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6 hours ago, razzor69 said:

No special dialogue on Listig Selger, also the dog got option follow me instead and i tried it, he just following me like a regular follower 😅

Edit : even after using console setstage AAADogsfaithfulfriend 11 still no special dialogue

Same here. 


I might add that the abusive father in Winterhold quest did not start, either. Same behavior as in the dog quest.  It just does not work. ;)  in the "withZAZA" mod. The dialog is in an infinite loop, the quest never really starts.  I added your mod even as the almost last one in the list for testing.  I use mod organizer 2, btw.


In the other version the dialog is not even there. There is something curious going on here. Maybe the CK fucked something up. It's Bugthesda, you know? Just release one version, or make a mod installer version so that people are able to choose, but KEEP the same name for your mod! It's "deadly" for the scripts, if you change the name! It's like inviting future CTD's, you know?

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New game new install:

Some checkboxes in MCM menu doesnot work properly when pushed (visually only. especially right top gives no info). And as about mcm, it would be perfect to reset single actors quests throug disable and enable them in mcm.

True and False Dragonborn quest and all other are enabled before my first shoot (as PC is not dragonborn oficially).

Racist Windhelm quest (not force dialog) after any final dialog with Dark elf women PC has no options to fulfill agreement with 2 mens. As i understand your mod intentions right, PC must to do what she promised to do in exchange of elf girl pacefull life. And if she visit Wndhelm and leave without acomplish agreement then bad things must be happened with elf.

There must be a way for PC to help elf girl again when she will see what had happened, in bad or good way and with some addons. It may be endless quest. Same is with Riverwood trader and Danstar yarl (after payment completed they may change contracts). Just sugestion for quest prolongation.

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13 minutes ago, blackoperations said:

Can't seem to get this to load.  I have ZAZ -- ZAZ Animation Pack+ UUNP HDT V.8.0+.7z   Is it compatible with that?  Or should I roll it back to 8.0 flat.

i use - ZAZ Animation Pack+ UUNP HDT V.8.0+SEREV3.7z    the Rev3 version and i don't have any issues with it

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Having an issue with the Skeever Queen quest.


When I get into the basement I get a message "Humps you lustfully" but no animation plays.


I pick up all items and nothing happens.


What exactly am I supposed to do to clean the basement?


I have FNIS Creature pack 6.1 installed, and checked the option in the MCM menu in sex lab to activate.


Is there another animation I need to install?



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15 hours ago, mogon said:

but they give a +50 bonus instead

Thanks for reporting minor bugs. It’s easy for it to slip past me. This one is ridiculous.

14 hours ago, master151194 said:

Hey hey people, when is the college initiation quest? I have already started first lesson, is it too late now?

Speak to Mirabelle Ervine to start quest. You can't start it by becoming an Arch-mage.

11 hours ago, mkess said:

in the "withZAZA" mod.

Please download 1.6.4 again. It has only one esp now.

18 minutes ago, Xuvish said:

Is there another animation I need to install?

You need install Billyy's SLAL Animations for several skeevers animations.

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Sebastian quest is fantastic.  Love the flip on back pose and the butt raised pose that the nuzzle scenes trigger.  


Big question:  at the Whiterun kennel (a new building out by the farms, first on the right looking towards bleak falls barrow from the carriage), Sebastian doesn't go inside with me.   How do you progress from that point?    Got it to work in SE.  All is well.  Very, very nice.  Was hoping it would keep going. 


@DSHV :  Feel free to add as many pose animations as you would like.  I think we are all more than willing to add packs to add to the immersion.  Also, if there is a big pack, it might be useful (at least to me) to list the specific animations used.  That makes it possible to register just those animations in the SLAL loader in the MCM instead of the entire list.  


TIP:  For the crawling animation you can get from Nexus, it's a replacement for sneak animations: download it and put the animations into a spare PCEA2 slot and turn it on for this quest using the PCEA2 MCM.

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Ok, I tested something.  I do not give up that easily.  I used the normal esp, put it manually  almost at the end of the load order, short before "Live another life". Then I tried an save in the abandoned prison. My cleaned start save for new runs..


Coc to Falkreath. Add 10000 gold, to be sure.  Tried to buy the dog scratcher ... and oh wonder, this time it worked! This time I got even the force greeting!


