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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

215 files

  1. Masculine Khajiit 4k Textures Fixes

    Some edits I made when I realized the 4k version of the masculine khajiit retexture mod was fucked. Might as well share my work. You're welcome.
    Fixes the FURRY variant ONLY in this mod. Don't ask for the other variants, I don't use 'em, and the only reason I edited this version was to use for myself.
    To install, download the texture mod linked just above and install the Grey Cat Furry version. Then overwrite everything with my mod.
    Obviously requires the full version of SOS as well.



  2. SlaveTats Cum Textures

    I thought I might just share my own collection of cum textures. This Mod contains a bunch of cum textures for use with SlaveTats. There are quite a bunch of them and you can mix and match them however you want using the SlaveTats menu.
    You do of course need SlaveTats.

    The Files:

    CumMain includes textures for the body ( breast, vaginal, back, chest, legs, high back ) that gradually increase in .. cum amount. Much like the standard cum textures you get with SexLab.

    CumFacial includes textures for the face.

    CumVariations includes further textures for the body but those are more "standalone" - there is no progression in those.

    In short: If you like the textures just get all three files and mix them as you wish. The separations are kind of arbitrary.
    If you do want to use this mod I highly recommend increasing the bodypaint texture count ( See:



  3. Minotaur Race

    What you get
    Minotaurs! Male and females. Range of horns, hair, beards, nose rings. Face tints are set up so you can create your PC in game. If you're making NPCs, find the "Tints" folder in the mod and copy everything in the "Size256" subfolder up one level. Those are the size the CK needs. Optional dick. There are two files: BDMinoSOS is a regular SOS schlong with no extra scripts. BDMinoHoodie is a sheathing schlong using my hoodies mechanism. Pick the one you want.  Horse and human eye styles. Vampires, sorta. The vampire shift works, but you don't get the eyes because Skyrim sucks. (I turned off the Overlay Head Parts flag so it wouldn't crash.) Most of the head shape sliders are focused on muzzle and nose. You can also change the size of the ears. As with the other herbivore races, I reused existing sliders and they don't always do what you expect. Some of the sliders don't do anything.  
    This is pretty much done, but comments and ideas still welcome. 



  4. Random Retextures

    A collection of adult themed texture replacers made by mods I found online. there's only few for now, but more will be added soon.
    Butterfly Replacer
    Naked colorfur fairies flying around the Skyrim, catch them all and use as alchemy ingredient 😭 or let them live 😇 The choice is yours!
    This is moths and butterfly replacer inspired by Psycho_Bill mod for SE. found meshes on chinese website and added new textures, also replaced other butterflies wasn't covered by original...
    Mudcrab Replacer
    Nobody loves mudcrabs, not even sexlab animators, but now you have a reason! Some mudcraps wanted to be loved ,they were very sad and really tried their best,  even learned some secret illusion spells and transformed themselves into lovely titcrabs!
    Lol, really??? well, it's retexture of mod I found on chinese website, edited some textures and added more skins, so now most mudcrabs you'll meet on skyrim will have new appearance.
    Lockpick Replacer
    replaces lock picking interface, also there's sound replacer, which replaces all lockpicking and standart door opening sounds with hentai/porn themed sound, if you don't want it, just install only textures or delete sound folder from mod. sound replacer isn't made by me, it's just mixed version from DragonJoe69 mod and some anime sounds,
    Shield Symbol Replacer
    another small mod, which replaces all hold symbols on shields, which is used by guards. so there's different textures for every hold.
    Banner Replacer
    Replaces some in game banners, inspired by Glev's mod. this mod is wip and more/better banners will be replaced soon. 

    More Replacers Soon
    How to install:
    Drag and drop into your skyrim folder or use mod manager
    If you've any request or want specific artwork to be used as replacer, just leave comment and will try  what I can do
    All used artworks and images belong to their original creators! 



