on NPC's with scripts that it will not in anyway change NPC's you have already met in the game over to devious devices. Either start a new game or ResetInventory Command each NPC you meet. Required Mods, Devious Devices Integration Devious Devices Assets Devious Devices Expansion Captured Dreams and of course Hydra Slave Girls by hydrogorgan Submitter Gameplayer Submitted 09/21/2016 Category Sexual Content Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  13. So every time I play a game, there comes a point where any vibrating (soul gem) plugs just, well, stop working. What happens is that i'll get the polling event 'Piercing(s) and Plugs are Vibrating' and then instantly I get the message 'You release out a frustrated moan as the plugs stop vibrating.' I've tried a whole bunch of things but I cannot seem to get this to happen on any consistent or predictable basis. All I can say is that in all of my saves, even new ones (and oh boy do I have a lot of new saves, is this my problem) have plugs stop working. And yes, other polling events don't seem to fire. Getting the 'suddenly short of breath' Corset event doesn't cause my character to stumble and fall. Getting the 'plug shift' event doesn't fire the moaning sound effect, and the hands wandering event doesn't trigger any self-feeling animation. Obviously what ever is happening affects all Devious Devices polling events, but if there's a solution i'd love to hear it. Does anyone know what's happening? (Active) Mod Order: Skyrim.esm Update.esm SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm AsharaMerchantNPC.esm Deus Mons.esm SexLab.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm SexLabAroused.esm daymoyl.esm hdtHighHeel.esm ZaZAnimationPack.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm Devious Devices - Expansion.esm unofficial skyrim patch.esp unlimitedbookshelves.esp argonianraptor.esp better dynamic snow.esp EnhancedLightsandFX.esp darker_caves_dungeons_ruins_nights.esp ELFX - Exteriors.esp Deus Mons_WithNPCs.esp xazPrisonOverhaul.esp xazPrisonOverhaul - Patch.esp ELFXEnhancer.esp OBIS.esp SD Cages.esp Captured Dreams.esp sextoys-calyps-2.esp slaverun.esp crimson tide - blood.esp water.esp The Dance of Death.esp detailed_whiterun.esp noobletstendarrinquisition.esp whiterunexpint.esp Deviously Cursed Loot.esp sanguinesDebauchery.esp zdd.esp crystalis.esp SimpleSlavery.esp Trapped in Rubber.esp pony_armor.esp SexLab_Dialogues.esp midas magic expanded.esp midasskyrim.esp S_L_U_T_S.esp Darkend.esp ArachnaphobiaExpansion.esp Deviously Enslaved.esp apocalypse - the spell package.esp SSG_SecundasWatch.esp DeviouslyTraining.esp Rubber_Resources.esp Sneak Tools.esp qayl.esp magicka sabers expanded.esp dwemerautoblade.esp qsmspacemarinearmor.esp qsmsuccessors.esp actorball.esp animated dragon wings.esp APPS.esp AsharaRomanticOutfit.esp Ballet Boots.esp purewaters.esp better underwater sight - clearer.esp Better Vampires ML - No DawnGuard.esp skyui.esp character creation overhaul.esp linglingfs0002.esp Shiny Catsuits.esp chesko_wearablelantern.esp CityBondage.esp CompetitionSwimsuit.esp Dark Souls Set 01.esp Dark Souls Weapons.esp dcpack1.esp dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp DeadlyMutilation.esp saturationboost.esp deeper snow.esp Devious Deviants.esp DeviouslyHelpless.esp DeviousTraining.esp display-model.esp DLSecureSkyrim.esp DLSkyrim.esp Enchanted Devious Devices.esp EstrusChaurus.esp zzEstrus.esp Estrus Chaurus.esp FNIS.esp formsedit.esp GattiBondage1.esp gaulduramuletalt.esp GreenWaterFix_Compatible.esp hqsnow.esp MonHun.esp mslZaZArachnophobia.esp prvti_heavyarmory.esp qmod04jump.esp qsmchaos.esp qsmfirstfounding.esp RaceMenu.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp SDpatch - Fixes.esp SexLab Submit.esp SexLabNudeCreatures.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp SkyrimBound.esp SlaveTats.esp Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp sr_FillHerUp.esp submitdd_ff.esp submitdd_ff_exp.esp thunderhammer.esp XPMSE.esp ZaZAnimationPackConfig.esp SCO Winter Edition.esp alternate start - live another life.esp Alternate Start - Live A Deviant Life.esp Devious Bashnag.esp Deviously Cursed Loot LAL AddOn.esp ImmerSlave.esp F3FrenchMaid.esp
  14. So the last time I went through skyrim and updated/removed/replaced mods, I swapped out SkyRe for Requiem. I was pretty indifferent at first, but the deeper I get into Requiem the more I enjoy it. That being said, Requiem reduces your sell prices to 0 when you aren't wearing armor, and drastically increases buying prices. As someone who likes to run around with various Devious Devices mods installed, this 'No shirt, no shoes, no service' immersion feature of Requiem essentially removes my ability to sell anything to vendors for very long periods at a time. Does anybody know how to change it so selling prices aren't altered based on clothing? I have no idea if this is a Requiem-only feature, or if its in the vanilla game, so I have no idea where to being looking in the CK or Tes5Edit or whether its part of a script, ini tweak, game variable, etc. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. So after the mittens were used my pipboy disappeared. I tried removing it and then re-equipping via console commands, but alas. Anyone know how to fix this? Much appreciated.
