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  1. So, for hiding windows cursor i just need to turn off a SKSE plugin? Or there has a function to hiding it? this plugin ruins the game for me, simply because the Windows cursor flies to the edge of the screen and minimizes the skyrim client as if I were in windowed mode. Is there a way to fix this problem?
  2. I also have a question about the block. The thing is, I add it using the command "player.placeatme ID 1", and often if my game character is on an uneven surface, the block appears at a curved angle, halfway into the ground texture. Is it possible to add some way to correct the position of the block (for example, like for other furniture, when we call a workpiece and after using magic on it, it sets it to the surface?) Without using CreationKit?
  3. This is the first thing I thought about and carefully checked all the conditions for this utility (besides, it angrily throws error windows if the Visual C ++ components are not installed). Almost an hour after writing the previous message and several reinstallations of the mod and all the necessary parts, I found out that the reason is (drum roll) that my heroine is from the draenei race, and it is simply impossible for her to be decapitated, her head and body are indivisible. Which really puzzled me, because the upper body of the representatives of this race is absolutely no different from
  4. after reinstalling the mod on a fresh skyrim client (my past was lost after reinstalling Windows), there was a problem with the fact that the character's head could no longer be cut off by any of the devices from the mod. All required mods and utilities have been installed, however I may have forgotten something important specifically required for the decapitation function. Any ideas?
  5. As far as I remember, free pack releases are less frequent than on patreon. It won't be fair to patrons to give away the packs they paid for a month after their release, so everyone will just sit and wait for a freebie. In my opinion, it makes sense for creators to have some patreon exclusive animations that will NEVER be free. This is especially true, for example, for time-consuming group animations. P.S. not a patron
  6. i hope any modder make interesting traps in dungeons with this meshes...
  7. Please help me with the problem or indicate the correct topic to which I can turn for help. The crux of the problem: I update resource modifications several at once to the latest versions. It also happened a couple of months ago, when I updated ABC, MNC SLAL, Hentai Creatures, Creature Framework and found a problem with the new Frost atronach model, which was summoned by a HC-spell, but when the animations start with it, the model simply disappears and the animation plays with the second partner "in the air". Re-registering the database in CF, restarting and reinstalling mods does not he
  8. Thanks for another great mod. Small feedback and wishes: There is a small bug when the player is punished by characters who are walking / running somewhere, since the activation of the pedestal is not instantaneous, they manage to go very far during this time and just stand still until the punishment time has passed / I do not press "Reset mod". Perhaps you need to add some kind of script that makes them stop and go to the player. In the future, will there be weapon options for beating PCs as they do for NPCs (unarmed, whip and current weapon that the beater is armed with)? Well, and t
  9. To my regret, I barely used furniture animations before until I found Bad Ends and your gallows thread. As far as I remember, only Proxy worked with the animation of putting on a stake, but the first phase already began with the "receiver" being at the top of the stake. But as an option, you can use the initial stages of the holding animation where the player's character will be held by the executioner over the stake emerging from the ground, and the piercing will be shown in the next stage. I apologize right away for such descriptions, because I have a very poor understanding of the technic
  10. What are your immediate plans, Pama? will impаlement spikes be next or is it too early to ask about it?
  11. Just give her/him the order to use the device via the vanilla follower dialogue "I need you to do something" or something sounds like this, and then aim at the target and press E
  12. I think for it needed also a SlaveTats as additional mod.
  13. Same as previous post - i load SE version and unpack both archives in LE Skyrim, works good. The mod looks like a light version of Horrible Harassement without undressing minigame and dialogues - just straight to action, you bump - you get your punishment. If the mod has updates, it would be nice to have the possibility of group scenes when the nearest allies / passers-by join the disturbed NPC (first a single animation is played, and then a group one).
  14. It is really funny to hear "F*ck!" when bump on chicken or other cattle.
  15. Something wrong with VampireLord BJ animation, it couldn't play, actors just hang in air and moans, but animation not playing. I think issue was in FNIS, but updating gives nothing...
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