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  1. No sorry I have no plans to make the NV Compatibility Skeleton compatible with Bodymorph
  2. Some animations have some mistakes inside that make the game crash. You should be able to workaround with NVAC.
  3. I only know a pair of visors made by alexscorpion which require custom bones (so a custom skeleton) to work. That's because they are animated so that you can raise and lower them. If a mesh requires a custom skeleton usually it means it's animated, if it's not then it's a bit of a waste. Instead facial expressions theoretically work with vanilla skeleton too, but some are missing. Handling with skeletons' not always very clear, I think when you're in doubt NV Compatibility Skeleton can probably help you.
  4. It is doable with nvse 5, for npcs, there's 3 approaches I can think for. My suggestion is using AddAnimation, I attach an esp for reference if you're curious. For player AddAnimation has to be set on the main menu and will persist during the whole game session, as alternative you can force your movements with SpecialIdles. Unless you use JIP with UpdatePlayer3D (something I recommend for a proof of concept but in general not for gameplay purposes) But if you are interested in a stable mod that will be more compatible and won't cause unexpected behaviours, you can wait
  5. NV Compatibility Skeleton has a CBBE option now, it must be installed as very last and not be overwritten by anything. There's a FOMOD installer, just pick the right option and you can't make wrong.
  6. Yes it happens with ENB in general, it goes away if I just stop ENB processing (shift f12 if I remember well) I never had this issue before installing smp and I already found it's caused by that hdt skyrim mem patch file, but I wouldn't like to modify random things if I don't know what could cause.
  7. no clues at all? not even from the black cat?
  8. I think I found the culprit, it has nothing to do with that parallax fix (or whatever) dll, I think it's more the settings for the hdtskyrimmempatch. If I remove the ini, it works fine (I guess it defaults everything to false?) Here's the actual settings: [Exception] AutoSaveGame = true MiniDumpWithFullMemory = false ReportToWindows = false [Memory] RecordFormHeapAllocateFailed = true FormHeapAllocateFromLargerSpace = true FixInfiniteLoad = true ReplaceDefaultHavokHeap = true doNotReleaseHavokResource = true [Optimize] FasterLoading = true UseShaderCache = false [Camera]
  9. The whole folder comes from an AIO-SMP I found here on LL. So if I reinstall, I just re-install that dll too. You could give me instructions on how to modify that package instead, should I simply remove that dll? what is that dll useful for? I never heard of it EDIT: I've just read it's something about fixing parallax (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31963?tab=description) I could guess it was just wrongly packaged inside the SMP mod so maybe I can simply remove it. Can someone confirm this?
  10. Hello, This weekend I had to reinstall LE and I stumbled on an old issue I already had in the past. When I use SMP, my DoF becomes all strange, when there's water it autofocuses on it and blurs everything else, also the edges seem more sharpen in general. If I remove DoF from the ENB menu the problem disappears but I would like to keep it. SMP: PE: I have a feeling it could be related to some dll inside the SMP folder, d3dcompiler_47 or hdtSkyrimMemPatch, but I don't know what they are for and I wouldn't like to make mess. S
  11. I don't think so, "Mutants" probably is a variable which sets something else in the third section of the MCM (there should be something like Set Mutants to fValue). I wouldn't focus on MCM itself, because it works on some specific way and you risk to break it, instead I'd check if there's documentation about avoiding certain races: probably there's a list where you can exclude certain races or npcs, or at least a documented way to do that. Again, if you want more precise help you should provide your ESPs
  12. That's what I was meaning: one thing is handling vanilla, one thing is handling other mods that trigger events and situations which are not supposed to exist in vanilla. If they are overriding an usual vanilla behaviour, they probably override your mod too if you don't find a way to make them interact correctly together.
  13. The OnActivate trick works fine, so there's something else going on. For example, if you copy pasted that script in your last post, then yeah there's a typo in your playidle line, there can't be a space after sng. But the OnActivate is only to avoid to talk with the npc. What do you mean with "become a stalker"? do you mean the npc is following you? what's the gameplay mechanic that allows the npc to follow you if you can't talk to him and so you can't ask to follow? I have a feeling you're trying to mix more elements... everything should be taken in consideration, or things w
  14. You can avoid interaction on a npc introducing something like this on its script: Begin OnActivate End You can write it after the OnLoad script you wrote before, after that End. However, I think some events can still break the pose, like a fight, maybe he'll run away. There's at least two other methods I could think about, eventually, but first you could see if it's enough introducing an empty OnActivate blocktype
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