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  1. Interesting. I'll need to double-check the script the spell runs. I think I have an idea of what might be causing it, if the OnLoad & GameMode scripts are trying to run even if they've been disabled...
  2. There is some gore, yes. There's some torn apart corpses that spawn via Leveled Lists and a few of the Namiran monsters are kind of squicky holdovers from when Emily maintained the mod. If you'd like I can make a "censored" copy of the .esp with those things scrubbed out. Not difficult, in this case. - As for a rundown, uh... There's a number of new playable races, a couple of small quests that provide "companionable" NPCs if you use MCS Companion or similar. There's a few locations added, particularly the Minotaur Village (which will be moving in the near future to another location). Most of the mod is just adding new NPCs/creatures though, yes. There's a very complex faction system, so some Daedra might spawn and attack Dremora if the Daedric Prince they serve dislikes Mehrunes Dagon, etc. - I don't know of any particular compatibility issues. It has built-in compatibility if you have the Knights DLC, particularly. The only requirement is Blockhead.
  3. Theoretically, the captives will work 100% fine all of the time. Theoretically, buuut...Radiant AI taking over during combat and the fact that any mod that overhauls combat/aggression/fleeing will cause inconsistencies overrules that 100%. >___>
  4. If I had to guess, DMC Stylish - Animation Replacer was conflicting with the extremely complicated (and unfortunately still glitchy) captive spawn animations. That's a totally uninformed guess, though. To clarify for @fejeena why some creatures wear redundant clothing/armor over their overridden bodies, it's usually a means of giving them proc'ing Nudeshy's embarrassment animations/trying to equip Dynamic Underwear from other mods. In the case of the Water Atronach Girl, iirc the reason she wears the outfit is related to the core that's supposed to show up in her chest...which usually doesn't.
  5. puddles

    Lesbian Animations?

    Yeah, the lack of female x female animations has always bugged me. Also the lack of dialogue...always drives me crazy to see the same dick-related sex dialogue.
  6. These are the only deviations, the rest all use the same skeleton as their name implies: Daedroth/Werebear: Daedroth Goblin: Xivilai (Scaled down) Werewolf: Scamp (Scaled up) Ghost & Will o' Wisp seem to be identical to vanilla, no reason to use them. --- Also, yeah...the Daedroth sex animations have always weirded me out, too.
  7. https://mega.nz/#!BoFCgS6K!MIYeOMQOkoyoM8ets2W8KrXXWFwUa7qCQk61wKJFli4 It's there on the Download page, but it has no header for some reason. There's an empty row that has "Download" at the for right.
  8. Everything but the Goblins are compatible with their corresponding LoversCreatures animations. The goblins in that replacement actually use the Xivilai skeletons/animations...so you'd need to insert those sex animations, instead.
  9. I had to remove many of the old summoning spells because they conflicted with other mods, unfortunately. It's impossible to "add" magic effects to the game, other overwrite vanilla ones...or simulate a magic effect using a script, which is still done for a few summoning spells. Last I check though, none of them are easily accessible to the player. Thank you for the feedback though, I'll see about adding a few back into the mod via script effect.
  10. No, most of these do appear to use Oblivion's vanilla animations...he just made copies of the creature directories into a new folder to avoid things getting overwritten. You could easily just copy the new meshes into the vanilla folders, or copy the idleanim folders with the corresponding sex animations into the respective Skyrim folder. I'll double-check a few of the ones that commentator mentioned being weird. Maybe they just got rigged wrong.
  11. MCS Extension could potentially screw up another AI setup even if the system isn't active on a specific NPC. It's because MCS attempts to make your "party" active in a semi-cohesive way so they don't attack each other/get in each other's way. So the system will check to see if X NPC is in the PlayerFaction (Imperial Legion temp NPCs in vanilla come to mind) so your MCS companion won't try to kill the soldier if they accidentally hit them with an arrow or something. However, if it's screwing something up...it's screwing something up alongside another mod, more than likely. The other mod's screw-up just might not be readily apparent during gameplay. Also any bugs it might cause will usually be outweighed by all the stuff it prevents, imo.
