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  1. Here's the best way to explain it even with Unique Player Redux installed, it will only recognize either CBBE default like the SECOND photo. Or some face texture that doesn't even exist in the FIRST
  2. Weird title but basically, fresh install of F4 , wanted to try out 2k face. After working with that everything was perfectly fine. i even used the guide (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36376?tab=posts) But i realized i was not able to actually get to CHANGE the texture i wanted to use for 2k face. even with Unique Player installed the game was only reading the default CBBE face. even with different mods to change i still cannot get my game to see or recognize different face textures only
  3. That is an issue with ALLGUD not this mod , and you should never let this mod be overwritten . I ran this mod and ALLGUD with no issues gotta do everything exact
  4. Having an issue with this after reinstalling Nothing moves any of the bones for me? This overwrites XPMSE everywhere plugins and in mod order. I can bring up the menu but other than that i cannot do anything
  5. How did you do those teeth? I want to give me character some custom teeth too >:D
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21825 Perks UI finally got permission to add patches, so I wanted to do so for Ordinator. I just have absolutely no idea and any steps would be great
  7. My bodyslide does have CBBE, CBBE Adv, 3BBB, etc, etc. Not sure how i can accidently pair them wrong?? But yes, in game my textures look like your example image.
  8. It's worked before though? I never had an issue until now where the BHUNP textures wouldnt line up/ The bigger issue is that your image is my character looks INGAME as well. So im not sure whats happening???
  9. My SSE is in a horrid place but the biggest issue is that I cannot get my BHUNP textures to work anymore after using a different race. Even with Total Unique Player. Which doesn't work anymore for some reason. In this spoiler is how BHUNP looks, it has BUILT in textures that still don't work. I even selected the Ygnord custom race built in and it didn;t work. Im at a loss.
  10. I decided to look up my issue as a whole to see what might be the issue, people had similar issues when going OVER the mod limit of 255, which i hadn't been keeping up with my merges and went over. Going to fix that now and see if that helps
  11. No i don't die off the bat, just any death will reset my custom race to nord, get rid of all my perks, and then fuck up my MCM menus forcing me to run them again. Both of these are up to date, at least i have the latest from Skyrim SE nexus. the only thing overwriting Pap is Sexlab Framework
  12. As the title says, whenever i die, literally everything resets. My character turns invisble, i have to Showracemenu and redo everything. Random Ordinator perks also reset WetFunctionRedux also resets, Dancing Penis starts showing in my console as "installing update 1.9. Installing update 2.0. installing update 2.1" etc Mod List in Spoiler
  13. Okay, well figured it out pretty quickly. Somehow my CBBE esp was disabled.
  14. I explained that in the post, in game nothing fits just as bodyslide is showing nothing is fititng, even with morphs. You can see the clothes are moving but the body refuses to
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