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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Holzfrau's Halloween Pack

    This is a pack of 'just for fun' stuff that's mostly Halloween themed. There is a Frankenstein-style stiched body, as well as the ability to play as a ghost or someone with a hidden, monstrous form.  Each of these is implemented as a single spell (usually a permanent ability), or there are inventory items that can grant the abilities for AddItemMenu users - equip the item to apply the ability, equip it again to remove the ability.  These items work for NPCs too (except Corrupted Form which is player only).
    Stitched Body (UNP Females only)
    Your body is made out of a bunch of other people's bodies that have been sewn together (which has been built from many UNP body textures).  It beats being dead, but you're not far from a walking corpse - you are constantly surrounded by a cloud of flies.
    25% physical damage resistance 25% frost resistance (Frankenstein's monster wasn't really bothered by cold weather) 50% resistance to poison and disease Easier to detect in stealth Major Speech penalty Search "stitch" in the console.  Spell is called "Stitched Body" (12cc) and item is called "Amulet of Stitching" (12cd).
    Spooky Ghost Form
    You may have died, but your soul is not yet ready to leave Mundus.  People don't react to you any differently, but I might change that in the future.
    Carry weight reduced to 0, since you no longer have a corporeal form Worn equipment (not weapons) does not encumber you, but does not provide armor rating either. Spell potency is now based on your current Magicka - 100 Magicka = 100%.  This will make your spells weaker overall at low levels, but much stronger at high levels. 50% physical damage resistance Immunity to poison and disease Waterbreathing Waterwalking while sneaking, and 100% Muffle Better intimidation, because you're spooky Health does not regenerate Search "spooky" in the console.  Spell is called "Spooky Ghost Form" (2dc4) and item is called "Spooky Ghost Ring" (332a).
    Corrupted Form (Toggle, player only)
    There is a hidden darkness in you, and it invokes instinctive revusion and hatred from other people.  Activating the corrupted form turns your body into an alien starfield (I might change how this looks in the future), which makes it difficult for people to identify you.  Don't let them see you changing forms, and don't return to an area too soon after your Corrupted Form has been spotted - if you see people starting to become suspicious, leave the area immediately or risk a death warrant!  The following effects apply while in Corrupted Form:
    Constant health, magicka, and stamina regeneration Killing an NPC restores health, magicka, and stamina "Reap" interaction (use key) allows you to instantly kill an essential NPC that has been downed NPCs try to kill you everywhere all the time Search "toggle" in the console.  Spell is called "Toggle Corrupted Form" (5e58) and is equipped to the voice slot; item is called "Ring of Toggled Corruption" (12cd).  If you want to be stuck in corrupted form permanently, you can add the spell "Corrupted Form" (3df5).
    UNP-compatible body for the stiched textures RaceMenu if you want to use stitched body overlays PapyrusUtil needed for corrupt form Potential Issues
    The method I use to apply the stitched body overrides the character's naked armor skin.  This will conflict with any other mod that also changes this skin.  Also, SKSE does not clean up this modified skin when loading a game.  If you load a game where you're not using the stitched skin while playing with the skin, it will remain on your character.  Exiting to the main menu before loading a save is the easiest way to clear it up. The Corrupted Form can cause some weirdness if used with something else that makes everyone want to kill you, like lycanthropy. Corrupted Form Tweaks
    Some of the behavior of Corrupted Form can be tweaked by changing Global Variables in the console:
    HolzHalloweenUpdateInterval (default 5.0) - The time interval, in seconds, for Corrupted Form to check for witnesses, both during and afterward in the suspicion phase. HolzSuspicionDivisor (default 3) - This controls how likely an NPC is to fire a suspicion event on you.  The default of 3 means there is a 1 in 3 chance for them to grow more suspicious.  Decrease this number to 1 or 2 to make NPCs grow suspicious more quickly, or increase it to grow suspicion more slowly. HolzWitnessCooldown (default 1.0) - This is how long, in in-game hours, it will take before people who have seen you in your corrupted form will no longer grow suspicious if they see you afterward. Texture Credits for Stitched Body



  2. Anatomical Correct Falmer

    All this does is add the private bits to the meshes for both living Falmer and the corpses found throughout the game. It should be compatible with any of the sex mods that don't alter the original meshes. It's not perfect but unless you plan on doing an in-depth detailed exam on their corpses it should be fine. The bone color weights are a stone bitch to work with.
    Some of the armor was altered to include a NiAlphaProperty rather than deleting what I wanted removed. While living you probably won't see much, upon killing them they usually fall in such a way that their antinomy would be visible if it was there. This annoyed me to the point that I remade the meshes to include them. I've also altered the female body to work with the supplied textures. I've replaced a couple of the male Falmer with female versions because otherwise the female is almost never seen. Everything should work with the vanilla skeletons so I didn't include them.
    I've also included the DLC 01 Falmer vampires but haven't tested them because none of my saves are anywhere near where they're located in-game.
    Most of the textures are optional and are modified versions of the vanilla textures. I personally like my creatures toned down from the vibrant colors Bethesda used. If you use the Creature_Features mod those textures will be overwritten unless you hand place the textures you want.
    Nikoli  (NVG)
    EDIT: I finally downloaded MNC just to see what everyone was talking about. MNC does not alter the normal state, so my meshes shouldn't do anything to the secondary mesh in the aroused state.  The only differences is that I added male anatomy to the vanilla mesh. (Any mesh that I changed from male to female in the un-aroused state would change to a male in the aroused state) Apparently MNC also uses the textures from Creature_Features so if you want to use your existing textures just don't use mine...