  5. Mature Skin Texture (pre-rework)

    Here. These textures have been checked and are compatible with both:
    - old Skyrim Legendary Edition (32-bit Skyrim)
    - new Skyrim Special Edition (64-bit Skyrim)
    (Except you may not like how it looks in SE. There is some visible discoloration on the neck seam in SE.)
    This mod has a turbulent past. It disappeared - 2 times, actually.
    First, it underwent a major rework between versions 1.1 and 2.0, the new one leaving me completely unsatisfied. Any traces of the old version got deleted.
    Then, even the rework got deleted by the author, over personal reasons.
    I haven't managed to save it all, just one of the variants, but here it is - the original v1.1, just as Maevan2 made it.
    The variant I'm sharing here is: standard pubic hair, with moles, without scars, high grain (gives more aged look), without normal maps (default ones are ok)
    Maevan2 gave a general permission to everyone interested. Screenshot in the images.
    Darcy71 - provided the v2.15 version of the mod with all the variants (which is NOT compatible with SSE, SSE version is here)
    johnDo161 - complete set of v1.0 files (descriptions in russian though) and all variants of UNP v1.1
    daroth - provided a shit ton of files, I think we have everything now!



  6. C5Kev's Succubus Lizard-Like Skin UUNP & CBBE V2

    Hello Folks!  Meet Risaya, she is a succubus.  But she hasn't always looked like this. Since her inception, she's had smooth skin as a human does.  This made things difficult for her as the group of succubi she was part of make fun of her and her skin, as they all had a lizard-like skin. She was different and as such, they shunned her for the most part.

    So what did Risaya want more than anything for Christmas?  Why, she wanted her two front teeth!  No, wait, that's a different story. No, she wanted a lizard-like skin just like all the rest of her brood. Every night she would wish and wish and wish for new skin.  And on one night, one very special night, her wishes were answered by Ol' Herme Mora himself!  WOW!  Even a song, now a classic, was written to commemorate the monumental event.  Let's see here... Oh! I think it went like this....  ( think "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer )

    Risaya the big-boobed Succubi,
    Had an awesome bod indeed,
    And if you ever saw it,
    You would even say it kicked-ass!
    All of the other Succubi,
    Used to laugh and call her "Ya Stupid Cunt",
    They never let poor Risaya,
    Join in any Succubus orgies.
    Then one drugged-filled Christmas Eve,
    Ol' Herme came to say,
    "Riiiisaaaaayaaaa with your pusssssyyyy so tiiiiight,
    Won't you ride my tennnntacles tonight?"
    Then how the Succubi loved her,
    As they shouted out in shrieks,
    "Risaya the big-boobed Succubi,
    She'll go down on anything!"

    A touching song to be sure and a real tear-jerker at that. Well, the rest is history now, but if your Dragonbabe sometimes becomes a succubus or you use the Player Succubus Quest mod, you too can have this great skin as well!  OK, it's not great - not like the Daedric Princess Nox mod skin great and it's not really intended to be.

    Download, then unzip the file into a temporary directory and note what's inside.
    I made this mod up with the option of PNG overlay images to place on top of your current skin textures.  You will need an image manipulation program capable of handling "layers" to do so, such as Photoshop or Gimp.  Or, you can choose a skin that utilizes my modified Leyenda 4.0 4K skin as a base.  UUNP Skins are available in 2048 or 4096,  CBBE files are available in 2048 and does not include foot nail color options or the Sexy Hands Mod mentioned below. Sorry.

    And to further the excitement, I've also included a mini-mod, "C5Kev's Sexy Hands", which will give your Dragonbabe sexy, long nails in Black, Red, Pink and smelly Herme Mora green. And if THAT weren't enough, I've included ultra-long "witch" nails in black and Herme green for an extra-creepy look. Also take note that the body skins have either black nails or Herme colored nails on its feet to match the hands.

    Simply install the hand mod - there's no esp - using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Sexy Hands UUNP" from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and click "Build".  Hand files will be placed into the "Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide" directory and you'll need to manually move them to whatever directory you want them in.

    * * *  If You Like My Outfits And Other Mods  * * *
    perhaps consider joining me at Patreon/C5Kev
    Lots of good stuff there not yet posted on LL
      Nails are modified versions of "Kaw's Klaws" by Kaw   Please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.  



