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Magno CUM Gaudio 2.12.50 (Extended Social Interactions)

A modification that covers all the basics to properly sexualize your Fallout 4.

Check it also for Skyrim Legendary Edition, HERE.



MOD GUIDE: HERE!                   MOD FAQs: HERE!                   FOR MODDERS: HERE!              



This is a jack of all trades mod regarding sex features. Its purpose is to cover all the basics features a reasonable man or woman would want regarding sex, in a coherent, consistent, fair and balanced way gameplay-wise, the goal is to give a simple all purpose mod for sex to use as a "dressing" for your vanilla gameplay. Due to its vanilla friendly and completely modular and customizable nature it can be paired well with almost any other good mod by simply adjusting its settings accordingly but it excels when used as the only main sexual mod in your load order.

The primary focus of MCG is to expand the social interactions of the player with neutral, friendly and also enemy actors... because as you surely have noticed, Fallout 4 doesn't have many non combat activities, with MCG, instead, you can rely on solid gameplay and finally pretend to live the world, socially interact with the NPCs, make friends and lovers, recruit who you want as companion, stop in bars, play and flirt with npcs, date people, fear harassment, prostitute yourself, trade in slaves and much, much more... 



  • Romance, date and build relationships with NPCs, including non unique npcs;
  • NPCs will approach the player to flirt, ask a date, ask for sex, ask for money, harass and socially interact with you based on player stats and situations;
  • Marry (and divorce!) any npc in the game. Emulating Skyrim marriage you'll receive an income and your lover will cook food every day for you. Also all the belongings of the married actor will be yours, including if they have an owned house;
  • Player Infidelty tracked, if you are seen by your lovers doing sex your relation will be damaged; 
  • Infamy mechanic, if you are seen doing public sex or you do bad things, you may end being banned or avoided by some communities;
  • Tied to the infamy mechanic, when you have sex and you are seen by some npcs, you can set the chance that they will come to see you as onlookers of your sexual act. In addition you can set the chance that onlookers will masturbate on your sexual act when they are close to you;
  • Vanilla Philosophy: more integrated with vanilla as possible, with focus on gameplay, balance and resource lightness;
  • Submit people as a non lethal approach and rape, rob or enslave them, but be cautious submitting a non hostile actor can be a crime;
  • Prostitute yourself and earn money based on your sexual experience;
  • Take sexual wear and experience debuffs and effects like broken limbs and bleeding if you're teared apart from too much sex. You take less wear based on your sexual experience;
  • Sexual need level, "LUST", that provides buffs and debuffs. It grows over time and it grows faster the more deviated your MOOD is (i.e. if you make a lot of aggressive sex or submissive sex);
  • Have almost any NPC, including animals, as followers after enslaving, recruiting or taming them;
  • Keep track of your sexual statistics and see how them influence the player with effects;
  • Widgets to control your lust, wear and infamy levels on your HUD;
  • Vanilla diseases (as STDs) from non protected sex or Wear level too high;
  • Double check to Prevent Family Planning Enhanced from starting a pregnancy if you are doing a kissing or a foreplay animation (only if sex is started by this mod);
  • Pacify enemies as a non combat solution surrendering while your health is still > 50%, you can pay with caps or sex or talk your way out with your charisma and luck or intelligence;
  • A system of preferred sexual race, with different perks for different races (i.e. if your favorite sexual race is mutants you gain damage bonus against them);
  • Recruit people as followers with money or when reaching a certain rank in faction (i.e. obtaining the rank of sentinel you can recruit any BOS actor); 
  • Start sex animation with AAF and be able to have great control on what animation you want, i.e. before starting you can choose the type of animation (vaginal, oral etc...), the role of the player (giver, receiver) and also you can exactly activate in game what piece of furniture you want to have sex on (i.e you can activate a chair to have sex on it).
  • Player DEATH ALTERNATIVE features, including player defeated, raped, executed, player surrender and player respawn;
  • Slavery system with the ability to sell slaves to some merchants for a profit;
  • You can assign enslaved people or recruited people to your settlements;
  • You can rent any owned bed and pay with sex or caps to sleep; 
  • You can transfer the damn caps in containers to save them!
  • You can play a lottery game with bartenders; (Inspired by Tavern Games for Skyrim)
  • You can play a HiLo Dice game (Sort of) with npcs; (Inspired by taver games for skyrim)
  • You can have many vanilla immersive animations for your activities, like eating, drinking and smoking that can also be extended with patches for mods like Light Em Up 2.0;
  • You can bury corpses in graves using a custom Shovel for immersion purposes;
  • Random autonomous Npc-Npc sex system;
  • You can rename actors from a list of 97 common names;
  • Equip bare hands feature;
  • Sexual Rewards for some completed quests like in the original Vanilla Fudge Mod;
  • Integration with almost all AAF features, including partial undressing for kisses and hugs and option to Bypass AAF normal gender handling and the option to force females to use strapons on Males too ? (Only if you install the custom made XMLs patches from other AAF authors)
  • Apply cum overlays after sex more reliably, using scripts instead of AAF XMLs for tagged animations;
  • Native support for AAF animations with creatures, robots, synth...you name it, provided you have the AAF animations for creatures you can have sex with those. You don't have to worry if you lack animations for creatures you have sex with, because in that case MCG will replace it with a fade to black and the stats will be calculated nonetheless;
  • Integrated with RSEII: CSA Combat surrender and Abduction mods;
  • Integrated with Flashy's RSEII Karma system and CAP mods, basically bad behavior using MCG features like submitting non hostiles will raise your bad karma in those mods;
  • Integrated with AAF Bad End Animations mod to execute npcs and be executed!
  • Integrated with Bad End: Purgatory mod, MCG can send the player to purgatory instead of MCG respawn should the player wish to, without the need to have AAF Violate Installed.
  • Compatibility with Synth Workshop production mod;
  • Compatibility with almost any good mod in Nexusmods due to the customizable and modular nature of MCG. You can easily disable and adapt MCG systems that can interfere with other mods by simply changing MCG settings in its MCM;
  • And much more you need to find playing or reading the MOD GUIDE, because this mod is massive and much more complicated and dense than your average AAF sexual mod, you've been warned :D. (All the first page of the support topic is dedicated to explanations!)



