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  1. Sinister Poet, I'm gonna upload a patch later today that I think might address your CTD in that Fort. That dungeon is apparently only filled with Leveled Creatures in the vanilla game, and I noticed the Fairy creature was missing the _n map for its eyes...that can cause CTD under certain circumstances. The .esp did some vague tweaks that I hope will stop that one thing with the Ayleid NPC. I hope.
  2. That's immensely peculiar. That dialog has no branches, adds no additional topics, and has no script attached to it. It's just...totally generic. Hrm...
  3. I'm immensely perplexed about the nails thing, tbh. There's nothing in my mod that should be affecting any vanilla races. .___. So bizarre. Hrm...lemme check the Ayleid dialogues, though. Which greeting did you get from them? There's four. One about being the Hero of Kvatch, one about the Ayleid, another about vermin in their homes, and the last is just "Must we speak...?"
  4. Ummm...hrm... My only thought is that you somehow installed all of the new files, but are still using an old esp. I can't fathom anything else causing those visual issues... And, I'm not sure about the swimming bit. There's no swimming animations modified by the mod, or scripts that affect swimming.
  5. Hm...an interesting idea, honestly. I could make a sub-esp with test cells containing X number of the mod's actors each...
  6. It should still be possible to simply de-activate the .esp without immediately corrupting the save file. Can you try deactivating it and re-rentering the dungeon? See if the game still crashes.
  7. That's normal with the Faun: has something to do with how the hair is positioned in its .nif file. RE: The Lion-Taur, I couldn't find any feasible justification for Lion Centaurs in TES's lore, so I decided to make playable Alfiq Khajiit. They're just still WIP, hence only being in the test cell.
  8. Unpack this patch into your Data folder, it should fix that problem...although I'll admit I'm a little suspect, because I've never had a Satyr spawn INSIDE a dungeon. I don't know if that will fix your dungeon CTD problem. What dungeon is it, if I might ask? satyr.7z
  9. Looks like you're missing the texture for the band around the wasit I use to hide the small gaps between the top and bottom halves...hrm. And, huh...the faun? Bizarre. She's never been broken before. What happens if you open CS, go to Races, and check the two Satyr races' face previews? Maybe a file got missed...
  10. All right, can you go into Meshes/Characters/BodyAssetOverrides/PerRace/F, and then manually examine the .nif files inside? Tell me if any of them are showing as untextured. It's possible that a texture the overrides require didn't get included in the archive I uploaded, as TES4Files doesn't have a way to scan for those.
  11. Almost all NPCs/creatures from this mod are indeed distributed via LL, so it can be difficult to identify CTDs. If you can open the console and COC to the following cells, we can at least troubleshoot if there's a specific RACE that's causing the crash. MGBeastfolkTestCell MGMerTestCell MGUndeadTestCell MGAedraTestCell MGDaedraTestCell --- There's a "template" version of each (or almost all of...? Some of the newest might be missing) in the associated test cell. If one of those CTDs for you, it might be easier to source the problem. Also, are you using AutoSetBody or Dynamic Underwear System? If you are, I have patches to prevent those mods from trying to equip human legs onto races whose skeletons can't support them, which will often cause a CTD.
  12. So, you just extract the vanilla voice files, then cut them apart and rearrange pieces from different ones into a new file?
  13. Peculiar Issue w/Messages

    ...I do have like 6 diseases atm from MOO. That might be it.
  14. So, I've run into a peculiar issue that's never happened to me before. Something is either blocking or just...clogging the messages that normally appear in the top left corner of the screen. The "Saved", the "X OBSE initialized", etc. that run when you first load a file. The sounds associated with the messages are going off, and OBSE is initializing, but just...the messages aren't there. Every once in a while they start showing for a few seconds, usually running through several consecutively (and late). Anyone ever had an issue like this?