  7. Alternate Pillories (for SLAL & ZAP)

    Uploaded alternate Version with DARK WOOD textures (more classy :D)
    This is a replacement for ALL basic Pillories in the game. 
    Why? Because they are ugly
    No, joke, its because I want to see the boobs!
    I cannot see the cute body of my PCs with the other Pillories. So I used this one for a better view of the fun. 
    I use it primarily with Defeat mods and Prison Overhaul, but it should affect all mods that use the basic ZAP Pillory.
    Affects ZAP Framework (all versions should be covered) and the following SLAL packs:
    - Nibbles
    - Leito
    - Anubs
    - FunnyBizness (my Rape Redux version and the normal version should both work, only tested the former)
    - Billyy
    It replaces all the meshes that are used by the original ZAP and the original SLAL AnimObjects. 
    Choose your Version
    Normal Version has the bright wood.
    DARK WOOD Version has... dark wood (surprise) 
    (Metal Version still WIP sorry) 
    With Mod Organizers:
    Just put the file in downloads, install as usual and see that it overwrites as written below.
    All Stuff goes into Data Folder, overwriting all... 
    In General:
    The mod has to overwrite both ZAP Framework and all the SLAL packs mentioned above.
    You dont need FNIS, register in SLAL or anything else, just install and play. 
    IMPORANT: Sexlab, Zaz Animation Pack, SLAL and SLAL packs are re
    Sexlab 1.62
    Zaz Animation Pack
    SLAL packs to your liking 
    SL Animation Loader 
    (without these it makes no sense to use this mod :D) 
    Future Plans:
    - Metal Pillory Version
    - Different Textures (darker ones maybe) 
    SE Compatibility: no idea. Feel free to test and report back to me. 
    All I did was copying existing material and renaming it. 
    I also had to adjust the position and height of the pillory for the AnimObjects.
    Credit goe to makers of ZAP Framework and the creators of the SLAL packs.



  8. Cervids: Deer Races of Skyrim

    A cervid race with a range of nose shapes, horns, face patterns, and a few hair styles. Gazelles, moose, goats, and giraffe are all achievable. 
    Face morphs are on different sliders and their function may not be obvious. Play with it. Ear size is on a face slider, and some sliders that are labeled for the face affect nose shape. The Thomson's Gazelle face pattern is on the dirt slider, the rest on more-or-less obvious tint sliders. Horns are on the brow slider.
    The giraffe pattern is on an overlay. There are other patterns as well--Tommy stripe, fawn spots, socks, etc. Thanks to ASlySpyDuo for many of the patterns.
    Download and install the files you want. Order doesn't much matter.
    Designed for use with the SOS body. If you care about seams along the thigh but don't want dick, load SOS and don't enable its ESPs. There's a file with schlongs if you want them. That does require SOS. If you want the girls to have dicks, enable that ESP and set the schlong priorities.  There's a file for digitigrade feet but for this mod I'm on the fence about whether it's better. They look fine in plantigrade, I think. Download and install the CBBE file if you use that body. Courtesy of @Ratchet the last Lombax, there's a NPC file that turns a few existing Skyrim residents into deer, mostly in Falkreath, and adds a few new NPCs.   
    Requires RaceCompatibility.
    I'll probably do an NPC file at some point, but otherwise this is just about done.
    SE version here.



  9. Tit Kit UUNP Conversion Patch

    Tit Kit UUNP
    Spent an hour (felt like forever lol) realigning these to work with UUNP
    I needed these to work again for my own personal pleasure, so I took upon realigning all of these
    Let me know if you seen any clippings, bug, etc. I thought I seen "clipping" on one where is lost it's softness at the top
    But when I went back to look for it, I couldn't see it

    The original modder has given permission to further modify the mod on the page
    Requires: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57157
    Excuse the screenshots. I've been playing in windowed mode lately and my ENB is set up for my bottom of the barrel Nvidia 1030