  3. Anatomical Correct Draugr

    All this does is add the private bits to the meshes for both living Draugr and the corpses found throughout the game. It should be compatible with any of the sex mods that don't alter the original meshes.
    Some of the armor was altered to include a NiAlphaProperty rather than deleting what I wanted removed. While living you probably won't see much, upon killing them they usually fall in such a way that their antimony would be visible if it was there. This annoyed me to the point that I remade the meshes to include them. I've removed the blue eye glow because I thought it looked stupid in-game. Everything should work with the vanilla skeletons so I didn't include them.

    I've also included the DLC 02 Draugr though I don't think I've ever encountered it in-game.
    Most of the textures are optional and are modified versions of the vanilla textures. I personally like my creatures toned down from the vibrant colors Bethesda used. If you use the Creature_Features mod those textures will be overwritten unless you hand place the textures you want.
    Nikoli  (NVG)
    EDIT: I finally downloaded MNC just to see what everyone was talking about. From what I can tell in Nifskope it is just the vanilla Draugr for the normal state, no alterations to anything so my meshes shouldn't do anything to the secondary mesh in the aroused state. The only differences is that I removed the eye glow and added male anatomy. (If you really want the eye glow you can add it back in through Nifskope before installing my meshes) Apparently MNC also uses the textures from Creature_Features so if you want to use your existing textures just don't use mine...
    EDIT 2: Fulfilling a private request, I have no idea if this is aligned where the males are (DraugrFemale - Strapped.nif). It might work, it might not, I'm not doing anything else to it if it dosen't work. If it needs fixing you're more than welcome to claim it as your own... (Uses the Sexlab strap-on textures, though I've uploaded altered textures elsewhere on this site.)



  4. Cbbe, UNP hdt Vagina body, textures ,Preset for Bodyslide plus RaceMenu Preset.

    Cbbe, UNP hdt Vagina body, textures ,Preset for Bodyslide.
    Requires -XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/?
                    HDT Physics Extensions (mod loaded)
     RaceMenu Preset requires:
    1.RaceMenu -  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624
    2.Eyes - The eyes of beauty - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13722
    3.Hairstyle of fashion Dark Knight BDO (mod loaded)
    The screenshots and video used animated hairstyles from fashion YunDao Hdt Hair -
    - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88416?tab=images
    and 3d hairstyles for Vagina - mod Cubic Hair 3D cbbe BodySlide (mod loaded).Can be adjusted and on UNP.
    Video : 



  5. Texture replacer for SexLab strap-on

    Just a simple requested re-texture replacer for the SexLab strap-on.
    Will replace the texture for the SexLab strap-on,  the Calyps strap-on,  and the SOS strapless double dildo.
    If used, the Calyps will have to be manually replaced seeing as it's folder path is different... (textures\sextoys-calyps\strapon_1.dds)



  6. C5Kev's Lady Revenant Retex UUNP V2

    * * Lady Revenant Weapons Upgrade * *
    I've always thought that The Lady Revenant Armor was quite nice, but I also thought something was missing. Then it hit me. There's no matching weapon or shield. So, the armor package has been upgraded to include those things in Version 2.  Those that already have the armor installed and want these tantalizing items, simply download and install the Lady Revenant Weapons Upgrade. Dudes and Dudesess than mean your Dragonborn harm will get a real charge out of this stuff! Look to the screenshots for more info. Along with the armor, the shield can be tempered with the Elven perk. But don't loose your weapons as there is no "recipe" to make them.
    Hello Folks!   This beautiful outfit is a retex of the Lady Revenant Armor created by the famed Krista. Many small details were changed along with meshes being converted from the Lady Body to UUNP. Most notably, the pants were redesigned and gone is the crunchy leather, replaced by one of my soft, stretch lace materials for maximum flexibility. The bra and choker leather were also replaced with lace. Boots and sleeves have been changed to a silken material that matches the jacket. So, the screenshots pretty much tells it all. An awesome armor outfit for your awesome (and sexy) Dragonborn.
    And for those using HN66's Mage Nails , I also have a tiny optional mod that provides a darker red color texture (along with the original red) that better matches the outfit.
    Installation is easy using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Lady Revenant Retex UUNP" from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and click "Batch Build" to make your armor parts. In-game, armor can be made or made available using AddItemMenu.
    That's about it.
    I hope everyone enjoys this mod.



  7. C5Kev's Lace Bikini Armor UUNP

    Hello Folks!   Anyone who has seen my mods here on LL can pretty well realize that I have a fondness for lace. Why? I have no idea...I just do.  Anyway, this is a simple little retex of gekkou1992's rather famous "Leather Bikini", plus added my fav shoes from BDO's Ranger Sitaila mod. Hey, if I like something, I stick with it! LOL!  So this is a "sorta mashup" mod.
    OK, so some people might think that lace isn't be the best material for armor. Perhaps, but I heard once that this armor did, in fact, prevent a possible very nasty mosquito bite on a lovely High Elf's breast once, so there!  And besides, who doesn't like to run around basically in their underwear? Nobody! That's who! And especially the Dragonborn.
    Everything needed is included - almost. I've added Heels Sound, which is required and can be DL'ed here on LL, thanks to ApoKrytia. The original .esp has also been modified to include the shoes and to make this into bikini armor that can be constructed at a tanning workbench - or just use AddItemMenu.  In addition, HDT jiggly bits have been added to the meshes that really bring this armor to, umm... life. Believe me, the men and women of Skyrim will thank you!
    Installation is easy using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Lace Bikini Armor UUNP" from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and click "Batch Build". That's about it.
    Good info from LL member AVS re: "I can´t wear the top and bottom together. Equipping one unequips the other" and SOS users.
    Are you perhaps using SoS? It's add-ons use slot 52, which is also the common "underwear" slot used by the bottom pieces of this and a number of other multi-part bikini mods. SoS is designed to block off slot 52 when you have a 'body' (slot 32) outfit equipped, so as to keep things from poking through full-body outfits that cover the crotch. The in-game effect of that is exactly what you're describing, where trying to equip something set to slot 32 displaces what's equipped in slot 52 and vice-versa.  You have to go into SoS's MCM menu and mark any equipped 'body' outfit as 'revealing' to get it to unblock slot 52. Do that while wearing this mod's top and the top and bottom should work fine with each other.  Unless it's something else that's blocking off the slot, like DD's device hider, or some other similar utility that I haven't heard of.
    Hope everyone enjoys this little mod. Lord knows there aren't nearly enough bikini mods out there.



