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  1. Not sure about the result. For how amazing seam mender is, these seams are quite bad. But if it will go well let me know
  2. you basically need 3 things - a skeleton, NVCS is fine - a BnB body, there are many around. If you have not a way to check if it's weighted on the breast bones, be SURE that it's specified on the description, that is BnB compatible - BnB animations. These are .kf files inside meshes\characters\_male Everytime you install a mod which overwrites one of these assets, it will stop working. i.e Ragdolls, or Quick Throw, or Head Tracking, or Titans of the new west etc.etc. FOMM isn't the best tool to understand what is overwriting what, so be careful.
  3. It's not incompatible with custom races per se, it's incompatible with any textures with a different UV. So, the only ones that work are those specific for CBBE. If a custom race has a different texture path (i.e. Mojave Delight), you either want to modify that path with xEdit or you move CBBE textures on its path. In the case of Vulpine, it wouldn't make much sense imho since it uses custom textures of animals, not humans. The only way would be convert Vulpine textures to CBBE, which is pretty complicated.
  4. If you have BnB installed, I guess you're using a mod manager like MO2 and you're giving CBBE the priority on the left column. If it's so, just untick CBBE and check if the bounce works correctly with BnB default body. Also, to check if it works in CBBE, I suggest to try with a naked body I wouldn't say it's less visible, when you run you should see it quite clearly.
  5. When you move a slider and the cloth doesn't move, it usually means it's not conformed (you know that option on menu CONFORM ALL) or it's conformed for a different body. It's a random bug both me and KHL have since the begin, it happens more on NV clothes but we never figured exactly the cause. I tell you more - everything works in that OS session, then I save, reload, it doesn't work anymore. I redo from scratch, like you, it works... And this, this always smelled very suspicious to me, some big problem beneath I never managed to expose, but I can be wrong of course. Bone weight i
  6. If you're referring about that couple of black files, I can guess 2 things: 1) you're opening a black specular; 2) you lack the right plugin installed to see the dds correctly
  7. You need 3 things: - Animation files: check if you have these kf files I mentioned and that they are not overwritten by some other mod - A compatible skeleton, NVCS is fine - A mesh which includes breast nodes, i.e. CBBE If you have these assets installed, it will work on its own, no need to anything else, scripts or peculiar installations etc.
  8. You mean bouncing breast when you walk / run? you need to install animations for that. For example that mod on nexus... what's the name... god I don't remember. It's a body replacer which also gives the bouncing effect. Well, you only need the animations included in that mod, which are those .kf files under \Data\meshes\Characters. A good way could be extract the content of the mod in some folder, then delete everything except these files, then you zip it and install with MO2, so that these files will be included in your game too. Maybe someone could explain this better than me...
  9. If you're not using CBBE you should ask on T3 page.
  10. Yes with MO2 I suggest you to use the FOMOD installer (the main file in the NVCS page), it will ask you explicitly what version you want and then you can put it as last in the left column of MO2. The animations should work, the body is unrelated. What do you mean with "don't seem to work"? what happens exactly and what animation are you trying?
  11. Usually a texture problem means the body texture is missing (try to reinstall it) or archive invalidation is not invalidating correctly. But you also mentioned me you are installing Type 3 AIO, its textures are not compatible with CBBE.
  12. Probably it's overwritten by some other mod, did you try to reinstall it?
  13. i keep getting a black underwear texture glitch for new vegas, can you tell me of any way to keep this from happening i mean i use archiveinvalidation, vortex, and toggled it on and off for when installing type3 AIO installer, but when playing, at the very start i run in to the damn texture bug

  14. You probably only lack the skeleton, or it's overwritten by some other mod. Try to reinstall it on top of everything. If you're using NVCS, use the variant for CBBE
  15. Personally I don't know, all the ones I tried have this issue, due to the fact they are a straight port. However, even if it's not the same, this could help (aestetically speaking): https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/71419 In these weeks I'm working on a mod which allows some things concerning the aestetic, which includes the ability to put hair and hats together, but it still will require some good amount of time so unfortunately I can't really foresee when I'll be able to upload on nexus.
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