  10. Udder for UUNP

    This is an udder I've been working on for the past couple weeks. As it is based entirely on UUNP HDT (to the point where the udder is literally a modified copy of the model), it's going to be a little tough to port it to other models. In any case, though, I'm providing what I can to make it possible, including the Outfit Studio files and the GIMP image I used to make the texture.
    I've gotten a report that it works with CBBE with minimal seam, so it might work well. Time will tell.
    Feel free to modify it to your own liking. You have all the files I've used to modify this thing.
    The udder has seven morphs:
    Teats - will extend the teats
    Udder Size - will make the udder bigger
    Teat Thickness - will attempt to thicken the teats
    Vertical Seam - will emulate the vertical seam some udders appear to have
    Horizontal Seam - same as above, but horizontal
    Udder Height - will uniformly lower the udder
    Udder Sag - will shift the udder's weight lower. Evidently, this will 'tighten up' the udder if negative numbers are used; if that is what you want, type in -100%. Be warned, I have not tested past -100%.
    All of these morphs work well with each other.
    My personal settings (the udder you saw in the screenshot) are as follows:
    Teats: 0%
    Udder Size: 100%
    Teats Thickness: 0%
    Vertical Seam: 0%
    Horizontal Seam: 0%
    Udder Height: 100%
    Udder Sag: 100%
    The udder itself is a copy of the UUNP HDT model done in Outfit Studio, of which I cut away a majority of and morphed into an udder. I then ported it into blender and added teats (while neglecting that, while trying to save time and sanity, blender might apply the same UV location upon copied vertices) which itself was a major pain, then ported it back into Outfit Studio. I copied all the properties from the UUNP model back to the udder as I confused myself over it's shininess (A quick jump into Nifskope fixed that, somehow. I'm still confused over what happened). I changed the textures over to a new copy of the UUNP textures, then through trial, error, and a little creativity, made an udder texture, complete with teats. The last step, done today, was to make it in creation kit. A little bit of fuss, but it works! As I type this, I'm playing with it in-game.
    The .ESP has been checked for rogue entries. As far as I can tell, it is clean. Worry not.
    Keep in mind that I have very little modding experience, and I have had a fair bit of trouble making this. If you see a problem with this, let me know! I want to make it better if I can.

    Bodyslide (and UUNP) if you want to be able to change it at all using the morphs I provided or have it morph to your own character preset.
    XPMSE; As far as I know, the default skeleton should work with this? All I did was modify the mesh, but if you want to play it safe, I have XPMSE installed, and I used it when I made the mod. Use your own discretion; if you don't know what to do, add in XPMSE as it is what I have installed. Most likely not required. If you have issues, would be a safe move to try this (as well as letting me know!)
    HDT Physics Extentions. The physics in-game are minor but existant. It would be a safe move to include this in your install.
    Enjoy! Please report problems to me. If I don't know about a problem, I cannot fix it.
    I'm looking forward to what you all think of it, and what modifications come of it. Go wild!
    (P.S. the hooves in the image are a modified version of Hooves for UUNP Special to which I added step sounds, magical effects, and a modified texture. Let me know if you'd like a version of that, though I will have to spend considerable time packing it together into one mod. As it is right now, it's split into 3 different mods loosely thrown together in Mod Organizer.)



  11. Heart Shaped Nipples for UNP Body ​ ❤️  ​

    ❤️  Heart Shaped Nipples heart for UNP Body ❤️ 
    Just something i decided to do while i was bored 
    its for Any UNP based body Only, made for Skyrim LE idk if it works with SE , i assume it would.
    and install manually 
    oh post some screenshots ill add them to the post maybe.
    have fun.



  12. Devious Devices - Sexy Textures

    4K / 2K / 1K - Texture Replacer for Devious Devices
    Actual Content
    - White/Gold Leather Ballet Boots (replacing the White regular ones)
    - Warm Brown/Gold Leather Ballet Boots (replacing the Red regular ones)

    What did I do?
    White Ballet Boots:
    - Interpolate the 1K file to 4K. 
    - Sharpen
    - Add Leather Texture by Hand
    - Colorize the Metal Parts in Gold
    - Handpaint the... whatevertheyarecalled hole border thingies

    Before and After Screenshots:


    Overwrite DDx (Devious Devices Expansion - works with all Versions). 
    Get AddItemMenu Mod or console to get the boots. 