All these requirements are mandatory

  • F4SE: HERE
  • LOOKSMENU: HERE (already a requirement for AAF)
  • AAF THEMES: HERE. You need to install all of them, this means that you need to install the Vanilla, Kinky and Creature themes.



These mods are not required to be installed, but you can expand MCG features if you install them:

  • HUD FRAMEWORK: HERE. To have widgets of your Lust, Wear and Infamy levels (you may additionally need its patch for dev_UI, if you use it).
  • AAF FAMILY PLANNING ENHANCED: HERE. MCG will make sure you not start a pregnancy if you start a kissing/hugging or foreplaying/masturbation from MCG. Also wearing a condom from FPE will prevent MCG diseases from sexual acts;
  • WORKSHOP SYNTH PRODUCTION: HERE. Synths built using that mod will be flirtable and enslavable at will;
  • CREATURE PACK RELEASE: HERE. (Valid for any other creature pack for AAF). MCG natively support sex with all actors in Fallout 4, you can have sex with any race of Fallout 4, including robots, bugs, animals etc... Stats will be always calculated and if you don't have an animation for a particular race MCG will play a fade to black instead, so you can still pretend to roleplay;
  • RSEII: CSA - COMBAT SURRENDER AND ABDUCTIONS: HERE. MCG player defeat system is integrated with the abductions from CSA, with this when the player is raped defeated you can end being abducted after the rape.
  • AAF BAD END ANIMATIONS: HERE. When you have this mod installed you can execute submitted or enslaved npcs using these amazing animations. And in addition, if you have the MCG Player defeat (Respawn system) enabled, you can enable the execution animations also for the player when you are defeated.
  • AAF BP70s FALLOUT4 SEX ANIMS: HERE. Vanilla chaises can be activated to have sex on them with MCG.
    • Only CumNWealth_Patches_Base.rar should be installed of AAF Overlay Patches; 
    •  MCG can apply cum effects if the relative option in MCM debug page is enabled. This system has also a fail safe that remove Cum overlays of those two mods from the actors when the magic effect finish, in case AAF or LM fail. This means that this mod can have a similar function as the mod "Wash out that cum".
  • Generally the more animations packs, the more XMLs patches and gender support you have the better, MCG is a mod that has a very free conception of sex, basically you can do sex with who or what the fuck you want. But if you don't have the animations for the actors you are planning to do sex with, MCG will replace it with a fade to black, it's up to you to find the AAF XMLs patches and animations that satisfy your gaming needs and set MCG settings accordingly. In particular orgy animations in the MCG mod requires genderless XMLs to fully work, if you don't have them it is suggested to set MCG to avoid orgies.



