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  1. So that's prolly a problem with a xml inside \interface and not much the function per se, in case you'll have a similar issue
  2. I don't think you can find anything like that in GECK, afaik these menumodes are hardcoded. It could deserve checking the cache with steam (in case of a steam installation)
  3. since it's a false positive, right click - disable / quit / suspend protection. Anyway, mine's just a suggestion, since I consider that tool the first essential step for debugging when there are issues, without it everything else is quite random assumptions.
  4. If you check a couple of messages over, there's a post with the link of the Discord channel. There's a tool there, called GFV, which is used to debug, maybe it could help you narrowing down the issue.
  5. If you have a chance, take a look on the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/M4vn2Jm Under #Tools you can find a tool namef GFV which makes a report which helps in debugging issues. If you post in the main channel a screenshot of it, there could be extra useful informations to find the source of the problem.
  6. I bet five bucks GFV would give an interesting hint. No link outside Discord?
  7. Explanation given to me by someone who does it: if another mod is overwriting any of these files, you'll see it in MO. Could makes sense, when you dump 200 mods in a LO without caring of what assets they contain or reading any description.
  8. SC files here are still valid for 3-4-5 (any combination of genders)? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7057-fo4-various-aaf-xml-files/
  9. Yeah I got a similar report but I don't see anything in the changelog which makes me think that it's intended. I'd say let's wait few days and see what happens.
  10. Could you send me in PM the COTW esm please?
  11. I just had a flashback. Years ago someone reported the same issue but inside some casino, maybe Gomorrah. Male dancers were doing the same thing. That time I tried to investigate but I couldn't find a cause. This time I'm trying again to see what could be... These prostitutes are dancing due to a marker, named DanceMarker03 That marker is inside a list, named DanceMarkerObjects That list is the condition to trigger the idle NVDance, specifically "IsCurrentFurnitureObj == DanceMarkerObjects" If that condition is not verified, or changed, there's another animation lower than that, called ChildBar which is verified for a similar condition... and I guess this is what's happening. Some mess on the dance condition, and another animation is triggering instead of it. In short, I'd check the things I've put in bold, if there's a change with vanilla.
  12. Yes the skeletons have nothing to do with that. I'd check the animations with xEdit inside the esp / esm
  13. It can be something else than an animation file which was replaced, so it could be harder than it seems to debug. An animation can start on its own because its conditions are verified. The way I'd personally debug this would be the good old method of unticking blocks of mods until I narrow down which mod is causing it, then inspecting the changes it is doing using xEdit.
  14. Yeah the engine can reset if the reference's reloaded, but then Bodymorph's script will restore it to the previously saved values - the ones that asdasfa is asking you to check. Be aware that when morphs happen it can take some seconds before seeing the changes, even because if the npc will start an animation then the changes are queued to when it'll stop to animate.
  15. Eyes wild eyes wide

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