  8. Fairskin Complex No Leg Vines patch

    yup just removed the vines from legs ( For UNP only)



  9. Lactating Breasts for CBBE

    This mod adds a RaceMenu overlay that can make your female character seem to have milk dripping from her nipples. Also available are optional files that apply this lactating texture to all adult female human characters in Skyrim (compatible with SG Textures Renewal CBBE or Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE v9.4). This mod is meant to be used with CBBE-based bodies.
    latest version of Skyrim RaceMenu Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition or any other body type based on CBBE examples:
    numenume erosbody for CBBE
    Shynsa's Bodyslide Preset
    ALSL Body - CBBE BBP TBBP HDT Bodyslide presets
    SG Textures Renewal CBBE or Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE v9.4 BodySlide and Outfit Studio Wench Body -Bodyslide 2 Preset- The Super Booty Body (Bodyslide Preset)(CBBE-UUNP) Bodyslide Preset Manga Attempt Enhanced DMRA Bodyslide Preset  
    Download and install RaceMenu. Download and install Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition or any CBBE-based body mod (see Requirements section above for some examples). (optional) You may alternatively opt to build a custom CBBE-based body through BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Download Lactating Breasts Overlay for RaceMenu.7z. Using a mod manager such as NMM, install the file you downloaded in step 4. Enter a game in Skyrim and open RaceMenu, either through the initial character creation (start a new game) or through entering the command "showracemenu" in the console (hit the "~" key on the keyboard). Navigate to the "Body Paint" tab in RaceMenu. Move your cursor over one of the items (initially "default") listed under the "Body Paint" tab and hit the "T" key on the keyboard. Under "Texture List", select "Lactating Breasts" to apply the texture overlay.  
    Installation for Optional Files
    RaceMenu by Expired
    SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
    Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition by Ousnius and Caliente

    Other Mods





  10. Verner's Scrawls for SlaveTats ('n' RapeTats)

    "Oh, we found a wench! We should mark her up. I'm so glad I brought my precision tattoo machine!"
    Hello. This is my first contribution to LL so please be gentle and/or use adequate  lubrication.
    Scrawls for SlaveTats,
    intended to be implemented through RapeTats (though not required)
    Read me, I guess:
    Pshh. TL;DR:
    These work with SlaveTats. There are a lot. That's why file is so big when unpacked. Made specifically for UNP body, but it could work with others.
    Read me FOR REAL:
    Dear guys and gals, this is a collection of body doodles that are, by no stretch of the imagination,
    incredibly offensive.
    As such, they should only be considered absurd tomfoolery.
    If your girlfriend or (more likely) Japanese Anime Pillow is into some light spanking or your boyfriend is into some HARDCORE PEGGING/ANAL FISTING OR WHATEVER, then you absolutely need
    NEED, I SAY, 
    need to be sure that they're into that sort of thing before you just assume it's all good.
    Never, ever, ever submit your partner to anything that he or she does not want to do. Ever. Period.*
    Always follow the guideline of SSC: (Safe, Sane and consensual).**
    When in doubt, remember the acronym "RAD":

    Many many thanks to Murfk for an amazing mod and xj47 for the ability to implement them in-game in an "immersive" way. I wanted to make many many more scrawls, but I reinstalled Skyrim four weeks ago and have only played a couple hours because I've been spending all my time editing dialogues and scrawling scrawls to fit my taste and give me better MAH IMMERSION.
    SlaveTats and RapeTats links:
    "Now I can mark 'dumb cunt' on any imbecile that doesn't get to the cloud district very often!"
    "Truly the okayest scrawls for SlaveTats!"
    -Yar gro-Gatuk
    "I'm not a fan of having 'Vampire' carved into my forehead. Dislike."
    "I'm Commander Shepard and these are my favorite scrawls on the citadel."
    -Commander Shepard

    *  That's rape, stupid.
    ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safe,_sane_and_consensual
    *** Don't.
    ~~~~~~Aaaaand that's all she wrote.~~~~~~



