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  1. I did both the things for years. I used FOMM for FO3/NV, MO for Skyrim, MO2 for FO4, but for all the games I made heavy manual installation, copying / removing files in Windows and then modifying plugins.txt file. So far I didn't have much problems for everything but Skyrim, due to the greatest number of mods and overall complexity, with consequent higher chance to make a mistake, for example when reading a FOMOD xml trying to understand which file needs to be installed and where. I don't see why you couldn't do manual installations, but I don't even see a single reason why you shouldn't use a serious mod manager like MO instead. A manual installation doesn't cause downsides per se, but brings potential new sources of mistakes while wouldn't bring anything positive, so there's no real reason to opt for it
  2. You must put a copy of your modified mesh in the right folder and rename it properly. Quoting myself: Put your modified mesh inside this path and rename it with NOHAT on the end: data\meshes\armor\missfortune\missfortuneNOHAT.nif
  3. I just tested and it worked for me. The name is the same of the vanilla outfit, could it be that you confused them if you already had it in your inventory? anyway I changed it in NO HAT in the esp included. Eventually, you can add it via console with PLAYER.ADDITEM xx000ADD 1 where xx is the index in the load order. MysteriousNoHat.esp
  4. I change offsets per animation inside the animationData.xml file, here's a string of example: <animation id="Vs-2P-Bed03-03Cowgirl" time="500" offset="17,0,0,0:17,0,0,0"> The group of offsets is defined in this way: X1,Y1,Z1,Angle Z1 : X2,Y2,Z2,Angle Z2
  5. It's quite strange, you know? those days I was using JIP and I had no problems with it, same for others. But others again, they couldn't ever manage to make it work, it was quite random and I never understood why. Maybe a newer version of JIP changed something, this could be an explanation I didn't think about since I always take for granted that they are fully retroactive. Anyway, be careful in doing it: I remember when JIP included Lutana functions they wrote more than once that any Lutana dll HAD to be removed from the folder to avoid issues. In one occasion I remember someone issues then solved when the dll was removed.
  6. Then remove the previous ESP. Put your modified mesh inside this path and rename it with NOHAT on the end: data\meshes\armor\missfortune\missfortuneNOHAT.nif Now load this new ESP, after few seconds you should receive the new outfit on your inventory. I didn't test it, tell me if it works. MysteriousNoHat.esp
  7. Definetely a complete rework. I was always being charmed by the minigames, since I found myself playing texas hold em in a shack on a sunny beach in Far Cry 3. I though more than once to make some extra minigames in NV but the idea of making a decent and competitive AI scared me too much. Personally, I think that part would be harder than the technical realization per se.
  8. Try this esp, it should solve. However, if Miss Fortune will appear, she'll have hair clipping through the hat. The solution would be creating a new custom cloth. Tell me what you prefer. aaaMysterious.esp
  9. A.J.

    Scripting help

    Not only not nice face reactions, but also very little noticiable even at max strenght. Maybe you could have a better result using animations, but... I'd avoid you that path, it wouldn't be easy to handle. Personally I first would try to see if things work properly in the easier way, even if coming out with compromises, then with time things can be improved with harder "tecniques".
  10. A.J.

    Scripting help

    Without a practical example is not so easy to make things work, at least at the beginning, so I was hearing you. Yes Pete moves only for testing purposes, to not look for him. About the script, I also used it to store the reference variable rNPC, see how I call it in game using the naming (questname).(variablename). I didn't use the string var, it was not necessary, so it can be removed. By the way, I used a Top-Level topic only for testing purposes. I never needed to use them, but since I begun modding people usually were telling me to not use top levels anyway. Not that it scares me, I just though I had to tell you.
  11. A.J.

    Scripting help

    you're right, I didn't provide much help. Let's see if this esp could help you more. Talk to an npc with some dialogue (not those saying one line) and choose "New Dialogue", I tried with Doc Mitchell and Easy Pete and it worked. aaaExample.esp
  12. I think he refers to the original FOMM. I can be wrong but I remember NiveusEverto was the one who made the forked FOMM with Prideslayer, the former was handling it on nexus and the latter here in LL.
  13. That FOMM is the updated version, so it wasn't a bad idea to switch to that.
  14. Yes, that's what FF patches usually do.
  15. A.J.

    Scripting help

    Yes you don't have such a thing in NV. Even because Papyrus came out with Skyrim. Ok that's where I wanted to go. The function is not retrieving the dialogue subject, hence it answers with null. The remaining errors are consequences of it. Let's see if someone else have a clue about it. How do I quote DoctaSax for example, so that he could be notified?