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  1. It probably depends by your version of photoshop, in mine the option to resize is on the third menu from left, which should be called something like "Picture", or "Image", and then the option is something like "Size of the Picture". To export from photoshop to dds you need a plugin: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter
  2. Oh but it's not mandatory, i just decided to be a lil more careful. Scripts are not baked, with a clean save you should be quite good. I just noticed that when some mods reindex some scripts act a lil weird. Since another long time scripter had the same weird experiences and feelings, I took this habit and I really avoided many headaches. If it was Skyrim or FO4... never, I never touch my LO, eventually I add mods, or disable them in MCM, but I never remove them or reindex. Then there's always the few exceptions here and there, when I more or less can foresee the consequences, but when it's mods I don't know much I tend to not mess too much with them.
  3. if I remember well, that esp contains only few new clothes, not the vanilla replacers, I think they are located in Victor shack or something like that personally I never had issues in removing mods from FO3/NV, the game should clean residuals when you save on a new slot. There are few exceptions like mods that make some operations using vanilla functions, like disabling an object via script, they would require a specific script to re-enable it before uninstalling or that object will remain disabled. But I don't think there's many mods with a destructive behaviour like this. Said that, I tend to not make many changes in load order to mods that have a lot of scripting anyway, like moving their index etc.
  4. Heh, I hear you. Because you have to relate with dumb individuals, who become even dumber when the sun is so hot as in these days. When I wrote you about heels, as a stupid I didn't take in consideration that it requires the NV Compatibility Skeleton, which I decided to NOT make compatible with CBBE. Sounds like a paradox, I know, but calling it "NV Compatibility Skeleton NOT compatible with CBBE" was too long. Well jokes apart, there's some precise reasons behind it, behind my choices, even if they seem "peculiar" sometimes. The good thing is, I could probably solve modifying the script of the framework, I have this idea since few weeks but god I still didn't have the time to try it. Next weekend I swear I'll do it. And if I won't keep the promise, both you and KoolHndLuke have full permission to insult me.
  5. What a wondrous stakhanovite :) It almost makes me want to come back... By the way, the High Heels he mentioned is THIS. Once the model is ready, it only requires a txt file in a folder and it'll work as heels.
  6. Why the sum is a small fraction of 2 Billions? am I misunderstanding the meaning?
  7. Wow I didn't know there was this thread. Or maybe I knew but I forgot. I'm gonna put a link on the OP
  8. Yes that's a different UV, as I was saying. What's the name of the mesh you're using in the picture, the one which contains that Arms.007? So I can inspect the file EDIT: Wait, I've read it better, " it's a T6 according to the mod I got it from. You see how the texture map is all messed up on the T6?" - Yes, it is intended, that's how the game works. When you do a conversion, you must replace the part of the T6 body with a part of CBBE body.
  9. How it is different? do you have some pictures?
  10. As mentioned in the description, it uses a "different UV". It's how models and textures work. If you ever played Skyrim, it's like UNP and CBBE.
  11. problem is, you didn't say what was/is happening. And what is "Eff" ?
  12. it's a skeleton issue, as I said to that guy. If you reinstall the skeleton it should be ok.
  13. Yeah using custom clothes is surely the easier way to go.
  14. I try to explain with a couple of practical examples, ignore if I'll be redundant and write something you know: This is the vanilla "Formal Clothes", the female tuxedo, it has exposed arms so it's a good example. Check in the middle, the BIPED OBJECT, it's the slot of the body where it will be located. In this case, as for most vanilla outfits, it's UPPERBODY (the second slot I was referring). For how the game behaves, if a cloth is using this slot, when the player wears it his body will automatically become invisible, it's hardcoded. So, every outfit on this slot will also include the body mesh, which you can see in the picture (the black arms). Now, you can easily understand that this is what changes your body mesh. If your naked body has a certain shape, when you wear a outfit which includes a body with a different shape you will notice that it changes. But what happens if you simply change the slot? for example from UPPERBODY to BACKPACK? It happens that when you wear it the game won't make your naked body invisible, and you'll end up with two different body meshes overlapped. The big work I was referring is that you should then pick every cloth, remove every body shape they include, model them to adapt to your naked body (or they'll clip) and then give them a slot which is not UPPERBODY. Basically, what I did in Simply Clothes and the few other meshes using High Heels. Look at the shirt: See? it doesn't contain the body, and it's not on the second slot, hence if you wear it on Type 4 body it will fit perfectly. If you wear it on another body, it will clip. If you change its slot with UPPERBODY, you'll end up with a head floating over a shirt, because the naked body will become invisible. For the game, if you put a shirt on the NoseRing slot and pants on the Earrings, or other unused slots, the game doesn't know what you're doing and doesn't care, it will work. Just avoid peculiar slots like left /right hands, hair, head, weapon, pipboy. So well, the work is not only in the GECK, it's also in 3D, with Blender program.
  15. Lift up? uhm... open the console and write: PLAYER.GETPOS X It will tell you your X coordinate, let's say it's 1000 for example Now try with Setpos to move your character a little, i.e. 50 units more or less than the value it gave you, and following my example this would be: PLAYER.SETPOS X 1050 You should see your character moving a bit, in a direction. When you close the console, you should expect one of these 2 behaviours, and I would like to know which one: - The player stays in that precise position, and the issue persists - The player jumps back in the previous position, and the issue persists
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