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  1. The ones you're talking about are probably the Kothringi from the Elder Scrolls Online. Per lore, Kothringi simply don't die regardless of how mutilated they become, even if they're reduced to nothing but bones, due to their disease/curse. So yes they're intentionally like that. If you defeat them 3 times in a row they're supposed to become pacified until you leave the map. Worth noting that even though they're marked Essential, they aren't low-level processing. When the area is wiped by the game to avoid bloat, the Kothringi gets wiped like a dead NPC/monster. There might be a few non-hostile NPC that don't die when you kill them otherwise you'd never see them alive due to other monsters/NPCs killing them.
  2. So I'm in the process of ordering an external HD to store my...600gb of Oblivion mods... I can't really do much in terms of modding on my new laptop without that stuff. Theoretically, but its mouth/eyes wouldn't be animated, etc. because you would need to merge all the pieces into a single .nif. Most of the randomly generated NPCs on the field that are meant to be hostile or flee have no dialogue, or very little dialogue. Can you give me an example?
  3. It's not "complete", but it does safely modify the Mrblvn LeveledLists to add a lot of my mod's enemy actors in where suitable. If I can remember how to use the construction set I'll check to see what I didn't complete...maybe this weekend? Soon, anyway. Monster Girl Blockhead Edition - Morroblivion Link.esp
  4. Looks like that particular .nif just got ruined in the BBB conversion process. Happens when so many are converted at once, something tends to go wrong somewhere.
  5. Novakid are still a bit "hard to kill" sometimes, but nothing is completely unkillable anymore due to FR's regen yeah.
  6. I...don't really see a way to do any Actor1 animations for this specific monster.
  7. This is without the in-game offsets, pretty sure in-game the snail will be a few pixels to the right.
  8. Oh god making that tilted shell for the Snaggler took almost an hour to get it looking decent... WIP
  9. Hey, it just means Sexbound is going mainstream and attracting the disrespectful sort now too.
  10. Just finished the agonizing project of making the body and arm sprites for Nebulac - has anyone contacted that author?
  11. Parent/Child relationships could theoretically be established via creating Crew or Tenant-esque "sub-actor" templates, but the way Sexbound works it's hard to make a specific NPC unable to have sex. Removing the Sexbound script from the .npctype JSON just keeps them from initiating sex, iirc. And only normal sex, they can still initiate Defeat sex. I've yet to be able to keep a custom NPC from trying to sex/not get sex'd in Defeat, lol.
  12. That doesn't surprise me. There are a few monster girls (the Daedra in specific) that have extremely sensitive skeletons. If a mod tries to mess with their equipment and force a human body onto the skeleton, I've had that cause crashes. I suppose I could paste all the missing human bones into the custom skeletons, hm.
  13. I vote all references to T3 an T4 be commented out of the crafting menu so no one asks about it anymore. :E
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