  • (Optional for better performances): Disable Fallout 4 Papyrus logging, why and how to do it in THIS POST.
  • Make sure all the requirements are installed correctly with all their dependencie, especially AAF and its XMLs patches if you use them.
  • Download and install MCG FO4 v2.12.50 Do not unpack the .ba2 file of MCG, if you do it you will have to follow the for modders guide, in particular you will have to pay extra attention to not overwrite other mods scripts with MCG ones.
  • If you use any of the mods in the list in the following spoiler, you must download and install MCG Compatibility Patches v2.12.50 to patch them, so they can be used with MCG without producing conflicts. Note that if you don't have any of the mods in that list you don't have to install these compatibility patches.

    Mods that require the installation of the MCG Compatibility Patches v2.12.50:


  • (Optional for no kissing and hugging poses): download and manually extract the content of the "AAF" folder inside the archive "MCG_NoKissHuggingPoses" to your Fallout 4/data/AAF directory in your PC.
  • The files with (Optional) mark are patches for mods that are not required to be installed, they are completely optional and you could install them if you like the changes they make to the original mods, see the suggested mod paragraph below for more info;
  • Source files and MCG_Integration_Kit are for modders only and if you are not a modder you must not install those files. 
  • Once into the game remember that MCG when loaded the first time starts completely disabled, and you can activate it when prompted by the starting pop up message or later using the "START THE MOD" button in the MCM front page of the mod. Also note that the "Respawn system", "NPC-NPC random sex system" and the "Npc Initiative (approach) system" need to be manually enabled, each of them in the MCG Option hotkey menu after you activate the mod, if you want to use them:

This is the button you need to use to start the mod if you choose to not activate it when prompted to do so in the welcoming popup message:





These mod are not required and they are entirely optional, these are just my personal recommendation:

  • FULL DIALOGUE INTERFACE: HERE. It's a very well done mod which also preserve the "prompt" part of the dialogues so you can also have "Text Replacement" like knowing exactly what are you going to pay for a prostitute, or a doctor in the MCG dialogues. FDI is a superior choice over XDI, which doesn't preserve the "prompt", but both are compatible with MCG;
  • CWSS: HERE. Optional patch available in the download section of MCG change the buffs to be less OP and make them visible in pipboy, and also add support for the big CWSS showers to be used by MCG furniture selector for sex perk to have sex on them when planning sex. (Do not use this patch if you have other mods that rely on the original CWSS like the "Get Dirty" mod).
  • COMPANION STATUS HUD: HERE. Optional patch available in the download section of MCG limit the hud widgets to ten followers and align the widgets to the right while scaling them down to be minimal, in addition you can show and refresh them pressing the RIGHT CTRL button or hide them by long pressing the RIGHT CTRL button; 
  • LIGHT EM UP 2.0: HERE. Optional patch available in the download section of MCG  reduce the duration of nicotine effects and the quantity of cigarettes and cigars to be like similar mods from New Vegas and also replace the lit cigar and cigarettes model if you drop them to the LIT one instead of the original off one and other recently additions: 
    • Custom immersive animation for when using cigarettes with MCG (The animation can be enabled in the MCM of MCG, Debug page). The animation will play if the player is not in power armor, not in combat, with weapons sheated and generally when it is not sit in any furniture or vertibird. Once started the animation can be controlled using the Right Shift key to have a smoke, drop the cigarette or put it in your mouth. The advantage over other mods is that the animation doesn't lock the player movement.
    • Ligth2.0 cigarettes, cigars and stogies are valid to be used in the "Relax Scenario
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: HERE. It's an awesome mod by the great Flashy - JoeyR that I highly suggest to enhance your gameplay. It is also integrated with some MCG mechanics thanks to some of its optional patches that you can directly download from that mod page.



