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  1. Any events or deals for followers who are married or want to get married? Some basic thoughts Maybe harsher deals if you get married after enslavement. If you are not enslaved and get married, your follower can offer enslavement. Special quests or quest items to prove you want to be married to your devious follower.
  2. Enjoying the mod. Can't wait for update. Is there a way to check and see how much debt you have? Would it be possible to add a MCM menu or include in dialogue?
  3. I installed the new version of slave tats and now get an error message when I open console. Can't parse JSON file as 'Data/Textures/actors/character/Slave Tats/... What do I need to do to fix? This is in LE version
  4. How do I get the Moral character quest from Lydia? It's been several weeks and nothing. I even tried the start moral character quest button in the MCM and that didn't work.
  5. How do I get Hjorni's favor to get the devious training quest? Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after giving the 1st urn? I have given her urns after completing her quest for the 1st time, but still can't seem to get the quest.
  6. How do I get Hjorni's favor? I gave her 5 Urns and nothing. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after giving the 1st urn?
  7. You can find flyers in multiple places: - on the counter in the New Gnisis Club - one is in the Red Wave boat down by the docks - one is in the Bards College What is the name of the city of fire and ice, or how do I get there?
  8. How do I start the victim of the old gods? Where is the flyer in Windhelm for the living wonder quest?
  9. When ever I ask to use the damsel assist service, I always get the response I won't help you with restraints locked on you by our own guards. When I ask the guards outside the cities, they say to go inside and I get the same response from the inside guard. It does not matter if I locked them on myself or not. What do i need to do to fix?
  10. I use LE. I have SSE as well, but have not tried on that. I can se the harness in on my screen when I hover over the item in my inventory. Inventory shows item being equipped as well.
  11. When I get the simple milk harness, it is invisible. I still see it equipped in my inventory. I am using CBBE hdt body. I have the body slide file installed. How do I fix?
  12. I was think that you could take what you had in 4.3 and convert to 5.1+. Is that possible? The only issues I had was with the CD harness when you do deliveries and if you choose to payoff the debt you owe and sometimes the bra would be invisible.
  13. Great mod so far. Are there any quests after the maintenance room? If not, I am looking forward to additional content.
  14. Any chance of adding the Captured Dreams device support again?
  15. I can't get the rubber doll collar quest to start. Anyone know how to do it or what the item id is to add in my inventory?
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