    And of course make screenshots! 
    - 2K and 1K Versions will follow. 
    - Normalmaps will be updated
    - Brown Leather Version (with Gold)
    - Ornament Version (not yet sure about the theme) 
    - Black Version (with Gold)

    - adding the Gloves. Dont know if I ll do the corsett and the collar (I never use them) Depends on the feedback you give me 

    Recommended Mods:
    and whoever made the original boots mesh and textures (please tell me, could not figure it out)



  13. Real Girl meets Leyenda 4K - UUNP Texture Replacer

    IMPORTANT: The source material of this mod is from other creators. I did not make these textures myself just merged them (which is at least not an easy process and requires some Photoshop sorcery) and refined the output. When I know more I might be able to issue updates to them, too. 
    IMPORTANT 2: This is my first texture mod that involves Skin and Body. I dont know if I did everything correct and if the outcome is equally nice with other ENBs, normal Maps, bodies or settings like that. Please make screens if you like, I m always interested to see and improve.
    ALSO: If you know a mod who does the same, please tell me. 
    What is this?
    I merged the textures from Leyendas Body mod with the ones from Real Girl:

    Because Leyenda is too smooth for my taste and Real Girls too dark and "latina" (and was never updated to brighter skin)
    Now I have the best of both worlds. The milky skin of Leyenda with the realism of Real Girls. 
    Backup your Body Textures and just drop into DATA (overwrite all). 
    No idea. Guess it could work with all body mods but might create seems or incorrections here and there.
    Let me know. I just start exploring textures and how they work. 
    Also not sure how I can make a CBBE version of this (and if it would be asked for) 
    To Do
    Could need some refinement in the future, but its already pretty solid I think. 
    Obvious start would be a version without the small dark spots on the skin. 

    Please report how they work. For me its fine. 
    Go closer to your character when you play and watch!

    Recommended Mods:
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78389/ (for camera close up with very low FOV)
    HeroedeLeyenda - Textures (Leyenda)
    Zonzai - Textures (Real Girl)



  14. Dick for Mihails Wild Hog

    Another easy one out of the way, I've slapped a dick on Mihail's Wild Hog. That's pretty much it. I'll be trying to add actual Sexlab Creatures support to this later, but I'm not gonna promise anything due to issues with TES5EDIT being an utter prick on my end.
    This only includes the meshes I've edited, so you'll still need the original files from Mihails Wild Hogs.



  15. Dongs for Mihails Fogling

    First file I've ever uploaded here, so please go easy on me if I've messed something up.
    I've been using Mihail's mods for awhile and while some of them have been geared up, most haven't. I made this for personal use mainly, so it's a bit rough. I started with the fogling because I figure'd it would be the easiest, with it using the Reikling skeleton.
    To be blunt, I just slapped the vampire lord dick from MNC onto the Fogling, scaled it down a little bit and aligned it best I could. There's some minor clipping with the model, you can see a bit of the dick mesh in the foglings... stomach hole? It aligns with animations decently from my tests, there is some poke through with one or two animations, some hand and mouth stuff doesn't align, not sure if that's my bad or just the animations being specifically aligned for a Reikling dick. It might not work as well for others as it is for me, I'm using the Ningheim race so it's possible that it works for me for while vanilla or other modded races could take a dick to the eye instead of the mouth. I was originally going to make it work through Sexlab Aroused Creatures but TES5Edit didn't play nice so these guys are gonna be running around with full on erections. If somebody wants to give a go at integrating aroused support feel free to share it, like I said this was mainly personal use and these things having their dicks out 24/7 doesn't really bother me.
    I'll probably dickify more Mihail creatures, if you've got a suggestion for a specific one let me know. I tried the Clannfear but they use Boar meshes for some reason and the result was no animations and a floating member.
    This will still require the original Fogling mod, as this only includes the meshes I've edited and the skeleton. I do not know if it's Special Edition compatible.



  16. Fox textures for Lykaios Race - (Female UNP only)

    Hi, here you will find a set of modified textures for a fox look. Textures are only for UNP female, it's beta version, not quite perfect. The original intention was to create a new fox for Yiffy Age of Skyrim using Lykaios meshes.  I'm leaving this project, if anyone wants to continue, they can.  There will be no updates from me. 
    It's not a complete mod !  Just basic textures, it's more of a Modders Resource !
    Credits: Bad Dog, KrittaKitty, Blaze69
    PS: If I have forgotten someone, let me know and I will add it here.
    I started working on the male version, but I don't promise anything.



