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  1. Did you already convert all the vanilla outfits for the DoA race with Outfit Studio? if so, it's probably just a matter of where BS saves the nifs when you generate them with the batch button. Check the files inside the DoA bsa archive (you can use any software you like, for example B.A.E. from Nexus), you will find a sub folder probably under meshes which contains all the custom nifs for the player >>> you need to tell Bodyslide to save the nifs for your custom character here. EDIT: wtf I completely misread it... sorry -_-
  2. I never checked the latest updates of Lucas Jose, but with the original DoA it was not possible to use a body replacer (at least, not properly), because every armor had to be adapted to it. Every time that a cyborg wears a vanilla armor, it's immediately changed with a custom model which is contained on a custom folder. So, a mod like CBBE (but more in general, every body replacer), can't work with it properly because they will never put the assets in that custom folder, first, and then because everytime you have an exposed piece of skin it won't be "robotic". Body replacers are going to change the npcs, but not the DoAs (or in general custom races using custom folders) To use it for the player, it would require first to make conversions for every vanilla armor for the DoA body, and then put it in that custom folder. Again, assuming Lucas Jose didn't make some drastic change in some recent update.
  3. Why are npcs different than you, since the paths are the same? Could it be that you're using a custom race for your character, something pointing to a different folder than vanilla? if so then you must manually put the textures in that path, and... probably change the nifs too? mmh... well, let's do just one step first.
  4. I admit I missed the whole part where you were talking about the package in the previous message. Yes I agree, the dialogue had to start when you were entering. Also, the script had nothing peculiarly weird, the only thing I see is something *could have happened* if you were going to delilah instead of katrina in the previous quest stage, but I should really inspect the esp on geck to tell for sure. Anyway glad you solved
  5. There are many lines under GREETINGS, you are only showing the one you highlighted, I don't know if the other ones are referring to delilah or not (by the way the one you highlighted is Proctor talking, why you say he's not there on GREETINGS? ...) Also, there could be more GREETINGS, in some other quests. The fact you say these two dialogues are similar doesn't mean much to me, you tend to set every topic with the GetIsID condition to make dialogue working properly. SQV is the console command to show a quest variable.
  6. When it comes to dialogues, it's very complicated and my suggestion is to ask the modder. However, if you want to make your own extra check, here some infos for you. If the npc must approach you and start conversation, then there must be something triggering it, it can be a trigger activator, a script... so, many things could be involved, not working, the script, the activator lacking a simple flag, the AI package etc. and you need some further inspection on GECK to gather more infos. If you have to talk to the npc and you expect that topic to show up, then you must look for the previous topic, not the one involved. Check the GREETING topic where the GetIsID is LegionCityDelilah, see if it links correctly the next one (which is the one you want to show up) The typo you saw on the script is not important, it refers to a variable whose name is wrong but it's just aesthetic, it could have been called also "deelaila" and it was ok, the important is that both the script and the condition have the same word (or it would return an explicit error anyway) By the way conditions are written/edited/erased on the bottom window, under the dialogue lines, I think you simply have all the columns shrinked on the left, I remember it was a bug on Win10 with GECK but should be possible to enlarge them.
  7. 99% yeah, just use the new body mesh everytime there's parts of exposed body. But if you know how to change the pose in Blender, probably you don't have much difficulty in porting in general.
  8. I guess it means that now finally the loose files are loading at the begin of the game, you lack something and now the game crashes because of that. Do you have a skeleton? if you have some things like BnB you need it, something like this for example: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68776 About NX: it's one of the requisites of Sexout, but with the latest versions of xNVSE you need NX v.19 or the game will probably crash. It's in one of the latest posts here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/24656-nvse-extender-aka-nx/page/19/
  9. The issue is not related to the HH. The issue is related to one of the clothes (Wasteland Clothes 03) throwing an error when it's created by Bodyslide, it probably has an issue on the nif and must be reconverted. But I do remember I already did it in the past (hence the "b" on the filename "WC3FCBBE-NVb") and I though it was solved, but I guess it was not. I was wondering if you were remembering something more about it
  10. Wasteland Clothes 3 always had problems since day one. But I though it was solved... there's a "b" at the end of the name, I do that usually when I make a second version... Let's see if @KoolHndLuke remembers more No it's not "essential" per se, the game will play and all, but that specific outfit will be vanilla and not converted.
  11. For the first problem, check Archive Invalidation. If it's active, remove it and then reactivate it. For the second problem, did you install NX version 19? other than that, crashing at the logo usually means you're missing a master, you didn't install a mod which is a requisite for another mod.
  12. That's a not-so-common vulgar italian slang for "prostitute". Didn't know there were italians doing nsfw for NV.
  13. If you're going to upload it, or anyway some sort of guide, think to what KHL said in the last post. I have no BS installed so I can't follow you step by step, but there's a way to make things easier. Basically, inside BS, you know when you choose the armor you want to convert etc. well, you can create some WILLOW_BODY in that dropdown menu, which automatically will create the nif inside the Willow folder.
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