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Sacrificial Spriggan is a quest mod inspired by the Flowering Spriggan quest from Sanguine's Debauchery, but implemented entirely from scratch. Due to the fact that the key dependency is a femaie-only armor, this is written for female characters exclusively (though gender checks are not enforced).


The Quest:


The quest starts some time after completing the quest to rescue Dibella's Sybil from the Forsworn; the character gets knocked on the head, and awakens back in Broken Tower faced with a hagraven who is irritated at having her plans spoiled. The hag curses the player character with a gradual transformation, then turns her loose to serve as a living warning to the Forsworn's foes.


Intro Quest Summary:

  1. The intro scene is triggered by sleeping in some less populated location (e.g. a cave or tent). Sleeping in inns, player homes, or guild halls (e.g. Jorvaskr) will not trigger it.
  2. The intro scene in Broken Tower involves a drugged rape, and the character is turned loose with no gear except an armbinder. So the first task is to get free, and then regain at least some equipment.
  3. The quest for a cure, or at least a temporary halt to the transformation, leads to Whiterun and the Temple of Kynareth. The quest to repair the Gildergreen provides most of what you need.
  4. At some point, you will probably want to return to Broken Tower and get revenge (and recover lost gear). But be warned - unlike the original resident of the tower, these opponents are not easy to surprise.



Guardian Quest Summary:

  1. If you have pruned back Spriggan rootlets at least three times, and visit Eldergleam Sanctuary again (with at least some Spriggan showing), you will meet a pilgrim who can point you towards a possible permanent cure.
  2. The quest leads to Froki, and Kyne's Sacred Trials; you must complete at least the first three trials before Froki will tell you where to find the Guardian Spriggan.
  3. You must cleanse yourself of all visible Spriggan taint, and bathe in the waters of Eldergleam Sanctuary to ensure that it doesn't regrow, before contending with the Guardian. If you don't make these preparations, the Guardian Spriggan will not appear.
  4. Defeating the Guardian Spriggan will remove all traces of the infestation, permanently.



Amulet Quest Summary:

  1. After completing the transformation at least once, speak to Danica in the temple in Whiterun. She will have a dialogue option like "What is troubling you?".
  2. Follow the quest marker.
  3. Profit.



Magical Effects:


The magical effects of the Spriggan transformation grow over time, as more of the body is covered. It starts with the torso, then the feet, then the hands, and finally the face. Some effects are permanent, even if the visible part of the Spriggan is removed. Growth is triggered by your spell-casting, as the Spriggan absorbs some of your magic - the more spells you use, the faster the transformation proceeds. When a growth phase starts, you'll need to have sex to complete the process.

  • +20-100 magicka
  • +20-100 stamina
  • 5-25% weakness to fire
  • 5-25% stealth bonus outdoors
  • +15 unarmed damage from claws (when those grow)
  • Hunters and Vigilants will be hostile while any of the Spriggan rootlets are visible
  • Random NPC comments (and other events)

When the Spriggan growth is complete, the following additional effects:

  • +25% alteration spell duration
  • Spriggan Call of the Wild lesser power
  • Spriggans and predators are friendly
  • Face mask acts as a living gag, preventing most speech

The gag effect does not interfere in Kynareth's holy places (the Temple in Whiterun, Eldergleam Sanctuary, High Hrothgar), and can be worked around using writing materials (ink, quill, roll of paper). However, there is a -50% barter penalty in written interactions - Spriggan claws do not make for good penmanship.


Controlling the Transformation:


There are several methods for affecting the course of the transformation:

  • Spriggan rootlets can be shaved off, with Nettlebane and a briar heart. This ability shows as a lesser power in the menus.
  • Bathing in the waters of Eldergleam Sanctuary will prevent further transformation for 3 days. This requires swimming, not just wading, but there are a few spots where the water is deep enough.
  • Once the transformation has been completed at least once, you will gain the ability to deliberately force it along (if you shaved some of the rootlets off, and want to regrow at a time and place that's convenient).





