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  1. Nice job. She looks nice. When you mention it I kind of remember that there was a fem giant mesh inside MNC mesh folder. Wonder why. It's defently not used ingame. Maybe its time 😋. All other creature mods have one. Why shouldn't we?!
  2. Where is the female giant from? Beast of Tamriel? I think they have open resource on the creatures that they themselves rigged. To get KS hair: This will give the best result if excisting hair is a separate submesh. Otherwise you either need to delete those vertices after you have attacked the new hair. Open desired KS hair in nifscope, select nitrishape, export as obj. Open your female giant in Otfitstudio . In OS settings, make sure you have the skeleton the giant uses. Default will be a female human skeleton. This is important. Then -> Import file from obj, select ur hair obj Then scale, move, rotate this new mesh so it fits the giants head Then select the giant head/body/hair and set it as reference. Go to bone tab of this mesh and select all bones. Go to your new hair mesh again, rightclick select copy selected weights. Increase those radius sliders a couple of notches up Then export the whole thing to a new nif file. If unweighted vertices warning comes, you have to manually weightpaint the missing area of the hair that does not have weights attached. Tip here is to inverse the mask (the mask will automatically cover the unweighted vertices, so therefore you invert the mask to cover the already weighted vertices Make sure all weight colors align so it looks "nice" then export again. until the warning of unweghted vertices is gone. Last, check the new exported nif inside nifscope. Check that all bone nodes are arranged the same way as they did before this operation. Sometimes things screw up. I don't think OS is really meant for rigging 😁 That little reddish one? Type help "skeleton devil" Darn you are right. Seems to be a wellknown issue. I have replaced the outfits in yarlclothes03 folder myself, but demonic creatures doesn't alter that outfit though, but its good info. Demonic Creatures edits the LCHARwarlockMale which Potema uses factions and AI data from. It might be that the creatures of this mod does not have the required factions and spells that Potema needs. In v1.5 I reverted her to use vanilla settings.
  3. You can check the list of creatures (ods file) located in the "dinofree free version & document" download. Most of the creatures are listed with its race. Thanks for the mod suggestion btw... It might be a good way to spawn a zombie hord too ?
  4. What type of draugr was inside? Looking at inside CK now. There is only vanilla draugr and a couple of draugrrace creatures from this mod present. Strange that it didn't open.
  5. Hmmm.... wonder if this effect could be mounted on a creature? I mean the fire shout spell is already mounted on several werewolf Daedroths. So in theory it should be easy to replace it with this sprint spell instead? Wonder if it would actually work 😁
  6. Gonna check it. Central area, is that the area you first arrive in or is it in the end? EDITED: I ran through it. I got 3 actors show up where two of the actors was from Demonic. One draugr brute and one human skeleton. I killed all three and got quest marker completed and ran back to medresi and she gave me the key to open the doors. Do you have a save from that quest stage? Can you use aurora whisper or anything and check if there is a third lifeform present that you maybe did not see? I'm suscpecting that it might be an invisible actor I've used to increase randomness in spawns that might have been your third actor in this case. It spawns through a LCHARDaedra list. I have removed it in v1.5. But it would sure be nice to know for sure that it was it. It's very small, but it will be located in the same spot where the draugr would have been placed. I should probably mention on front page, that if one of those human adventurers/hunters/bandits/vigilants or whatever spawns in a place like this, they will fill the role of one of these three quest actors and actually needs to be killed regardless of their hostility. Otherwise the quest won't progress.
  7. Almost. The LvLActor that spawns them is set to difficulty "Easy". Which means the actor spawned will be 1/3 of your level -> means that you need to be level 50 before they crawl out. But I have seen them before I'm level 50 to be honest. I thought to myself that it was the mod Skyrim Redone that tuckled with level modifiers or something but I'm not sure. One second thing, the way I set things up, something "always" spawns even if you are low level. So if an invisible actor is spawned, this invisible actor will be there until its killed or the cell respawns after 30 days. It's the actor I called partypooper. To be honest, I'm not so satiesfied with these drowners attacks. Their crawl out of ground attacks seem to fail 50% of the time (for me at least). The spawnings are very routine like. I'm considering hiding packs of drowners away in some unused cell instead. Give them some new AI packages and have them go on patrol either after dark or/and when it rains. The more I experiment with patrols and AI packages the more I prefer it. It's much more immersive than Skyrims own spawn system. It can create some really good situations where you have several parties of actors meeting each other and creating chaos.
  8. Yeah that's one spot. But are you sure they are there? You can check it by toggle free cam mode and dive down under the river bottom and see if they are there in ambush state. Location is just a little stone throw up the river from that pile of lumber. Trigger box is in the shallow part of river just west of that pile of lumber. If they are not there hiding it means that you probably didn't reach high enough level.
  9. Some progress pics on the zombies. Tried to make them look a bit more scary with some "bloody" wounds here and there. Question: Where can I find a slave collar? I know this is loverslab but I can't find one 😂. Need it to cover some neck seams. You need to tuckle with CF. See the link on the FAQ section about where to find needed steps. 😆 . At the moment there is no "real" zombies in Demonic Creatures. But I want to change that. So I have prepared two models, one male and female, that I will use with different outfits.
  10. I second this. I'm also wondering if I'm adding pictures the hard way when I want to add a new "latest version of the mod"-picture, or maybe it is the only way? Seems like new pictures are added last in the gallary. Perhaps mods that adds lots of things are a special case here. Also, how many pictures can we add, and will the amount of MBs matter in any way? Maybe I should host pics in a third site instead 🤔
  11. I can understand that. I myself has not experienced game breaking bugs in these places and I've played through these quests 4 times since I started. But it is a roll of a dice. You can do two things: Install the mod. Don't visit the places (meaning not entering the relevant cells) and update to v1.5 when its ready. Or... you can start the quests as normal. If you should get into trouble (keep a save from before you entered the cell as backup), use console commands to manually finish the quests. I'm not too far away with v1.5, but it needs lots of testing. I just hope he finishes the update on his zombies. I'm considering including some of them. The creepy zombie mod was a dead end for me. I'm gonna use diseases, spells, races and sounds from Creepy Zombies, but none of the male models. When I tried to add pelvis floors to the zombie bodies skeletons and poses screwed up. I even tried rigging the whole thing from scratch after a draugr skeleton instead, but realized it would be easier to make something new instead. Going to put these zombie bastards in prison basements 😃. Now sneak skills come in handy.
  12. Well... the first one, "make skyrim straight again", if you google this, hit no 5 will take you to a mod site with the name familiar with ".............., not stirred" 😂 Seems like Caden made this mod exclusive to this site. I'm not familiar with why. Always thought Cadens mods was well done and thought through. If mod no 2 and 3 is the same author, I'd look for them at this other mod site too.
  13. Yes mostly. There is area specific spawns too. I've wrote down details on the frontpage 😊 Companion flowers? Plz explain.
  14. No not besides console. Some creatures is not fully implemented and some has too high levels and only show on high levels. Is it some particulary ones that you feel is not showing at all? Edited: Also, Aki K made a hentai demonic creature addon mod (LE only, but probably easy to convert to SE)
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