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  1. cheers, but it would be nice for a more immersive quest option tho. will try the SS+ option
  2. can we get a short quest to start the bondage prison quest without becoming a criminal? like false accusation or mistaken identity or framed? like get on the bad side of a powerful noble, so they set you up or even accept a bounty and then the target gets the drop on you and you end up getting mistaken for wanted criminal?
  3. i have SOSRacemenu esp, active, where in the load order is ideal? before or after xpmse and Racemenu?
  4. Was wondering if any animators out there would be interested in animating a swimming/sinking/drowning animation for the ZaZ or Devious bondage mods armbinder, hobble dress etc and possibly make it so the ball and chain makes you sink straight to the bottom basically re-creating this scene
  5. what race is your character? if its orc or possibly custom race, then the fallback mesh will be a cloth gag
  6. i was wondering if you or someone could make it so when mother amputated and in the cage, maybe as punishment for bad behavior or just not pleasing him, he ties the player/daughter up and takes mother out of her cage to rape and or beat her in front of player. or can someone point me to a mod when npc rape eachother?
  7. Cant find the option to start quest by talking to mara statue manual starting quest does nothing when reading diary. pls help
  8. any chance of this idea but with your Gallows mod? so i can execute people?
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