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  1. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Once the party is over, you can stop the following quests to prevent them from messing up the Mistress' AI packages: tir_twr_fp_wait tir_fp_dlg_mistress tir_fp_dlg_slave_01 tir_fp_dlg_servant_01 tir_fp_drool01 tir_fp_end01 tir_fp_mast01 tir_fp_nokitchen01 tir_fp_punish01 tir_fp_waitress01 What commands you have to use depends on exactly where things are stuck. Right after being teleported back to the lobby, the quest tir_twr_afterfp01 should be running. That one gives you the option to ask "We're back in the lobby?". The reply of the Mistress will then start the quest tir_twr_removesuit01, which gives you access to the basement. That starts the quest tir_twr_leavebasement, where learn about the whole basement stuff. After you've confronted the Mistress about that, the quest tir_twr_work01 will go to stage 70 and start the pony race.
  2. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Well, if you have general privacy concerns about the phone number, I can't really help you. Although... maybe you could do the registration from your smartphone, using a public phone booth as "your" number. Some countries also have burner phones. Or maybe a prepaid VoIP account from some service on the internet? But if you're just concerned about telemarketers and other spam coming to your number, I can tell you that I had 0 unwanted calls or messages on my phone since I signed up.
  3. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    In case anyone is interested, I put a little update on my progress and something of a poll on my Steemit page. https://steemit.com/nsfw/@greyspammer/progress-report-1 So far, a whopping number of zero people have cast a vote. So it's really taking off.
  4. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    No, she does not. There would be several gameplay problems if she did. For example: Let's say you're in the middle of a very important quest for some other mod or the main story. Suddenly, a bunch of rubber enforcers show up to take you back. What can happen? If I make it so that you can resist them, and you kill them, how do you go back? Killing servants is a pretty big deal, after all. There should be some consequences for that. I would basically have write a complete new story-branch just for that. A lot of work. I can avoid all that if I make it impossible for you to resists. They just show up, knock you out from behind or in your sleep or something, and drag you back. But then what happens to the quest you were in? What if that quest wasn't prepared to deal with the player suddenly vanishing? It could break other mods or vanilla missions. So I just decided that the best course of action would be to not make it an issue. When you're escaping from the basement without your rubber suit, you're basically off the clock. The Mistress doesn't need you and so she never notices that you've gone missing. It's not perfect, but it works. Especially since the escape option was originally never even intended to be part of the mod. But people kept asking for a way to get out of the rubber in the middle of the story. So I added that escape option later on. But I don't plan on expanding on that or anything. It's really just for the weaklings and cowards who can't continue to live in rubber. And who cares about those, right?
  5. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Stage 30 in the quest MQ105 ("The Way of the Voice") must have been completed (which happens after you have spoken with Arngeir at High Hrothgar and he told you that you are a Dragonborn). This is the same check that Bethesda themselves used. For instance, when Durnehviir speaks to you after you've defeated him during the Dawnguard add-on, he'll either tell you that he honors you because you're the Dragonborn or just because he "has a feeling" (so that he doesn't accidentally spoil the main quest). You can override it by setting the global variable tir_parade_assume_dragonborn to 1.
  6. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    This does not look like a clean save. While I'm no expert, it looks to me as if the mod configuration was changed at some point in that run. Which is something you should never do. If you add or remove mods, it's always best to start a fresh new game. That being said, I've found that sometimes, it helps to have the cell that's causing load crashes already in the cache. So you could start the game, open the console without loading anything, and type: "coc SolitudeOrigin". Then immediately load a savegame right before you get teleported to Solitude for the parade. Hopefully, Solitude is still in the cache and the game may not crash at that point.
  7. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Hmm... that's a new one. Make sure that, when the Mistress says: "Entering into slavery is not something to do lightly...", you let her finish that dialogue completely. Do not abort it prematurely by tabbing out or something like that. At the end of that speech, the flag is set which enables you to agree to become a slave. Unfortunately, there's no really simple way to bypass this stuff. Back when I coded it, I didn't know any better. Nowadays, I usually write everything in a way that you can help things along with a few simple console commands, if need be. You can try to run 'setstage tir_start01 100' in the console. It'll skip the entire agree to slavery dialogue (it's not that long anyway) and proceeds as if you had agreed. However, there are some flags that don't get set properly this way. And that may cause problems later on...
  8. Devious Devices - Integration

    Ah, well hidden. Thanks, I've reposted it there.
  9. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    As per request relayed to me by LazyBoot, I'm posting this here as well (already did so in the regular thread for DDi): The bug that I believe to have found here seems to still exist in the current version 4.0. Original code from 3.3b: That code is still present in 4.0 (line 2129): ;;;;;;;;;; ; Play horny idle? ;;;;;;;;;; if (vibAnimStarted == 0) && Utility.RandomInt() <= (3+(VibStrength * 2)) && !IsAnimating(PlayerRef) It is my belief that "!IsAnimating(PlayerRef)" needs to be changed to "!IsAnimating(akActor)". As it is currently written, the if-statement always checks if the player is currently animating. Even if the function isn't called on the player but some other actor. It should check the actor that the animations would have to be played on, shouldn't it?
  10. Devious Devices - Integration

    Where exactly is that thread? I don't see it in the public forum. I remember there was a private thread where you only could get in via invitation. But then they dropped that and started a new one. And they didn't invite me for that new beta thread, so I don't have access anymore. Unless I'm mistaken, this thread here is the only place where I can report bugs.
  11. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Nope. And actually, I don't think the stress is caused by my mod. It's just suffering from it. And there should be virtually no "lingering code" that keeps running even if the mod is over.
  12. Devious Devices - Integration

    In regards to the inability to disable horny animations for NPCs: I recently downloaded version 4.0 of DDi and it seems like this bug has not been fixed yet. The new zabLibs.psc still always checks against the player (and not the actor on which the function is called): ;;;;;;;;;; ; Play horny idle? ;;;;;;;;;; if (vibAnimStarted == 0) && Utility.RandomInt() <= (3+(VibStrength * 2)) && !IsAnimating(PlayerRef) It would really be nice if this could be fixed. Just changing it from "!IsAnimating(PlayerRef)" to "!IsAnimating(akActor)" should do the trick. I don't understand what the hold-up is. Is there anything I'm missing or not understanding?
  13. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    It's possible the forcegreet doesn't work as it should on your system. You could try to 'enableplayercontrols', then talk to the Mistress yourself. If that starts the conversation as intended, immediately go back into the console and 'disableplayercontrols' again.
  14. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    Hmm... indeed. Try this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45001/?tab=1&selected_game=101&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D45001%26preview%3D1%26gid%3D101 With all these sites upgrading to some crappy AJAX software, I don't know how those links are supposed to be copied anymore...
  15. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    You can manually disable all pony race related quests: stopquest tir_pr_controller stopquest tir_pr_afterrace01 stopquest tir_pr_afterrace02 stopquest tir_pr_dlg_generic stopquest tir_pr_gohome01 stopquest tir_pr_intro01 stopquest tir_pr_race01 stopquest tir_pr_rematchpre01 stopquest tir_pr_sabotage01 stopquest tir_pr_start01 stopquest tir_pr_velnarblown01 The reason for your problems with the pony race is could be script lag. If you're interested, the details are explained here in the spoiler. Or something is broken with your setup in general. This may also cause problems later on.