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  1. Since this seems like the best place to ask and there aren't really any tutorials/resources (or folks to ask directly). And many here are accomplished coders and modders. Hopefully I'm not upsetting anyone or breaking the rules talking about unity. Not to mention how comprehensive and vast the frameworks of Wicked Whims and SexLabs. Would people consider making frameworks like the previously mentioned for Unity games? or would that be too much of a grey zone for folks. There happens to be a lot of usage of BepInEx and Harmony and dnSpy. dnSpy has an amazing write-up faq-sheet. https://github.com/0xd4d/dnSpy/wiki/Debugging-Unity-Games But I'm unable to... Admittedly, Connect the dots. Get it running correctly, And build a proper workflow. Making/creating an add-on sideload to integrate a framework would be amazing specifically adding animations to say something like AI*Shoujo or recent title. Ideally, I want to add animations. Do I attempt to learn Unity? Should I get a .NET dev environment setup? Work on the tutorials from tutorials and guides? as well as going through modders resources? Has anyone tried or have they gotten stuck at a particular point? Or is it something I'd have to beg wheedle and cajole through someones patreon's paywall? Thank you for your time.
  2. Hello! I'm back again with another video. I was wondering if you all would mind giving me pointers again. I'm still new to video editing but I took the advice I was given from the first video I posted (which I will openly admit was awful) and tried to improve! This is still something I mainly made for fun (using only Win 10 video editor) but I wanted to know if here was any way to improve it especially in terms of engagement and video flow. This is the whole video (it's not a clip, but it is short) with no sound and features Vanessa and Vance (her brother I made) Jeong, meaning it does contain "family romance". So, if you don't like that, I apologize. Thank you! I just wanted some advice on how I can make it better or what exactly is wrong with it. So...what do you all think? DRS_A_Loving_Visit.mp4
  3. What happened is that when I started using these mods I took all the fun mods I found and played them on Vortex. And of course it was a problem. Especially with AAF Violate, the characters were standing inside each other and the animation didn't work. When I tried to fix even Sex'em up didn't work anymore, so I uninstalled everything. Now I want to start from scratch and look for some simple tips, first, are AAF and Four Play the same Framework or can I only have one? And what order or care should I have to make everything work properly?
  4. Hi. Im new to all this modding stuff and could use advice on my mod list. I tried asking other forums for advice but no dice. I took my time with this list, I spent almost 2 days of reading descriptions since I dont want to be an error due to my incompetence. So before I begin installing the mods, I wanted to hear some thoughts on it by more experienced people here. Here is the mod list. I made some new additions today. I also plan to install them in this order: 1. Unofficial Skyrim Patch SE 2. SkyUI SE 3. SSE Engine Fixes 4. PapyrusUtil SE 5. ENB Helper 6. Racemenu SE 7. UIExtensions 8. FNIS SE 9. FNIS Creature Pack SE 10. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended 11. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 12. Sexlab Framework SE 13. JContainers SE 14. Sexlab Animation Loader SE 15. More Nasty Critters SE 16. Animated Beast Cocks (ABC) SE 17. Bilyy SLAL Animations SE 18. Simple Sexing 19. GSPoses Idle 20. GSPoses SE 21. Leijona Barbarian Follower SE 22. Touched By Dibella SE 23. HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) SE 24. Touched By Dibella SMP 25. Dragon's Crown Sorceress Outfit TBD SMP 26. Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered SE 27. Kyoe's Bang'n Brows 28. KS Hairdos SSE 29. Obsidian Weathers and Seasons SE 30. Alternate Start - Live another life SE This is it. But there are a few things that worry me tho. - GSPoses Idle had no SE or LE version. So it might cause problems. The Idle is a simple animation where the character puts one arm on the waist. - Simple Sexing also did not have a SE or LE version. The author said it should be compatible with Special Edition since there are no Oldrim only features that this mod uses. This mod is also vital since it uses the adult animations provided by the other mods. - Leijona Barbarian Follower is a custome follower. So I dont know how well she will play with Touched By Dibella since this mod replaces all female NPCs bodies For ENB , I was thinking of going for Rudy ENB or Intrigued ENB but in the end I think that Silent Horizons ENB the way. Silent Horizons ENB with Obsidian Weathers and Season. I also dont want to change my game too much when it comes to visuals. So I avoid mods like NobleSkyrim2k, AmidianBorn Textures, grass mods, water mods etc ... I pref the more vanilla look as strange as it is. If my game is stable and it does not crash, I plan to add EnaiSiaion gameplay mods. But If my game crashes Im thinking of removing the adult mods (FNIS Creature Pack SE, Sexlab Framework SE, Sexlab Animation Loader SE, More Nasty Critters SE, AnimatedBeastCocks(ABC)SE, Bilyy SLAL Animations SE, SimpleSexing). Since I have no idea what Im doing with these mods. I will only probably keep GSPoses SE, since it has some nice idle animations. Let me know what you think. What I can add, replace, remove or move up/down the load order. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. Stay safe
