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  1. Hi the address should be like this: "[...]\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Config\FP_MagnoCUMgaudio\config.json" There is no AnghelosRespawn.ini , there is a config.json. You can manually extract the MCM folder you find in the MAIN FILES folder of the .rar in your Fallout 4 DATA folder. Just for curiosity what Mod Manager do you use? Don't worry , if you find any other problem let me know.
  2. TO ALL: I am currently focusing on adding new features to this mod in territories (of creation kit) that are completely foreign to me, so the next update will be a pretty big one and will require some time, let's say a week or 2. In addition to this I am waiting 4 big things, that will likely happen in the next 2 weeks: AAF that exit alpha status; Leito86 adds complete humans and non humans animations for AAF (Thinking about threesomes and animals, robots I hope) RSE that will update with the new Infamy System; Just Business that will update for complete support of AAF; (already is, but I am thinking if AAF changes current mechanics) For the first three, I will FOR SURE add direct integration, I hope also for J.B. at worse i will add only indirect integration for it. But I can assure you that for me J.B. is the natural expansion of my limited enslavement system because that was the mod that inspired me in the first place, so I will not think about direct compatibility with other slavery mod, but Just Business, I want to be crystal clear on this. (Other slavery mods will still be compatible with this mod, but they will not be integrated or will require m.c.g. slavery and recruit system disabled in MCM). During this development period you are ENCOURAGED TO REPORT BUG in the actual version, since the next update will almost surely add new bugs so I want to correct bug for this version and when the next will come, a period of bug fixing focus will follow and hopefully I will post before summer a stable almost final version, free as possible from bugs and compatible with as many mods as possible. When that time arrives I hope the mod will be open enough for others to add upon it or to add in addition to it, limiting my intervention only on critical fixes (if the need may arise in the far future) or adding compatibility to other major sexual framework (about this I am thinking only to Ashal announced future framework for Fallout 4 if ever it will be, atm I will limit compatibility to 4P and the upcoming AAF) So wish me good luck, and stay tuned...Hope I'll not mess it up P.S. If you have suggestions for features, write your ideas, I may use them if I see them fit in my mod vision .
  3. Hi you should be able to safely download last version of MCG ( 1.6.17). Because lately I was focusing just only on bug fixing, I did not add new functionalities (number of build was always 1.6.xx, so it should remain stable with your version of RSE. However I have to say that in the next days I will work on new features instead of bug fixing and that new version will be compatible only with the latest RSE (if you use RSE). Primarly I will add more integration with the new RSE Infamy system. So the choice is up to you, you can wait or update mcg when you want
  4. Advanced Animation Framework

    Great news! I want to thank you for your efforts in developing this! No pressure take the time you need...but remember...your mod is ESSENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE OF LOVERSLAB FALLOUT 4
  5. Don't you dare to go out my friend, we need you here! ...but you can get fucked WHILE you are writing for this forum
  6. Advanced Animation Framework

    In theory every 4P mod is already compatible, make sure to follow the instructions by dagobaking carefully. Consider that this mod is still in development so make sure to come back check this mod often!
  7. @UncleSam56, your load order seems ok to me, only doubts are for the following mods: ASA.esp (because I don't know what mod is that) Realistic Crippled Effects no autoheal You could try a new game with the previous 2 mods disabled. Enable the Respawn System and try to die, if the system works enable the two mods and try again with a new game, this time if it doesn't work then it's one of those two mods conflicting, instead if it's working also with those two mods then you installed MCG in a save where you had a mod that you previously uninstalled but that made permanent changes to your savegame. Very important try a NEW GAME and Let me know
  8. If this problem is solved for you then I see the check if your player is naked is not a problem then, this is good. Just for confirmation you should aim in EIM an NPC that is not a slave and you should see the activation option "SELECT" and if you are naked you should not see that activation option. Let me know
  9. Mmm, if this is so a lot of things are now explained, because I use the slot 33 check for the solicit option and to check if player is naked. With your setup maybe you don't see the option "SELECT" when pointing npcs in EIM mode...Unfortunately there is no naked keyword as I am aware of... EDIT: About the activation options...do you see those in EIM mode?
  10. The options "STOP HERE" and "RECALL" are not meant to be used in dialogue, even if STOP HERE is visible in dialogue with your slave, they are meant to be used as activation option, usually at the press of the button R when you are in dialogue range or when pointing your slave with a gun. You need to have EIM active and not wearing the Call To me utility or be naked, and if you don't see the option near to the talk activation you have a mod conflict. Edit: Kill(crime) will kill your slave sending an alarm to npcs in the vicinity, if those npcs were in the same faction of the killed slave they may turn hostile. In addition you receive a "Proof of kill" an object you see in your inventory in the ammo section that has quite a weight and quite a value, you can sell it to any trader, merchant for bottlecaps, this is the only purpose at the moment, a sort of very alpha bounty system
  11. If your slave is "waiting" you need to use the option "RECALL" in EIM, after that she become your follower and you can issue commands like follow and stay as you would do with a vanilla follower (not in dialogue, but as an activation). Make sure the EIM interface is closed when you need to issue commands to your following slave. Let me know if worked.
  12. I will not add directly this system, instead, since I am waiting for the mod AAF to exit the alpha status and since there is already a fantastic mod, Just_Business , for this aspect of the slavery I think I will integrate my slave system with Ignotum_Virum's mod when our two mods will be ported definetely to the AAF Framework, this may take some time tough. Edit: By the way you can already use the Just Business mod with MCG and Four Play: you need to disable my slaves and recruitment system and use instead Just Business methods if you want a more complete slavery system.