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  1. The hair can be scripted, but I'm not sure if it deserves the effort for something like that About the fingers, hard to say without some tests, but the last person who told me about finger distortions then found that it was caused by a weapon animation replacer, I think Asura if I remember well (personally I never used them so I can't really know)
  2. There's no problem in running stuff when the game loads etc. but this new problem of copyfacegen that copies the race too makes things not easy for sure. As I see it now: - IF it's only for you, and - IF your custom race is the copy of another race with only the texture path changed then it could be doable, creating those 2 npcs already in GECK with the proper facegens of you and copy them everytime you swap an armor, if it makes sense for you. To do that, I know there's a tool which allows to extract the facegen from a savegame (so that you can use it in game) and then import it on the npc using xEdit. But you should first tell me about those 2 IFs. Oh and if you perceive I'm out of the way, it can be, I'm pretty fuzzy in these days with the hot weather and tireness, so correct my path please
  3. Mmmh I do remember matchfacegeometry had problems. Now I assume Copyfacegenfrom works fine, I remember some trouble few years ago. shouldn't you do something like this: - Store the facegen of the player on a dummy npc - Equip an armor - Change the race of the player to >>> something else - Copy back the facegen from the dummy npc, since changing the race will reset it or I'm missing something?
  4. Unfortunately I can't write the whole stuff on my own since I really lack of time. But I could provide help in terms of debugging in case you need.
  5. Thanks it's a little more clear now. I hope I understood well what you want to do. No that's not a behaviour you could change per se, because the texture path is what is defined inside the race itself. So that a vanilla will use a vanilla path (i.e. if you installed a T3 replacer) and your race will use a CBBE path (if you defined it inside the race) You can however probably use some neat script tricks to adapt to your needs. Think for example to Daughters of ARES: when you were wearing a vanilla armor, it was swapping it via script with a duplicated whose nif was a custom specific for your body.
  6. You can't simply take CBBE textures and put them over a T3 mesh (or any other body), or viceversa, because their UV maps are different. This is mentioned in the OP, read on bottom under "Weird Textures"
  7. Thanks @EgoBallistic. I updated OP, when you'll have a chance please remove the attachment from the previous message!
  8. If modding usually starts with modders sharing their mods and after a while they change their attitude toward users, there should be a reason. Think about it.
  9. If your custom race uses a model on a different path, then you'll have to manually overwrite it to make it work. For example... If your custom race puts its models inside \Data\meshes\MyCustomRace, then you'll have to pick the default body in Data\meshes\characters\_male\femaleupperbody.nif and copy in that path, overwriting the existing one. Same thing for textures, that could use a path like \Data\textures\MyCustomRace. Sorry I don't know that mod so I can't provide precise paths
  10. I had a report of invisible pipboy with the beta skeleton I attached in the OP of this thread, that's why I'd try to reinstall the one I linked above instead. Also, after reinstalling I'd test on a new game, just to be twice sure
  11. It confuses me a lot, I can only make an assumption. - When your see female bodies bad, but see male bodies good: Archive invalidation is not working, female bodies are loose files and they are not loaded, male bodies are inside a BSA file and are loaded. OR - male bodies use the same UV as vanilla, so they seem ok. I don't remember if breeze does it, it could be possible. - When you see female bodies good, but see male bodies bad: Archive invalidation is working, but male bodies lack some assets, so the male body requires a patch or something wasn't installed correctly or the mod is not packed correctly. I asked to remove temporarily Sexout because Sexout bodies are inside a BSA and I wanted to remove an extra possibility of confusion. But sorry I'm still confused. What male mods you use? is that mantrap mod a body mod?
  12. I hear you, and agree it's not something easy to come by. But again, pretty subjective: I've seen some stuff earning a lot of money, but if it was mine I would have never put that online not even for free, maybe just as "modder resource".
  13. Se il problema nasce con una delle animazioni dichiarate da questi XML, probabilmente bisogna solo specificare i valori giusti per i super mutanti. Devo leggermi qualcosa, perchè non ho mai pensato che potessero essere usate anche per i super mutanti, solo per gli umani.
  14. Can you install this and see what happens? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3058-apple-jam-skeleton-fonv/
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