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  1. Here lies.. err.. some result of my old, failed(&dropped) attempt to adapt Hawkmoth's "Rideable Clanfear" creature (nexusmods/oblivion/mods/19175) with Lovers. rCFv_2LL_g110.7z Shortly: plan was to change RC models and animations to move all their resources into vanila creatures\clanfear\ subfolder, so RC could be included into LPK activity. While main purpose was not achieved, some my mistakes produced an interesting expirience (look at screenshots at least). Main text "blog" is in russian (rideableXclannfear_about_RU.txt), and now i have no energy to translate it.. at least i googletranslated it and then slightly edited/righten result: rideableXclannfear_about_gt.txt.
  2. @Chroom22, your problem could possibly be fixed with console command Set IchSlaveQuest.GanredhelFlag to 0 (and save after that). Can't test it now myself though.
  3. @spoonsinger: THANKS! i'm so narrow-minded..
  4. I see no option to ignore all user signatures (it was in old version); and it's not possible to ignore administrative stuff signatrures (some of them distract too much, but if it's current policy, think i could live with that ). Also, there's no download counters (near attachments in posts). If it's important, i'm using Iron v.49.0.2600.0, java enabled.
  5. @Comrade Fienyx, thank you very much! All your strings look very appropriate! (but i must confess, personaly i'd like some of them would be more rough and dirty.. dark mediaeval, you know..). But thanks again!
  6. The GSB Compendium

  7. Before answer i had to re-read through my main script (xLoversEscapeRapeVPlayerQuestScript), and "found many new things" - "self-escape" part was done too long ago. Yes. I'm using internal var (rvpcount) both as attempts counter and current attempt success probability. It is decremented after every attempt by fixed (inside current "rape act") value, so you can conclude what success probability decreases linearly, from 1st time attempt success rate to zero. It's alternateve way to ensure what that exact preset attempts number will be available - if it set to some positive value, it overrides default attempts number calculation based on PC'stats. It may sound unnecessary complicated - but.. i was in that mood when did it.. 4 years ago. (i tried to re-formulate this description but feel myself too dumb now to find right words) instead of that, let's try to look at script line where it's used to decide if we found a helper: ShouldHelp * (tmpr.getDisposition Player + tmpr.getAV Responsibility) > rand 100 2000 So. If we're testing possible helper with 50=responsibility and 50=disposition against random value in range {100;2000}, we'd have minimal chance to accept their help if we set ShouldHelp to 1. And we'll get 100% success in that case (50+50 good soul) if we'll set ShouldHelp to 20. Set it to 200 and almost all not-evil NPCs would be ready to help our PC. Questscript for "help"-part executes with period of 5 seconds, and there is lazy (5*12) way to say "remember latest combat events next 60 seconds". Good approach to user-interface should hide that mechanic inside script, so user will deal with "real" time units.. maybe i'll do that with next fix. It's some kind of workaround to make difference between combat and casual rapes, because, when PC is in "love" act, isInCombat returns false (LPK-setting "stop combat").
  8. In this mod version properties from two mods, "Lovers Escape Rape V Player" and "Lovers Help Rape V Player" are combined - somehow. EscapeRapeOrHelpPlayer_hA04.rar What i have to say about it (and please excuse my lame english..): 0. All help-OR-self-escape theme is about rapes, where PC is at 'defeated' side; 1. while being raped, PC can try to resist by mashing key assigned for "Block" control; 1.1. in non-combat scenes it can bring successful escape - but number of attempts is limited via .ini and also depends of some PC'stats, also any resistance attempts are lowering raper's disposition, what can be followed by open deadly fight; 1.2. in combat-rape case there's small (variable in .ini) chance what 'block' mashing will be counted as self-resistance, and probably will lead to rape escape (which not prevents immediate gangbang: i know it is not rational, but can't do anything for now); 1.3. if in combat-rape case that 'block' mashing is not counted as self-resistance, it will counted as "cry for help" (not voiced yet, but may be..), then mod will try to find "helpful friend" (who has ENOUGH responsibility PLUS disposition to PC) to start fight against current PC'raper; 2. there's weak chance for new fixes or updates, because my rl is now quite unpredictable - not enough free time, no mood for the games. UPD: i understand too late, what i was using custom sounds in my esp (too long to remember about it, and that sounds aren't different from vanila, afair); so i'm adding them now: xL_escRpV_sound.rar OR - there's the same mod, but using vanila sounds only: esp4vanilaSounds.rar
  9. It depends.. PSE, as first approach, we already have, and had discussed here a number of its good and wrong sides - so rewriting should be easier than first-time. But, targeting on "framework" demands more detailed pre-planning: which functions to keep as base and which to leave for sub-mods, how to maintain interface with sub-mods, how to detect own (and their) malfunction, which "escape" trapdoors to prepare (such as mentioned r-ctrl @inventory) etc. Also, apparently, it depends on person who will do this work qualities: knowing oblivion scripting (+it's flaws and workarounds), having enough free time and some people willing to beta-test and co-operate. Here were many good intentions what damn RL shooted down(*), and my current rl leaves barely a hour for hobbies. (and i'm sorry about my english, it become even more lame without practice over last mounths)
  10. Enslavement by Highwaymans is made different (and way more buggy!) than "common", possibly it's made earlier than "common". Just try to evade those boys. And remember, there's "cleaning" option added to inventory menu: press Right-Control (or mb Left-Ctrl?) for a couple of seconds to remove "enslaved" animations and stuff (if you're not owned currently; else, in version i have, it decreases time before SlaveTrader's arrival). Also, there remains unblocked way to bind "Use" (or "Cast", or whatever) to any mouse's button - i used third, "wheel".
  11. Kiss variant

    (i was not sure and peeked into OBSE20 command list just now) it's possible to set independent keypress handler Begin OnControlDown 28 ; 28 is Grab control < check conditions and set some questScriptVar > end .. it's not request, just idea.
  12. Kiss variant

    Thanks. Think, more simple activation could be used: GRAB key (with doing nothing if not-actor, or dead, or sitting, or disliking PC, etc.)
  13. How do I make an Esp?

    For lazy test - "how it will look in-game?" - you can try my clothing templates mod. Just decide which body parts will your meshes cover and place them under according names. No weight, cost and such other parameters though.
  14. Long time ago i changed vanila script on portal "door" what exits from Shivering Isles (added some spellcasting into NPC-branch, so any npc leaving SI will get temporal waterbreath and waterwalking abilities); and leaved there debugging printC to mark such event happened - alas, without id\name displaying. And now, i was not at SI long time (more than game 12 days), and not even approaching to Bravil area at all, had strange thing. Waking after 8 hours sleeping in Skingrad own house, peeked to console and got message ~somebody got my waterbreath spell from si-exiting door! Well, i changed that script to diplay actors id/name, and tried previous save half dozen times - NOTHING (they got i watch them?). Jokes away -- do YOU know any vanila or mod actors who can wander between Tamriel and SI worlds on their own? I have no any great\complex companion mods active now, only few suspictions are Tamriel Travellers, Travelers(sic) of Tamriel Cyrodiil (ToC) and Heroes (but this mod has no traveling actors afaik).
  15. LoversHooker

    Made some new icons for lower ranks (none of my gals got over 3rd), 9 different dds in one pack, choose what you like. icons4LoversHooker_ranks_edH718.rar Thanks to Gaebrial for nice and long-living mod.