  • Generally is not important but if you have the following mods make sure to put them after MCG so they'll have an higher priority:
    • RSEII: CSA;






HOW TO UPDATE THE MOD: If you are updating a save to version 2.12.50 from version down to 2.7.30 you must unistall the previous version with a mod manager. Then install the new version with the mod manager and finally once in game you must stop and restart the "Npc Initiative system" and "Respawn system" (Player defeated features) if you use them. Updating from versions lower than 2.7.30 is not possible on the same game, in that case a new game is required.


MOD STATUS: The mod is officially finished feature wise. Support for bug fixing will continue if needed. At the current time I have thoroughly tested this mod in my personal gameplay and fixed all I found but this doesn't mean that this mod will run perfect for all configurations out there since mods for Fallout 4 are counted by the thousands and frankly I cannot make this compatible with all of them, so stick with the instructions, always read everything in the mod guide and the FAQs and other materials I have provided you in the long period I developed this mod.



BETHESDA CREW; For stealing my time.

THE AUTHOR OF F4SE; Because some mods will just be impossible to code without it;

DOC CLOX, VINFAMY AND CHOSEN CLUE; Because they started everything about sex in Fallout 4...

ASHAL: Because of the best sexual framework ever seen on this planet, and because his work on Skyrim enabled me to make MCG for Skyrim LE on which this mod is based and ported from even with all the current limitation of FO4;

CRAZY, LEITO, SAVAGECABBAGE,RUFGT: for fantastic animations!

DAGOBAKING: Because of the AAF.


FLASHY(JOE-R): For inspiring me in start modding Fallout 4 in the first place, and for RSEII abductions system!

IGNOTUM_VIRUM: for letting me check his code for inspiration!

LAZY GIRL and KENTINGTON: for inspiration in the cloning code;

nKALEX: for sexout unethical deeds EE (WIP)!

DOCTASAX: for sexout spunk!

DKATRYL: for sexlab submit!

ODESSA: for sexout wear and tear!

GRAYUSER: for AAF Bad End Animations mod!

EXPIRED6978: for LooksMenu!

POLISTRO AND RIOT_PUNCH: for human and mutant looksmenu cum overlays!


VIOXIS: for "Strap-on's of Fallout 4".

PRA: for "Grave Digger".




  • Downloading or any form of distribution or modifications of this mod is allowed only from LOVERSLAB SITE;
  • You can use the source code, provided under license, to do everything you want in your mod, or you can make forks, changes to this mod and even upload your own version of this mod, but:
    • You must mention me (Anghelos92) in the credits of your mod if you were inspired or used any code from me as I did for every author that inspired or helped me with this mod; 
    • You must provide your source code in the download section;
    • Don't allow any child porn situation in your modification, of any kind even if this is a videogame;
    • No priority given in terms of privileged support or limited exclusive temporal distribution of newest version to eventual Patreon or Donators of any kind;
  • If I go "AWOL" from this site for more than a month and a reasonable amount of attempts to contact me have been negative, I authorize Loverslab Staff to take ownership of this very download topic from me and give it to any maintaner(s) of good will.



I do not condone any form of violence or sexual abuse in real life. The content of this mod is purely fictional as the game "Fallout 4" which modifies. The file here presented is allowed to be downloaded only by people with the legal age of their country of origin and capable of discerning fiction (as this game and this mod) from reality.




V 2.12.50 - 25 April 2020: 

