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  1. I see what you mean. I'll play around with it and make sure it works in all instances and isn't confusing for people, right now though the buildings themselves give the +1 (as well as mistress/polygamous home province modifiers and prostitute modifiers) so in the end it should be the same. I'd stripped instant actions of modifiers because it confused some people (they are/should be immediately deleted, but I'll try adding it back for them and see if that is simpler). No they definitely can, I have them in other events, and I already have that fixed for the next update (likely tonight), also requiring prostitute trade goods (so you must also promote prostitution in the province), and maybe increasing the required trade power if it is owned by a trade company (since their trade power is generally so much higher and it was originally balanced with Caribbean provinces in mind. I don't want PU's necessarily to be converted to overlord religion automatically, If you would like to convert them to your religion you can "Strengthen Union" which gives them additional subject abilities, and one of those should be force religion. If you want to stay up to date on the latest changes etc. You can always stop by discord too. https://discord.gg/sHhCJ9k
  2. The buildings that grant an additional building slot are ones that can import/export, or ones that have other Instant Action "buildings". Eventually they will hit a cap, but because those buildings really take up two slots to get their full use I'm giving them the extra slot. The port of pleasure event for high trade power provinces with a port of pleasure should give them a center of trade. I'll fix this in the next update. Forbidden Palace is a bug I will fix it next patch (I had fixed it for others before, there is an extra entry for forbidden palace modifiers in estates_preload folder in the cosmopolitan_estates.zip file. If you delete the 2nd one it should fix that issue hopefully. I'll include that in the next update. I don't want to go back to having prostitutes or mistresses/consorts in a polygamous estate be hired/etc. permanently because you end up with a lot and doesn't allow for any unique feeling based on the current administration/situation of the nation you are playing. You should only have to hire prostitutes every 50 years. I could make an event that pops up asking if you want to extend their contract though to cut down on the clicking. As for decisions I prefer those functions being in the estate window for now. Many of the privileges (aside from the decision like ones like hire/visit for ruler) also have conditional modifiers and are meant to stay active for that reason so it is really the best place for them for now I think. The ones like decisions could be moved to a decision easily but having them all in the same place seems less confusing to me, don't you think? I also actually like how using privileges forces you to make choices since you are limited to 4 privileges but the privileges to Entertain Troops, Entertain Sailors, Entertain Dignitary, Entertain Merchants, Train Spy and Brothels Tax each take up a slot (and once you have 4 you can't use the free privileges). You have to have equal loyalty/influence to disable them, so you have to commit to a combination for a time (or use + loyalty privileges). I also already have too many active decisions and need to cut them down, and way too many country modifiers that I also need to cut down (but for now I'm making a separate menu where you can track the ones added like for advisor affairs, as well as track other stuff that is hard to remember such as the location your prostitutes are actively stationed). I originally had most stuff in decisions but unless I run into a problem with estates I like their new features and plan to keep working mostly in them for a lot of the content though it is possible some stuff could be combined or maybe a decision added for some stuff to make it easier to use in the future. Sorry I didn't see this earlier I don't always check the thread unless I'm posting an update as it is not very active usually, if you need immediate help with a current game try reaching me on discord I usually respond much sooner there. Thank you for the feedback, let me know if you run into any other problems or run into confusing/awkward/cumbersome stuff in the mod.
  3. This issue was in estates_update_09181 which fixes a bug with my estates not having the land cleared after a certain limit, however this file also has some events in it from PU advisor affairs which are currently being worked on. One of your subjects must have the country flag cosmo_start_pu_affair_event I'm not sure how that could have happened as the diplomatic action that gives it shouldn't be available to you, but I'm uploading a new version that will fix this as well as add a decision to remove the flag if you have it in your save file (the decision is called End Advisor Affair). If you still notice problems let me know here or on the discord. If this doesn't fix issue I recommend you roll back to estates_update_0918 as that doesn't have any of those files (but will have the estate issue if you own 25% of all development in the world). Do not play without the updates as there are worse issues, the mod is a work in progress so always use the latest updates and report any issues and I can fix them. I'm easiest to contact on discord as I don't always check the loverslab thread. As for Papal States, I am not sure what you mean by they can't be converted. If you mean that they cannot be converted by the trade policy "Propagate Religion" etc they likely have a strong resistance I didn't change anything with the Force Religion vassal command. I haven't heard of not being able to fix no religion via console command, the no religion sometimes occuring on some new tag spawns is due to a bug with EU4 itself introduced in 1.30. You should be able to fix it via the console command: change_religion TAG (like ENG, FRA etc.) I haven't seen that bug in testing myself, but I have heard it can corrupt savegames if you load a save with a country that has no religion. If possible send me like an autosave file or something that occurs before this happens to you and I can see if there is anything more I can do to fix it. But the console command should work until they fix it (and if they don't I may create an event to fix it).
  4. If you run into any problems that are giving you trouble let me know or send me a message on discord, there's not a lot of EU4 modders around here but me or Doan might be able to help if you get stuck on something (if only because I constantly get stuck on something and it takes me forever to figure it out so maybe I can save you a similar headache).
  5. You could possibly just have a province modifier in their capital for the god they chose. That would show up and be a chance for you to use the icons you have made already so it easy to see. If you give your modifiers a religious component like local_religious_conversion_resistance the province modifier would also show up on the map when using the religion mapmode (never mind that doesn't work with that mapmode it works with trade related event modifiers though and the trade mapmode). Making your religion based on how Islam works rather than Hinduism would allow you to have it cleanly on the religion mapmode as well as give you a lot more options since it has more fleshed out mechanics than Hinduism/personal deities but you could keep the Gods/Modifiers as schools.
  6. It usually says that if you do not have the actual archive. Do you have the .zip files in your mod folder? The path is: archive="mod/cosmopolitan_buildings.zip" etc. So make sure they are still zipped (should have identical names as the .mod files, and be in the mod folder along with them) The inside of your mod folder should look like this:
  7. Did you install the updates also? This event (which will be hidden in the future, I just want to make sure it isn't firing inappropriately) will respawn native madams in their home district. This is based on the culture of the province, if you are getting it repeatedly then there may be an issue as it should only fire once every 50 years (when madam modifiers wear off). That event deals with madam generation in Europe. There was an issue with this event in an older version of the mod so make sure you have the latest updates (located at the bottom of the file list). It is possible there is another error in the file causing it to repeat in your case, I'd need more information about the province or provinces where you have built brothel districts (the culture of the province) if this is happening. If you want you can join the discord and I can help you there too (I generally only check loverslab when uploading a new version, so discord is faster). It is a work in progress so there are likely to be many bugs still but there should be nothing that is "game breaking" if needed you can always send me your save file and I can see what is wrong. https://discord.gg/sHhCJ9k
  8. You can always stop by the discord if you are having problems, someone can walk you through it if needed. Basically download everything (all the files, and the latest updates). Unzip the cosmo_main.zip / cosmo_building.zip an cosmo_estates.zip this will unpack all the .z01 etc. files and will give you the following mixture of cosmopolitan_estates.zip , cosmopolitan_estates.mod, cosmopolitan_main.zip , cosmopolitan_main.mod , cosmopolitan_estates_gfx_1.mod , cosmopolitan_estates_gfx_1.zip etc.: Place these all in your mod folder. Download the latest update and overwrite those main files ( cosmopolitan_estates.zip etc.). You do not need to download the base files (the .z01 etc.) again once you have all the files, the only thing updated is in the main files the rest are pictures. Make sure you have The Grand Exhibition/The Great Exhibition installed. They are the same mod. You can get it on moddb (The Grand Exhibition) or from steam (The Great Exhibition). It is the same mod. Enable all of them in the launcher. If you have problems with them not showing up in the launcher still you might need further help and to use the paradox mod manager (some people have bugs with the launcher). Let me know if you still have trouble.
  9. Buildings files need to be updated still for the new patch (if you were running on an older version it was probably a conflict with another mod you have that features buildings) There is a cut down version that is running on 1.30 (don't run cosmopolitan.mod just run the new cosmopolitan_main and the GFX files). Cosmopolitan Main only includes Doan's advisors/affairs. I'm splitting the mod in 3, and will release the other two parts (Cosmopolitan Estates, and Cosmopolitan Buildings, Religion and Trade Goods) later as soon as they are updated. You will also need an updated version of The Grand Exhibition the one on moddb or steam should work.
  10. do you plan making a version that works with meiou and taxes.

