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  1. As Flashy said in the previous post, don't worry, sooner or later I will port this mod to AAF completely with the help of RSE author's script resources
  2. Ahahah sorry for that, I may different phrases for animals. About lust this has been reported before unfortunately it seems a problem with the proxy, with this I am not telling you that it's a dagobaking fault, it's a fault of mine since four play is pretty dead and AAF is the future, i just hope to have time to port the mod for that framework asap, I am waiting just because at the moment there are no animations for animals and robots\mutants for that framework. Specifically for your problem you could tell dagobaking that my mod apparently doesn't catch the animation over event of his proxy, lust is calculated after the animation over event, wear instead is calculated before the animation if sex is iniated from my mod or before if sex is initiated from another mod. Thank you and sorry for my absence in the forum
  3. I don't know, I don't talk russian just an hypothesys tough: if you have installed just business it's probably something you did wrong with the installation of that mod (afaik the author of just business is russian and he gives 2 versions of his wonderful mod, an English one and a Russian one) but this is just an idea, personally I din't know.
  4. There could be a way if the author of the mod you linked send via script an event when the sex animation finishes, but as far as I know that is a "closed" mod. You could ask the author to add an event when the animation finishes and I can add compatibility, however that is not a good way of developing the current loverslab modding scene. The animation frameworks are there for a reason and are a precious tool that we modders have wait a long time for. I could have done my mod without using four play framework myself and i would have a lot less problems in developing it, but I used the animations framework so that my mod could be compatible with a lot more so, in the end, I suggest asking the author to give compatibility with AAF Framework
  5. Hi that is one vanilla disease that my mod gives you when you have unprotected sex, since you doesn't know of this disease I assume you are not playing in survival difficulty. You should be able to get rid of it in two ways: - craft antibiotics in the healing section of the chem lab - cure yourself with a doctor If you are not playing survival mode it's advisable to disable the disease feature of my mod, however. You can disable them in the wear page of MCM. Disabling them will not get rid of current diseases but will only prevent new diseases.
  6. Very nice idea, but unfortunately I see that mod is not built within an animation framework, like Four Play or AAF, and since my mod works within Four Play animation framework I can't add compatibility, this is also because Happy Hookers.inc is very unlikely to send a "sex is over" event to tell other mods when the sex happened (this is one of the main reasons people use animation frameworks).
  7. You're welcome, every speech challenge will result in its corresponding outcome, I mean if you choose the dialogue to not pay you will not pay etc. The important thing is that you choose the option WHILE you are masturbating because is the masturbation animation that grants you free pass in speech challenges :) If you use this with AAF and AAF patch (four play proxy) make sure you follow dagobaking instructions to the letter, in particular I remember the fact that if you use the proxy you should have Four Play uninstalled because it may conflict with AAF. One thing more: AAF currently has only Leito animations compatible this means that currently there are better animations for human sex but there are NO ANIMATIONS not even masturbations for non human sex, just to let you know that with AAF some feautures of MCG will not result in animation currently.
  8. Accordingly to AAF author this should already work using the FP_proxy, eventually I will completely rewrite the main sexual function to work only with AAF, but that could come in the medium term future as I am heavily involved in exams sessions now ( you know real life's a bitch) My guess is you have a mod that add another activation option (usually at the press of R button) that conflicts staying always on (an example of this is the "push your companion mod". Maybe your fault is that you don't ask to let you through WHILE you are masturbating. In fact the system works that WHILE you are masturbating teasing your interlocutor every speech challenge will result in a success, after the masturbation finishes a sex between you two will happen and then you need to repeat the dialogue (this to avoid quest break) but at that point the speech challenge is already marked as passed and successful, if my real life time will let me, I will conduct some more tests. Best advice I can give you is to pass the speech challenge while you are masturbating ( you should be able to move your camera and continue the dialogue)
  9. Hi Phillipswilliam92, you can check images here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20310/?tab=images But keep in mind that is not a mod of mine, I just provide an optional patch to address some problems regarding the showing time of the widgets. That mod gives you info on your followers kike their current health, AP and stimpack counts.
  10. Hi the address should be like this: "[...]\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Config\FP_MagnoCUMgaudio\config.json" There is no AnghelosRespawn.ini , there is a config.json. You can manually extract the MCM folder you find in the MAIN FILES folder of the .rar in your Fallout 4 DATA folder. Just for curiosity what Mod Manager do you use? Don't worry , if you find any other problem let me know.
  11. TO ALL: I am currently focusing on adding new features to this mod in territories (of creation kit) that are completely foreign to me, so the next update will be a pretty big one and will require some time, let's say a week or 2. In addition to this I am waiting 4 big things, that will likely happen in the next 2 weeks: AAF that exit alpha status; Leito86 adds complete humans and non humans animations for AAF (Thinking about threesomes and animals, robots I hope) RSE that will update with the new Infamy System; Just Business that will update for complete support of AAF; (already is, but I am thinking if AAF changes current mechanics) For the first three, I will FOR SURE add direct integration, I hope also for J.B. at worse i will add only indirect integration for it. But I can assure you that for me J.B. is the natural expansion of my limited enslavement system because that was the mod that inspired me in the first place, so I will not think about direct compatibility with other slavery mod, but Just Business, I want to be crystal clear on this. (Other slavery mods will still be compatible with this mod, but they will not be integrated or will require m.c.g. slavery and recruit system disabled in MCM). During this development period you are ENCOURAGED TO REPORT BUG in the actual version, since the next update will almost surely add new bugs so I want to correct bug for this version and when the next will come, a period of bug fixing focus will follow and hopefully I will post before summer a stable almost final version, free as possible from bugs and compatible with as many mods as possible. When that time arrives I hope the mod will be open enough for others to add upon it or to add in addition to it, limiting my intervention only on critical fixes (if the need may arise in the far future) or adding compatibility to other major sexual framework (about this I am thinking only to Ashal announced future framework for Fallout 4 if ever it will be, atm I will limit compatibility to 4P and the upcoming AAF) So wish me good luck, and stay tuned...Hope I'll not mess it up P.S. If you have suggestions for features, write your ideas, I may use them if I see them fit in my mod vision .
  12. Hi you should be able to safely download last version of MCG ( 1.6.17). Because lately I was focusing just only on bug fixing, I did not add new functionalities (number of build was always 1.6.xx, so it should remain stable with your version of RSE. However I have to say that in the next days I will work on new features instead of bug fixing and that new version will be compatible only with the latest RSE (if you use RSE). Primarly I will add more integration with the new RSE Infamy system. So the choice is up to you, you can wait or update mcg when you want
  13. anghelos92

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Great news! I want to thank you for your efforts in developing this! No pressure take the time you need...but remember...your mod is ESSENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE OF LOVERSLAB FALLOUT 4