  5. I really don't like that all the slaves added by Hydrogorgon's Slavegirls and Sex Slaves for Bandit Camps and Slaverun are so....pristine. What I think I need is a mod that detects slaves and throws a few random "abuse" and "dirt" Slavetats on them. I have never built a mod before but I might try to throw something lightweight together to do this, but I have some questions for experienced modders first. Question one: Does this mod already exist and I just haven't found it? Question Two: Where do I start? What I mean is: does this have to be done through a Papyrus script? I have gleaned from lurking that Papyrus is a bit of nightmare to work with and more than a little unstable...should this be done through a "cloak spell"? Ideally, the proposed mod would apply the tats before the character model is first seen. Can that be done with a cloak? Is there a third option (other than script and cloak) that don't know enough about Skyrim modding to ask about? Question Three: Am I asking too much of Slavetats (or of Skyrim's save system)? Depending on how one's game is modded, this could end up putting between two and three tats on each of dozens or hundreds of characters during a play-though. Would that cause absurd save bloat? Would that brake Slavetats? Question 4: Am I asking too much of the engine? I know the Apropos' wear and tear feature has a tendency to cause a second or so of "hang" in my game when in throws abuse tats on a character. Does anyone know if that has more to do with Apropos or more to do with Slavetats? That second or so of hang could be devastating if it was applying tats to a dozen slaves in every new cell. Question 5: As originally conceived (in my head) I wanted this to apply a random Apropos wear and tear state, and then a dirt tat. I backed away from that idea out of a KISS mentality (as this would be my first mod ever.) Am I aiming too low? Apropos, though a great mod, as always seemed a little fragile to me. Is it more robust then a think? Could it handle this? Question 6: Is there an established trick to quickly identifying all slave characters from any mod? I assume there is no universal "slave" faction that everyone has conscientiously applied. Is it just as simple as checking for DD apparel and ZaZ furniture? Is there some other trick? Question 7: If I get this mod off the ground, I might want to add an MCM menu so players could personalize the effect a little (maybe you want abuse but no dirt. Maybe you want to mark up all naked characters or all characters regardless of gender. Maybe you want a minimum, or a maximum level of dirt/abuse.) While I have no intention of trying to add that in the first pass at the mod, is there anything I should be especially aware of while building the mod so I won't have to completely rebuild it later to integrate MCM menu functionality? Thanks for you time and any help or advice is welcome.
  6. So, my current computer (which is a retail model, HP) is beginning to wear out. It wasn't a gaming rig to begin with, and I pushed it a little too hard, so now I'm having some issues with slowdown, freezing up, random power offs, things of that nature. I'm not real interested in trying to hunt those problems down and fix them. What I intend to do, is build my first PC, specifically for gaming. I've bought some books, read some stuff online, I think I have the pieces narrowed down. What I'd like is some advice as far as compatibility, and any issues that might arise from these parts. Basically, i figured this would be the place to ask people in the know what they think about the parts I'm looking at. I have a budget of around $900, so this is what I have in mind. Tower: Thermaltake Versa H22 http://amzn.com/B00J0NZ5N0 Motherboard: Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G Micro ATX GA-78LMT http://amzn.com/B009FC3YJ8 Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB SSC http://amzn.com/B013WQCC5O Processor: AMD FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition http://amzn.com/B009O7YORK RAM: Crucial 8GB Single DDR3 http://amzn.com/B00AZGZFGS (4 of these, obviously, for the full 32GB) Hard Drive: Seagate 1TB Desktop SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive http://amzn.com/B00EIQTOFY Disk Drive: Asus 24x DVD-RW http://amzn.com/B0033Z2BAQ Power Supply: Corsair CX600 CP-9020048-US 600W http://amzn.com/B0092ML0OC I'm planning on going with Windows 10 Pro for the OS. I would've preferred to stick with Windows 7, but reading about all the hassles they've thrown on OEM copies, I don't think it'd be feasible for me. Bearing in mind that the price ranges for the products listed are pretty much where I have to stay with my budget (I have VERY little wiggle room here), how does this look to the experts? I'm mainly concerned with compatibility with the PSU: Is that enough for everything listed? Can anyone see any possible issues that might pop up with these parts? My main goal for this build is to play Skyrim on the best settings possible. I'd like to be able to play Fallout 4 as well, even on medium settings, but that's not a hard goal. Some older games that I also have on Steam would be nice. I'm not REALLY concerned with a lot of newer games, so really graphically intensive games aren't really a factor. Mind you I'm still VERY new to this, learning as I go. I have about a month before I decide, so I'm trying to gather all the information I can from all the resources available. Any advice is appreciated, and please don't worry about dumbing down the language you might use, the simplest explanation is usually the best Thank you in advance to anyone who may reply, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. Si I'd like to play this game and make myself some sexy character, but HOLY HECK this game has a lot of expensive DLC. Is the game worth buying, are all the DLCs worth buying? Thanks. PS: Do you know of a good female muscle mod for this game?