  11. Gallery 140 patterns

    Video : 
    Gallery 140 patterns.
      In three versions:
      1.Gallery 140 patterns(sexy frame-plastic)
        Gallery 140 patterns(sexy, frame-tree)
      2.Gallery 140 patterns( luxurious assets frame-plastic)
     Gallery 140 patterns( luxurious assets frame-tree)
      3.Gallery 140 patterns(fantasy, frame-tree)
        Put only one option.
       Author of the idea: Little Baron.
       DESCRIPTION: Adds 140 pictures, Cups-6 options, Figurines-9 pieces
       (Malacath, Meridia, Nocturnal, Talos, Magmar,Elf, Imager, Nordic Guard),
       Bonsai, Dwarven lamp, incense Burner, Crystal Ball, Garden Stones.
       All sizes of paintings (CANVASES) are adjusted to the size of the frames.
                            Where take:
        Traders from whom all this can be bought:
         - Usher in "Goods Beletora" (Whiterun);
          - The Parliament in the "All and Sundry" (solitude);
          - Lisbeth in "Arnleif and sons" (Markart);
          - Byrne "Byrne's Goods" (Winterhold);
          - Sadri's Revin in "Sadri's Used goods" (Windhelm);
          - Bersey in the "Laid shrimp" (Riften);
          - Tonella in "Violent jar" (Riften).
         The range of products from sellers is constantly updated (you can not buy all the things at once).
         This mod every 2 days randomly gives some traders a picture of 2-a copy,
         at the 6-th instances of cups in different colors and at the 1st instance figurines
         (instead of figurines can be "Bonsai", "Garden of stones", "Crystal ball",
         "Dwarven lamp" or "Censer").
         If the player has not bought the goods of this fashion from the merchants,
         they are replaced by others in 2 days.
         The pictures are repeated, i.e. it is possible to find the same picture from
         the traders that the player has already bought before.
          Who does not want to buy all these things and pictures from sellers, you can get all through
          AddItem Menu-Ultimate mod Explorer (LE).Everything goes with clear pictures-you can not go wrong.
                Paintings can be hung on the wall using the fashion menu.
           This is done so:
           - become a face to the wall where you want to hang a picture;
           - throw the picture out of the inventory, wait a couple of seconds;
           - there is a menu, use it to move the picture so that it is placed on the wall.
           - - in the picture menu you can zoom in or out.
           I use the Positioner-Jaxonz Positioner v2.92-much easier,
            more convenient and format paintings them  much more can be done.
            If you hang a picture, push it a little into the wall,
            it will be lost the opportunity to interact with it.
            The marker (activator) will be behind the painting, i.e. behind the wall. Output:
            enter the TCL console, go through the wall and pick up the picture.
            With Positioner-Jaxonz Positioner v2.92 it's much easier.
              Little Barons Interior Decorating aka LB-ID v1.2b this mod is a prototype
               of this mod and this
          the modem is not compatible.
              Important: if you already have a mod Little Barons Interior
                          Decorating aka LB-ID v1 in the game.2b or mod
                          gallery of 28 pictures-remove these mods.
                          After removal-enter the game and save to a new slot,
                          exit the game and clean the save game using the program " Save Tool",
                          enter the game and save to a new slot,
     leave the game 
                          and install this mod and play.
                                   Requirements: Skyrim LE , SKSE.
                 Installation:Sorry for the inconvenience.Due to the inability to download
                  the mod more than 250 mg,I had to split the archives into parts.
                  Before installation, after unpacking parts of the archive ,
                  connect the appropriate parts to a single data folder.
                  Place the data folder from the archive in the folder with the game
                  (Data is not inside Data, but over), and activate in the launcher.
                  Put only one option.
                  Credits: 1.The author of the idea:Little Baron.
                           2.Lexx766-all technical part, work with scripts and files.
                           3.ZZlaq1-thank you very much for translating fashion into English and
                             creation of new plastic frames for paintings in the art Nouveau style.



  12. Lioness Look

    Hello, here is set of textures and head mesh for Lioness look. As a basis, I used Sabrelion textures from MOD Yiffy Age of Skyrim by Bad Dog.  Head mesh is by NightroModzz, further edits for use in the game made by Blaze69. Blaze69 also helped me and fixed the visible seams on textures. 
    Textures and head mesh works as a replacement instead of female Khajiit. 
    A short tail is not included, it does not work well, have bad UV mapping. If you are interested, tail is part of the MOD immersive Bodies by EternalBlack.
    WHAT'S NEW ?
    Now is available patch for update to newer version, patch is compatible with UNP and CBBE body. 
    Patch includes a modified mouth and replacing files for the MOD Khajiit Overhaul by NightroModzz. MOD Khajiit Overhaul is not required.  But with MOD Khajiit Overhaul, will be possible can be adjusted expressions in Racemenu.
    Known bug: if you change the shape of the mouth or the size of the length and the like, then it is possible that when the mouth is open (big Aah), the mouth will protrude through the head.
    Now available for UNB and CBBE body   (CBBE version is a bit different)
    Please do not re-upload this anywhere else.
    Thanks to Bad Dog for use of his textures as basis
    Thanks to KrittaKitty for souce textures
    Thanks to Blaze69 for further edits 
    Thanks to NightroModzz for amazing head mesh
    If there is a need to add something, write to me and I will try to fix it.
    PS. I am sorry for my bad English



  13. Devious Devices for Him (Reboot)

    Devious Devices for Him (Rebooted)
    To start I want to be very clear that I take NO credit for the meshes and/or textures in this mod, below you can read in the credit section of who did the real work on this, all I did was use existing meshes and textures , thank those that deserve the credit for the hard work
    See below for what was added to work with DD 4.0

