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  1. I am happy you found the problem, about RSE and KnockOut framework you can have those installed but for the maximum compatibility make sure MCG respawn features are disabled (so you use RSE CSA funcionality instead) you should also disable diseases from wear and from unprotected sex. Plus i suggest to knock diwn nocs to rape them without using mcg funcionalities, so don't select them with EIM but instead use the ways of knockout framework and CSA of RSE. Apart from these they are perfectly compatible. Just remind that currently infamy widget doesn't work correctly.
  2. @wdaigle see this! It seems the one who asked for this some time ago had his request already satisfied! I don't know how this experimental feature works but as long as it calls aaf inducing an AAF endanimation event you can be damn sure it will be processed by mcg.
  3. If you are 100% sure that you made a complete new game after removing only knockout framework and RSE related and adding only mcg more, i don't see the problem. RSE is a pretty stable mod you could remove when you want, only 'dangerous' mod is Knockout Franework because it forces a deferred kill method to the player and it's not safe to remove mid game, but all of these problems should not be there if you make a new game. So the only answer is that you installed something other than mcg.
  4. This has never been reported before, I have more than 100 hours of gameplay with MCG (yes I play a lot with my mod) and this never happened to me. Do you have any pip boy mods or mods that change vanilla quests?
  5. anghelos92

    Sexout Bang

    This mod is essential for my gameplay, I am using it for years now, but I have recently modified it to be more hardcore. The changes I made are: BASE Chance of success is based on (Speech/2 + Luck) * charisma for NPCs BASE Chance of success is based on (Medicine/2 + Luck) * Intelligence for creatures (robots, animals etc...) The disposition of the NPCs or Creature you try with remain the same as it was in original version for chance calculations; If you fail you will receive an effect "Refused" which lasts for 12 in game hours and it reduce charisma by 2 While you are under the effect of the refused effect you can't succeed (but you won't have stacked refused effect) Now when you succeed you can choose every type of sex (Vaginal, Oral or Anal) the choice depends on you, no more on fate; Dialogues of npcs or creatures for the part after "interesting in a little fun?" or [Spread legs and present yourself] are only 2 possible now (eliminated all variations] "Well..." if you haven't the refused effect or "You're pathetic" if you have the refused effect for Npcs; [look lustfully at you] if you haven't the refused effect or [You are lame] if you have it: All the dialogues for the rest of the parts are the same. I hope you enjoy it, I do not claim any ownership on this mod, the owner will always remain @RapidWaterOver SexoutBang1.0.2Anghelos.fomod
  6. Yes this was answered already, happy hookers is not using AAF nor it sends any event at the end of the animation to let it know that an animation happened so I cannot create anything to integrate with that mod even if I want to. As far as I know the one who asked this here, reported the lack of event to the author of happy hookers and he said he would add some sort of compatibility with aaf or an end event in the future. P.S. thanks for the medal
  7. No need for this, if you long press for a second your EIM key you will receive a message box with the current values of your lust and wear, with other statistics. For Infamy and Ardor just refer to RSE statsbook. Reminder: Lust and Wear are float numbers but are displayed approximated to the floor to the nearest int number (i.e. Lust 5.9 is displayed as lust 5) Edit: I hope I remember correctly: LUST= player.getav Lust (change lust with Sexlust or SexNeed if that doesn't work?) Wear= player.getav sexorgans For RSE you need, afaik, to check the formid of the global you need to check, in this case Misc_infamy and RSE_Ardor then type getglobalvalue <formid>
  8. I don't se any problem here, i don't see a solution for you, but you can try this: --you may have less than 30 fps and when the mod starts or registers the widget the hudframework dump some commands? (Improbable), try to make a complete new game and see if at least you see the widgets then. (After the initial bombing scene and spouse/husband murdering) --the merged patch you did could have caused some problem. Try unistall MCG and install it again without merging it in a patch. --at the Bottom of the widget page in MCM there is a button "register widgets" try to press it
  9. I found it, my good man! RCO letters brighter that's gonna rock! Edit: plus this is the 1000th comment on this new topic, I think I deserve a fucking medal
  10. A.J. Thank you for your help in these days - Hopefully mods will leave the reduce intelligence for alcoholics! - Before I thought there was a bug but now I recall this is intended. As long as the Lame Refused effect lasts you will not be able to flirt with anyone, with or without alcohol effects, the effect will stack to punish for trying! If someone refuses you, better to wait the effect to disappear after 2 hours and try again after that time. If the system would have not worked like this you would have simply tryed with every npc near you, until by chance someone would have agreed! -when you are in dialogue in E.I.M. with this engaged NPC you should have the option to have sex, try use the option "talk". - Probably the sex reward system picked a raider near you who was talking to you when the quest about defending your settlement was completed giving you XP. Sometimes this could happen if the proper quest giver dialogue is interrupted or overrided by the dialogue of another npc, in this case maybe the raider near you was talking to you when the settler should have given his thanks.
  11. Definetely your HUDframework installation, try to read that mod description carefully, especially the part where it says about a patch for DEF_UI and similar other UI mods...
  12. I am sorry for the Infamy widget, it's because it is pointing to RSE Misc_Infamy instead of general Infamy (this is because i created that widget for RSE pre April 2018). -Some non named characters, especially in big settlements are indeed unique and persistent actors so that is intended, you can use a mod such "rename anything" if you want to rename those actors; -I searched this too, only thing I could find that is common to most alcohol is the effect "Reduce Intelligence" and the keyword ObjectTypeAlcohol, unfortunately some of these are not in dlcs (Nuka cola dark i.e. has an effect called "reduce perception dlc04" which I use for the check) So did you find some alcohol that did not work for the flirt? - Do you mean that when the alcohol effect finished you was still able to try the flirt without receiving "offer me something first"? If you are refused by one npc, for the duration of the "lame (refused) effect" you are not able to successfully flirt with anyone; - The refused cooldown is intended to stack to punish the player who try to have too easy sex, the effect dont last much tough, only 2 hours in game. The Flirt option has best results with high charismatic players (in fact for the chance of success I check charisma (each point of charisma is one point) plus if you have some charisma perks like party boy/girl , inspirational, black widow etc...(each perk has a value of 4 points) - I will look into this, are you talking about the engagment proposed by npcs who you successfully flirted with? - About CHAT, time is the only factor involved. About 8 in game hours, which MAY be less if you leave the loaded cell forcing it to reload in which the npc is and return (i.e. if you leave diamond city and return). This is intended to force the player to build a relationship over time instead to spam the chat options to reach the level to have sex. All these options are in their INFANCY, I mean the relationships part of MCG mod are just a WIP for now, I hope to expand these system with much more options and dialogues in future updates when I'll have solved some major problems (like how to make skippable dialogues and branching dialogues without using XDI), so I am sorry for the lack of imagination and creativity for the time being
  13. I did not implemented a check on this because i read in AAF topic that dagobaking will make the function so that the player character will always be in position 00, i hope he will implement soon the hotkeys to interact with the scene directly, as it was with FP, i.e. change actors roles and adjust scene position in real time. For the time being i am sorry you can't choose directly the position from this mod. However sex you start with AAF is now from version 1.7.10 full supported and calculated using animations tags for wear and mood purposes. When I will have more tools provided by dagobaking I will surely add new feature like choosing exactly what position and role do you want in the animation in romances and relationships.
  14. anghelos92

    Sexlab Wear and Tear 2.08 (24/May/2016)

    Can I use this in special edition?