  8. Hi! I'm new to using mods (I see you cringe). I did see some excellent mods on here which got me interested in the game again, so now I'm trying to muddle my way through how to do this. I just downloaded Skyrim Special Edition thru Steam (yeah, I know), and I'm running Windows 10. I know I'll probably need a mod installer but could use pointers on which one is most recommended and where to find it. I also see a ton of lovely adult mods for regular Skyrim and not many for the Special Edition. Do the regular ones work with SE? What do I need to get them to run? Are there any files that I must install for SE? Sorry, I know clueless newbies are a pain in the ass, so thank you so much for any help you can give!
  9. Hi ladies and Gents I got a friend that im trying to help who is stuck in 2 situations and doesn't really know what move to make, like in a game of chest lol. I just want to know the community thoughts of 2 scenarios and it goes a little something like this, as I said, im just trying to help a friend and want to know what you ladies and men thoughts are on what my friend should do. Scenario 1 lol - Lets say, you went to college and you meet this girl, kind of a boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Anyway you had class with the girl and you seen her and conversate with her a couple times, she also gives you her phone number, Facebook etc and she also has a child. Now its been a year of college and you haven't spoken with the girl since that year you were in college and you want to talk with the girl again maybe ask her out. Do you think after 1 whole year you should connect back with this girl if you really like her and think about her and she is beautiful also single with child. Ladies would you want this guy or girl to connect back with you after a year you met him/her who you gave your number to because you could maybe like him/her and he/she is a decent guy or girl. What would you do. What do you think my friend should do. Should they connect back with the girl and ask her out as a friend or should they completely back down because of lack of communication after a year. Feel free to give negative or positive thoughts to the full extent. Scenario 2 lol - Lets say you have a one night stand with a girl. The sex wasn't that satisfying to you cause you didn't get to do all that you wanted to do but the girl said we can do it again another time if you want. You dont have her number but you got her Facebook social media etc and, its also been a year maybe a year and a half since you haven't seen your one night stand but you want to connect back with her because maybe you might want to have sex with her again or get into a relationship with this girl you had a one night stand with. She also (not sure on this one) you were told has a child. This girl gets around too. What would you do. what do you think my friend should do. Should they connect with a their one night stand again or should they completely back down and move on. As again feel free to give negative and positive thoughts about both scenarios. Trash talk is welcome.