    ( Copied from DD for Him version 9)
    What's in this mod:
    Male meshes for most DD assets and expansion items and an .esp to assign them. Includes minor tweaks to DD such as gender neutral item descriptions and text pop-ups (full version only).
    This mod is designed around making Devious Devices compatible with male characters (specifically the SoS body type). It picks up where KestrelSky's , Wasp, Skullered left off. It now includes male specific meshes for every item in DD assets and expansion (still a few more pieces to work on)apart from vaginal gear. Even the high heel boots, the iron chastity belt and the padded bra now have a male mesh. The same functionality is maintained for female characters, so this mod is also ideal if you just want devices for male NPCs.
    About Body-types:
    This mod is designed for Schlongs of Skyrim. Apparently it can also work for SAM if you do not use the 'Samson' or 'Samuel' bodies, however I cannot guarantee that it will be flawless for that body mod as I have neither designed for this mod for it, or tested it for SAM.
    This mod causes chastity belt items to also occupy slot 52 in order to hide the SoS penis, as such this may give you visual problems with female meshes if you use a mod that gives females a penis.
    SoS Bodybuilder body type is not supported and there are no plans to do so.
    Download options:
    I have not checked to make sure these patches are still viable in a long time, use at your own risk.
    A compatibility patch is available for Captured Dreams, which adds male meshes for the Captured Dreams reskinned DD items, in addition all Captured Dreams items now display an inventory image for male characters. The patch contains an .esp only and is not compatible with the "Assets only" version of For Him. (Last updated 16 Nov, 2014 - cleaned up some redundant stuff).
    A compatibility patch is available for Kimy's Deviously Cursed Loot v2.6. Credit for this patch goes to Sathar who created it.
    If for whatever reason you need a past version, please contact me.
    Skyrim (expansions not needed),
    Sexlab Framework,
    Sexlab Aroused,
    DD Assets, Integration and Expansion,
    Zaz Animation Pack,
    Schlongs of Skyrim
    Does not require KestrelSky's Male Addon, however if you wish to use the cockring that's included in his mod but not in mine, you can install his mod and put it before this one in the load order and it'll work just fine.
    Please let me know which DD mods you find work well with this mod and which ones don't so I can put that information here and consider additional compatibility patches as needed.
    Known Issues / What still needs doing:
    Main things:
    -Elf specific collars (they have a much thinner neck than humans).
    -Cock cage for iron belt, maybe something for the harness too.
    -Scripting tweaks for gender neutral top left text 
    -Something something vaginal plugs (right now my advice is to just ignore them if you get one equipped on you)..
    -make mashes for beast races
    (Please keep in mind that it will take a bit of time to make the meshes because of my job, I really didn't have the time to convert this, but Its been hanging out there forever so I took my day off and half of the night to convert it, the other stuff will get done, just be patient)
    Skullered for version 9 of this mod.
    Veladarius for version 7 of this mod.
    KestrelSky for his DD Male Addon mod (the predecessor to this mod).
    All the DD team for the DD mods.
    Rydin for his inventory meshes.
    Sathar for his compatibility patch for Kimy's Cursed Loot mod.




  14. Replacer Interior Decorating aka LB-ID

    video https://vimeo.com/265888929
     Replacer  Interior Decorating aka LB-ID
    Adds 28 paintings .
    Did 7 option packages paintings:
    1.LBInteriorDecorating(armando huerta)
    2.LBInteriorDecorating(Julius Zimmerman)
    3.LBInteriorDecorating(luxurious asses)
    6.LBInteriorDecorating(Jiggly girls)
    7.LBInteriorDecorating(fantasy) (without fanaticism - can be used even by children).
    Author original mod:Little Baron.
    Link to the original https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12643
    Description from the original:
    Adds variety to glazed pottery, adds varied flower
    pots and planters throughout civilized Skyrim
    small purchaseable statues, player placeable paintings,
    and miscellaneous gew-gaws for your home decorating pleasure.
    Adds variety to glazed pottery, adds varied flower
     pots and planters throughout civilized Skyrim, 
    small purchaseable statues, player placeable paintings,
     and miscellaneous gew-gaws for your home decorating pleasure.
    Also adds a bit of dirt to the large empty pots in places
     like Proudshire Manor, removes many of the ugly 'wall baskets' 
    For the most part everything operates like normal in-game clutter,
     with the exception that all the custom objects are bottom heavy so they are much easier to move around.
    Paintings are special objects: When you drop one into the world,
     after about a second it will re-align itself so it is facing you
     and will remain stuck in the air. If you click on it you will be
     given a menu which will allow you to move it around and even re-size it (see the screenshot).
    The merchants who carry the decorative goods are:
    Belethor of Belethor's General Goods
    Sayma of Bits & Pieces in Solitude
    Lisbet of Arnlief & Sons in Markarth
    Birna of Birna's Oddments in Winterhold
    Revyn of Sadri's Used Wares in Windhelm
    Bersi of The Pawned Prawn in Riften
    Tonilia in the Ragged Flagon in Riften
    Tonilia will also sell a few items that would be considered 'illegal' in Skyrim, such as daedric statues.
    Merchant's 'decorative' stock changes every few days.
    This mod does not touch any cell or NPC directly. The merchants get their new items via a script,
     the wall baskets are eliminated via .nif trickery and the glazed objects alter themselves via scripting again.
     In short there should be almost no conflicts with other mods, unless they alter the following base item forms: 
    Glazed02Jug01 GlazedPotteryBase01 GlazedPotteryBase02 GlazedPotteryBase03 GlazedBowl01
    GlazedBowl02 GlazedGoblet01 GlazedJugLarge01 GlazedJugSmall01 GlazedPlate01 GlazedPot01
    GlazedPot02 BasketClosed01 WallBasket01 WallBasket03 WallBasketHex02 WallBasketLarge02
    Rarely the process of creating a room full of replaced glazed clutter results in
     a few items getting knocked out of place. Also, if you are paying close attention
     when you enter a new location you will see the glazed clutter getting replaced within
     the first few seconds after entering. This was coded on purpose in the interest of game stability.
    Rarely you may move a painting far enough into a wall that after 'finishing' it
     (and even though you can still see the painting) the painting is no longer accessible.
     Make sure you're happy with the placement before clicking 'finish', just in case!
    If you un-install this mod, any place you visited prior to a save where the pottery
     was changed will be devoid of any pottery. Try this mod out, and if for some reason
     you don't like it, revert to a save you made before you installed it.
    Using Jaxonz Positioner https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583,
     you can hang these glorious paintings in your player-homes.
    Set only one of the seven options.
    SKSE 1.7.1 and above,



