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Snu's Dungeons (Altered Dungeons) 1.0.0 to 2.0

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Snu's Dungeons is a dungeon overhaul mod. It completely remakes most* of the caves and mines in Cyrodiil (not Shivering Isles). The dungeons are now "themed" according to their location - dungeons up north are icy; the ones out west are drylands; Blackwood caves are overrun with vegetation; etc. Many caves also have new areas, new monsters, and new treasures.
* Due to issues with using resources from Skyrim and Fallout, as well as conflicts with other mods, some dungeons had to be removed.
Warning: If you're using a low-end computer, you WILL have issues. We (Kobal and I) have done our best to make it more FPS-friendly, but there's only so much we can do without making major alterations. 
This mod is compatible with:
* Better Dungeons (via patch)
* Hidden Treasure Chests (no patch necessary)
* OOO/FCOM (via patch)
* Most quest mods (The Ayleid Steps has a patch)
* Cava Obscura and similar mods (though, since they load later, they will override alterations that Snu's makes to some dungeons).
If you find any other conflicts, bugs, or things that need to be fixed, report them here and I'll see what I can do.
There are two archives: One contains the esps, along with patches. SnusDungeons_EnglishCellNames.esp is the original (unaltered) esp: only use this one if you don't have a lot of other mods - it was designed for a largely vanilla game. SnusDungeons.esp is for use with other mods, or if you want a more optimized version - this removes a lot of things to make it more FPS-friendly.

What's New in Version 1.0.0 to 2.0


Plugin:     SnusDungeons 2.0
Date:        March 2018
Author:        Snusmumriken
Website:     www.oblivion.lima-city.de


- This plugin is very clean; that means nothing got deleted and you get only 2
error-messages when you open it in CS; these warnings are neglectable; the plugin
is also TES4Edit cleaned

- Almost all textures are optimized (compressed) with Optimizer Textures (Ordenator) from
Skyrim-Nexus; but I've already noticed that not every texture should be compressed;
so it's possible that something might not ok; but I couldn't check every texture
ingames; if you find something please tell me

- Regarding performance: I got a dualcore 2x 3.6GHz and a Geforce GTX880Ti; in some
some caves I notice it more or less; I definitely wouldn't recommend that plugin
when using and older pc or laptop

- All characters in this plugin are fictive and have no relation to maybe any real 
persons or their pseudonyms in the web


- Shivering Isles


- with plugins that change the look of caves and mines
- it's possible that when you use a plugin that puts things into caves that these
are now buried under a rock ..


Bethesda, Niftools-Team, Blender, Gimp, Elminster, Ordenator, dxtbmpx, PaintNetPro, Stroti, 
Yughues aka Nobiax, Tamira, Meo, Malo, DaMage, DaBrain, LilaMue, AlAnomin, Celeryuc, Edocsil, Helborne, Ivellion-Team, 
JDFan&PacificMorrwind, SureAI, Lady Nerevar, MrSiika, mk94, Oe, Phitt, Rebel, Texian, godhugh, 
VaPER, Valkyrie, vfb, Uwabami Nisiki, LauraCroft, Koldorn, Discovery, Dennywood, rileymarks, Psychotic, Alasdair, 
Visman, StarX, Vurt, kj666, NeilMc, NMC, JoWood (DungeonLords), elinen, zaga86, xclear, AgnusDei47, Blary, muppetpuppet, 
Mirlollipop, Egg-Of-Time, Ghogiel, tda, DavidWhitefang, P3dr0, Frankpants, Terragni Giuseppe, kues1, 
http://horrorwallpapers.blogspot.co.at/2009/11/skull-wallpapers.html, http://openwalls.com/image?id=15393&hsearch=moss


I give you permission to use content I created for further work. Please refer to the 
individual authors of meshes and textures (I've named them accordingly); 
You may not use any content for commercial use and please give proper credits - thanks!

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