  16. I started my first game with mods on, and my character doesn't have a body with the Devious devices items on. https://gyazo.com/eb7a8af7c2d5d44dc640fb247d7c9b40 Mod Order: https://gyazo.com/a61bbbad57260681cf60795acd965036 https://gyazo.com/a5012293622673dccdf9f647849bb99a https://gyazo.com/c6fb082253fe653ac6e2f9915de665c9
  17. The Quest for the mod "As Quick As You Like" can be found at the captured dreams shop right above the half-moon mill. When i go inside and talk to the master, she says she has something for me . She begins to walk off, but then both her and my character cross their arms and wait. doing nothing? Whats going on? Is there a way to fix this?
  18. View File Devious Surrender V2 LITE This is a complete rebuild of the mod. At the moment it only covers a few things but, in some ways, it covers more than it did before. The mod detect 3 types of death. 1. Death by Humanoid actors 2. Death by Creatures 3. Suicide 1. Death by Humanoid actors (e.g. the usual races, vampires etc) will trigger a short scene where all your stuff will be stolen. You will then experience a rape scene followed by a very brief release scene. At this point you will have a few precious seconds to make good your escape before your enemies become hostile again. Stolen items will be kept by your attacker. 2. Death by creatures will trigger an instant rape scene. None of your stuff will be take, only your dignity! Again you will be released and have a few seconds to escape...or get your revenge! 3. Suicide happens when you die but with no obvious enemies around. There is a chance that ranged enemies might kill you like this but it would have to be a good shot! There is a black out followed by a short scene and then you're free to go. This new version will form the foundation of a much improved version of the mod but for now this kind of covers all types of death which is more than the old version did! Devious Surrender V2 This is a complete rebuild of the original mod as described in the Mod History below. It now uses scenes to control the flow of events. in addition, it nows has an MCM menu (although currently it does nothing ) and also the death intercept scripts are now quest based rather than directly attached the the player character. All of these improvements should make the mod more compatible and should play nicely with other mods (although any other mod that intercepts the player's death will conflict). The mods current status is BETA which means that most of the main elements seem to work ok. But major issues may still be present and as such I DO NOT recommend installing this mod unless you wish to test it for me. It may destroy your save game (or it may not)! Current Flow of Events. This is the various stages the mod goes through and the events that you can expect... Stage 1 You die! Except you don't! You'll drop your currently equipped weapons/shield and go in to a bleed out state. After a few seconds you will surrender to your attacker by kneeling down. Stage 2 Your attacker will berate you for being so weak and you will black out Stage 3 You will come to and find your self locked in to some restraints. your attacker will berate you some more, place all your gear in to a conveniently located strongbox, strip you naked and add some devious devices to you. You will then be left to escape Stage 4 To escape you will need to work out the lock combination. There are three tumblers on the lock with three possible settings. Choose wisely! Stage 5 - Failure to escape If you get none of the 3 tumblers in the correct position then you will suffer a critical failure. This takes the form of some visual punishment scene. At the moment there are two possible scenes. 1. Whipping scene & 2. Rape scene with whipping If you get 1 or 2 tumblers in the correct position then you will only get a minor punishment. In this case only one punishment is available which is a minor electric shock. Stage 6 - Repeated Failure (not yet implemented, but soon) The mod will track how many times you have failed to escape each time you are captured. Eventually your captor will decide you are too much trouble to keep and one of the FINAL PUNISHMENTS will trigger. These will be story driven and will provide a real challenge to escape from with a distinct possibility that you might not escape. Stage 7 - Successful Escape If you get all 3 tumblers in the correct position then you will fall to the floor and be free. You will get a random grace period