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  1. Woah, Pink Khans armed with Gucci satchels! --- If someone has a preset to share, I'd be pleased to upload it inside the package in the future. Thank you.
  2. If your problem is with npcs, unfortunately I can't help in the specific situation, except than suggesting to remove all the unchecked plugins from \Data folder, they tend to cause headaches with false positives during your tests. If your problem is with player / races not showing hair... did you try Hair Patcher?
  3. Yes meatcaps are ok too with the last version. You are right about the error when making a new project - you must choose the second option and browse the osp file. I'm used to do that and I forgot to write it down, I'm not sure how to add it from the first dropdown menu option, I'll take a look.
  4. I found a place that rehabilitates people from starships addiction. I don't wanna insinuate anything, god no! I mean... if you have some friend that could need it, PM me and I'll give you the address... *lol*
  5. A small ESP for testing purposes. When the game loads, it simply adds a bunch of them converted outfits to inventory, so you don't need to console or buy them. Requires NVSE obviously. CBBE Test ESP 15 jan 2018.zip
  6. Hello, I wanted to say Thank You for your conversions, great work!
  7. The Skeleton

    Made a small update to this, you can find it on its Nexus page: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56657/?tab=files
  8. GECK animations

    It happens if you check the flag "Allow Movement" under the Preview Controls section of that window
  9. GECK animations

    You mean you clicked with right mouse button on the npc, then you chose Preview, and in the Preview window it runs out of the screen when you pick a run animation? If it's so, you can see the run animation (or any other movement) on another window. Right click on the npc - Edit, toggle on bottom the flag Preview Full, then go on the Animation tab, you'll find all the animgroups listed there and they'll play in the preview when you highlight them
  10. I saw that it keeps right properties inside the nif, but I didn't notice if then they work properly in game. I'll keep an eye on it, thanks for the warning. Also, you should try with the 4.4.1 version released few days ago, if you still didn't, there are things tailored for NV.
  11. This is a NV port to let the wonderful CBBE - BodySlide - Outfit Studio (by Caliente and Ousnious) work in Mojave. It's a very alpha, meant for testing. For the very fews that don't know what it is about: > CBBE is a very famous high poly body for Skyrim and FO4. > BodySlide is a program for Windows which allows to customize that body in the way you prefer, then it allows you to use it in game, along with any converted armors and clothes, properly remodeled. > Outfit Studio is the program which allows to take an armor and convert it to work with Bodyslide. Here's a picture that explains pretty well what I mean: The port consists of a bunch of meshes, worked in Blender, and 20+ OS conversions to try in game. It's also rigged to be compatible with BodyMorph, even the lowerbody (which wasn't working previously). Warning This is a body / armor replacer, which means it'll overwrite your body and (some) armors. And let me repeat: it's just an alpha stage, it is neither complete nor precise, it's mainly intended for test. Install > Download and install BS/OS for FO4, ver. 4.4.1+ You can find it here, don't forget to thanks them. Install it with your mod manager, or extract Tools folder under \Fallout New Vegas\Data. > Eventually, you can make a link for the exe on your desktop, to launch it in an easier way. To do that, navigate in its subfolder \Fallout New Vegas\Data\Tools\BodySlide then create the link for BodySlide x64.exe, but still do not launch it. > Download the port package here , install it with the mod manager or manually extract the content as usual. Overwrite when asked. > Last, download and install the skeleton, here, if you still miss it. You will want both the two files uploaded in january 2018, extract them and you're good. > Now you are ready to launch BodySlide x64 from the link you made before on the desktop. The first time you launch it, a window will ask which game you want to use and in what folder its installed. Check the path's right and then click Choose Game. > When the BodySlide window will open, click on Settings, on bottom right. Here, you can modify the skeleton with the AppleJam one (skeleton_BoMo) Now you are ready to use BS and create the body you like. Note that the naked body is CBBE Body; ignore CBBE-NV-HH, it's just a body used to make some high heels outfits. When you've finished, you can Batch Build with the button on bottom left, just don't forget to untick the CBBE-NV-HH List of conversions 1950 style casual (prewar outfit) 1950 business style suit Benny outfit Cass outfit N° 4 Great Khan outfits Leather armor Miss Fortune N° 3 prostitute outfits N° 3 wasteland settlers N° 6 wasteland mercs (NOTE: n°3 adventure merc causes CTD) Wasteland doctor Known issues > Some neck seam > Some hand seam > Business suit's cut due to wrong weight in the conversion > Bad weight on long skirt in 1950s casual > Wasteland armor 03 causes CTD > Some armors lack meat caps for dismembering > Overall quality could be definetely better, actually "it just works" Credits Ousnious and Caliente - everything Junkacc - texture and knee problem KoolHndLuke - conversions and testing Imperfection - testing and patience Perms Armors are vanilla; CBBE / BS is from Caliente and Ousnious, I just ported it, so you won't obtain any perms from me and instead you should ask the original creators. Or you can join and lend a hand to finish the work if you want, we'll be grateful.
  12. SmallerTalk

    They help, but don't solve. It really sounds like one of those random issues when you install too many mods in NV.
  13. I took a look at the script. If you check in MCM, you can toggle the debug mode. After you activate the debug mode, BodyMorph Selector will start spitting debug lines in console everytime you are using it, these could help us understanding what's happening. When you press A for example, you should see on console a couple of lines, similar to these: Pressed Left, rTarget = Sunny Smile - sBone = AShoulders sBone = AShoulders iSize=0 And the more you press Left, the more it changes that last iSize variable in negative values (or positive if you press D) This will help us understanding if it's acting correctly or not. Other than that, the problem could be in the interaction between Selector and BodyMorph (=a problem in BuildREF), which could happen if asdasfa made a drastic modify in the code (but it would sound strange) or there was some drastic change in your load order and the code isn't aware of it (which I should investigate, but also would solve if you make a clean save and reinstall Selector) Please let me know
  14. Blender problem

    I'm not sure that the Scene Root you highlighted is the duplicated (and renamed) one when you export. This because if you check all the other "branches" below, they all are children of the very first Scene Root, and not the second one. There must be something... silly... somewhere... to remove this behaviour... I do correct it in nifskope usually, but this time I can't do it because it's a skeleton and I have other downsides to handle unfortunately, that's why I was hoping to solve it inside Blender :-O
  15. Blender problem

    I have this problem in Blender 2.49, since always. I'm pretty sure it's me doing something wrong but I can't understand what. Basically, after importing a nif, work, export... I open it with nifskope and I find that it has added a NiNode on the hyerarchy. i.e. Original mesh structure 0 - NiNodeName | rest of the things It becomes: 0 - NiNodeName | NiNodeName.01 (or something like that) | rest of the things This structure is not present when I open the outliner panel, I don't know where it comes from. I thought it was something involving meshes (i.e. material), I never inspected and simply corrected it ripping the extra level with nifskope. But now I noticed it happens also when I work on skeletons (no material, no weight, no mesh) and I'd like to understand. I'm sure it's something silly but I can't find it, can someone have a clue for me?