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  1. I am skeptic about keeping old things in a new install. Specially inis and ENBs. But then, I am very superstitious 😃. Just for curiousity. Did you try to start a new game with fresh ini files and without ENB installed? I would take those steps first before I would start removing any mods. One thing: I checked ur log and the load order. It complains about not finding EMCompViljaSkyrim.esp, annasnpcs.esp and hotfollower.esp. I could not find those mods in your load order?
  2. Two diveded problem with that greengoblin, first part is that vanilla riekling has few polygons beneath the hair/helmets/hats. So it looks blocky when I removed it. I can fix that by just adding "hair" or something back. Second part is mr Thors lousy compentence in blender. I did not edit the textures after I did the mesh edits. I didn't do any "rounding" on the mesh shape in blender either. I know you are supposed to be able to do that, but I couldnt get it to work. I might temporary solve that by replacing the custom greengoblin mesh with the original riekling mesh and have green texture on it.
  3. A schlongphoon? No can't do that... cause that would intervene my plans for this one 😁
  4. Could it be this? Strangely this doesn't seem to be a problem for others. But I was just thinking since you probably are on SSE version. \Skyrim\Data\textures\newcreatures\vicn\grummite\grummite_penis_d.dds' is 517 x 512 Preparing a new texture file in 1024 x 1024 to see if that works. Copy paste overwrite inside folder <Skyrim\Data\textures\newcreatures\vicn\grummite> grummite_penis_d.dds
  5. Some just some comments from me on the files atached by Razzor666, regarding replacing these. Just to avoid confusion: Minotaur01.nif: Mod is not setup with json and aroused mesh for minotaurs yet. DrownerHard.nif: This one is ok, but seems to be the same as the one demoniccreatures(?) ClannfearHard_1.nif: Comes with a new more fitting dick mesh. Must be renamed to Clannfearhard.nif. Also needs to edit texture paths in nifscope. Maybe a little bit of tweaking of UV map. LittleShoggothHARD.nif: Mod is not setup with json and aroused mesh for littleshoggoths yet. I thought originally "heck no"... but that razzor guy/girl made this look damn interesting 😄! But still, you can't just copy paste them over. MihailPsittacosaurHARD.nif: This mesh is not 100% identical to the beaked dino that comes with the mod. Mihail probably did some edits to the version I've inculded. Perhaps mihails version is better? Please comment! Anyway, as Razzor666 states, can't just copy this over. Needs renaming, downloading org textures from mihails mod, also needs json file update, since aroused mesh on this dino is not part of the mod because....meeeh....dino..... 😆. Daedrothhard.nif: Same as with the Psittacosaur. Slightly different daedroth than the one that comes with demoniccreatures. Razzor, Is this mihails?
  6. question: Does the baliwog make your game CTD too? Does it CTD when you manually spawn them through consol?
  7. Yes some if these creatures is 100% done yet. Minotaurs among them. Many reasons for that 🤗. They will be fixed together with daedroths (both lesser and mighty), clannfear and both Ogres. Originally, I planned to incorporate other stuff before this update, but maybe I should do this first 🙄.
  8. Beats me 🧐... looks like it complains about the weapons. Might have to take a look down the road. I haven't noticed anything in game. I too want that. Also custom idle sounds. But SL sounds is handled by the sexlab framework and is something that needs to be implemented in sexlab. It is also diversified by race, so new races must probably be implemented. I\m not 100% sure what I am writing here because I've done anything to the sexlab mod other than change the strap on color from black to white 🤣. Creature SL sounds themselves are easy to do, timeconsuming though. BTW...thanks for the link for texture optimizer tool. I'm busy with implementing scripts now but I need to do that also at some point. Hmmm not sure. I will look into that too. All these creatures needs some retouch: Minotaurs, Ogres, MightyDaedroths (also lesser Daedroth). Some of them does yet not have aroused meshes due to this. Also as we spoke of earlier, we have the height isssue. So to align sex animations the height should be increased. I really hope Viltuska isn't reading this... 😳 Hmmm... usually someone comes along that has SSE and converts it. I'm not gonna stand in their way . Not saying I won't do it, but right now I need to focus on completing the mod up to a certain degre. There is one of them which actually is white. Dunno if you have gimp/photoshop or anything to open dds files, but if you navigate to textures>newcreatures>RB>treeduckbill and look at treeduckbill_tundra.dds. It has a white torso with grey / brownish color on feet and jaws. could it be that one? Also.... this creature was originally friendly to the PC. I though of it as a.... pet kind of thing. Then for no reason I changed my mind and made it hostile, but very weak. In my game it appears to often to my likings so I might reduce the spawn chance a bit.
  9. thanks for these..... that clannfear dickmesh looks so much better than the one I use.
  10. thanks.. i took a chance and did the same earlier today 😀... found some more on the howlerfur_n.dds. Will up date all this in a new update. If you find more plz post...
  11. There is an exclusive ABC dong for the Ice Frost Giant ? Is it inlcuded in Bakas latest version? Yes plz share assets in here. I do not mind
  12. thanks for this... gonna have a look. CC goblins? *curious* Are you on Skyrim SE?
  13. Yeah I saw that, and it was not the only one. Thanks for reporting. Btw... what did you do to fix it?
  14. Imga was included and then removed... Reason is: It didnt move its mouth.. I'd expect that the jaws of the Imga wasrigged to the jaw bones of the troll skeleton. It wasn't So I scrapped it due to that 🧐. The Yetis and Sasquatchs is on my "to do" list. they look awesome. Do you notice any jaw movement on the Yetis? Well..... its easy to do so in creation kit or tes5edit if you are familiar with that. But every record is referenced across different sections. Also if it has as aroused mesh it is referenced in the json file for the creature framework. It needs to be removed there as well. If you know your way around tes5edit, handle armor, armor addon and LCHAR records I can provide a guide for you. How hard it is depends on which creature you want to remove I should probably add if many wants the same, I'll make a patch to "include" the dinos instead of having it included in the mod. I have a feeling many feel the same way as you. I'm running a jungle Skyrim so they fit very well in here 😛
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