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  1. Can I see the PM too, @fejeena ? XD
  2. puddles

    race repository

    Awesome! I'll share my frog head (and the rest of it that's probably of little value) as thanks. I edited the blinking out of the head's tri file because the eyes wouldn't close just right, and...well, frogs don't blink. paatru.7z
  3. puddles

    race repository

    Yeah, the body of the Aquamer is pretty perfect. But the head texture doesn't work on the Argonian texture: I'm not sure how to blend it into an Argonian head without hugely visible neck seams.
  4. puddles

    race repository

    Hey, @tolerance, do you happen to a...newty or salamander-y Argonian texture? We're working on the Paatru, which are a subspecies of toad or frog-like Argonians, for TAL's Black Marsh mod. I can't find an Argonian texture with smoother skin/less scales that doesn't make them totally humanoid. -.-
  5. Thanks for the report, I'll look into it ASAP. Honestly, that camp is going to be removed soon and I'll be moving the minotaur village into an Ayleid Ruins, as per TES Lore regarding Minotaurs being attracted to them. Do you have Blockhead installed and are there things in your Meshes/Characters/BodyAssetOverrides/PerRace folders?
  6. Yep, I tried fixing the bone priorities to no effect, either. ._.
  7. Does anyone know what would cause 3rd Person idles (not movement) animations to cause strange shaking while in 1st Person view? I tried replacing the Pelvis through Head data in the animations with BSPline as per vanilla animations, but that only mitigated it slightly. There's no apparent difference between these idles and others beyond that.
  8. Pretty sure you're talking about Neverender.
  9. puddles

    General Discussion

    Hm. Is it perhaps that their race isn't playable?
  10. puddles


    Very cool, TDA! I love the slice-of-life animation mods you create: hope you create more!
  11. puddles

    WTF Hair & Eyes

    Happening on a completely vanilla install, too...bizarro. Edit: ...Well, resetting my NVidia settings for Oblivion to default, deleting the RenderInfo.txt, Oblivion.ini, and BlendSettings.txt all at once seemed to fix it. So bizarre...
  12. puddles

    WTF Hair & Eyes

    I'm...really baffled by this one. I haven't made any significant changes to my game in the last month, but a few days ago when I loaded up Oblivion to test my ValenwoodRegrown mod...weird things were happening. Flickering hair and eyes, doubled-up ears, eyelashes, and heads...and it's ALL NPCs, not just companions, etc. I tried a new game with only Oblivion .esm active...no change?! x___X Deleting the .ini didn't help, either.
  13. puddles

    General Discussion

    @LongDukDong scn TestScript ref dog begin gamemode set dog to CreatureDog Dog.additem Gold001 1 end That will theoretically modify the BaseID Creature Dog, at least until the game is reloaded. Or it might try to save all of the changes to the save file and cause strange types of bloat. I say theoretically, because it might just make the game crash. Using a variable to circumvent imposed limitations can do that.
  14. @_sanada_ Someone on MNTY made this and uploaded it, and I happened to find it...NSWF, lol. MGBH Screenshots.zip