  15. Slavetats x ~ Milk-Drinker

    ~ Milk-Drinker
    This is my very first mod that I completely made all by myself ^~^
    this was the kind of mod I always wanted since I first started modding back in 2015
    and here it finally is created by me because the only other of way to get lactation
    would be to have a complex pregnancy mod and then getting pregnant.
    ~WHAT IS THIS!?~
    its a Slavetats set that adds yummy Milk dripping out of your character's boobies ; 
    also there is salacious references to the creamy booby nectar that your character can have
    written on her body while she jiggles her milk juggs in public or in the wild. For now there are just
    4 textures, Milk Budding, Milk Leaking small, Milk Leaking Mild, & Suck My Tits.
    Oh yeah and theyre 4K; I'll make them 2K soon. Also its UNP, I'll work on
    CBBE sometime in the not so distant future.
    to install you obviously need Slavetats first and its requirements. And then
    you pop my Mod and youll be lactating in no time!
    ~My Milkshakes~



  16. C5Kev's Katarina Armor Retex Mash-Up UUNP

    Hello Folks!   A few of my retex mod's have lace involved in one fashion or another. Why? Well, I think lace is very sexy and believe future items will feature it as well. I guess I have a one-track mind. Anyway, I was looking for an outfit with low-rise pants and found Lux77's  Katarina Armor Redone 2.0  ...and made some of my own changes to his (or hers) and zzjay's (I think) original mods. Perhaps the LL community might like the outfit as well.
    As one can see, I've changed the pants texture to a rose patterned lace, re-textured a top from Nisetanaka / Kofman77's  The Amazing World of Bikini Armor  and added Alduin boots from my  Dragonscale Drops  mod that were created by Krista. So obviously I haven't really "created" anything here, other than throw the outfit together, made up a few textures and normals and made up new UUNP BodySlide files.
    Just install my mod, build the armor and boots in BodySlide (look for C5Kev's Katarina Armor UUNP in the "Group" filter) and you're off to the races!
    Hope You Likey!
    FWIW, I use and highly recommend  Cherry Hotalings Breast and Bounce Physics w/ Collision  and  Victoria's High Heel Walk .  Any probs, just let me know.



  17. Hentai Creatures Replacer

    Hi all , I modified some files to have other creatures than those used by Hentai creatures mod , It's not a creation, but just a few customizations .
    I also wanted to say that I accept no requests for other creatures .
    These customizations are possible with the work of other creators , otherwise I could do nothing , because I am a noob moddeur, and Creation Kit does not like me .  
    Recommended :
    Untamed  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1672-untamed/
    Requirements And Credits :
     You need all the mods for it to work in play or it will miss all the textures . 
    For this reason I will make separate mods to choose which one to relocate separately without having to install all mods .
     Sex Animation Framework v1.62
     More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition v11.1B 
      Viagra_for Sabrecat Snow  
          ( a retouch on the ridiculous sabrecat penis ) big bunnies like big carrots - Give Viagra for Sabrecat Snow only         ( standalone )
     Cinder - Black Horse replacer  
          ( the mount is added in tis mod ) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/41193-tera-online-pack-2015/     -   Replace only the Hentai  Black Horse
     Skinned - Dog Replacer
          ( mesh creature framework normal ) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90151
    Alucard - Husky Replacer
          ( mod required ) http://shockyy.tumblr.com/post/171975788239/the-great-white-wolf-download-companion-mod
    = choose only one of the replacer skeever
          Giant Rat - Skeever brown Replacer 
               ( mesh creature framework hard + ) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88404     -   Replace only the Brown Skeever
          Daedrat - Skeever Brown Replacer 
               ( mesh creature framework hard + twin for fun ) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90188?tab=description   -  Replace only the Brown Skeever
         Credits : Biig thanks for this wonderful works , all the creators who made all the modules work, and of course Lovers Lab .
    Mihail https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/37834630
    Shocky http://shockyy.tumblr.com/tagged/Shocky
    arkconsole https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1672-untamed/
    s666 https://www.loverslab.com/topic/41193-tera-online-pack-2015/



  18. Bad Dog slit No Balls Schlong Edit

    This is a modification of the Argonian slit with the final schlong but uses SOS UNP No balls schlong instead of Bad Dog's mesh.  I intentionally split up the assets and am using a different esp so that it doesn't actually replace Bad Dog's existing, so you should be able to still run this for argonian females without my edits overwriting his.
    Installation notes:
    The textures for the first two stages are the unmodified textures from the original mod.  The textures for the final stage point to the same location that the UNP SOS schlong installs.  If you already have textures for your female schlong, you should overwrite my mod.  The ones included in my mod are the default SOS UNP textures, so your other mods should trump this. The current schlong uses HDT SMP physics, not HDT PE.  If you use HDT PE, the physics won't work right, and you should replace it with a suitable schlong.  Alternatively, if you want a different schlong, such as one with balls, or horse, or w/e, follow the same instructions.  Replace the mesh at meshes/actors/character/character assets/SOS/BadDog/Slit/FemaleMer/Slit_P1_0.nif (and _1.nif). The SMP XML file uses periods as decimal places instead of commas.  If your SMP localization uses commas, you'll want to update the xml file (located in SKSE/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs/MaleGenitalsNoBalls.xml)  
    Install Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs and all it's requirements.  For my mod to work, you only need the assets, and the esm file, you can disable the esps if you don't want them. HDT SMP.  The mod comes pre-configured with the schlong, point to the XMLS included.   This mod  
    Bad Dog for the original mod and inspiration zarzil, for helping me getting the SMP physics working Everyone else that contributed bits and pieces (SOS creators and editors, SexLab, HDT, LoversLab, probably tons others).  
    Since none of these assets are really mine, feel free to use this mod in it's entirety or in part for whatever, provided you respect the wishes of the original creators.  If you wish to make any changes or modifications to my mod, feel free without requiring my consent.



