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  1. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    About the duration of ingestible effects, that is perfectly normal, it's a vanilla mechanic, the adrenaline system works the same 9999 days. Those effects are never dispelled, unless you unistall the mod. The various effects they give are regulated by condition s in CK, just like vanilla adrenaline, don't worry Also next time make a new post please because if you edit previous comments I may loose them! Of course in future this mod will try to be compatible with the most part of four play mods, for the moment, however, I am focusing on bug fixing and essential feature addition, compatibility will come later, thank you for suggestion by the way
  2. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Thank you for reporting. From my test sex with dogmeat counts, maybe you started sex with dogmeat from SEX EM UP or from RSE, also if it was a threesome, only one actor is counted in statistics, this will be fixed in the next release. Next version I will add a coefficient to customize the growing rate, it should be pretty easy, thank you for your suggestion
  3. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    GOOD NEWS: It seems that an hybrid system with bleedout and on hit events can give huge advantages: - no more on deferred kill events fired on succession - Dispel of ALL VANILLA DAMAGE OVER TIME EFFECTS ON RECOVERY Disadvantages: - a little performance cost for the On Hit events, less performance friendly than the deferred kill state - Player must be tagged as essential in an alias, this could give some minor incompatibilities with mods, 'cause stimpacks need to be modified to not cure also radiations, as they do this to essential actors, like companions. I think the release will be ready for monday at max. EDIT: Also limbs not recovering problems was the use of modvalue instead of damagevalue, fixed and will be include in next version for sure!
  4. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Thank you for reporting, you did a great job. I think the problem may be because I use ModValue instead of DamageValue on limb conditions Actor Values, I will fix it next release I am working on. Definitely my fault, sorry
  5. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Thank you for reporting, it's definitely a problem of my mod, I am working on that. Sorry for the bug, unfortunately when I added all the new features yesterday I might add some new bugs
  6. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    I ran some tests, and the respawn feature need a lot of bug fixes, I found that if you died at least one time with my feature on, if you disable it after you will die because of the ending of deferred kill state. Also Powerful damage over time effects like poisons and fire in high levels will loop the player to the vault 111 and back because they do not dispel in time. It should be safe to deactivate the feature on start of a new game when the mod is just installed. I am working on a new system, unfortunalety I should have put the respawn feature on OFF by default since it's still a WIP feature! Sorry for the inconvenience. @RogueMage the quest you should check for is AnghelosRepawn Edit: I may even split the respawn feature in an other mod because this is ruining the experience of the rest of the mod, which is pretty stable at the moment.
  7. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Definitely should be a conflict, I am wondering, are you using an old save game where FP_Violate was installed?
  8. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Did you checked with the sqv command? In the pipboy your limbs are all crippled and how much HP do you have at the moment? thank you and sorry for the problems. You can try with player.resethealth in consolle but I think this will not resolve the crippled limbs if you can't heal them with doctors...try to sleep for 8 hours
  9. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    At the moment the alternate death is still in development and there are not much to customize on that for now, in next releases I might add more settings and bu fixes. You can toggle all the respawn-auto surrender feature in MCM by pressing the "STOP RESPAWN" button. The wear treatment only remove the wear on your sexual organs...if you were crippled in the limbs you should use vanilla remedies like stimpacks and normal doctors dialogues. If you disabled the respawn features you should not be teleported to vault 111 or surrender after death, are you sure the respawn feature is disabled? you can check it in the consolle by typing: sqv AnghelosRespawn it should say state of the quest: STOPPED. EDIT: have you any other mod that modify the combat mechanics of fallout 4? like a mod that add bleeding effects, damage over time if you are wounded etc? BTW thank you for reporting.
  10. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    I may add these features in the future, they seem a good addition, thank you for the suggestion
  11. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Hi, thank you for the suggestion. At the moment being drugged during sex is just that you take a random drug with the possibility of becoming addict, just for balance reasons. But in the future there could be a "drugness" level like there is a lust and wear level now. I took a lot of inspiration from SEXOUT and SEXLAB, what did you have in mind was more similar to this? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/21109-sexoutdrugging/ or to mods like Realistic needs and diseases 2.0 in skyrim where the more alcohol you drink the more distorted is the visual?
  12. Unfortunately this is a major limitation of Creation Kit, unvoiced dialogues cannot be skipped. There is more: the shorter the line written, the shorter the time you must wait with the dialogue on screen. This is the reason why modders use short dialogues often just to make people comprehend what's happening. This problem can be circumvented by adding a silent voice registrated for the alias as far as I know, but when I tried it, the creation kit built more than 250 mb worth of data, so this is not very feasible.
  13. Magno_CUM_Gaudio

    Guys, the 1.2 is out... I AM SORRY IF THERE ARE BUGS, report them, I will try to fix. Unfortunately I'm tired now and I have to go to sleep, tomorrow I will address problems Thank to all of you!