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Armbinders With Hands!


I tweaked the zaz armbinder offset so that the hands fit inside the armbinder without clipping. I then updated all of zaz's armbinder animations with the new offset. Finally, I changed the properties on all DD armbinders so that they would stop hiding hands.


Basically, this mods gives Armbinders With Hands! (should work even with DD expansion's restrictive gloves)


Devious Devices - Assets - http://www.loverslab...devices-assets/
Devious Devices - Integration - http://www.loverslab...01282014/
Devious Devices - Expansion - http://www.loverslab...expansion/
Zaz Animation Pack - http://www.loverslab...ack-2013-10-08/
SexLab 1.58+ - http://www.loverslab...4-updated-1230/
SexLab Aroused 20140124+ - http://www.loverslab...ed-v2013-12-22/


1) Extract "Armbinders_With_Hands.7z" into your skyrim data folder
2) Active "Armbinders_With_Hands.esp"


Xaz, ZaZ, and everyone else who worked on the armbinder animations I tweaked.


Anyone is free to use the new armbinder offset I created. (this mod will probably become obsolete as soon as it is included into the DD / zaz framework)

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