  12. The girls can't atm, but a few creatures can...iirc the Sanguine Groper can, I'd need to look at it. Preview of the "Varieties of Daedra" book that will get added to the next version...hopefully: Varieties of Daedra Anathema Found throughout Attribution's Share, the Daedric Anathema – rather than serving Boethiah – more embody the Daedric Prince's principles…or lack thereof. Unlike the Dremora, whose structured caste system allows them to employ an expansionist mindset with only minor setbacks due to infighting and betrayal, the Anathema have no cohesive caste system: power and the drive to acquire it determine rank, with the strongest maintaining tentative control over blocs of Attribution's Share until someone superior – or simply better prepared – comes forth to depose them…and so on. Although some Anathema are individually stronger than the upper echelons of Dremora, capable of subtle revision of their essence overtime to strengthen, quicken, or even enlarge themselves, their inability to cooperate as a united front has left them with little footprint on Mundus. Author's Note: While I have had amicable or at least civil relations with a number of sapient Daedric races, sometimes even beneficial ones, I have met but one Anathema who didn't attempt to capture or kill me on sight. In the end, the conversational one merely meant to lull me into a false sense of security, so I could be imprisoned in a Soul Gem. Exercise extreme caution in any dealings with them, and always expect betrayal. Repugnant The Repugnant are part of a broad stratum of Daedric horrors whose sole purpose in life serves to exalt the dark glory of Namira, the Lady of Decay. They can be split into three approximate Castes, which can be further classified from there: the Infested, Defilerd, and Choura. The Infested Caste may have a Daedric term associated with them in the Scuttling Void and neighboring Planes of Oblivion but will be referred to as such for the purpose of this work. Despite being one-third of the Repugnant aggregation, the Infested are expressly Anuic in nature, and that is by design. Whether worshippers of Namira or their pitiable victims, they are those who stumbled too far into the Ancient Darkness and paid the price for it. Beset by Choura, their essence is slowly reformatted from its Anuic signature to a Padoaic one, and if uninterrupted will inevitably change them into a subtype of Vestige. The process can be halted and – at early stages – reversed, but the further along their conversion is, the more their mind and body will have decayed. Although not without exception, it's a rule of thumb that the Choura will simply eat male captives for nourishment. The Choura Caste, the only one whose actual name is known, are a non-sapient species of insectile Daedric Beasts that make their home in the Scuttling Void. They are born within ghastly hives, emerging as larvae with similarities to Kwama Foragers that spend an unknown period of time ingesting the vile waste that festers within the Plane before undergoing metamorphosis into strange flying creatures with characteristics associated with roaches and crustaceans. From there, they begin hunting vermin for nourishment, sometimes growing to colossal proportions before spontaneously reaching maturity and going to seek out a suitable host: one of the Infested. They will anchor themselves to their chosen host's spine, starting the tedious process of hijacking the nervous system and gradually rewriting the mind – and ultimately essence – of their host. Should the Infested resist, it will often either consume nonvital functions to rein them in or inject eldritch sedatives and aphrodisiacs to rein them in. While neverbeforeseen, it is theorized that a Choura Queen – or Queens – exist within the hive(s), spawning larvae via unknown mechanisms. A subtype of Vestige, the Defilerd Caste – a portmanteau of Defiler and Defiled – are true embodiments of Namira's domain: that which induces utter revulsion and horror in the hearts of mortals. Existing as a demented hybrid of Anuic and Padomaic properties, their mind is a patchwork collage of the host and parasite's minds, the former equally as horrified about their condition as any onlooker and wishing only for release. Sadly, the Vestige is doomed to return to the Waters of Oblivion upon "death" and coalesce a new – equally disturbing – body before long. Bereft of any hope for salvation, they ultimately lose whatever shreds of sanity remained, embracing a deluded logic of assuaging their own twisted self-image by forcing the same squalor and decay upon others. The Infested possessed of a strongest resolve and tenacity are, if unable to break free earlier in the process, often at least spared an eternity of madness; the Choura will become eventually become so frustrated by the constant resistance that their consumption of the host's body results in death and liberation of the soul, leaving the parasite bound to a mutilated corpse forever as an incomplete Defilerd. Author's Note: If attacked by a Choura, immediately do your best to remove it by force. If that isn't enough to dislodge it, make your way to the nearest consecrated grounds – either a Wayshrine or Cathedral – to pray for salvation. You do not want to meet a gruesome end this way. Welkynd Beast Little is known about the Welkynd Beast beyond a passing association with both Azura and Meridia. It's speculated to come into existence when specific levels of Chaotic Creatia interact with Welkynd Stone clusters deep underground, prompting a weak Daedric Vestige to leak inside. They display little intelligence and seem to be attracted to large concentrations of Magicka. In stark contrast to most Daedra, Welkynd Beasts are highly resistant to magic but susceptible to mundane clubbing. Author's Notes: I find these critters rather adorable. You can pacify them using Welkynd Stones, if you have any to spare. Sanguine Groper Obviously a minion of Sanguine, as suggested by their name, Sanguine Gropers bear similarities to both squids and starfish. They seemingly possess little intellect, acting on single-minded impulse to seek out females and grope them. Although not explicitly dangerous, they their molestation can be traumatizing to victims.
  13. I'm uncertain if all of her functionality is active, yet. She's supposed to be a homage to Succubi/Nymphs in NetHack, where if you "sleep" with one various things will happen. Small increases/decreases to characteristics, unequipping armor (which can be deadly in NetHack if you're surrounded by monsters).
  14. Haha, I was kidding. I really do plan to fix the eyes, though. It's frustrating to have so many people ask about it. --- Preview of Next Release: The first "AA" Quest, the Aedric equivalent of the DA Quests. It will be for Julianos, and feature a few Dwemer things. Reward at the end will be a small passive ability + summoning the Aposlte of Logic (who already exists in-game but doesn't do anything important)