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  1. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    This is the first pony race, right? The quest after that should be the Rubber School quest. You'll want to use the console to make sure that the quest tir_twr_work01 is in stage 80 and that the quest tir_twr_school01 is running and at least in stage 10. If the school quest is not running or stuck in stage 0, then there was probably some problem with a quest alias filling (if only I had penny for every time that happened!). Try to restart the quest ('resetquest tir_twr_school01', followed by 'startquest tir_twr_school01'). Close the console for a few seconds, then open it up again and check if tir_twr_school01 has progressed to stage 10. If yes, then you should be able to talk to the Mistress about the next thing. If not... well, I'm not really sure what else you can do at that point.
  2. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Hey, people! I'm looking for a ready-to-use model (NIF+textures) of an hourglass as a prop for one of my quests. Oblivion even had one included, but Skyrim doesn't (and Bethesda doesn't like it when you move assets from one game to another). So if anyone knows of such an item or can make it themselves (maybe as an exercise), please let me know. It doesn't have to be animated, and while collision would be nice, it's ultimately not required. Been searching for a while now, but I don't want to spend too much time on something that's not really crucial to the quest and will only be seen for about 2-3 minutes. So I'm asking you.
  3. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    You mean this one? http://i.stack.imgur.com/hIFlk.jpg Firefox used to have the advantage that add-ons could be more powerful and versatile. Stuff that Chrome add-ons couldn't do due to security restrictions. So if you liked to extensively customize your browser (aka poweruser), FF was the choice for you. That's gone after they went to Quantum and dropped support for everything but WebExtension add-ons. But it is faster now (often even faster than Chrome). And I suppose there are still privacy concerns regarding Chrome. IE is, from a technological standpoint, a piece of crap and probably single-handedly responsible for holding back the advancement of web technologies for decades. Even MS themselves know that this mess is unsalvageable. Or why else did they go through the effort to create Edge? If you're asking me, IE can't die soon enough.
  4. A Rubber Facility

    It's a cool project (I stole some of the schoolroom equipment for the Rubber School quest in the new version of my mod from it). Not sure if it'd be sufficient for the intended purpose.
  5. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Yes, basically. Open her up under actors, then change the face settings. Depending on which mods you have installed, she may look differently in the CK. Because as I understand it, the CK doesn't show the modded version. Here's what she looks like on my system: https://imgur.com/AlDCa5h Yeah, the CK version is a little scary, but the ingame version... I'm fine with that.
  6. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Beauty is subjective. For instance, I'm not a big fan of pumpkin sized boobs or asses that look like they had an allergic reaction to something. But when I look at certain body type mods out there, it seems that not everyone shares that viewpoint. Some people may not like the dark skin. I think it's a nice contrast to the white rubber. And the gold skin of the Altmer didn't look much better to me. But others might disagree. Are you into elves or would you rather have her be human? Want her to be a redhead, a brunette or a blonde? Or maybe something more outlandish, like white, blue or green hair? No matter whose preferences I design the Mistress to, there will always be someone else who doesn't like it. The current design of the Mistress has the advantage that she's "pretty enough" and somewhat exotic while hopefully still not off-putting to most people. And all with just vanilla Skyrim assets. I don't need to add additional dependencies to hairstyle, eye color or body type mods. Those would further complicate installation for novice users, for just one single character. So it's unlikely I'll change her. But of course, no one is preventing you from modding her yourself just the way you like it. Make her a flat chested loli or an oversized hourglass caricature of a women. Give her a new hairstyle or tweak her face. I don't care. Just have fun.
  7. A Rubber Facility

    It's an interesting idea. But it might be difficult to show the world outside the simulation. You'd need a lot of new assets for that. Skyrim does not come with concrete buildings, cars, computers, modern furniture, asphalt roads, and all the other things that you'd have to show to people. You would have to create assets for a complete new and different world (or find free ones online). If you don't, you'll just trade one potential plausibility problem for another: Instead of "How come there are modern bondage devices in Skyrim?", it would be: "How come the real high-tech world looks more or less exactly like the simulation?" To be honest, that is not much of a problem for me. There are different levels of... let's call them immersion obstacles. There are elements that you could never reasonably introduce without significantly altering the established setting. Like smartphones, for instance. Real modern technology requires a certain level of industrialization. There is a lot of different technological advances that go into a modern circuit board. You really have to understand the science behind it to make a microchip. It simply would not be believable to have people in Skyrim run around with smartphones. There's no way to make that work if you care about verisimilitude. On the other hand, there are also things that, while not part of the official canon of lore put out by Bethesda, could very well have been a part of it. Like, for instance, rubber. It's not that complicated a process to make that stuff. It's basically a modification of a natural substance. A process that is not that different from, let's say, tanning leather. Which also uses simple chemicals to alter the chemical structure of the skin. People in ancient times or the middle ages probably didn't understand the chemistry behind it. But they didn't have to. They just had to know that throwing tanning agents like oak bark or gallnuts and animal skins together in a vat would result in leather. It's a simple enough thing to discover by accident or trial-and-error. Is it really that far fetched to claim that in a different pre-industrialized world, people could have discovered the process of rubber vulcanization in a similar fashion? Or leather armbinders. Who's to say that people in the world of Skyrim couldn't have come up with the idea of those? All the materials they need are already there, they just required the idea itself. You don't even need magic to explain this stuff. This "why couldn't it be" is basically also how Bethesda themselves expand the official lore with every iteration of TES. I don't consider myself an expert in TES lore, but as I understand it, the Soul Cairn and the Ideal Masters that are responsible for black soulgems were only introduced with the Dawnguard expansion. Before that, black soulgems were just another kind of soulgem. Now it's: Hey, we never explicitly stated otherwise, so why couldn't it have been like that from the start? Sometimes, they even retcon the lore to make it fit. Like the dragons. Prior to Oblivion, Cyrodiil was was a province where dragons were rather common place, according to the books you found. Quote from Pocket Guide to the Empire: "Thousands of workers ply the rice fields after the floodings, or clear the foliage of the surrounding jungle in the alternate seasons. Above them are the merchant-nobility, the temple priests and cult leaders, and the age-old aristocracy of the battlemages. The Emperor watches over them all from the towers of the Imperial City, as dragons circle overhead." That's not the Cyrodiil that was shown in Oblivion, was it? There were no dragons, no rice fields, no jungles, no cult leaders, no battlemage aristocracy. And then, in Skyrim, suddenly there are dragons again. But now, they were gone for a long time and have only just returned. I'm a big fan of immersion and verisimilitude. And in my own mod, I make an effort to keep things as lore friendly as possible by adding conceivable explanations. But let's be honest: TES was never that super tightly designed setting bristling with inner consistency to begin with. If you can make vanilla Skyrim work for you after you've played Morrowind and Oblivion, you should also be able to handle a couple of fetish items. Particularly if you can fap along to them. ;) Just my $0.02.