  10. Backstory's backstory: I started with one sim (Cora), then decided that she needed a sister. So I created a new sim (Julia), using her save as a base, made changes to height, weight, facial structure, hair, personality, etc. Saved her off and everything was great. Backstory: No I've got the idea to add a niece (Lena) to the household, but the only way to actually get the family tree sorted out, is to create parents for my two sisters, use NRaas MC to do an instant baby on the parents, and connect them all using NRaas MC's family interactions. From a purely family tree perspective, that works fine. The niece shows both of the sisters as aunts. My original idea was that the niece was having to join the household, because her mother died in a freak accident, the "baby daddy" is nowhere to be found, and the grandparents are both dead. Method used: Since I didn't have any issues creating Julia from Cora (many real-months of gameplay ago), I decided that their parents should be built using the two sisters as a starting point. So I (again) created a new sim using the save of Cora, aged her to elder, and made a few other changes (but not too many, since they were just going to "reside" at the graveyard). This gave me the mother (Angelina) I needed for this family. Then I created another new sim, this time using the save of Julia, aging to elder, changing gender to male, a few quick tweaks. Then dropped them into a new household (using the create household tool to set the husband-wife relationship). Went live, switched over to that household, created an instant baby between them (in menu NRaas | MC | Intermediate). Used MC | Advanced to set the new baby to be the mother of the niece. Then triggered the age transition a few times until young adult. Then switched back to my household. (Only reason for selecting their household was so that they wouldn't go running all over town.) Then force killed all 3 of them. This got the job done. For that world. Issues found: Today I was starting a new world, and was going through finding all CC items used by the sims in my world (so I can clear out the unused packages and fix any issues found). What I discovered, is that both the grandparents/parents (Henry & Angelina) have 'Special' outfits that turn make them look identical to the young adult sims I started with. Henry looks like Julia and Angelina looks like Cora. The same happened with the Martial Arts outfits, but NRaas Dresser allowed removing those outfits. I cannot find a way to delete the Special outfits (which seem to be the one they turn into after getting the university welcome kit). So... How would you go about creating parents? Would you care about whether they 'looked' like they were related, or would you just create 2 new sims and not worry about the whole familial resemblance thing? And, yes, technically, Lena doesn't look anything like the rest of the family, since I grabbed her as a pre-made teen from somewhere else. (For some reason I didn't think of that until typing this up just now).
  11. Hello! I was wondering if there is a mod that creates bruises when you/npc are hit with melee weapons? As i am beating the shit out of enemies (and slaves (Unethical deeds, thanks btw)) but no scars, bruises or similar. Is there a mod for this and/or do anyone have the time to make it? Thanks a lot *note: i do know you can edit bodies, but then the scars/bruises/damages would be there all the time, instead of appearing after impact
  12. My first experience with ENBs wasn't installing one, it was trying to figure out what they were. Launching Skyrim the 1st time with no mods gave me the physics glitch at the vanilla opening for going over 144FPS. No one would tell me a solution on how to fix it on Steam or Reddit that didn't include an ENB & no one would explain what it is or how it works. I eventually fiddled around with the ini file on my own after a few days of no help to fix it & was basically driven away from ENBs since then. Recently that habit of avoiding them went down & now I've discovered an ENB that resembles the environment of Bloodborne: https://old.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78541/? and I totally want this shit on my game. Problem is I still have no idea how ENBs work & haven't really found an easy to understand guide (i'm still careful with mods too so this is another level). So is there anyone here who can help me out on how to configure this ENB to work without screwing my game up? I was referred to this guide so far: http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB#ENBSeries_Installation plus this guide: https://old.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74427/? & was told to use an ENB manager. Is this one any good? https://old.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24402/? or is there a better one? My PC uses a i7-700K, GTX 1070, & 16GB RAM so as I long as I can play at 1080 60FPS consistently, I'm golden. Also I've heard of ENBs bein incompatible with certain mods but I have nothing that affects graphics, world textures, anything that "overhauls" the world in general (I'm thinking of the recommended mods for the Bloodborne ENB but not until I'm sure I can get it working first.) Not sure if this is necessary but here's my load order also, if anyone can help me figure out this ENB I'd greatly appreciate it (let me know if you need better quality pic):
  13. Hey Guys, I take Alot of Skyrim AVs and Skyrim Photos, But For Some Reason I Always End up at The Same Problem.. I Run out of Armor/Poses To Take Picture or Record in! (This Includes Animations for SL) Please, Im Begging You Lovely People, Give Me Some Suggestions On Which Armor / Pose / Animations I Should Try. THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE. ^^ I Would Also Like To Know Where To Upload My Pictures So That I Can Post Them Into My Posts Without it Being an "attachment" And have it actually be Part of The Paragraph. THANKS. <3
  14. Hi i picked fall out 4 2 days a go and tought to add some spice and fun to it. Unfortunatelly i dont know what mods i need to fire off adult animations and having npc: havins sex with my pc besides aff which i loaded and i think i need animation packs do i need somekind of dialogue mod too ?. I have looked bit around adult mod section here but couldnt figure it out so i tought to ask if you have suggestions please let me know.