before the guards react so run or hide! You will also find you have managed to keep a single lock pick which you can use to unlock the strong box and get your stuff back. Other useful information Your attacker will have a key to any restraints they added so killing him will help! Your attacker will keep any gold made from selling your items so killing him will help! Your attacker will keep any receipts from selling your items, so killing him will help track them down. Basically, kill you captor! ----------------------------------------------------- Mod History This mod is a rebuild of my previous mod "Sexlab Submit + Devious Devices DAYMOL" which in itself was built upon the "Sexlab Submit" mod by dkatryl. The original "Sexlab Submit" can be found here As far as I know this mod is still being developed and supported. While "Sexlab Submit + Devious Devices DAYMOL" can be found here. Please note that while this mod works for the most part, it is no longer supported. While the main purpose of this mod remains similar to both the above mods, the structure of the mod and how it achieves this as well as all code is completely new. What Does This Mod Do This mod is a combat surrender mod. Basically it intercepts where the player would usually have died and instead surrenders them to their attacker. The attacker then applies varies items from the Devious Devices and Devious Devices Expansion mods to the player, forces them in to sexual acts from SexLab, steals their items and finally ties them up in to various bondage positions from the Zaz Animation mod and leaves the player to escape. This mod is purely developed for female characters (although I have tried to keep it as unisex as possible) Differences Between SexLab Submit / Sexlab Submit + Devious Devices and this mod. Sexlab Submit contains much more than just having the player submit to their attacker. The player can also make other NPCs submit to them. This mod only allows the player to submit to their attacker. If you want to enslave other attackers then you can use Sexlab Submit, Sexlab Defeat or I'll Take The Display Model. In addition, the original SexLab Submit made no use of the items from devious devices...which is why I extended the mod and turned it in to SexLab Submit + Devious Devices. In essence this mod is only interested in what happens when the player is defeated and how escape from that situation. Current Mod Status This mod is at a very early stage, although it is progressing quite quickly. It is also my first mod where I have started from scratch without using a pre-existing mod as a basis. That's a big change, but one that I felt was necessary for me to learn the ins-n-outs of the creation kit. So I took the plunge and here we are! You are welcome to try the current version, but please note that it is still not quite ready for human consumption V 0.3 This brings in the escape mechanic which is based around choosing the correct combination of a 3 symbol 3 tumbler combination lock. I chose to use the bird, snake, fish symbols as they are heavily used in the game. Choosing the correct combination is actually fairly easy once you know the trick. Other improvements include better initial force greet so it should fire....although it can still take a few seconds in some cases. KNOWN CONFLICTS This mod intercepts any ondeath even. Therefore any other mod that alters this will probably interfere with this mod. Death Alternative must be removed from your mod load list. Even if you disable it via the MCM it will still stop this mod from working. KNOWN SAFE MODS I run deviously cursed loot with its death events turned off just fine. You may also want to disable the cover up animation as it will interfere when you're tied up! Mod Requirements SexLab Devious Devices Assets Devious Devices Expansion Devious Devices Integration Zaz Animation Pack Sexlab Aroused Redux (OR) SexLab Aroused Thanks To Ashal for Sexlab Min for Devious Devices Assets and Integration Coopervane for Devious Devices Expansion Xaz for Zaz Animation Pack Kain1978 for coding help on SexLab Submit + Devious Devices DKatryl for the original Sexlab Submit Special Thanks To Jampr for naming the mod Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit Anyone else I may have forgotten Submitter JimmyJimJim Submitted 07/03/2015 Category Combat Sex Requires SexLab, Devious Devices, Sexlab Aroused, Zaz Animation Pack Special Edition Compatible