  19. Sanguine Spriggan Armor UUNP

    Hello Folks!   I haven't played Sanguine's Debauchery by DeepBlueFrog in quite a while, so when I noticed it had been updated, I thought I'd give it another go.  Then I got to the "Flowering Spriggan" quest and when the body armor appeared, my character Chili's body wasn't what it should be. Instead of having my glorious boobs, they'd been shrunk down to little bitty titties and well, I just can't have THAT!  So I made up a UUNP mod for SD+'s spriggan armor for all to enjoy.  Isn't that just marvy?  Not much to the mod, only BodySlide files, so there's no .esp to further burden your load order.
    Have SD+ properly installed, install my mod, then build the spriggan armor in BodySlide based on your body preset. Look for "C5kev's SD+ Spriggan Armor" in the "Group Filter". That's about it, although I did make the armor just a tad skimpier by exposing the character's pussy and made the butt area a bit smaller.
    Hope You Likey!
    Any probs, just let me know.



  20. Dragongodmod's Oddities Pack

    Dragongodmod's Oddities Pack
    *WARNING*This pack includes sexually explicit content. Just leave if you're not interested.*WARNING*
    Extremely large dildos converted into crossbows. Was bored, had an idea.
    -Soulgem Oven III-
    -1 RED Canine crossbow
    -1 PURPLE Equine crossbow
    -1 new bolt type
    Everything is craftable under the GLASS category.
    To make sure your crafting menus aren't cluttered, I made them only visible if you are carrying a material.
    Crossbows visible with the Troll Fat ingredient.
    Bolts visible with any type of bottled semen from the Soulgem Oven III mod.
    Please do not re-upload this anywhere else.
    Please do not take anything of mine and say it is your own.
    So I guess at this point, ENJOY 



  21. Chicanery Slavetats for SD+ and Misc. Tats

    PERMISSIONS:  Use as you see fit, just credit me please! 
    No pay mods/sites.  EVER.
    Just a couple of Sanguine themed tattoos, and some other stuff.
    The spinal tat reads "Sanguine Rose" in Daedric.
    Lower back reads "Pink Cheeks"



  22. Bad Dog's Bruma Creatures

    This mod adds privy members to the creatures of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. Creatures will get aroused or unaroused according to situation. Creatures will have sex if you have mods that initiate sex--Untamed, Defeat, and Matchmaker all work.
    Load More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition and all its prerequisites, including Creature Framework
    Load other animation packs that load with SLAL--cruise the options and choose the ones you like. 
    Load this mod
    Notes and oddities
    Many of these creatures are scaled versions of vanilla creatures (e.g. minotaurs are large draugr, orcs are small giants). You may need to use Sexlab's hotkeys to align the, um, parts, and it may not be possible to get all parts to align at once. Don't forget to enable creatures in Sexlab (and Defeat, if you're using that). Some Bruma meshes aren't working yet and should not be enabled. I fixed up the wereboar but they tell me it's not used. I didn't fix the regular boar because it looks a mess--it shouldn't be used either.  The Bruma mod comes with a number of horse colors, but they all show up as bay. I gave them equipment but didn't fix the colors. Fallow deer have parts but they seem all to be female so they don't show up. I didn't do anything about that.  
    That's it. Load it up, have fun, tell me of any problems.



  23. Mihail Undead Werewolves for Creature Framework

    With that out of the way, I also want to state that they use MadMansGun's new penis mesh, so older animations might not align perfectly. Some animators have already started using these new meshes going forward, like Anubis for instance, so it shouldn't be a problem for much longer.
    There's an optional version of the main file that uses Bazinga's Beast HDT xmls, requires that mod to function properly.
    Sexlab and its own requirements Creature Framework and its own requirements More Nasty Creatures SLAL and its own requirements Mihail's Undead Werewolves  
    Sexlab Matchmaker (easiest way to start sex quickly) Sexlab Tools (another must-have for me)  
    Remeber to either have "Even Actors Height" enabled in the Sexlab MCM, or to edit the scale yourself using the console.
    Ashal for doing god's work MadMansGun for ALSO doing god's work keeping MNC alive Ep1cL3w7z for Creature Framework MihailMods for making it all possible Ixum for helping me with the penis textures



