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  1. yeah ..that is the one ..which debug option should i press
  2. torturer loses his line while the punishment scene is running ...nothing happen after he say the pummel line!?
  3. female ..i think reseting through the mod MCM worked for the pc ..the spell is back
  4. hey .. what is the meaning of pc doesn't have being female spell ..i can't find the being female at the pc active spells ..it happened suddenly ...level 40 now ..so i 'm afraid i don't want to start a new game ...!?
  5. at the end of the (Easy Money - Put money on bets in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun) quests ..wen line (WANT ME ?) appears ..the game freezes before the sexlab animation end..!
  6. working ..it was a conflict with submissive lola
  7. that's the problem ...there is no lines appearing for that quest !?
  8. Always-Stands keeps saying ..... no lines at all from him
  9. keep getting finish the task line ..while my pc got no tasks to do ..is there a debug or option to force stop any task ?? probably SPANK TENDER task ..!? many thanks in advance
  10. many thanks ...works perfectly now ..it was a problem with Lola & probably the latest lola update fixed it ..as for the other outcome SLAVES OF TAMERIEL ..the mod it self keeps crashing on random parts ..so i think i 'm going to remove it ..
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