  15. So, I've been messing with skyrim mods for a while now, and I've grown weary of all the CTDs and reinstalling mods in a particular order. I'm reset my Skyrim back to vanilla, and starting from scratch. What mods would you recommend to make this the ultimate Adult Skyrim experience? What body replacers? What outfits, followers, locations, quests? Looking up the "Most Popular" sections on sites doesn't give me much insight into what would make this thing awesome. So give me some insight. What mods would/do you use? What settings? What are your HDT settings? Thanks!
  16. First things first: I am a colossal modding noob. Just figured I'd get that out of the way first. Also, tl;dr found at bottom. It's been this insanely long grind to turn my eight year old office desktop into a rig capable of throwing its weight around among my 675+ Steam game library, but it's finally over. My ultimate goal eight years ago was to mod Minecraft (haha, how simple I was), which I did to varying degrees of success, ultimately stymied by weak PC components. So through the grind for better parts, I modded other games. Saint's Row 3, then IV, Dragon Age: Origins, Witcher 2, really anything that could benefit from mods. I'd download the files, painstakingly extract them to where they'd go, stay small to minimize complications, and away I'd go. I was small-time, and from afar I marvelled and envied the script wizards who seemed to mold the very Matrix to their whim. But all of that changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Skyrim's release was on my wedding day, and it killed me that for an entire honeymoon, I was in the pines in the northern part of my state and not in Tamriel. One of my kinder friends donated the game on Steam after about a year, and I diddled about with an amazing game and ultimately left much of it undone (both vanilla and modding). I was desperate to mod, but the complexity of manual installs was terrifying, so I barely tried. And so Skyrim sat in my library, barely played, a someday project for the future. That someday is now. I've lurked in this community for perhaps three years, barely saying anything as I have nothing of value to contribute, and for the last three days I've agonized over the choice to post a topic asking for help from you, my figurative idols in the Skyrim modding community. I come to you guys in humility and awe, with nothing to offer but my wit and my ability to learn quickly. To business. Some kind anon in another dark reach of the internet introduced me to Mod Organizer, and it's opened the floodgates. It's amazing, and I'm seeing a great deal of success so far in modding, but I'm largely unguided and pretty terrified of incompatibilities. CTDs really infuriate me, and since I'm inexpert on troubleshooting mod load orders and overwrites, I generally start over from scratch. I'm not looking for detailed tutorials (I've found a few of those, I needn't waste your time with them) or even troubleshooting or mentorship. Really, all I'm seeking is the basics of what works for you. I'd love to be where you wizards are at, taking insane pictures of characters you've imbued with your passion without crashing and destroying the game, but there's a distance between here and there. What I think would really, truly help is a modlist. I'll post what I've got so far and chart where I'm hoping to go, and with luck, the kind among you will post what you have so I may learn from it and potentially emulate your success. The List So Far At this moment, only the basics. Patches, texture packs, STEP (which may or may not be stable), SMIM. If you think one of these mods is a bad choice, you probably know more than I do, so don't hesitate to send me back to the drawing board. If you need me to clarify anything, let me know. The Future Is (not quite) Now I'm going for three things, mainly: compatibility, simplicity, and beauty. My modding skills are novice at best, so complexity may overwhelm me, but I'm eager and quick to learn. In the future, I hope to quest and explore as I would in vanilla, but with a few mods to add limited realism and (slightly less limited) BDSM. To quote a well-known barbarian from my early gaming days, "You point, I punch!" Show me how to get there, and I'll be your most promising acolyte -- and most likely in your debt. Thank you all for your time and help! tl;dr new to modding scene, lacking experience, eager to learn adult modding, lacking direction, post what modlist works for you please also, if this topic is in the wrong place, let me know, my initial post may not be adult in nature but that's the direction I'm hoping to head
  17. Okay, In the grip of my Mod Skyrim more addiction I stumbled across this "unp/unpb anus for fair skin texture - Page 3 - Skyrim Adult Mods - LoversLab", I am currently using this " Fair Skin Complexion at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community". I first downloaded the "unp unpb fair skinned asshole.rar" then picked it up with Mod Organizer/installed it as a mod from the DL folder. Upon opening Body-slide I saw the improved anus on the preview but also the previously detailed vagina with collisions (UUNPSpecial) has become a translucent pink slit with collisions and no detail. The Anus looks more inviting but it ruins the vagina detail, adds pubic hair and changes the belly. How do I add a more detailed anus to the toon without ruining the rest of the fair skin model? Or did I just do the addition wrong? Any applicable tutorials or software? Thank you for your regard.
