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    This site. When i need a break of real life. I like Blackmailing mod/story, anal sex and submissive mod/story.
    I like story and mod where the PC don't have any other choice then obey like wearing an anal plug in public.

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  1. Thank you for all that. When our father will ask us to remain naked, do you plan to confiscate any related liscense? I like the new dog in the house. Once you have made some content about him i hope it will be related to the quest with the bound. I always hope that the orignal maker will block the first option at some point. Like with Brunbar with his dog at some point he is not interresting with someone who walk out the dog. He need a remplacement bitch.
  2. I try with the new version 1.9 and reinstall SLSO and it's working like a charm all of them. Thank you!
  3. @Monoman1I try the new version of wartimes v1.7, i did find something unusual. Whatever i do i cannot get father less tense with all kind of sex except blowjob. I use SLS beta 0.660. I didn't skip any animation but father seem to be always unsatify with my service. I did 3 time in a row with different animation but without any success. Only blowjob satisfy him.
  4. Thank you @Monoman1, You just fix nearly all the bug an even add something new.
  5. I used a save with the main quest and those around it completed without DLC. When I use fast travel or approach one of the main cities I get a 0 message that appears almost all the time. Note I have 1700 fam from the Dragon, Quests ... in fact. If you want to do a test you can see it for yourself with this save. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27357?tab=files With this save you will be able to see the conclusions more quickly. Thank you.
  6. Hello, could it be possible you use a female voice for the Doppleganger? Same for the second lover of your wife at The Drunken Huntsman. The Redguard is fine but the other one as a Male voice.
  7. The first two pictures the one where I managed to delay Rainen Threlles. Following the conversation with Vedia Belenus, all NPCs have the text '' You wanted to speak to me, Jarl? The other photos are the result of either not delaying Rainen Threlles long enough after he spoke to the Jarl. If I talk to him again after the quest is 'successful' and I'm not the public whore, i can always delay him and bring up Vedia Belenus. She considers me the public whore even though I'm not. then i have these sentences available Wha
  8. Hello @Monoman1, Do you think that it would be possible to make an addon or a patch to replace all the bottles of '' cum '' of the Trouble of heroine mod by the ones that are in SLS? You both use the same names for the bottles but only your version is compatible with Ineed and fed the PC
  9. I want to report a bug with the new version. At Solitude, once you delay Rainen enough and spoke to Veldia everyone have the same possible sentence You wanted to speak with me my Jarl? Another point. If you somehow don't delay Rainen enough the quest will fail but if you speak at him after the quest is ''complete'' Veldia will appear and she will consider you as the new public whore even if it's not the case.
  10. Hello, Could you answer these questions when you have some time? First Question: Could it be possible that "Food" has nutritional value like bread or soup? Since it is the only authorized food source for our PC. I use the Ineed and Sexlab Survival mods and there is already an option in Sexlab survival to take in the 'nourishing' sperm and the author uses practically the same names. Could it be possible that you use the same function or the same items? For now I am replacing Skeever cum and others with those provided by Sexlab survival.
  11. Thank you it's work like a charm. There is a line that dosen't seem to work. Are you bringing me food? Apple Cabbage Stew with Rabbit Haunch. Dosen't seem to work even if i put it in my inventory or give it directly at Lydia. Can i skip this step until it's fix with CC?
  12. I am sorry if you did answer the question already somewhere else but how can we start the quest with Lydia?
  13. Well Said! Making a mod is hard enough, This kind of comment is really not necessary and i am sure not welcome.
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