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Quick As You Like is a cross-country survival mod with elements of player slavery, and humiliation. It starts when the courier delivers a note inviting the player to discuss a business proposition and rapidly progresses to the PC being stripped, bound and left to cross Skyrim under somewhat adverse circumstance. Thereafter the player will be periodically required to run races under similar circumstances and against similarly handicapped opponents. The player can choose to co-operate with the process ... or not. There is a fair amount of backstory to the races, and a series of quests will allow the player to investigate and maybe find a way out of her predicament


The mod is WIP and currently on haitus. Only one run (the initial solo run) is fully implemented and the second quest currently ends abruptly leaving your character high and ... well "dry" probably isn't the right word to use by that stage. Keep a save.
There are also some deeply unpleasant tattoos that may or may not get inflicted on your character if you have Slavetats running. Actually, there's a pretty good chance they will get inflicted on your character. There's a chance they may not come off afterwards. You might want to keep a save. Just saying...




Alpha Software, WIP. Keep a save. Really. I'm not kidding.


3.0 Warning: The release is very raw indeed. In fact it is pretty much guaranteed to leave your PC in an unplayable state. So just to reiterate: KEEP A SAVE!


Currently we have one run, a detailed conversation with an NPC and some interesting consequences. Next update should start the racing proper as well as introduce a couple more quests.


Death Alternative is not currently used by this mod. I may bring it back as an option at some point in the future




Should work well with Deviously Helpless, SD+ and Submit and/or Defeat. You may struggle if you have Frostfall on lethal or a vampire mod that involves sunlight damage. If you want demeaning and humiliating tattoos to be inflicted upon your toon then you need Slavetats 1.0 or greater. Note that Slavetats now requires JContainers, so you need that too.


Darkconsole's Pony Pack is also optional: if you have it, QAYL will make use of the boots. Like wise for Xinafay's High Heels. If you have that, it'll pick randomly between the ultra high heels and the pony boots.


It's been reported that there's a CTD conflict with the mod "More Bandit Camps".


Slavetats compatibility should be restored from 3.0 onwards.


UNP users may want to install ZaZ Doggie Belt UNP by zanith86.




Download the latest and install as usual. Tats are bundled with the main d/l but I can't put them in the BSA. If it asks you about overwriting, say "yes".


Future Plans involve races with penalties for losing and some NPCs including a trainer for the player. Also more routes, some variety in bondage gear and some special rules, like penalties for getting raped, or a whoring tour of the hold capitals. Probably. Time allowing. A Coldharbour Bedtime Story may also turn out to be relevant in some way.


Lastly, Have Fun!

What's New in Version


  • 0.3.2a.0
  • Fixed the Estate quest not starting.
  • Fixed some positioning bugs on the quest.
  • *Known Issue* : The DDi Gag Talk feature totally hijacks the scene inside the gate
  • 0.3.1a.0
  • Still alpha, hopefully less so. Mainly a bugfix release.
  • * Fixed CTD if you read the second note away from whiterun. Stand-in NPCs are available to fill any missing spectator slots
  • * Scene should now progress to aleator manor - where there is much breakage and much still to do - as ever, keep a save
  • * improved the ramp to the cart so you should no longer get stuck, at least not for long
  • * cleaned up the remnants of the old finish line at Pale Pass Gate
  • * Moved the chair at Northwatch so you can't escape by activating it.
  • * moved the encounter area at Northwatch to reduce the chance to being attacked in the cage by random encounters
  • * Gave the cart scene spectators torches so they can see what's happening if you travel by night.
  • * fixed a lot of little alias and keyword issues
  • * keep a save!
  • Alpha release of the next stage in the mod.
  • * New Quest: The Only Way To Travel
  • * Added a fire to the cage for the benefit of frostfall users.
  • * There's also a bit of dialogue with a certain alchemist on the subject of tattoo removal, but it isn't finished and doesn't go anywhere.
  • * Probably loads of other stuff
  • This is a very raw alpha: Be warned!
  • * Another new tatpack. This one has mipmaps but no lossy compression. May clear up some people's issues with tats not displaying
  • * uploaded a new tatpack. Run this one through ddsopt. So the images now have mipmaps, are less than half the size and look as good as they ever did. However good you happen to think that might be, obviously. Overwrite when asked.
  • * Added a QAYL_Tatfix file. If you don't know what it's for, you probably don't need it :)
  • * Added super secret emergency tattoo remover button
  • 0.2.6:
  • * Fixed Cursus hanging around the 'Skeever - again!
  • * Added another option to the dialogue with cursus
  • * Started the "Soluble Problems" quest
  • * You find out a bit more about the daedric brand
  • * Other stuff.
  • Bugfixes for the bugfixes
  • * Companion Dismissed: Cursus insists you dismiss your follower. No idea what will happen if you have several
  • * Blur removed at start of race
  • * DA quest should not now trigger. Probably still a dependency - haven't tested that
  • * Solvent now removes correct tattoos
  • 0.2.5: Bugfixes
  • * quest should advance when reading first note
  • * solvent added to final chest
  • * missing tattoo file added
  • * strongly advise reading first note.
  • Adding tat files as a separate archive. You'll need both in order for the tats to work.
  • 0.2.4: Bugfix version:
  • * quest should now advance once you leave the Winking Skeever.
  • * Cursus should now wisely depart while the going is good.
  • * Tattoos work. Beware, these are locking ones. Means to remove them is coming soon ;)
  • * If you have the pony boots mod, QAYL will use them
  • * Handle the transition in a little more immersive manner.
  • * probably a lot of new bugs. Feel free to report 'em :)
  • Fixed the tattoo archive so it will install into the right place.
  • Added tattoo pack as separate upload. No new main archive, just the tats
  • 0.2.3: Non DA version. Background bondage helper disabled. Should work more reliably. Conversation with possibly soon-to-be-important NPC. No other new content.
  • 0.2.2: couple of bug fixesm cleaned out a couple of da script files that got caught up in the BSA
  • 0.2.1: a few bugfixes, some tweaked tats, and hopefully removing the package that was keeping the PC in bleedout mode once the cutscene was over.
  • 0.2.0
  • DA Integration now works. You'll need a blackout event rather than a bleedout one
  • Scene to explain the scenario and setup some possible plot for later
  • Slavetats integration. If you have slavetats installed, your PC may find her captors have made a change or two...
  • 0.1.1 Hopefully fixed the cage unlock issues.
  • Added a note to the start location

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