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  1. new in v39: new functions provided by EgoBallistic: ; Converts an integer of any base to a hexadecimal string representation string Function IntToHexString(Int num) native global ; Converts a hexadecimal string to an integer Int Function HexStringToInt(String theString) native global ; Copy the base skin of one actor onto another as a skin override, similar to what LooksMenu does bool Function CopyActorBaseskinForm(Actor akSourceActor, Actor akDestActor) native global ; Cell Functions ; ============== ; ; Returns the
  2. NG = No Gore, for German censured version only. This is not an error. The TTW one probably is.
  3. FYI: The current version, v38, is also compatible with F4SE v0.6.21
  4. Yes striping is handled by F4SE , so you need to strip first if you don't use it.
  5. This works WITHOUT F4SE, But the DLL used for advanced functions will not work with F4SEVR.
  6. The mod is totally not runtime neutral. You need v38 today. And those messages are harmless. You can ignore them or delete the referenced DLL.
  7. v38 = compatible with runtime v1.10.163 Untested but no offsets changed, so it should work once everything else updates. Tested ok.
  8. v37 has been tested successfully with the new 0.6.19 release of F4SE.
  9. Updated test plugin function to test the new functions, provided by EgoBallistic.
  10. Edited bevcuse I just realized I forgot to change some date and version on the first post.
  11. I have something dated 2018 (sexlab.esm was 2018 01 16) PM sent
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