  24. Replacer NarrativeLoot - Paintings and Frames

    video https://vimeo.com/265888929
    Replacer NarrativeLoot - Paintings and Frames.
    New video:https://youtu.be/W1XqZiHfCmU
    Did three option packages paintings: 1 - basic mod - elf women;
     option 2 - to replace the Texture Replacer Jiggly girls;
    option 3 - to replace the Texture Replacer - Fantasy
    (without fanaticism - can be used even by children).
    Author original mod:TwinCrows
    Link to the original https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78852
    Description from the original:
    NarrativeLoot - Paintings and Frames
    Adds 59 paintings from Paintings and Frames as items to find in-game!
     I’ve enabled collision physics, configured inventory meshes,
     and added them to vanilla loot lists.
    Using Jaxonz Positioner https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583,
     you can hang these glorious paintings in your player-homes.
    The paintings are in "Simple" ($20), "Fine" ($60), and "Great" ($240) categories.
     Fine paintings are introduced at level 20, and Great paintings are introduced at level 40.
    The paintings can be found at the following rates:
    - 20% - Boss Chests, Noble Chests
    - 10% - Regular Chests
    - 6%   - Cupboards
    This means you are sure to find a painting every 2 dungeons. It would take 120
    dungeons, 600 chests, or 1000 cupboards to find one of every painting!
    General item merchants also stock paintings from all categories. The chance of
    a merchant stocking a painting ranges from 8% to 41% (Khajiit Caravan). I’ve
    integrated the paintings into the vendor lists such that even custom merchants
    may sell them!
    To add specific paintings, reference the title from the image tab by hovering over 
    the image of the painting you want. Replace the "xx" in its name with the Mod 
    Index from your load order to get the ID of that painting for your game. In-game,
    type into console 'player.additem <Book ID> 1', which will give you one of that
    To change the size of your painting, open console and click it, and then type
    'setscale x', where x is the amount you want to
    increase it by (default = 1.00).
    1.Install with your preferred method
    2.Create a new Wrye Bash patch to merge any other modded loot lists
     that affect LItemMiscVendorMiscItems75
    Be sure to merge your loot lists after installation.
    SKSE 1.7.1 and above,



  25. Rhino Armor and Hair Conversions [2018-02-03]

    I have recieved several messages from people asking for specific armors/outfits, so I'm adding this section so people can stop messaging me. Do it in the comments instead:
    I am open to suggestions, but I make no promises. Fulfilling requests is dependent on how easy it will be for me to do it, how much free time I have, and my interest in your suggestion.
    Another consideration is a developer's/publisher's rights and whether they will object to me porting things. CD Projekt is an example of a developer that is friendly towards other people (tastefully) using their assets. Don't even bother asking me for something from Overwatch.
    If you have a request, try to find a source before asking me. XPS/XNA models (easiest to do), Blender models, DOA5 mods, MMD models (hardest to do), etc. are all suitable sources that I can use to port something to skyrim. Deviantart is a great source for these, but not everyone is willing to let me port stuff they've ripped, and I will respect their wishes if they say no.
    Lastly, let me reiterate that I MAKE NO PROMISES. If I don't want to do it, asking me ten times in a pm and offering me money won't change anything. I don't have/want a patreon. I do this for fun.
    I've been messing around with Skyrim for a long time, and I've built up quite a bunch of stuff I figure I should share. So I'll be keeping all of my mods here from now on. I do conversions from other games, so here you'll find hairs, outfits, and armours I've ported over to Skyrim. I'll add more as I get around to packaging it all up and making sure it's worthy to share.
    ARMOR -
    1) High Society UUNP HDT from DOALR
    Heel Sound 1.5 required.
    Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja
    Original Port by Rolance https://rolance.deviantart.com/
    2) Two UUNP HDT from Drakenguard 3
    Property of Access Games/Square-Enix
    3) Ranger Set 1 UUNP HDT from Black Desert Online
    Property of Kakao/Pearl Abyss
    Original port by Riz on Npatch.ru
    Reuploaded by Bringess https://bringess.deviantart.com/
    4) Berserker UUNP HDT from Black Desert Online
    Property of Kakao/Pearl Abyss
    Original port by Riz on Npatch.ru
    Reuploaded by Bringess https://bringess.deviantart.com/
    5) Ryuko Matoi UUNP HDT costume from Kill la Kill
    Costume originally created by Huchi001 https://huchi001.deviantart.com/ for use in DOA5
    Note: the suspenders clip through the boobs on higher weight body types (like the Manga body) so I've made them a separate add-on that you can wear or not.
    6) Four UUNP HDT from Drakenguard 3
    Property of Access Games/Square-Enix
    7) Ryuko Matoi School UUNP HDT costume from Kill la Kill
    Costume originally created by Huchi001 https://huchi001.deviantart.com/ for use in DOA5
    8) Seashell Bikini UUNP HDT from DOA
    Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja
    (Just something quick I already had lying around. I think this one hasn't been done yet, but I could be wrong.)
    9) Marie Rose costume by Tamiki Wakaki UUNP HDT from DOA5LR
    Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja
    Original Port by Rolance 
    From wikipedia:
    Tamiki Wakaki (若木 民喜 Wakaki Tamiki, born May 9, 1972 in Ikeda, Osaka[1]) is a Japanese manga artist and graduate of Kyoto University, notable for his manga series, The World God Only Knows.
    HAIR -
    1) Xiaoyu's hair from Tekken 7
    (Nini on patreon has been showing this one off in his screenshots and not sharing so I figured I would beat him to the punch.)
    Property of BANDAI NAMCO
    Original Port by Rolance https://rolance.deviantart.com/
    1) Here's what I'm planning next. Let me know in the comments which I should do first.
    DOA5 Marie Rose Costume 27 Falcom Mashup
    Lightning 'Romance' Suit
    Heroes of Incredible Tales - Anika
    Kiryuin Satsuki
    DOA5LR Leifang - Rave MOD
    Black Desert Online
    2) More hair on hold while I fix nifskope issues
    Uploaded Tamiki Wakaki costume from DOA5LR
    Uploaded Seashell Bikini
    Fixed Ryuko Matoi's school download
    Uploaded Ryuko Matoi's school outfit
    Added Four from Drakenguard 3
    Added Ryuko Matoi costume
    Added BDO Berserker set
    Added BDO Ranger Set
    Added esp to Drakenguard Two (woops)