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  1. If you are in trouble, PM me the mesh tomorrow if it's fine for you, unfortunately now it's pretty late here for me to take a look.
  2. Mmmh... I don't wanna state the obvious... but I guess that your best deal would be first be sure that the lists REALLY contain what you are expecting. Instead than a simple DBPrintC, I'd dump them all, better if on a file so I could check in tranquillity. Then and only then, when I'd be really sure that they are really loaded, I'd check why the second script doesn't browse correctly through the elements.
  3. it's an issue that happened to me too, not with BS but even with common meshes, when working in Blender. I used to re-doing all the rigging part, copying weights, injecting skeleton, re-export, and this was working. I never narrowed down EXACTLY the cause, I asked to other modders who had similar issues from time to time but they too couldn't tell me why this was happening. I THINK it's still related with skeletons... Can you use Blender? if it's so, I'd suggest to open the mesh with it, remove the skeleton and reinject it, then export, to see if it solves. I know it comes from BS but it would be just a way to see what happens.
  4. You must press Page Down to select at least one actor, before pressing Right
  5. As I see it, you should see the ones you added later too. Could you post both the scripts, one to browse through all the elements and one to add the form in B? By the way, if you're using NVSE to add elements to lists, then it is a non-persistent operation and it should be repeated everytime the game restarts
  6. I just noticed it... I don't know how the hell I managed to do it -_- will update asap, thank you!
  7. Thank you, I'll give a look. I never had a chance to test the morphs, cos mine never worked for Leito FF too, but at least I have your confirmation that they should.
  8. You should edit the single animation inside the animationdata file, introducing a single offset per actor. If you download a random XML I made, you can see it (i.e. Vs Animation Data, or Ground Animation Data). Instead than digging inside the FOMOD, you can eventually download the pure XML on the bottom of that description. F11 is the hotkey for QuickScene. Hotkeys can be modified inside AAF settings, located in \AAF\AAF_Settings.XML
  9. Yes there's a wiki: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/browse/
  10. Did you check OS official documentation? That's how I managed to solve all my issues.
  11. I was feeling both were different, but how to avoid that? There's skeletons scattered all around!!!?!!!!?! Nice work :)
  12. AppleJam is the skeleton included in Sexout itself, so I guess you had the same issue with those twos. However, I'm not sure why you're having issues with it. What kind of distortion you're having, could I see a screenshot? Also, very important: in BS / OS, there's a setting in some window, where you can decide which skeleton will be used. This skeleton must be setted as AppleJam, or it'll cause distortion (I think I packaged it inside BS / OS, just to be sure, but could you please double check the setting?) The Beta skeleton is the AppleJam + some extra features. I don't think it has incompatibilities with Readius itself, I more think it has an issue with pipboys in general (AAAAAAHHHHhhhh!!!) so I just need to move my lazy back from Boston back in the Mojave and correct it, damn me. By the way, I think KoolHndLuke already made a T3 Cali.
  13. Yes sorry, believe me if I tell that I don't aim to confuse people but instead it seems I'm really really good at that! *lol* Thanks for your message, let's see if my new modify of the description is a little more understable.
  14. Claro, I'll be very happy if I can help you
  15. I'm not sure I'm understanding. Do you mean the latest file I uploaded today? That's exactly as the other ones... but while the other ones are separated for a single manual installation, this one is a FOMOD All-In-One, you load it on your mod manager and it will guide you on the installation. EDIT: since they were for a manual installation, I removed them all from the download button and moved them at the bottom of the description