  17. Legacy Aki Slavetat Collection

    This is the old version of all my tats prior to my discovery of mipmaps.  So these are the file versions without mipmaps.  I HIGHLY recommend you use my other version found in this link (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/9544-aki-collection/) which has mipmaps.
    What are mipmaps? According to wikipedia:
    So what does that mean?  Well if I a creator doesn't make their textures with mipmaps the game has to generate them using RAM while you're playing.  This can cause:
    at best-weird issues where you can't see the tat from some angles or distances
    at worst-CTD.
    So in general it is a good idea to use mipmaps.
    So now you must be asking why I'm uploading an old version without them?
    Someone commenting on another thread was talking about the crazy file size for some slave tats.  I noticed that, on average, my slavetats file sized increased by about 1/3 the original size when I added mipmaps.  This is likely because each .dds file/image contains multiple lower resolution versions of itself (that's ultimately what mipmaps are).  So for people who would prefer to risk CTD for lower file sizes, you can access the old tats.
    I understand some people don't have the memory (and tbh I don't fully understand how computer memory works. For all I know this is a pointless endeavor but I digress), as much as I empathize, I consider not using mipmaps to be poor form at this point.  Every texture should have them to my knowledge.  I would rather someone tell me a way to reduce file size somehow by compressing better, but that is also something I don't understand so I'm at the mercy of my own limited knowledge and people's willingness to help.
    I kept the legacy files as a backup when I was still learning what mipmaps were, but now that I understand the concept better I intend to delete them from my hard drive.  But I figured I might as well upload them now and give someone who wants these a chance to download them.  And someday I may take this down and they'll be gone forever.  So if this matters to you, download ASAP.
    But again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MY OTHER PAGE!  Since updating just my own tats I noticed a change in how often I had CTD.  I think they're worth the memory.
    All tats designed on CBBE body but most tats will work on other body types unless they're full body tats.  They may look a bit warped.  There is one tat in the legacy Zelda set that does not work (The fierce Deity Face tat).  Somehow the file turned to just solid white color.  Not sure why or how that happened.  The tat is deleted in the up to date packs.
    For a guide on how to make your own tats please check out the main tat page and download the guide.




    skyrim ece breton preset    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEekFwH12As
      fotoğraftaki ile aynı görüntüye sahip olmak için             to have the same image as in the photo
      Sırasıyla önce                                                                   Respectively
    KS Hairdo's Renewal Maevan2's Eye Brows Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows  The Eyes Of Beauty CN Eyes SeveNBase  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Bijin Skin UNP and Update     (wet) Demoniac                                 ( muscularmap 2,  goosebumps) Seductive Lips HD
    en önemlisi:   Snapdragon Prime ENB   +   for ENB (ELE)-LITE   +   Mindflux Particle Patch for ENB
                            (kesinlike enb ayarını yapın,  definitely set the enb)

    youtube channel:      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyeqAx8SvScV8qOFDpyP_A?view_as=subscriber