I think "Loot" sorts your mod to the wrong place. It has a conflicts with another mod in my load order.  The abusive Orc quest seems to work, too now.


Oh, you have a "minor" bug in the bruiser quest. If you pay the 10000 septim for his debt, they were not subtracted from the money. You still have them. The quest goes to the next stage.


Edit: Another bug: Jarl Elisif sticks to me like glue after the bards quests.... She won't leave me alone, following me like a compagnion, not being one. Cannot get rid of her.

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How is working Brelyna's practice? 


You can ask Brelyna to shrink you and masturbate by you

I start dialogue and after it she just use standart lesbian animation with my PC (not only with magic dildos). Nothing about shrink. Or does such a feature require additional mods?

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10 hours ago, blackoperations said:

@DSHV :  Feel free to add as many pose animations as you would like.  I think we are all more than willing to add packs to add to the immersion.

I am not agree with that. This mod have master zaz that have already POSE animations and much more that is not used. There are many mods that use kneeling, crawling, spanking, furniture, life animations with no hks use, just get it from where they are already exist. With new animation skse patch it is much easier to install as many animated mods as you can, but it is bad sequence. If you about SLAL packs then it must be separate download (and author rights) to prevent doubling.

8 hours ago, mkess said:

I think "Loot" sorts your mod to the wrong place.

Always playing this mod with LOOT order and all is ok (now new game and before on old saves)


As i see now all sider quest actors are going to Forgotten (didnt test all and it is good feature) even when quest is not complete (find Tapasvee in dog house after first meeting with her). Just qestion - both instances of caracters will be present? I am asking about that have double instances in mcm. For example could i sold human Tapasvee and love its kajit version?

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First of all just want to say great additions to the mod so far, and its my favorite upcoming mod. I am going to be looking forward to new updates!


I really like the additions to the guild quest and hope to see more of serpent and the guild in the future to humiliate and abuse the dragonborn. Maybe some evil quests from grym grusom to torture them and more from serpent, catherine and brusier


Tested the skeever queen quest and had no issues with the quest itself. Animations worked, completing it worked, getting new title of skeever queen worked. Only thing i noticed is the dialogue remains after you talk to serpent to complete it so you can keep having that dialogue over and over.


I also did the spermporter quest and also no issues or problems at all with crapeater or with catherine


Will keep testing other new additions 


thank you for your hard work!

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Are there any known mods this is incompatible with? As soon as I try to start a new game or load a save (I'm using LE and have made sure I downloaded the LE version), the game crashes to desktop. There doesn't seem to be any actionable information in the papyrus logs.


My current load order:





Devious Devices - Assets.esm
Devious Devices - Integration.esm
Devious Devices - Expansion.esm
Heels Sound.esm
lightweight potions and poisons.esp
Cassandra Frost Witch.esp
yurica_chevaleresse [HDT].esp
WTF Cyborg Bikini Armor.esp
yurica_summerdress [HDT].esp
Captured Dreams.esp
CD - No Catsuits in Outfits.esp
MilkModNEW CF.esp
MilkModNEW HF.esp
MilkModNEW Sanbox.esp
MilkModNEW ZaZ.esp
Simple Slavery Defeat.esp
lydia chair fix.esp
Recorder Follower Base.esp
Deviously Enslaved.esp
SD Addons.esp
Sexy Armor Replacer Patch.esp


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14 minutes ago, colinschueren55 said:

I have this mod keep ctd on launch if I don't have ZaZ 8.0, and I have it crashing on save load with it on.

That was precisely my issue, thanks! I was running version 7.

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7 hours ago, wygner said:

is the cock worshipper supposed to have dialogue

Yeah went to the Druadach Redoubt and didn't see anything to initiate quest


Has this one been taken out? looked at the quest Id's and didn't see anything about a forsworn on the list so not sure which quest id it is

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28 minutes ago, Ds4nch3z said:

Yeah went to the Druadach Redoubt and didn't see anything to initiate quest


Has this one been taken out? looked at the quest Id's and didn't see anything about a forsworn on the list so not sure which quest id it is

Same here. Forsworn shaman just stands in front of dick shaped rock formation and has no dialogue. Do I do anything about it ?

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