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  1. You have a BnB skeleton which is not AppleJam skeleton, you should install that one because lowerbody uses special weights that are not present in other skeletons.
  2. Are you telling me that Ousnious recently changed how Bodyslide and Outfit Studio work? care to tell me the details of how his program works now? Thanks for the precise head up, this would explain why I couldn't reproduce the issue (I never use pipboy and I always use a personal version of skeleton). I'll take a look to it next weekend.
  3. It creates nif armor replacers for vanilla armors, so you just need to remove those (inside \meshes\armor)
  4. I don't know. Theoretically, the meshes are different and would require to make some operations to be ported correctly. Nothing too fancy, porting stuff across Beth games is not hard as porting from different games, but still I don't know if BS / OS does it for you or it would require some extra work with other tools. It's not only a matter of weight or skeleton, because those could probably be fully handled by OS itself (MAYBE, never tried something so drastic without Blender), but it's also the nif itself which has differencies. To make an example, when you port something from / to Skyrim, from / to NV or FO3, you must change the version inside the nif's header, and also remove some texture properties because those are handled in a different way. As I said, it's pretty straight for someone who uses Blender or Nifskope, but I'm not sure that OS makes this kind of conversions.
  5. I'm sorry I don't understand your question, what's Easygirl?
  6. This seems a skeleton issue, I'd try to reinstall it.
  7. You're right, that's a perfect example of lazyness... I do my conversions in Blender, I spend a good amount of time, I care of details and all, then at the end if I have an issue and the conversion doesn't work I get very upset and start to make things like these. If you don't mind, I'll package yours in the future.
  8. Look at the first post, under the section Install, third point, "you can download the port package here", that's the archive containing the conversions, check if it's unzipped in the right place
  9. Lowerbody works only using a special body, actually only CBBE-NV works with it. The mod is not dead per se, but on hiatus - asdasfa's not much around and I rewrote it from scratch, but I never finished it...
  10. A.J.

    TTW everything went fine but...

    When a script forces a SpecialIdle on the player, you can see some downsides caused by it - you can't open pipboy, you can't move in diagonal, etc. An idle that least one frame (0.033 seconds) like BodyMorph, in practice still requires about half second to be executed by the game engine, hence BodyMorph requires approximately (half second)x(number of bones to be morphed) to refresh the whole array. That number should be narrowed unflagging the unrequired morphs on the MCM. Also, I remember I asked for introducting the ability to interrupt that delay via some things, i.e. if a combat starts or TAB is pressed or a diagonal movement is invoked, I don't know if that part of code is still running. The other strange part is that if you call a single body part, it should refresh only that one. I'll ask to asdasfa about it, he scripted the latest versions and I'm sure he'll know why it happens. I rewrote the whole framework on my own, few months ago, with a very light approach that won't produce any delays at all (mainly, it won't force animations, which are hated by my beloved Behaviours), but I never finished it. Another thing added to the enormous junk pile of unfinished mods, all the world's shame on me. I'm working on a mod since a long time, if I'll ever manage to finish it then probably all these things will finally come to life, it's just a lot of scripting work and sometimes I'm tired and I can't think straight. EDIT: however, when a player's almost stuck due to idles, I'm pretty confident to say that no CTDs happen. The few drastic CTDs I had with animations (*IF* the asset is not broken of course) involve Dynamic Idles, i.e. you expect to sit down on a chair but the game can't do that and in few seconds this causes a CTD. So we could think about something involving scripts, but again, scripts rarely cause CTD and are pretty obvious things like pointing to null stuff or unexpected records.
  11. A.J.

    TTW everything went fine but...

    Bodymorph per se doesn't do anything to the breast or the body or whatever, since it changes scale at the skeleton level. This means that if you have a trouble with double size or half size, you'd should have it with normal size too. If you have two different sets of meshes with a different weight, you'll see the morphs will be different when you swap clothes, but it's only a visual thing, nothing happens in the game. Bodymorph script in your character only works when it needs to refresh the size of the morphs and then it shouldn't do anything else unless there's a call from another mod that tells it to morph. It also queues, so if there are conditions that make the game busy then it will await later to run the script. In short, having an issue with bodymorph on the player means having it when the game reloads. Other than that, it will run the script only if another mod asks for it (i.e. when you open the Selector) AFAIK, there's not such a thing like "independent breast physics", or breast collision if your character is alive. However, there are troublesome assets all around, especially meshes. They are prone to cause unexpected weird behaviours to the game, even random crashes. Another good source of crashes are animations, both because the animation file is not good or because the animation is called in an improper way.
  12. Theoretically it works, but it would require to properly adjust the folder names and make conversions for those armors. I made 3 more conversions (enclave, kings and jailbreak rocker) but them all have issues and I still have to understand why -_-
  13. A.J.

    MCM problems on FONV

    from what I've read, it seems a problem with the mod manager (NMM and Vortex). If you install it manually or with FOMM you shouldn't have issues
  14. I did my best to not answer with this meme I've seen thousand times. I failed
  15. You did a great thing, I added a link to your post in the OP