Thanks go to jbezorg for Sanguine's Debauchery and Devious Gags+, mods that inspired this one, and to skyrimll for continued updates to SD+. Also to the Devious mods gang, for fantastic mod resources. And Nalim, for the armor that made this possible.




This mod requires SexLab, of course, as well as the following additional mods:
Devious Devices - Assets
Devious Devices - Integration
Zaz Animation Pack
Spriggan Armor


Nalim's Spriggan Armor is based on CBBE; a UNP version is bundled with Sanguine's Debauchery, so it should be possible to copy those meshes and textures over the original versions (renaming files as needed, to match the original). Also available elsewhere on LoversLab.


For the unvoiced dialogue, Fuz Ro Do'h is strongly recommended. The GagSFX mod is also strongly recommended.


Tested with SexLab 1.59c, Zaz 6.04, and Devious Devices 2.9.0.


Optional mods known to work with this include:

  • SexLab Defeat
  • SexLab Enchantress
  • Deviously Helpless

Known conflicts: the Flowering Spriggan quest from SD+ will fight with this mod, if both try to equip their respective versions of the Spriggan armor. Choose one or the other.


Version History:



1.40: Updated for newer version of Devious Devices, added a minor quest for a custom amulet.

  • Fixed a behavioral conflict between this mod and newer versions of Devious Devices, which caused the DDi gag talk to override the 'scrawled notes' method from this mod. Now both methods work - you can mumble through your mask if you haven't got any writing materials, or use scrawled notes for easier communication.
  • Fixed a slot conflict between the Spriggan cuirass and amulets.
  • Added a custom Amulet of Wild Magic, and a minor side quest to get it. Ordinary Skyrim adventuring, no sexual content as such.

1.33: Bug fixes, minor maintenance:

  • Fix bug in the duration of the 'Contented Spriggan' effect. It was expiring much too soon.
  • Added Hjaalmarch to list of holds where Forsworn harvesting parties can appear.
  • Recompiled all scripts with SexLab v1.58b.

1.32: Minor bug fixes, improved compatibility with SD+.

  • Added compatibility checks for SD+ to minimize conflicts.
  • Added a cooldown to solo animations, so they won't trigger back to back with paired ones.
  • Changed the duration of 'Contented Spriggan' effect to 72 hours game time (not real time).

1.31: Fixed order of master files, after Creation Kit messed it up.
1.30: Several minor enhancements:

  • Added a random Forsworn 'harvesting' party, come to collect your heart.
  • Added a green glow effect when growth rate changes, to provide a visual cue.
  • Fixed the Guardian quest so that it still works if Froki's quest is done early.
  • Disabled gag effect in Sovngarde.

1.20: Updated for SexLab v1.55, Devious Devices v2.7.5, plus miscellaneous fixes:

  • Narrowed the Dark Brotherhood quest check, to avoid intro conflicts.
  • Narrowed the intro quest sleep locations to exclude inns, jails, and guild halls.
  • Added some dream events for flavor - just text, no new animations.
  • Added a brief cooldown so NPCs won't molest the character twice in a row.
  • Added dead-body cleanup to unique NPCs.

1.10: Added several enhancements and a new quest:

  • Added the Guardian quest, for a permanent cure.
  • Chance of a growth phase goes up over time, not just with spell casting.
  • Shouts can trigger a growth phase, just like spells.
  • Being outdoors in the rain can rapidly increase the odds of a growth phase.
  • Excluded player homes from the intro scene's sleep events. Rest easy.
  • Increased chances of animation events in Spriggan groves.
  • Added 'VendorNoSale' keyword to the armor.

1.00: Initial release:

  • Intro quest triggered by completing Dibella's quest.
  • Temporary relief can be obtained by performing Kynareth's quest.
  • Spriggan armor grows gradually; the more spells you cast, the faster it grows.


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