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  1. Hi! No you can have only one official lover (married actor) at a time, but in addition to that you can have a sex pet, as many vanilla companions set as romanced and all the actors you want with maximum relationship level, this means that if you disable infamy and infidelty reporting you can have sex with anyone without seffering infidelty consequences or be penalized for public sex but the bonuses from the married actor will still come only from the official lover and/or vanilla companions set as romanced. If you disable a feature the mod will skip some calculations but be aware that all the systems in MCG are active at request, this means that they are not running constantly but only when required, i.e. the wear calculations happen only the istants after a sex animations happen and generally the script take only 1-2 seconds to complete the function, the mod should not be much heavy on resources. What could be heavy on resource is having a lot of slaves, guards or active followers especially if you pack them in a single place as the game needs to run their AI if they are in the loaded area (think about when you have 40+ settlers in a single settlement while you are there the game could start slowing down)
  2. If your tests about that function will be positve I will implement it, I just have a refusal for it because of the experience in skyrim, maybe in fo4 things are different. I also will be away from gaming pc, until the end of easter holydays. So we'll update this...council of men and women of good will to the next ime 🤣
  3. Mod updated, always read again the mod description for changes. This time you need a mod restart if you upgrade from version lower than 2.3.0. This is not required if you start a new game or start the mod in a save where mcg was not installed before. Also if you are upgrading (not starting a new game etc) to correct the bug with inverted actors during sex called from other mods you need to masturbate using MCG Option Hotkey after the mod has been resetted. (The masturbation animation could be inverted but after that all other mods animations should be corrected). Keep in mind that MCG own called animations for threesomes are always unlocked, this means that they may not respect the gender position setted in xml files sometimes this to allow animations to at least run because too often AAF block animations because the combinations allowed by xml files are few, especially for threesomes and omo sex. For the great majority of animations this is not a problem because they are sensible to what actor send in position[0] and what actor in position[1] but for others, like some among atomic lust they require the player in a specific position.
  4. We will see if you'll make it work, I wish you luck . I will not use the getformid function I don't feel safe trusting it, can't be helped. But that's not a problem, with the splitstring function the string can be as long as we want so I will use this system: From version 2.3.0 of MCG the system is already in place, in case you all decide to use the system you talked about. Sex from MCG will send these metas: "MagnoCumGaudio.esp,NonConsensual,PlayerRapist" for player rapist or aggressor; "MagnoCumGaudio.esp,NonConsensual,PlayerRaped" for player raped or victim; "MagnoCumGaudio.esp,Consensual" for normal or consensual sex; Should be easy enough for modders to add those keywords and/or add the check in a while struct for mcg keywords.
  5. Yes there will be many blocks to prevent unwanted situations. About the blocking ring that's actually a great suggestion, thank you! i will implement something similar. By the way TO ALL: DONT USE THE RENAME SYSTEM, IT'S BUGGED AND I HAVE TOTALLY REMADE IT FOR THE NEXT VERSION. Also the new version will require a new game or starting from a save where MCG were not installed before or a restarting of the mcg mod but doing the restart will make you loose some info like if you had a lover and will temp. Loose your statistics (but at least these will be recovered the next time you do sex)
  6. thank you for your support, but MCG is far from being perfect. It seems a vast and complicated mod but in reality it's a simple mod made only to better complement vanilla fallout, there are other sex mods which are by far more complex and polished (RSE above all, now it's not available but if RSE2 will come you can be sure it will truly blown your mind out!) About the problem with Transfer settlements you can check in fo4edit for conflicts, entries colored in RED in the mod loaded first between the two. In theory there should not be but you never know. TO ALL: A new substantial update with a new random sex npc-npc mechanic and many bug fixes will be available tomorrow. Just to let you know about some of the bugs fixed, in case you are yelling at your pc or at me: The move respawn point button has been fixed; The sex animations of other mods will no potentially have the normal roles of actors inverted The slightly modified new MCG MCM:
  7. I don't know in Fallout4 but in Skyrim papyrus it's not reliable to use getFormId (that gives the id in decimal instead of hexa) and then use the id for the getform function as, among other limitations, cannot retrieve form of references created at runtime (0xFF... etc) and is not reliable on big load orders. DId Bethesda updated those functions for Fo4? Because if not it's not gonna work. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=GetForm_-_Game Fo4 wikia don't mention the limitation that skyrim has, but is that wikia updated and fo4 hasn't the limitation or the wikia just forgot about the limitation? By the way this point have not got attention only recently, we can date it back to the 4-play times when there was a victim parameter in the calling input function and not in the output end event... i have spoken about this situation since the birth of AAF but it seems it's not so important for modders after all...I renew for the nth time my invitation to aaf author to add a new actor parameter in the settings struct for modders use.
