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  1. puddles

    Bravil Underground v0.96

    @fejeena Just as an update, I am working on this: and on making penis bone'd skeletons and weighted penis meshes for the rest of the Creature Overhaul Workshop.
  2. I can try to excise the necessary parts. My Animal Compilation.esp is comprised of dozens of unpacked bsas and mods I couldn't possibly get all the permissions gathered up for. The gender differentiations are all just my work in Blender though, so no permission issues there. I'll try to box it all up.
  3. puddles

    Bravil Underground v0.96

    So you just need the OgreTrainer.nif's penis to be in roughly the same position as the Animated one?
  4. puddles

    Bravil Underground v0.96

    Attaching a cleaned-up OgreTrainer Mesh & Texture. The mesh reduced the poly count so it won't cause lag (old mesh would even make Nifskope stall), and the texture hides the seams around the thighs and upper arms...slightly. OgreTrainerFix.7z
  5. I actually have a modified LoversCreatures with a script that uses ToggleCreatureModel to swap between Flaccid / Erect whe starting sex. But, it only works because I have a gigantic personal animal compilation that adds the _flaccid.nif for most creatures...
  6. @fejeenaDo any Lovers mods make a basement in the Foc's'le?
  7. I have Emily's version somewhere in my Blockhead archive if you really want it, but it's still filled with bugs. No idea where the original Japanese parts are anymore, if they still exist at all.
  8. Yes I've added Elysium. I'm planning to move Lizardman into a hidden cave near the farm, to avoid him attacking passersby. The bed opposite to the church is going to go. Probably going to add a basement to the Flowing Bowl for them.
  9. Nope the script fires off once the quest begins and calls a Function to .additemns to a number of female women references in Anvil. The thieves will then stalk them at random. Once the quest ends, the Function is called one last time to removeitemns them. No changes to any vanilla NPCs in the esp.
  10. lol I gave the panty thieves an AI package to steal underwear added at the start of a quest to women in Anvil. Now the guards occasionally slaughter them. >___>
  11. ^Correct on Elysium The servant/attendant/fan is the dead woman who went to get Pyrrha's sword and shield back from Lizardman. Also, thank you @fejeena for explaining that!
  12. I'm stiiillllll working on this. I fell down a rabbit hole fixing the congested lone quest...ended up splitting it into three separate quests with different solutions/outcomes. Quest 1: Lizardman Quest 2: Panty Thieves Quest 3: Nightmare I moved the door to Nightmare's dungeon and made it into a portal. Setting all the scripts up is just difficult. I still need to figure out how to make custom dialogue lead into Lovers sex...and how to give Pyrrha and <SPOILER> custom sex voices, since I tweaked their SC sound sets to make them.
  13. I figured it out. The SC MP3s were using 2 Channels, Oblivion's MP3s only use Mono channel. I also turned Pyrrha's wig into real hair. I still need to do the other two.
  14. Running into a weird issue where the custom dialogue simply won't play in-game. It works when previewed in the Construction Set, the Race Voice is set right, the directory is set right, the mp3 and lip files are all in the right spot...but silent in-game.
  15. The delay with my version is incorporating some of Pyrrha's SC soundset into the mod. It's been a bit tedious. I shrank the banners, fixed a lot of shit that shouldn't have been touched, rearranged the statue, shrunk the banners, fixed the NPC sizes...I need to test and see if anything broke, though.