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  1. Sorry to nag about it again, but other person responded to my first post basically saying, "bruh but you can change it back in the console", which was not the point I was making at all, so I probably went overboard trying to as clear as posible xDDDDDD. I'll give it a go again once I start a new game.
  2. Seems like you are not aware that most people that play moded skyrim use mods that overhaul races and perks, most of those mods, give different Speed mult changes to every race and some give you the option to increase your movement speed increasing stats, if you were not aware of the speed mult variable value before getting screwed you will not be able to set it to what your character had it before including the other variables other mods added, so setting reverting it to 100 will basically make the other mod changes to be lost, popular mods like SL Survival , Disparity or Worlds Dawn are an e
  3. I would recommend not to mess at all with the speed mult variable your mod is destroying peoples save files, since it breaks a lot of mods that add changes to speed movement based on stats and race progressions, is not as easy as going in the console and change it to 100 again since the character loses all the buffs and progress from other mods, why don't just add it as a debuff with a timer??? , like for real is much much better to slide or to have to roleplay and not move that just for that small detail have the entire save broken, I say this with all due respect.
  4. I don't know if this has been reported yet, but this mods mess with mannequins, I have an Elianora House mod for Breeze Home and it adds some mannequins to the house to put some armors on to display, there have been 2 instances now when I caught them fucking Lydia lol, haven't been able to caught them on dialog start, just discovered them already on the act, I have no other mod that make NPCs have sex so I'm sure is this one, btw the mannequin wont do animations just stay standing there while the other npc animates, afterwards the mannequin will stay stuck in place and will be unmovable by any
  5. Just a small doubt, are the cell and world edits, used or required at all by the mod???, i adds a lot of weird stuff to Breeze home that conflicts heavily with any mod customizing breeze home. I'm using Elinora's mod for BH, and it's conflicting with this mod, because this mod keeps adding old records from the non upgraded BH, like the cobwebs and the old bed, so my BH looks al cozy and shinny but it is full of cobwebs and dirt and it has 2 beds lol.... I will delete all the records from the mod affecting BH, I think it needs cleaning?
  6. To my knowledge, in the most recent Sexlab version, there is an option under animation settings to change your gender, even on the description it says you can change it to male as a female to play as a futa character, so this mod is not needed anymore, I think it does the same thing but in a more messy way, I may be wrong but you ca check on your Sexlab mcm and see for yourselves.
  7. For some reason this mod is not working for me at all anymore, I don't know on what version happened but I have been testing on the last one and is not working, I tried using it through DAYMOYL and through it's own surrender method, What happens is that I get the message that my character has been defeated and enslaved (don't remember the exact text, but is the first popup) then if I remember correctly there's a second pop up with the enslaver info or something like that, well is never getting to that point, just the first popup then nothing happens, tried checking up all the requirements one
  8. I haven't even interacted with SL Parasites at all just started a new game , went to an inn and right away I noticed something was wrong, went out, it happened again and tested it on different buildings and different cities, the same, then just when out to check what mods I updated recently and look for info of the issue on the net. So basically just by having the esp on, is causing it for some reason, at least on my end, i don't know if it is a particular incompatibility with my setup.
  9. Not related, just wanted to point out that there is a "bug" or problem with the new version of SL Parasites. I started a whole new game and started noticing that for some reason, my character was spawning far from any door or cell entrances after loading into it, so for example entering an Inn my character would load in the middle of the room instead of near the entrance, I started looking on the internet to see if anyone else had the problem and solved it already, then found this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/483366528916761301/ (The vague ex
  10. Feedback/Idea, About the Spider Sex would be cool to have a togglable option or slider to make it happen if the player or NPC stays cocooned for a selectable amount fo seconds, for example a value in between the min and max time for the cocoon, and maybe an optional randomizer so it wont happen always if desired, and for last maybe a togglable option to choose if this will happen immediately or only if the spiders are out of combat.
  11. SL_Parasites_BodySlide_UUNP_HDT.rarFor the people looking for a Bodyslide conversion of the assets(UUNP HDT), here it is, made it for myself, and I'm lazy, so I just made it for the Parasite related armors didn't bother with the priest outfits, haven't tested them in game yet so give them a try if you want to.
  12. I can confirm there is a BUG on this version that causes Auto Night vision to activate automatically even from a fresh game and the setting set to manual (by default), I changed it to disable or something like that if I remember correctly, and it stopped.
  13. If I'm correct this is the mod that adds the Rest anywhere spell, just to report that it is broken, at least on my game, it used to work fine on past versions, now when I try to wake up after sleeping, my character gets stuck on falling animation... sometimes I can move, sometimes I don't, and the only way to get out of the stuck animation is to trigger other animation like, sitting on a chair for example, but If I get nowhere near any object I can activate to do an animation I get permanently stuck.
  14. "There is no need to act like that" Exactly!, maybe it was unintended but you basically told me "if you don't like it don't use it", I like this mod a lot, and I will still keep using it, your comment is okay, just the last part sounded a bit passive aggressive, and I hear it a lot of the time being used in a dismissive way, I didn't take offense on it, it's just funny to me how people tend to respond this way, like defending something I was not even attacking in the first place... but no malice on my end either man, have a nice day! 👌
  15. Well someone had to be the one, nice man, that's precisely why I extended my explanation on my comment, and tried to be careful using proper language pointing it was my opinion/wish ("in my opinion", "I think personally") and not so sound patronizing , but I knew someone would just ignore that (or just do it purposefully) and just say something like this. Also if you didn't understand, that's not the point, I just was pointing out that there was an option before to have your stuff back without having to go to the quest. "You can just not use SD and you will not have Dr
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