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  1. Is anyone here on SE that would be able to test the v1.3 before release? Qualifications needed: Use console commands, use cathedral optimiser (or similar), do the ctrl + f4 to create facegeom files in Creation kit). Task: You would need to spawn and have sex with several of the mods creatures according to a list (the ones that are either new or have troublesome history) Yeah, that sounded like one of those goofy job advertisements 😂
  2. it's getting close :). But I think the SE version needs some more testing to prevent all the ctd issues from v1.2. Also, depends on if I get this one finished or not. I might wait for v1.4 to have her included. But a sneak peak doesn't hurt.
  3. Ah.. until recently it was my impression that she was working as expected. nessa is doing some testing on v1.3 for SE and this did indeed excist in my converted version. I believe Nessa found a fix 😊
  4. I feel really honoured because there are so many creatures released everywhere now that it's really hard to say what specific ones I want to see. Right now I'm looking for creatures for vanilla races that has several good animations made but few creatures to use them. Forexample, we have many great animations for the vampire lord. There is no creatures besides the vampire lord itself that make use of these animations as I'm aware of. In addition, you barely meet vampire lords when you play. So that is something I'm looking out for. I did download it last year with the plan to im
  5. Exciting. What about that crab idle animation which I read was a bit troublesome. Did you manage to overcome it? The vanilla crab animations is fit for many creatures. Scorpions being one 😎
  6. Is there anyone lurking here with good english grammar competence that can do some grammar corrections on my future books for this mod? I know my english writing is understandable, but not that good. It's not a shitload of work. Perhaps also an interest in lore and writings is beneficial. Also, any suggestions to the writings will be welcome 😊
  7. Scent of sex: It is rule based and you can define the rules (type of sex animation, type of sex to be involved, 3some, interiors/exteriors, whoever actor you want involved be it man or mer. You can decide everything. Yes it has a learning curve. But once you get it you never go without it.
  8. With testing and gaming I have at least 800 hours spent so far over a year. But lots of those hours is learning software and CK tuts. I'm not really a fast learner either 😆. But your thanks is more than enough (and I mean it). No need for compensation. In fact, if someone wants to show gratitude through compensation, find the creator of your fav creature, and compensate them 😊 I have vague plan to place them inside one of these "hot" warm spriggan caves located on the northern coastside. Perhaps also around the hot springs area near darkwater crossing. It won't happen befor
  9. 1: No 2: See below 3: The game can be unbalanced if you mess up in instructions below. But as all your changes will go inside a new ESP, and you back up your save, then it ain't that bad. You can always go back. Also, I would avoid editing anything that is used for quests. Might lead to strange things, possibly CTD. 4: Yes if your changes touches the same lists as this mod does (i dont know this mod so can't really tell). I warn you, you are up for some serious amount of work. The float diagram: Enc (the simple actor, fox , giant or ban
  10. Those bears are awesome. Question is if I should include them or just have them as replacers. They are really good in my opinion. Do we need to trim the meshes a bit?
  11. That female dragonpriest has gone beyond my scope. So might take a look at one. Also the female vampire lord.
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