  • Fixed: some extra checks to prevent recently submitted and pacified npcs to approach the player using the npc initiative system;
  • Fixed: some code in the cloning of npc after enslaving that prevented the increase of the submission level. Note that this fix also has the side effect to reset the MCG personality of that actor on enslaving. Thanks to BruceWayne;
  • Fixed: added some code to change the behavior of commands issued to slaves and lovers, before when commanding them to sit somewhere they would be considered "temporary companions" by the game and because of that they would teleport with you on fast travel. Now this should've been addressed. Thanks to Blabo; 
  • Fixed: added a keyword check to see if the player is still in AAF Scene to be used by the Infamy system to limit some calculations. This is not the solution suggested by Satanfist, but still could be useful to prevent gatherings and reportings on LOS gaining even if the sex scene is ended that he has seen in his game;
  • Fixed: some topic scripts that were not updated in the last release are now being added;
  • Fixed: other minor tweaks not worth mentioning;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the MCG Options menu accordingly to an order of use, more used buttons are now on top, less used buttons are now lower in the list;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the Slaves and Guards registries so that you can easily use the button to select a registered actor by index instead of scrolling to the bottom;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the Teleport submenu accordingly to an order of use, more used buttons are now on top, less used buttons are now lower in the list;
  • Changed: now when using the clear body activation option the "shovel" additional menu will be shown without the need of having the mcg shovel equipped, it will be enough to have one in the inventory;
  • Changed: now the Initial welcoming popup message when you first run this mod will let you to activate the mod immediately or later, this should solve the issue that some people have of not being able to see the "Start the Mod" button in the MCM of this mod. Now they can start this mod immediately and then customize it in MCM;
  • Changed: changed the banning from civilized places when Infamy is higher than 75 to a popup messages based method instead of a dialogue method. While this is less immersive, it is less prone to bugs and possible unwanted outcomes, you can disable the Infamy mechanics if you don't like this or never let your infamy to reach a level higher than 75;
  • Deprecated: integration with mod AAF Purgatory is now dropped for stability and future expansion reasons, so the relative options in MCM are no longer available and the normal MCG Respawn will take place instead.

V 2.12.32 - 02 March 2020: 

  • Fixed: some keywords checks expecting a returned false instead of true in the Player raped function;
  • Fixed: scenario handling post harassment not capable of producing respawn outcomes when CSA was installed;

V 2.12.29 - 25 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: an error about the function to pay 100 caps to dance in a date. It logged an error for Magnolia because she isn't a radio. Thanks to Satanfist.
  • Fixed: a test quest that was left running in the last versions that was used for development and it was never supposed to be released. Among other things that quest was stopping combat on player being hit for some seconds. Now it will be shut off for who update and it will start already shut off for new installations.

V 2.12.27a - 22 February 2020: 

  • Added: an alternate version of MCG that doesn't include any AAF scripts in its ba2 archive, use it if you had problems with animations not starting. Note that the 2.12.27a version has AAF as hard requirement. In the near future it will be uploaded a new version with a new method for soft dependencies.

V 2.12.27 - 13 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: made the vanilla chaises buildable under the furniture/chair category of workshops, useful for using it with BP70 animations.
  • Fixed: the smoking animations for current companions will not be interrupted on entering command mode, this will allow you to have a conversation while both smoking. You can make them stop by drawing your weapon;
  • Fixed: some conditions missing for the infamy mechanic effect;
  • fixed: a condition that allowed some relax scenario outcomes also for actor that had not the "actortypenpc" keyword;
  • Fixed: (this almost drove me crazy, the devil is in the detail...) some bugged while structs in the player defeat and player raped fuctions that left those in a loop (and consequently the entire related mechanism stuck) because an index was not incrementing... this happened when being raped without any companions or with non human companions. With this fix the respawn system should now be in good conditions again;

V 2.12.22 - 11 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: possible involvement of turrets in random sex system, thanks to Satanfist ;
  • Fixed: now nearest enemies (1024 ck units radius) on defeat will come near you to watch the defeat scenario;
  • Changed: Infamy report chance is now 25% (was 33%);
  • Added: alternative MCG social anims that doesn't have the kissing and hugging poses (The one that freeze at some point) because not everyone likes them;
  • Added: a slider chance percent that upon seeing you having sex, humans and synths will come near you as onlookers (This is integrated in the Infamy system)
  • Added: a slider chance percent that upon reaching you an human or synth onlooker may start masturbating upon your sexual act. (This is integrated in the Infamy system).

V 2.12.04 - 05 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: saving data of actors currently involved in sex with player now more reliable for some particular infamy processes;
  • Fixed: third party mods masturbations recognised for MCG Infamy purposes;
  • Fixed: improvements to the MCG smoking function to be on par with the Light2.0_MCG_verion smoking function, regarding code safety measures.
  • Fixed: a slider to customize infamy gained for public orgies that was forgotten in the last update;


Check HERE for the full changelog.




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