  19. I actually thought of something while thinking up some new content. I can't work on it myself due to my computer cutting out almost all the time. So I wanted to put a request out. I happened on an idea for a Chastity belt/plug combo. The belts that are already available are nice, but I want to see one variant of the padded belt with a Filled Soul gem embroidered into it. This would be paired with a dwarven plug that, upon activation through the DD Framework, would stimulate its victim through a piston action. The plug would be a ball plug for the vagina, small cogs would spin in place and the plug's Rod (it is a rod, right?) would move up and down at varying speeds depending on the soul gem on the belt. I'd like it if the Chastity Belt was a Dwemer Chastity belt that looks like the padded one but a small centurion face covers the lock & gem. the ball plug would be Dwemer in design as well. I have concept art for it but no scanner... Being broke sucks... I also thought of a small questline that can integrate its lore: Curious Hobbies I can't believe I let that Lecherous Librarian have his way with me. Gods, I've never been so humiliated. But I thought I was finished with that disgusting Nord Perv. What was his name?,,, Zed or something... Anyway a Courier gave me some kind of letter. He seems to want to meet me at the Winking Skeever for some kind of Errand. I cringe at the thought, but I guess I have little choice. Arkay only knows what kind of bounty hunters he would try to send my way if I don't head over. A few days later... I never should've given this guy the time. Apparently, he wants me to explore another Strange Dwemer Ruin somewhere near Dawnstar. He claimed it was a research facility for the Dwemer. HA! Research my ass! This place looks more like a dungeon for strange fetishes. I've never seen so many weird devices before. He gave me this drawing of what I'm looking for, though. At least that's a start compared to last time. A day later... I found a book and a few devices. It looks weirder that I expected. The Belt has a blood red Soul Gem in it... Knowing the plugs this guy shoved into me, it's probably cursed. But this plug... it looks like a ball with some gears hanging at the end of it... maybe it's Broken? anyway at least I got what he wants... A week later... GODS DAMN HIM TO OBLIVIAN!!! These things have... AHH!!... NNNGH... been.... AHHHH!!.... Torturing my.... gasp!!.... *heavy breathing*.... noooo.... I've been putting up with this thing for five days.... It hurts so much to have all my EEK!!.... AHHH... RRRGH!.... MMMNN... Gods.... Why won't this thing let me CUM?! In case you didn't catch the point of it, Basically the Courier will send a letter about a week after the events of the forbidden tome. He will want to see the PC at the winking skeever and leaves a special PS with: if you don't show up I understand. My previous associates just loved the same cursed items I gave you, too. I'll be sure to send them to you through my special couriers. At the winking skeever, he stumbled on some information while visiting an associate in Dawnstar. He has a drawing and wants you to pick up the machines and a log book (which contains instruction on how to build these two new devices. Note: This Book will unlock the Powered Belt and Stroking Plug). grab the items and the book (Flipping through it to unlock the devices) and bring them back. When you return with the items he will read the book, then suddenly equip them on you. With no key to unlock it, you're left with these devices strapped in place. The device will do much the same thing as the Cursed Vibrators, except with the direct stroking stimulation, will cause the PC to reach climax more quickly. Except it stops just short of making you cum. worst of all, the orgasm will build slowly over time and make you reach climax more quickly each time, to the point of even the slightest stimuli will force the PC's body into a spastic orgasm that is forcefully denied by the Belt's Cursed Gem. two weeks later, the Courier will send a letter, saying he's found someone who may be able to construct a new key and wants you to meet him in Dawnstar at the inn. once there, a Dark Elf with gray hair is introduced and together you wander into a small sideroad ruin. The Dark Elf makes the key in no time and gets you out, but no sooner are you free that your raped, College Style . The Questname: Curious Past Triggers: 1 in-game week after the events of the Forbidden Tome So yeah, if someone wants to help me make this happen, let me know. I think it has potential to be some great (if tormentive) fun for anyone... well, anyone with as disturbed a mind as my own, anyways... Thanks folks
  20. I don’t dare to make a request, in case it’s a lot of work, so consider it more of a question or an idea. Would it be possible to implement something akin to the game Girl Catch from the Gorean saga? The (devious) devices and animations seem to be in place, and I think I’ve seen bell-piercings somewhere. The male participants obviously cannot ''track-by-sound'', but perhaps something like temporarily adding the Shadow Warrior perk to the female PC would achieve a similar effect? The sound of small bells would be a nice touch, of course. For those of you unfamiliar with Girl Catch, I’ve provided a crude copy-paste from the book in spoiler tags. Happy reading!
