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  1. Oh is it a Discord about modding Fallout? can I have an invite?
  2. Did you mix different armor replacers? do you have an example and a pic?
  3. No it doesn't, for both the things, but nevermind.
  4. You're right, write it this way please: If DoOnce == 0 If Timer <= 1 Print "Skeleton Time!" equipitem OMNYLaserSkellySuit 1 Set DoOnce to 1 Else Set Timer to Timer -GetSecondsPassed endif Endif
  5. you copied wrong my last script, you inverted two conditions (the doonce and the timer)
  6. A model with a problem can cause a ctd, especially if there's a problem with the weighting. To narrow down if the problem is the model or something happening in the script, my advice is try to put it on another context and see if it causes a similar issue. For example: - put a ; in front of the equip line, see if it's really the skeleton that causes the freeze - if it's not, move the equip line from the spell to your even handler, just right after the additem, so that it will equip instantly, see if the problem comes from equipping seconds later - try in console to additem to yourself and try to equip it yourself, see if it causes the same issue
  7. The second script is incomplete. Try this as ScritpEffectUpdate block: Begin ScriptEffectUpdate If Timer <= 1 If DoOnce == 0 Set DoOnce to 1 Print "Skeleton Time!" equipitem OMNYLaserSkellySuit 1 Endif Else Set Timer to Timer -GetSecondsPassed Endif End If you had NVAC and then you removed it when you were making your experiments, that COULD explain the random crashes that became persistent
  8. I would ignore the fact that this means an average of 14 Fallout 4 mods / day for 4 years without counting sundays and saturdays and holidays in general, and instead will give you a couple of infos. I just reinstalled it and jumped in game, it triggered some dozen idles for some minutes and it worked fine so I take it for good, but I also have a very minimal Load Order. Look for NV Compatibility Skeleton, that's the most compatible, look for it on Nexus unless you're using CBBE. However, this is a general suggestion, because I think your issue has nothing to do with the skeleton. Keep in mind that there's plenty of mods that break the vanilla functionality at the core of this mod, making it not working correctly, this includes some gameplay mods which came out in these last years. Everytime you install a mod that contains an animation, there's a very good chance that will break this mod. Some examples are Solid Project, Quickthrow or Sexout itself. This leads to the impossibility to reach "security, stability", because that's a choice made by those modders.
  9. I don't know Vortex, let's see if someone else knows how it works and can help you
  10. I'd still think it's the skeleton, check post #461
  11. Exactly. That's what I was meaning here: but it was explained quite bad, glad we understood. The only thing I don't know is if the spell will actually be casted on a dead actor, I don't remember, it needs to be tested.
  12. Because the logic behind the script is not correct. Here how the game reads it: - is timer <4? yes it is, so add GetSecondsPassed. It's the first time the script runs, so it probably will be still 0. - is (all the other conditions to change it in skeleton?) yes, then change it to skeleton. period. You're declaring it as Function{rActor}, so I guess it's still the event handler we were talking on the other page of comments. As I said that event handler runs on a single frame, when the enemy dies, so that timer will never increase. A correct logic would be using the event handler to cast a spell to the enemy, with the CIOS command. That spell will least some time, and in a script attached to the spell you'll put the timer. The only thing to test in this case will be if the spell casted on the dead body, will still execute even if he's dead, I don't remember.
  13. A timer is something like this: if fTimer < somevalue Set fTimer to fTimer +GetSecondsPassed else ; The time has passed, do something endif A timer must be placed inside a script which executes continuously, so that everytime it executes it will sum GetSecondsPassed, which is the gap from the previous execution.
  14. "First" no, it wouldn't make any sense imho. You can use whatever format you prefer, you just need to know how to treat the file and export it correctly to work on NV.
  15. You must export using some settings. Blender 2.49 is pretty straight. If you use a higher version, I guess you can simply save as legacy and then import on the 2.49 and then export as nif. You can take a look here for the settings: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Fallout._Part_2 If after the creation, the texturing and the rigging you'll have issues during the export, let me know.
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