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About This File

by LongDukDong

and Bethesda Softworks


Herein, you can increase the number of books available to the bookstores in Tamriel. Books, both epic and mudane, that were printed within the more recent past in Tamriel's history, are now available.  You can now find in various bookstores the tomes that were available within  the epic second part  of the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind.  This includes the epic Bloodmoon addition.




Not every book that was in Morrowind  was purchased by Elsweyr Publishing, these not having changed since their first printing.  Some books may have already been in one form or another  due to our wish to chronicle  and preserve all available written history and lore, and some content may overlap.


Thankfully, Gadran Woodsley, the owner of Elsweyr Books,  comes from a long line of Bibliophiles  and librarians, his grandfather  being the one and only Dunyval Woodsley whose charge  was the Renown Daggerfall Lyceum  during the time  of the Dragon Break.


This package requires a mere two files:     Books of Morrowind.esp
                                                                            Books of Morrowind.bsa


Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.

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