    +18 screenshot:        https://twitter.com/Skyrim62361127

    screenshot:              https://www.instagram.com/skyrimnox/



  19. Tramp Stamps - A Collection Of SlaveTats Packs

    Main Pack
    A collection of slutty/objectifying tattoos, stuff like loving/needing cocks, wanting to be bred, being a cocksleeve, etc.
    227 Tattoos, 8.4GB unzipped (maybe I went overboard), the compressed version was removed due to issues.
    Rough Pack
    A rougher font and rougher subject matters, rape, ownership, etc. Many more to come for this one, I just wanted to get something out there for now.
    17 Tattoos, 1.4GB unzipped.
    Furry/Bestiality/Creature Pack aka FCB Pack
    So far just tattoos about horse/dog cocks and knotting. WIP. Honestly I need more suggestions for this one because I don't know what to add except more types of beast/creature cock ones.
    10 Tattoos, 853MB unzipped.
    Lesbian Pack
    Tattoos about loving pussy, no men being allowed, turning straight girls gay, that kind of thing. WIP.
    23 Tattoos, 784MB unzipped.
    About pack size:
    The reason the packs are so large despite having so few tattoos is because they're very high resolution to avoid looking blurry and pixelated, and because of the software I use to place the tattoos. If the packs are too big for you, there's a compressed version of the main pack, and you can look at this comment to see how to compress it https://www.loverslab.com/topic/138380-tramp-stamps-a-collection-of-slavetats-packs/?do=findComment&comment=2949811 use 4096x4096 for a decent compression that doesn't result in TOO much quality loss, and 2048x2048 if you want to go even further.
    Useful additions to slavetats:
    RapeTattoos, which gives rape a chance to apply slavetats: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3587-rapetattoos/ download this rTatsSettingsTemplate.7zpatch and put it below rapetats and this pack. Thanks to @osmosis-wrench for making it, and look at his post for more info https://www.loverslab.com/topic/138380-tramp-stamps-a-collection-of-slavetats-packs/?do=findComment&comment=2946745
    Monoman's Mod Tweaks to configure RapeTattoos: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/
    Slavetats magic manager, which lets you save and load presets of tats: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3242-slavetats-magic-managerstmm/
    FadeTattoos, to make tattoos fade away: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3586-fadetattoos/
    If you want to have more than 6 tattoos, open up skee64.ini if you're SE, or nioverride.ini if you're LE and scroll to [Overlays/Body] and change iNumOverlays to whatever you want the max to be. The max for slavetats is 12 unfortunately.
    Let me know if you have any suggestions for more tattoos!
    Let me know if any of the tattoos look weird or should be changed in some way!
    2020/03/11: the performance patch is no longer necessary with the latest update of slavetats
    CustomPreset.xml here is the bodyslide preset I used for the screenshots, it's CBBE. Edit: I've since turned up Apple to 50% and Size to 150% on the ass for the current screenshots.

    CBBE Body, though UNP should probably work too
    Slavetats: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/
    Install like any other mod.
    Apparently donating is something people want to do, so I've made a buymeacoffee account if you want to donate
    Aki K for letting me know mudbox exists and for his guide on it, check out his slavetats here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/124954-aki-collection/



  20. Bad Dog's Horse Race

    A horse race, with unique head, hands, and feet.  Requires RaceCompatibility and an extended skeleton such as XPMSE.
    There's an SOS schlong as a separate download. That requires SOS.
    There are a bunch of unique customizations which have their own sliders. These are duplicated on the vanilla sliders so they can be accessed through the Creation Kit. So some vanilla sliders do what you'd expect, some do something horse-specific, and some do nothing at all. Most of the tint sliders do something, not always what you expect. I don't know how to get RaceMenu to show tint sliders easily. The dirt slider has a few overall face patterns in addition to dirt. Males have two head complexions, but if you choose the second it flips back to the first when you exit RaceMenu. Dunno what that's about. There's a set of overlays by ASlySpyDuo--body, hands, feet, head--that give you zebra, giraffe, and appaloosa textures, also socks and white bellies. There's a known bug that if you have a head overlay (like the zebra) and get decapitated, you CTD. Don't get decaptated, it's bad. Horses have bridles and helmets adapted by Blaze69. Regular helmets don't fit your horse head well. The NPC herd has a chest with a few items in it, or you can craft them. Usual perks required. If you have a vanilla helmet you can often re-forge it into a horse version. Tails maybe-sometimes follow your hair color. If they don't there are equipable tails in the chest at the NPC camp. CBBE textures are available in a separate download. The SOS download gives you dick.  For an ordinary unsheathed SOS schlong, activate BDHorseSOS and not the others. In this mode you'll get no extra script activity. "Horse" is a simple dick for the males, "Horse Pussy" is a pussy by RussianPrince for the females. "Horse Futa" puts a dick on the girls. Probability for this one is set to 0, so you have to choose it. For sheathing horse schlongs, activate BDHorseHoodie and BadDogSchlongCore. "Horse Sheathing" is a sheath for the guys. Run BDHorseSOS too so the females get their bits. These need a skeleton that supports them, e.g. UUNP, XPSME. BDHorseNPC gives you NPCs. There's a small herd near the Bleakwind Basin giant camp. Horses can be found there or in Whiterun near the Gildergreen, or in the evening hanging out in the Bannered Mare or with the Companions. They've made friends with the giants so if you pick up a giant contract don't execute it when the horses are around or they'll get pissed with you. You can hire most of them, or use a follower mod to get them to follow you. There's also an addon for Live Another Life which lets you start as a member of the herd. They'll be friendly and available as companions. The giants will be friendly too.   
    Upgrading from prior versions:
    The schlongs might cause trouble. Uninstalling them, cleaning the save, and installing 1.0 will probably fix it.  
    New mouth texture Maybe some more face tints or patterns, like for paint horses. If I can't get the complexions to work I'll put them on the dirt slider. Scars maybe? Do scars matter? They are a bit tedious but not really hard to do.  
    Blaze69 for a bunch of additions and cleanup, also the horse gear Apachii and Nuska for hair sources Leito for the horse cock ASlySkyDuo for body overlays and awesome pics Tasheni (Saddles and Saddles Redguard Collection), mystikhybrid (Horse Armors for Skyrim) and tumbajamba (Armored SabreCat Mount) for the base models the horse gear was made from



