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  1. You can definitely make the DB suffer by slowly making them lose themselves and them realizing it and trying to fight it. Something could be added that could reduce the effects or overturn them where you can disobey or break through the hypnosis in order to fight back It could be something like the dignity from bruiser the more dignity you have the less the hypnosis works. Or there is a hypnosis percentage the higher it goes the more the DB changes but they can reduce it numerous ways the DB would realize weird thoughts are being inserted into them every time after hypn
  2. I was thinking of an idea that could be applied to troubles of a heroine... and that is the Bimbofication of the dragonborn through hypnosis sessions, body alterations, torture and sexual training...the dragonborn is slowly bimbofied progressively Lars wants to practice hypnosis and mind control and wants to try it on you. Serpent has found the means to help him do so Progressive sessions of hypnosis to turn the dragonborn into a brainless bimbo slut slowly by implanting commands. As the progressions gets higher the DB will experience thoughts in
  3. yep multiple times tried downloading it manually and seeing if i could find the files but didn't see them anywhere. No luck was wondering if anyone else had this message from wrye bash
  4. Wrye Bash is telling me AAF.esm is missing string localization files and will ctd if used. Anyone have this issue and where to get the files?
  5. I haven't tried devious body alteration i might have to try that one out sounds interesting and yeah both DF and Survival work great with ToH as well although i recommend giving Lola a try. It just seems to blend in really well with the premise of ToH. One can always tweak the dialogues with Sseedit if needed I do like that the more submissive/ less will power the PC has for DF and Lola the worse the events get which fits right in with ToH
  6. I've been trying a couple of mods that go well with ToH One is submissive Lola re submission which when paired with one of the characters from ToH works really well to add even more things to the characters. I like having the ToH characters as followers so this adds even more interesting stuff. They beat the PC, humiliate them, make them do things, pierce them, make their piercings vibrate. So much stuff you can do with it if anyone hasn't tried that yet. I don't know if you could incorporate some of that code towards the ToH characters themselves (with permission). If
  7. After using the furniture sex spells it seems like all animations now take way longer to process and a lot of furniture event hook notifications appear in the console. Is that normal?
  8. That's a good idea, many different ways one could end up losing their license and having to start over. The group could always be available for you to join and do stuff with to get licenses in the event that you cannot afford one. Something could keep track of your progress with the group so they remember when you come back
  9. You could have it where you try to go outside of town without a license and after the standard conversation with the toll guard he tells you there is a group of mercs/adventurers/etc looking to recruit fresh members and that you should join. if you decide to join The merc/adventurer/etc group decides to take you on but since you're fresh you start off as basically their pack mule/eye candy/etc. They decide to buy you a short term bikini license and weapons license and give you basic bikini armor. They take you out to your first dungeon, teach you a few things, play with
  10. just wondering did you still have the pitch black skin texture on your character when you tried it on SSE? looking to see how to get around that
  11. Yeah this mod is great, really like the story that's why i was wondering if there was some more hidden somewhere. would be fun to continue and take over the commonwealth like A.S.I.A prime wanted or get enslaved by the Institute or BoS with the option to turn the tables on them. Is there a version out there where you could actually go into the A.S.I.A hotel or the one in Goodneighbor? also A.S.I.A in space does sound pretty awesome
  12. when you first get into the A.S.I.A facility at level thirty go to the production facility part. You will see some chairs when you come in on the left side and one of those chairs can turn you into a generation 3 A.S.I.A model
  13. Ah ok so its only through the console that you can join the BoS. If there was some unique quests or dialogues i might try the BoS line..but if its just the BoS body i'm too far in at this point lol. Do you know if there is any more content after getting the Gen 4 body? or is it pretty much once you get your original body that's the end? It said something about not showing anyone the terminal in the C.I.T research facility because they could use it to enslave you. Wasn't sure if that was a quest line the player could explore
  14. Anyone know how to start the BoS line normally and not through console? or any further content for that matter? I finally got into the C.I.T research building and got the gen 4+ body i'm trying to see how to start further content for the mod. I tried joining the BoS to see if they would say anything about A.S.I.A but besides some comments nothing much. Do i have to complete the teleportation device for the institute?
  15. I was thinking of more along the lines of when bruiser does a lot of his abuse or the real dragon born beats up the DB for training that is mostly done through text with some animations, that this can be done the same way. DSHV wouldn't have to implement any items or tattoos if they don't want to and just leave it up to the player to add the piercings or tattoos to their character. I guess you could add something from ZAP or a regular old item slightly changed. Doesn't really have to be much just for NPC's to react to it if someone doesn't have slavetats or piercing mods installed.
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