  18. I am trying to make a mod that will apply a different texture if sex is engaged with an animal than if it is with a human, how is it determined what is used.
  19. Hey everyone, i used to mod oldrim and had a good base of mods, i believe i sued to use TDF, but now i am playing special edition and wonder which on i should use and what you guys, the community think. From what remember TDF allowed you to chose what sex you had, be it oral, vaginal, anal, etc. Which i really like, however to my knowledge Radiant does not. But i do like that radiant has a harassment type system from what i can tell. I dunno which to pick, what do you guys think, i'm wanting a really good Realistic (and if possible), immersive take on prostitution, thanks for any help!
  20. I already have the kinkyworld mod, graphic mod, and I decided to download the passion mod - which included a download for animated woo hoo. I have been trying to start up my sims 3 for about 15 mins and it does load up, but the game launcher screen is just blank and shows nothing and when I click play - my game loads for 10 seconds and then crashes and it goes back to my Origin. I have a LENOVO ideapad 330 laptop, which runs pretty well, considering the fact that I have ryzen 3 and radeon vega graphics. I've restarted my laptop and currently, I'm very unsure on what to do. Any advice would be wonderful!
  21. Hey gang. Im still new to modding this game and while doing so came across this site. I dont know how I could have not heard of this wonderful place before I did a couple weeks ago but Im glad I found it. I have searched (More like Dredged) this site looking for a mod that would allow me to do something pretty specific but I am havinng some problems finding it on my own. Maybe you guys can help or maybe you know from seeing or playing it yourself. Im into bondage. Not the dungeon with shackles and chains and whips type of bondage. Mine is more softcore and only involves ropes, duct tape, cloth for blindfolds and various costumes. I like the whole kidnap bondage or fantasy roleplay kidnap and rape stuff. (I do not condone violence against women and only enjoy what I do with a consenting adult that has given her permission and trust and body into my hands willingly) What I want to be able to do or to just see ingame is this: Maybe a kidnap like scene where the woman is grabbed by me or even someone else. She is grabbed with a hand over her mouth and then wrestled to the ground and then tied up with ropes. Hands behind her back in a box tie or wrist together behind her and elbows tied together. Feet/ankles tied and her legs ABOVE her knees but below them will work if I have to settle. Im hoping for various bondage positions like hogties, ballties and the rest of the best. I am hoping to see them tape gagged, cleave gagged, OTM gagged and blindfolded to. Cloth and tape would be preferred. Then I would like to see some good struggling animations and hear some really good gagged talking and mmmmphs and groans. Scared, screams, grunts of giving up, angry attempts at cussing the kidnapper and of course begging and pleading to be untied and calls for help. Now sex is not a requirement here but if that comes with the package then Im game for it. Ive looked and looked at everything that even remotely states bondage or being tied up in these mods but some do not have really good explanations of what takes place or even pics most of the time. Can you guys tell me the mod or mods that I need in order to see what Ive described or if it even exist or is possible? Id be in all of your debts if you can help me see this in game. Oh and aslo Im sure if this is possible in game then the clothing I would prefer would be as well. You know just basic costumes like cheerleaders, secretaries or office women, high heels, stockings and pantyhose, just things you see in all porn or fetishes. Thanks everyone.