    1. La Mancha

      La Mancha

      I don't know, I could certainly help someone do that probably.

      The major issues with that mod and extended timeline is the province ID's.

      I'm sure it could be done, I haven't had much time to mod during the virus but I plan on working on it.  It isn't something I will devote my full attention to right away, but if anyone wants to help make a compatible version with that mod or another I could help a great deal to make it easier.

  11. Republics I believe still have a ruler, but no consort. If you become non-Christian then you could still build a polygynous estate. You can't get married, and so you can't use Royal Match to get a personal union. Any personal union would have to be through the Seeking Allies decision during war. Some things give ruler modifiers, these are less effective for Republics. All prostitution options are available. Basically everything outside of marriage is possible, and that's still possible if you form a harem or something after converting from Christianity.
  12. Some people are playing it, but I have not been able to really test it myself as I'm still finishing some stuff on it before I'd consider it 100% finished and just fixing the bugs they point out as I go which is why the mod says it is a Work in Progress. I'd recommend joining the discord if you want to play it so you can report any bugs. Of course you can do that here too but you are more likely to get quicker help there from me or someone else on the channel. If you play a campaign save often, I update it often and the mod hasn't been save game incompatible for a while but you may encounter something broken still. If you do just let me know. In the latest update you can find patch notes that has known issues etc. as well but all of this can be found in detail on the discord. Once the mod is finished I'll likely update this thread more but with how often stuff is being added discord is where most of my communication about the mod happens right now. Here's a link to the discord (it is also on the file page) https://discord.gg/n6pyWYJ EU4 is currently on the humble bundle with all the content expansions except Conquest of Paradise and Golden Century for 15€/$17. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/europa-universalis-iv
  13. There are a number of issues people are having with the new Paradox launcher, feel free to stop by the discord if you are one of the people having issues there are several different solutions that worked for different people.
  14. z01 etc. are parted files for .zip. Loverslab has a file size limit for uploaded files so the files are parted into multiple files. You need to download all of the files, and then unzip the .zip file it will then unpack all the parted (z) files as well. Also there was an issue with crashing in the country selection menu with the moddb version of The Grand Exhibition for 1.29.3, it should now be fixed if you need to download it again.
  15. You can use anything from the mod you want, feel free to ask on the discord any time if you need anything or want help with anything. Great to see more people modding EU4.
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