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  1. You still around ?

  2. I think you might be interested in knowing I discovered an adult streaming site that has a list of banned games and Deviously Helpless for Skyrim is on the list.  Just thought you might find it interesting.

  3. Usually that happens when an event triggers, and you run out of the force greet distance, leaving spouse stuck waiting to initiate the dialogue. I have a fix that in the next version hopefully, that they should follow you instead of staying still. If that's the case, there should be one dialogue entry "..." that starts the pending event.
  4. Something is happening with it, just not quite as fast
  5. As the dialogue states when starting that lockup, each ask will immediately add extra time (up to the max punishment period set in config per query), even if the individual responses may be a bit vague.
  6. Footstool would be a neat idea, I'm not that much of a foot fan myself, but it would still have other nice aspects. But yes, no idea about animations. You can't adjust the plugs, the teaser one you're stuck with usually I tried to keep somewhat non-intrusive to allow for normal gameplay. It still is a normal DD item so if any other mod disables DD events for a while it will get disabled as well (i.e. during scenes from other mods). Have had some ideas about (temporary) belt removals, but nothing concrete yet. This did give some new ideas for that though. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it will occur eventually, which is the reason you can also decline it during the 3 consecutive deny events. Of course, this gets you the more annoying plug for a while.
  7. It's not, once you hit the permanent part, it's made clear in the dialogue. Time rate does go to 0 eventually I think, but the plug stays as usual, so that keeps arousal up. All events happen as before as well, excluding release scenes.
  8. It is there, it's 30% chance on each release to have it denied instead, which then possibly leads to the 2nd, 3rd and finally permanent denials with progressively higher chance. The items should always be re-equipped automatically, sounds like something odd happened with your game, haven't seen them ever stay in inventory in my games. Which house was this? it should try to find the double beds in each house and remove them from your ownership basically, while adding an invisible bed in front of them on the floor.
  9. Nope, the outfit is from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534 DDi also now has lockable versions of those. No & No.
  10. Ah, missed that. But in any case, one more question. What values should the MiniNeedsSetValue modevent take to adjust it properly? Looks like the calculations are done so that 0 is basically setting it to waking up now, and 1 would be to be 100% tired. The issue with this is that the modevent ( & underlying function ) take ints, and not floats, so that doesn't really give you much choice. If that's indeed the case, I may just make a patch and distribute it as a separate download with PP, to make float version of that event (and possibly the ModValue event)
  11. It happens couple of weeks after starting as a pet, not counting trial.
  12. The mod doesn't provide anything for that, you'd need to marry a follower. Nope.
  13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Safest way is just to reload a save before the dialogue appeared and retry. If you were downstairs, the pathing is easy to get blocked around the ladder to upstairs which might affect it.
  14. That dialogue option should've been through force greet by them, but sometimes something blocks that so it stays there. Did you follow her? Also, were you still inside you home when triggering that?
  15. I was thinking of integrating to this from my mod, to have some events count as sleep time for MiniNeeds. From a quick look it seems that just replicating OnSleepStop() from mndMiniNeedsPlayerScript using the available global instance() might do the trick? Am I reading it correctly that the time slept doesn't actually matter, but the sleep need is just calculated from the last wakeup time basically? I was thinking of having events in my mod to only partially count as sleep so for that I think I would need to first get the current sleep percentage with one modevent, listen to the result, and send another modevent to set the new value. Any chance to add one more mod event listener to modify the value? E.g. SendModEvent("MiniNeedsModValue", "Sleep", -20) which would decrease the need by 20%? Thanks!
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