  8. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    I know it's hard to believe, but there are people out there who don't love being forever trapped in rubber. Bunch of sick freaks and perverts!
  9. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    One possible explanation, yes. I never quite figured out why the aliases didn't get filled. As I wrote, it never happened on my system. So I never had a chance to properly analyze the problem.
  10. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    It would not solve the problem. The problem was that the quest wasn't starting properly. Because aliases did not get filled correctly. That happens long before the courier ever gets involved. It isn't his fault. It's just that through him, people first notice the problem. And thus, they blame it on him (the courier should have come but didn't, therefore he's defective). In reality, the quest was stuck in its starting phase and he never got dispatched in the first place. Any other mechanism (like putting the letter directly in the player's inventory, or a message box, or whatever) would have had the same issues.
  11. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    I had a little trouble with the finale quest. As you might remember, it originally required you to shoot the Mistress with a special arrow if you wanted to side with Enaron. Unfortunately, there's no way that Skyrim allows you to detect what arrow was used in an attack. There is an OnHit event that will be triggered when an actor is attacked. And that event has a parameter named akProjectile which, according to the documentation, should tell you which projectile was used (in Skyrim, a projectile is basically what your arrow item becomes once it's in flight). But in my tests, the value for that parameter was always 'None'. Usually, when you have a problem like that, you can solve it with a magic effect. Attach it to something, then wait until the effect gets activated (i.e. the weapon hits a target), and then do your stuff there. But, of course, it wasn't that easy. It never is (*sigh*). Because there's no way in Skyrim to attach a magic effect (enchantment) directly to an arrow or its projectile. You can, however, make the projectile create an explosion when it hits. And that explosion can then deliver an enchantment. By now, you're already several levels deep. The custom arrow item turns into a custom projectile which creates a custom explosion which delivers a custom enchantment which starts a custom magic effect. Which will let me know that the special arrow was used. Not complicated at all, right? Well, that's how I did it in the old version. And when I tried to do the exact same thing in the new version... it just didn't work. The effect never triggered. No matter what I tried. I double and triple and quadruple checked everything to make sure the settings are identical to the old version. But it did not work. Eventually, I gave up on that and made it a special dagger instead. That's much easier to detect, it get's set properly in the aforementioned OnHit event. But I did waste a good amount of time trying to hunt down that issue. Anyway, now it's done and I'm currently on the first epilogue quest (the one you get to see when you side with the Mistress). This may also take a little longer, because, as you might have noticed, most of the problems that people here had with quests not starting are from that one. Because there are so many different actors involved and that increases the risk of alias problems. I'm currently thinking about ways to make it more reliable. Maybe change it's content so that it can better handle missing actors. Still not sure what exactly the best course of action is. I never could reproduce these problems on my system. So from my point of view, they're all working equally well... And... that's where I currently am.
  12. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    That's why Naked Ekans and I asked for the option to disable this so-called WYSIWYG-Editor and enter BB-Code directly (basically a simple <textarea>). Without any interference from the editor, it would probably work. The editor from the old site also had a tendency to garble BB-Code. Just in different and perhaps less obvious ways.
  13. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    Seconded. Not being able to just quickly type the BB code I want to have really slows down my workflow. This, the problem with the navigation buttons I mentioned earlier, and the relatively slow loading times of the forum (refreshing the "content I posted in" page takes ~10 seconds) are the only real issues I have with the new site so far. I would also like to use this opportunity to express my respect for the resident Sisyphos. I do not envy your job. Good luck!
  14. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Troubleshooting section, first post, paragraph 4.
  15. Hmm... I don't know. It sort of makes sense. They're nobles and used to always getting their way. They live in a subset of society where depravity is the norm. In an environment like that, if you give someone the power and resources to do as they please without real consequence, it seems reasonable that they would degenerate into caricatures of what you might call "normal people". On the other hand, there's also the shortness of the game. There simply is no time to slowly get to know everyone or learn about other, hidden facets of their personality. Hence, all the characters seem a bit one-dimensional. Everyone who's relevant to the story has to hit the ground running. Maybe a couple more events that elaborate a bit on the different characters and give them the opportunity to show a different side of their personality would actually do them some good.