  8. Indeed this is a side effect of the ability from MCG to give the player exactly the power to determine if they want to be the receiver or giver role, in the next version i have planned to fix this limiting this ability to MCG sex, are you getting this problem only with sex called by other mods or when using atomic lust animations right?
  9. As i suspected the problem you described was because you used the loose files. Trust me those are not to be used by the general public, unless you are a modder don't use them, i clearly said that in the mod description. The first time the ba2 version didn't work for you because you downloaded the mod when it was still a placeholder, as many did the first day the mod was released even if I tried to warn everyone to have patience 😁. Make sure to unistall all the MCG loose files, leave no trace of them in your data folder and just use the mod packed as ba2 and also the skippable dialogues, you'll soon find that load order doesn't matter, you can put this mod after or before of AAF, the result doesn't change.
  10. Thank you but that would be a big problem for me because I don't just import textures and objects of the dlcs as proprierties in the scripts but i also use objects of the dlcs as conditions for many spells, aliases etc...so very improbable i am sorry. Last time i checked fallout 4 goty had a good price after many sales, i know that money are important but imho Nuka world and especially far harbor are worth the price of the goty or season pass
  11. Thank you for reporting, I don't know if i'll be able to find the problem but MCG works well with other mods that have widgets with hudframework. I.e. I use sim settlements and hud++ both widgets work ok with MCG, maybe a problem with transfer settlements. Try to go in the MCG debug page and use the register widget button after loading the MCG before transfer settlements.
  12. Thank you I never used Vortex personally but I don't think there is an overwrite, last time I checked Fallout 4 treats loose files placed in data/script as priority over any script packed as ba2 regardless of load order, this is the reason because frameworks generally distribute their APIs as loose files, like AAF. So unless you have AAF API scripts packed as a ba2 or Vortrx unpacks the ba2 archives into loose files without saying this to the user I don't think this should be a problem. You didn't downloaded the MCG loose files, didn't you right?
  13. I saw your code, the meta "SEUrape" is not enough to determine if the player is raped or if the player is the rapist especially without a standard on the roles of actor[0] and actor[1]. As I already said. For the time being I will add a new additional check in the mod using these new meta: "PlayerRaped" if the player is considered the victim "PlayerRapist" if the player is the aggressor. If that check will fail, the aggressive tag referenced to the actor[0] will be used instead of the Dom tags. If other mod authors will comply good, I don't care. End of this discussion
  14. Not sure i understand correctly what you ask -- To end a date you may start an mcg dialogue, say hey do yiu have a moment...then tool topic and then you'll see the dialogue to end the dating if you want. Dating ends also automatically if you wait until the dating time expires. --- implementing let's call it "npc initiative" would be easy using the creation kit Story Manager, what would not is adding more dialogue options (being limited by the vanilla 4 max, and not wanting to use XDI as an hard dependency) also, being this mod very very interconnected in each mechanic adding only One more option should be adjusted for each other mechanic. Mind you this is technically easy work but it's time consuming for me, at least for some time i will focus on bug fixes. The source code is available maybe someone will make this changes for you at the moment i don't plan that kind of system.
  15. You have a great confusion in your mind. AAF doesn't have tags on its own, that is the primal problem. So any mod author used his\her own standars. The only one that tried to set a standard was Halstrom with his mod THEMES. Tags are from his mod, Dom tags are referred to the actor[0] that in all the reasonable frameworks so far (i.e. sexlab etc...) Is as standard considered the receiver. But even this is not a fact because I have seen animations and mods that force the player in the 0 position no matter their role. I agree with you, the aggressivity of a sexual act should not be tied to the phisical animation and is for this reasons that MCG consensuality or not is handled internally in a separate system so i truly don't understand when you say that MCG doesn't recognize its own rapes from romantic sex etc. MCG only uses the tags to try to understand external mods intentions but as long as there is not an unified framework I don't fucking care if this is not precise for other mods, I care only that the system is capable of understand its own sex calling, when a standard will be, i'll adapt. A meta is not enough to say if the animation is a rape when there is not even a standard on the roles of the actor[0] and actor[1]. Yes you can mark that animation as a generic rape but how do you then determine who is the raped and who is the rapist? As I said so many times what is lacking is a simple actor parameter defaulted to none in the AAF settings struct that if filled reference the actor that should be considered the "victim" thus at the same time signalling that the animation was not consensual. This said please stop talking of MCG in other mods forums.
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