  21. View File About Normally a Devious Device gag will block dialog. Gags+ allows the player to open dialog with a NPC at their normal speech level of ability if they have in their possession a writing set that consists of at least one of each of the following items: Quill Inkwell Roll of paper Alternatively, the player may also use the following writing set with a debuff to their speech ability. Charcoal Roll of paper In both cases one item from the set that is in use is consumed when dialog with the NPC is closed. If the player is in possession of both types of writing sets then the set without the debuff is used first. Required Devious Devices - Integration v2.6.6 Note If the player is already wearing a gag when Gags+ is installed you must restart the Devious Devices - Integration Gag's quest in console for this mod to start functioning. stopquest zadgagqueststartquest zadgagquest BONUS: Masque of Clavicus Vile.esp Did you really think you'd come out ahead making a deal with Clavicus Vile? The Daedric Prince of twisted wishes and eldritch deals? Submitter jbezorg Submitted 02/02/2014 Category Other Requires Devious Devices - Integration Special Edition Compatible  
  22. Hello people, I present a problem for you today: I downloaded a conversion of the Original Aradia Devious Expansion armors to CBBE, from here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/53798-aradia-devious-devices-cbbe-bodyslide-support/ One of the rogue pieces is the problem, the pants from all versions. It causes breast expansion, making it misaligned with the bra. I looked at a certain forum : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42246-aradia-rogue-gear-problem/?do=findComment&comment=1058528 where the problem is essentially the same, however I can't use that solution as device hider is already disabled. I looked into Outfit studio and checked to see if there was any bodyshape issues there, there was none. Any help? No Pants After
  23. I found a red ballgag harness and picked it up, then a couple of seconds later a text popped up saying I stuffed the gag on Bound Girl. I have no companions at all at the moment and am slightly confused about this
  24. View File Skyrim Bound is intended as an alternative start mod without the alternative start part. The mod makes it possible to start your game with a set of Devious Devices, and allows you to choose the worn items freely through the in-game menu. So, start the game with your favourite alternative start mod (or vanilla if that's your thing), and afterwards fire up Skyrim Bound to push the difficulty up a notch. Since the mod is activated through the menu, you can of course use it later in the game as well. The menu will however disable itself after one use. Notes Devious expansion is fully supported (including the new ebonite items), but it isn't required. As such, the items available to equip will change depending if it is installed or not. Starting the game with "Surprise me" will ignore all other settings in the menu, making it a completely random experience. Daedric plugs included here are also craftable once the Devious Devices book from Integration is read. Requirements Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration Devious Devices - Expansion Remember to also install any other mods required by these. Credits Coopervane for original idea Aelie for Daedric plugs & LADL Mord Sif for name naaitsab, Slorm and others I forgot for feedback & testing Zadil & Min for Devious Devices Changes 1.2 Support for pony boots from DDx Support for piercings from DDi Added option to set the armbinder inescapable Reusable on new games 1.1 Support for DD - Integration 2.8.1Included Leather Posture Collar [*]Support for DD - Expansion 1.1.2 Included white & red items Couple of new presets [*]Improvements to random bounty Randomly picks between same bounty for all holds (old system) and different bounty in each hold 1.0 Initial release Submitter Srende Submitted 05/26/2014 Category Other Requires SexLab, Devious Devices - Assets & Integration, SexLab Aroused, Zaz animation pack Special Edition Compatible  
  25. Version V2.0c


    Devious Devices Expansion en Español Ésta es la traducción de Devious Devices Expansion Requiere el mod Original que puedes encontrar Aquí La versión es la 2.0c Va a haber un cambio ya que voy a traducir los scripts (Bueno, voy a intentarlo...)
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