  22. I just rebuilt my mods directory because I was getting Wicked Whims exception errors, had been since I began using WW and I am no longer getting the errors, though I have removed 90% of what i was using and hope I am able to add a good deal of it to my mods directory. I decided to add an animated penis and change the default replacement skins I use, an endeavor which has created a different set of problems. The male skin seems to be working for the body but the penis had a bright green line across it, from what I have no idea. The female skin is giving the nipple shape change and the base tone but the nipples completely lack any colour definition. See the spoiler below for image showing the described problems. The directory windows on the left half of the image are a bit hard to read and the file names cut short. The grey highlighted directory, Skin Tone Colours, is empty.Animations above it has only WW animations, Skins below it is the directory open in the window at the bottom left. Because the image is hard to read as well as several file names being cut off the pre formatted text blocks below are the directory lists obtained via the console command dir>output.txt Directory of C:\Users\julian\SkyDrive\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods 04/10/2018 11:03 AM <DIR> . 04/10/2018 11:03 AM <DIR> .. 04/08/2018 04:16 PM <DIR> Animations 03/03/2018 11:54 PM 18,183,254 Basemental Drugs.package 02/17/2018 04:58 PM 6,619 basementaldrugs.ts4script 01/17/2017 01:55 PM 5,103,048 LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDHardPenis]_CAS.package 01/04/2017 02:57 AM 1,277,015 LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDSoftPenis]_CASOnly.package 01/04/2017 02:08 AM 3,463,013 LunarEclipse-ymTattoo[hardpenis]CASTexturePack_BASEGAME.package 12/07/2016 11:13 PM 28,658 LunarEclipse_yfAcc[HIDEFemalePenis]_BrowRingVer001.package 12/14/2016 06:41 AM 360,409 LunarEclipse_yfTattooAcc[FemaleSoftPenis]_NudeVer001.package 04/03/2018 07:54 PM 3,816,648 necrodog - SmokingMod v4 (Addiction System by Basemental)-new-anims.package 03/18/2018 09:43 AM 176 Resource.cfg 04/09/2018 08:14 PM <DIR> Skin Tone Colors 04/09/2018 02:35 PM <DIR> Skins 04/09/2018 08:19 PM <DIR> WickedWhimsMod 10 File(s) 32,238,840 bytes 6 Dir(s) 33,560,915,968 bytes free Directory of C:\Users\julian\SkyDrive\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\skins 04/09/2018 02:35 PM <DIR> . 04/09/2018 02:35 PM <DIR> .. 04/09/2018 01:05 PM 303,854 LUUMIA_BODEII_Muscular.package 04/09/2018 01:01 PM 25,557,472 LUUMIA_BodyHairv5_ALL.package 04/09/2018 01:06 PM 282,740 LUUMIA_DR_BODEII_Lean.package 04/09/2018 01:07 PM 230,388 LUUMIA_TIT-E_Large.package 04/04/2018 10:16 PM 239,466 LUUMIA_TIT-E_Small.package 10/16/2017 04:46 PM 1,127,377 TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Extra_Skin_Tones.package 04/09/2018 01:07 PM 193,294 [fixed]LUUMIA_DR_TIT-E_Medium.package 7 File(s) 27,934,591 bytes 2 Dir(s) 33,560,907,776 bytes free I'm not particularly attached to the LunarEclipse penis but I am partial to the Luumia skins, I like the smooth porcelain appearance Tit-E gives her skin, particularly her face, which makes freckles stand out more, and the size of the nipple geometry while the build of BodEII Muscular geometry gives a solid shape which, though softer than UNtraditional Nerd's default replacement shape, provides a foundation which helps the contrast of his (my sim's) heavy body hair to her soft, smooth styling, which visually represent the 'beauty and the beast' symphonic/doom metal inspiration (Theatre of Tragedy, Epica, Lacuna Coil) for the couple. I will most likely use Wild_Guy's nipple skin details if I can't find nipple skin details which give as much detail and a little more colour. Edit: I was able to add Nissa's Wicked Perversions and MCCC to my active mods and remain exception free. My sims went jogging nude and I noticed a further problem with the skin/penis combination I'm using, at least i am guessing the penis is a culprit but I'm not sure because it is another problem with yf sim, she is lacking all detail in her pubic area, see the picture below. Any advice on which the correct files to use and where to place the files to achieve a working combination for what I am describing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Burn666
  23. Assuming I have everything else in an ESM, can I safely edit EVERY NPC in one ESP? Or should I split it by like Race or Hold, etc? Things like Bijin edit a ton, but I haven't really seen any that cover *everybody*. ESPs have a limit and I'm not sure how easy it is to hit with just Actor edits. Basically, I'm redoing a personal overhaul, because I had a PC failure and have yet to retrieve anything from that hdd. SO, rather than wait on that, I'm rebuilding it entirely, in a much more organized fashion this time. It got very tedious un-esmifying things if I forgot something, going into the CK, then forgetting to re-esmify beforehand and having to reload 16 dependencies... once the CK feels like opening again! >.<;
  24. I recently modded Skyrim and messed up my males somehow, so I plan to uninstall all my male mods and try what you use? What male mods do you have and what order did you install them in?
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