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  1. It only opens if it is added to the animation by the animator when it was created. Most animations are old, so it won't show up. It's hit or miss.
  2. This hasn't been updated since 2019? Not a critique, just wondering if I missed something.
  3. Works great. Has the potential to be amazing. Quests run fine. Minor tweaks: Quests don't disappear from the journal after you complete them though (which may be useful if you look at it as a reminder that you did something). Also, map location icons for quest targets get dropped occasionally. No body search trigger yet. In concept, I liked the conditionality of the body search better than the random approach of the bodysearch mod stand alone. Lots of great detail and ubiquity in this. Thanks. One question. Since this is a devious
  4. Dynamic Animation Replacer version of Zaz? Helps when it competes with DAR idles, etc.
  5. Perhaps I missed it, but is there a list of all the deals with their stages? I can't seem to find one, which makes setting limits on deals in the MCM difficult.
  6. I thought it was a bug at first, it isn't. It's takes three times. The fourth is a normal conversation. It gets very interesting at willpower falls.
  7. One of the best mods I've ever tried. I don't know why I didn't try it before. Thanks to everyone working on it.
  8. Really love this mod. @Tentacus I find I'm using the Hardship interactions to unlock handcuffs quite regularly -- running/sneaking back to a settlement after running into problems in the field. That's a good thing. It's a very useful mechanic. Any chance of adding some exploitation/interaction on the cuff removal using a pop up that occurs *before* a formal offer is made or you end up in jail? I don't want to complicate the dialogue tree too much, but this gets used so often.
  9. Amazing mod that keeps getting better and better. You are doing amazing work @twistedtrebla Really love the fan massage. The excellent writing in the pop ups add so much. It seems to be such an flexible and amazing mechanic. I wonder if something similar could be added to jazz up "overly familiar" or "aggressive" flirts?
  10. Does this integrate with Sexlab? When the PC passes out, it jumps to effects rather than a Sexlab scene (rohzima's animations could be a soft dependency for it).
  11. I've been able to get SLAP updates to load the MCM by loading the game w/o babodialogues and SLHH. Once it loads, I save the game and add them back again.
  12. Are the bundled voices (i.e. Karen) the same as the custom packs?
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