  21. Cosio Patch for Bijin Skin

    This patch is made for people who use Cosio Body and Bijin Skin. [DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DON'T USE ANY OF THEM] 
    Check the images above. 
    If you have requests for other skin patches, do tell me. I'll see what I can do. 
    . Just use NMM and replace the files when it asks too. [I don't know about other Mod Managers, Sorry] 
    . Do it manually. If you know how to. 
    If you find any issues, just reply down below. Thanks!! ^~^ 



  22. Dragon Cum Fountain

    a replacement fountain for the school.
    note1: textures may vary depending on what rock mods you have installed.
    note2: i have not made a collision mesh yet, so don't bother with trying to throw cabbages into it's mouth.
    you may now "feed" the dragon.



  23. Dagi Raht and Khajiit Stripes UNP textures for LE

    Could not find good textures one for Dagi Raht Race Reborn. Found Better Khajiit female body Texture, combined it with Feminine Khajiit Textures and it seems good, vagina works with collisions, so i decided to share it. Also made version just for Khajiit. Enjoy!
    Require Dagi Raht Race Reborn mod if u use Dagi Raht Version. 



  24. Superior Female Textures for CBBE

    A little experiment I made & liked. I hope you like it too.
    This is a full 2k texture replacer for cbbe female body. It comes with make-up texture improvements.



  25. Legacy of Dragonborn - BDSM paintings - v1.0

    Legacy of Dragonborn - BDSM paintings

    This is a painting replacer mod for Legacy of Dragonborn (aka Dragonborn Gallery) mod. All it does is changing the painting to BDSM pictures. It is good only for V19.3.06 in LE. It might work on the same version in SE.
    For the new DBG SE 5.0.30+ versions use the SE version. It is fully tested, all pictures work.
    Legacy of Dragonborn LE or SE

    How to install
    Nothing fancy, although I'd suggest to use a mod manager tool, because this overwrites assets from the original mod. Put it behind the main Dragonborn gallery mod.
    Other info
    I had to crop almost every picture. This is not my way of criticizing the artist's composition skills, I simply did it so they won't get distorted while displayed (all of them have to have precise 1:1, 1:2 or 2:1 ratio). The pictures itself however are good quality, so if you go close to them, they won't get pixelated. This also means that this mod adds a bit more strain to your video card as the pictures take up several megabytes from its memory.
    The mod is incompatible with any mod which replaces the paintings. The mod has no scripts, it is purely a texture replacer. Because of this, it is most likely compatible with Skyrim SE version, although I didn't try it (if someone does, please give me some feedback).
    Used tools
    XNView MP Version 0.94.1 64bits
    Easy2Convert JPG to DDS 2.6 Freeware
    Total Commander (x64) 8.50RC2

    All pictures are found on the net at freely accessible webpages. If you see your picture and don't want it in the mod, please notify me and I will remove it. I also tried to list all the artists in the credits section, as none of the pictures are mine. Again, if you see your picture but no credit was given, please notify me and I will gladly add your name to the credits.
    This mod is free. The pictures belong to the artists who drew them. You can not upload the mod to anywhere else than LL. You can not use it in paying mods. You can modify it as much as you want if you keep it free and give proper credits.

    NerdsPlayhouse - I used his painting replacer mod as a base for this.
    monsta88 - for doing it.
    Shingyouji Tatsuya
    Rook 07



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