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This plugin allows the player to acquire any residence within the walled cities of the Cyrodiil Province.  If all the owners of a house had died, it may now be acquired for an appropriate fee. However, you MUST have purchased a vanilla/default house first.  Just see the same individual you purchased your original dwelling to continue.

  * For addiitonal properties within Anvil, you will need to see Countess Millona Umbranox instead.


Purchasing a house gives you the key to the house (if such a key exists), and a deed to the property. And the house is subsequently renamed to reflect ownership. Not all houses have keys with Inns being the most obvious.

The houses available are only those within the city walls, and cover neither the Castles nor Chapels.  Stables exist outside the city walls and are not available, nor is Anvil Lighthouse or any other such dwelling.  It should be easy to understand that the Castles would not be available, those being under the direct province of the County itself. Further, the Office of Imperial Commerce within the Market District is also not available as it and its manager are specifically tied to the Empire. And of the Chapels, those would obviously be tied to the Empire, the Elder Council and the Imperial Cult.


Further, this system works with LoversSlaveTrader, allowing you to squat in a house if all the residents have been enslaved. If a house still has a living owner that is not enslaved, you can't squat there.  You won't be the owner, so you do not receive a deed nor key. But access is granted.




  County/Disrict   Qty   Property values available

  Anvil             14        107,000 Septims/Gold
  Bravil            17         95,800 Septims/Gold
  Bruma             17        180,000 Septims/Gold
  Cheydinhal        16        280,000 Septims/Gold
  Chorrol           16        194,000 Septims/Gold
  Imperial City     87      1,940,000 Septims/Gold
  Leyawiin          17        309,000 Septims/Gold
  Skingrad          19        348,000 Septims/Gold

  --------------   ---   -------------------------

  Total            203      3,453,800 Septims/Gold






Actual vacancies:

The system operates with a collection of individual 'Quest' pages, most of these quests operating not unlike the default/vanilla quest pages which lets the player purchase the default houses in-game.

Within these basic quests are topics such as "I don't think I'm ready to buy", "That much gold? I don't have it" and "Buy a vacant place in town". And along with each quest, there are numeros other topics, one for each individual house that becomes available within the city or district. However, the "Buy a vacant place in town" topic only appears if a house is indeed available.

Further, each basic quest has attached a script which executes every two seconds, and only within the presence of the Count/ess selliing the property and only within the great hall of their related castle halls. On execution, each script examines if 'all' owners of a house have passed away, flagging the house as available. And if there is at least one house available, then the "Buy a vacant place in town" topic becomes available.

For the Imperial City itself, there is a single quest to handle the sales to the player, and five individual quests for each house-bearing district for house availability.

LoversSlaveTrader squatting:

There is a single quest which operates if LoversSlaveTrader is running. This quest, and the varied scripts attached to it, checks to see if all 'surviving' members that rule a house are enslaved. If that is the case, the system will then let the player stay at the resident with no problem.

I use the phrase 'surviving' members deliberately. For this separates a house that the player may squat and one which he may purchase.

The most recent version of LoversSlaveTrader, version 3.3d, executes a special command built into VacantHouses if an enslaved NPC has been freed.. This test scours through the NPCs defined within the mod for a match with the now-freed slave. And upon finding, the house owned by the former slave will then be returned.

The scripts in general:

HouseLDD{ location }
This script performs the test to see if the residents of a house have died, and then activates a flag to let the player purchase the house.

HouseLDD{ location }Return01-99
Each one of these scripts, one for each house, removes from the player access to the house. It returns the original resident's ownership, locks the doors back up, and returns the original 'owned' beds for the NPCs that originally own the property. This script is currently executed by tne LoversSlaveTrader Squatting system when the player releases a slave from servitude.

HouseLDD{ location }Sale
This script is executed once the player agrees to the purchase of a house. It branches to one of the various sale# scripts (below), and not much else.

HouseLDD{ location }Sale01-99
Each one of these scripts, one for each house, is executed if a house has been properly purchased. Each script takes the player's gold, gives the player the key and deed to the house, changes the name of the property, and executes the house's individual 'transfer' script.

HouseLDD{ location }Transfer01-99
Each one of these scripts, one for each house, grants the player access to the house. It removes the original resident's ownership so trespassing is no longer an issue, unlocks all doors and containers, and replaces the 'owned' beds so both player and any NPCs may sleep.  These scripts are called by both the VacantHouses Sales system and by the LoversSlaveTrader Squatting system

This and related scripts are meant to apply static markers. Currently not used, the concept was to have markers placed and matching 'packages' for married NPC control.  An idea I have, you could marry someone and the spouse moves into the house and follows a dictated household pattern.

This and related scripts check to see if the NPCs for any individual house has been enslaved. The related scripts only perform tests upon a house if the house hadn't been purchased by the player, and only flags and converts a house as squattable if all surviving members were enslaved.

This script is triggered by the LoversSlaveTrader system when a slave has been released from servitude. It then branches out to the numerous scripts in search of the formerly enslaved NPC. Upon detection, the ownership of the house and its permissions are reverted back to the NPC. The permissions reverted back by way of the HouseLDD{location}Return# scripts.


NPC Testing:

Under most circumstances, the mod will perform a test to see if an NPC has died or been enslaved by its 'reference'.  However, the system which is called by LoversSlaveTrader to return ownership back to the NPC is actually different.  Rather than comparing the NPC's references, the system looks at the actual Database "Base" object.   This, in the instance that an NPC's reference is changed upon being enslaved.




In order to change ownership of possessions and other such features, many household items have been altered. In order to permit the scripts within to remove the 'ownership' of an item or to unlock doors or the like, these in-game items must already be known as Persistent References. Attempting to change the ownership of a door that isn't a persistent reference would result in that script freezing. So there are a LOT of items in most of all the defined houses that have been changed.




This script requires the use of OBSE version 16 at the very least, this as the mod uses IsPersistent and IsFormValid checks, and more.  But for the music fix option built into the plug-in, you will need OBSE version 21 with its SetCellMusicType command.  The plug-in will close down unless OBSE version 16 is not found.




This script requires the Shivering Isle and Knights of the Nine DLC, and  'does' require the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. Because it must account for changes made by Knights of the Nine, it needs to be placed below/after the Knights.esp file in mod order.  The plug-in will close down if the UOP is not found.



Edited by LongDukDong

What's New in Version 2.3


Went through and corrected tertiary descriptive house dialogue

  • Expanded Ra'jiradh's house descriptions to match parental lore
  • Some dialogue used wrong pronoun to suggest property ownership
  • Some dialogue was cut off and incomplete

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