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  1. I just released v0.0.9: - Minor fixes & code cleanup (using Ck2 Validator for reference) - Decisions to stay celibate and stop celibacy have been made independent of virgin status - now married members of Immortal Mountain Sect can still toggle celibacy on and off to accumulate more energy and prevent "random" birth. - Accumulated Dual Cultivation Energy is now displayed on the female Dao Partner (not to be confused with "Accumulated Life Qi"). Accumulated Dual Cultivation Energy is (and has always been) energy, accumulated in the female partner until she births a child (which resets the counter). This patch makes this energy visible.
  2. I just released v0.0.8 (v0.0.7 was skipped - not released here, but all changes are in v0.0.8 anyway). It contains the mitigations for the exploit reported by @morat136 as well as a Bugfix for Combat Training (which could let your Qi go negative).
  3. For now, there are the mods listed in the "Compatible" List. Their traits are carried over. Every trait needs to be checked for and if it exists, it is copied to the new child. Meaning, if I don't know the mod I can't copy the trait. So in order to do this I need to expand the compatible mod list (and integrate the traits added by other mods). I am aware, that *base* and *total* stats are a problem. Problem here is mainly CK2, the game does NOT (to my knowledge after long research) provide a method to access base stats - meaning, I can SET base stats and modify them, but I can NOT query/check them. I can only query/check total stats (as only those should have any relevance in the game). You can SEE the base stats (which is super frustrating for me) but I have no idea how to get them... Alternative - calculate back, subtracting trait bonuses: As there are dozends if not hundreds of traits (considering extra traits from mods) to check for those in all combinations (as mods also change the stat values) is not feasible. Meaning: I cannot iterate through traits at all (game does not let you), I can check if a trait (I know the name of) is present - and still not knowing if it was modified by another mod - and then reduce the stats that I THINK correct from the base stats to get the correct values - this is not really doable. This problem applies to True Immortals (stage 8 ) at the end of their cultivation. To reach that level you would have average stats at least 50+ (usually more). Reincarnation removes your prestige and piety - but of course you can use the exploit you mentioned to "instantly" max your stats to 100 base (which is the max in the game). I will do the following: As the game does not let me check base stats and as the gains by traits are not really game-breaking compared to the huge numbers you have at that stage anyway, I will disable the "Choose Reincarnation" choice while you are in transformed adult form. Then this exploit will get less tempting, because you lose all the prestige/piety again after 16 years + short reign etc. There are many things to consider the current plan for the CK2 as well as the CK3 version of this mod is currently is outlined here: As stated in this thread, I will try to get all features stable first and then get into races etc. (the bloodlines you speak of would also fall into that category). I still like the idea (I also like the idea of adding the Jade Emperor as Offmap Power) - but both will have to wait a bit until the cultivation system is stable and there are Cultivator Dynasties and Sects.
  4. I just released v0.0.6 with a Hotfix: - Some illnesses can give you a "bedridden" state, which was not cleared properly. Now the "sick_incapable" trait as well as the illness modifiers are removed. - Characters already suffering from these problems will be fixed automatically.
  5. About Demons - I guess I'll think about that once we got a stable cultivation system going. There are mods, which introduce different races (which have demonic blood or are therantropes) as well as immortal races like elves or vampires etc. From a cultivator point of view a being that does not age is not necessarily an "Immortal" - can be unaging, but True Immortality comes with lots of self-improvement over long period of time - again I'd say let's tackle that issue once things have developed further. About the cultures: In the beginning - no culture will be truly cultivating. We are at 800 something and not in the blossoming Daoist days. Immortal Wang (a han ancestor, 3000+ years old) will come out of seclusion and find suitable disciples around the world and revive cultivation. Should there be a young learned Viking who likes books as he likes his Ax and Mead then he may qualify as well (why not?). The Daoists in the Chinese Borderlands can have a "starting bonus" as their culture and religion is much more compatible with cultivation compared to Christian lands / culture.
  6. Well, the idea of Dao Cultivation is "Eastern", though there is not necessarily a change in faith (I'd like to make that optional). Meaning you can be a Norse Pagan with your wife and concubines and if they agree, you can make them into Dao Companions + you can have more Dao Companions (handled by the system to override "extramarital relation penalties" - should they exist). The Government for a Cultivation Dynasty will change and allow things like that (maybe several flavors are necessary merging the "base government form" with the cultivation aspect - to avoid your "shoehorning"). As Mortal and Cultivation matters should be kept apart to some extent, this could work for immersion. There will be specialized infrastructure and buildings - strange for ANY culture - so it will be usually situated on mountains or in places hidden from sight and "restricted" like places of worship. Depending on the cultivation levels of your Dynasty and on the "alignment" in terms of good/evil - you can just have this "Holy Mountain" where the "Ruler, close to the Gods" resides and it is rumored that on some nights children or people vanish (for whatever unknown reason - rumored to have been favored by the gods) so people fear it. Or you can have open and friendly relations, building a sect gate where people bring their children every year to have their potential tested as they want them to enter cultivation. Religion can be a deciding factor here as well: Is the religion open to "Witchcraft"/"Occult"/"Supernatural" or "Ancestor Worship" - yes, then things can be explained along that route. No - then this will be some "Holy"/"Dangerous" and in any case "Forbidden" place. As I said I'd make it "optional" - there will definitely be a route with adjusted faith, that integrates people into the whole thing, where Dao Companions are "openly honored", and the "powers" are integrated with religious doctrine. So 3 scenarios: - (1) Separation: Old faith is unchanged and incompatible, which makes it a Hidden/Dangerous/Mystic place where the unknown happens (and the ruler is doing his/her best to make things work out for the people) - (2) Partial integration with faith: Old unchanged faith is partly compatible and uses that reasoning (like Ancestors and Gods etc.) to explain things. - (3) Integration: Things are not secret and people want to get "in" or at least get their kids in, as they want long life and benefits. All 3 have their benefits and downsides. Scenario 1 will give the ruler the most secrecy and "peace" in his/her doing, but any "happenings" (even if they have nothing at all to do with the ruler) can be attributed (which can be good or bad) - imagine count Dracula: No one will dare to go near the castle, but no one knows anything concrete. Scenario 2 will probably be controlled by the priesthood and all exchanges "ritualized". While Scenario 3 - well everyone in your country knows the basics and has a general idea (which can be annoying to have "wishes"/"demands" for XY to be taken in as disciple with mortal events as leverage).
  7. Well I already have a alpha version of this mod running on CK2, on which this is based on (and which will develop alongside the CK3 version). I decided to pick the 4 realms "Mortal/Earth/Heaven/Immortal" and divide that up into Qi Gathering, Foundation Building, Core Formation (Qi Dan), Nascent Soul (Yuan Ying), Great Perfection (Da Cheng), Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, True Immortal stages (where True Immortal would be the equivalent to Celestial Immortal in some novels). Problem is, that this is earth and not some higher realm - so having too high of a cultivation can be problematic - so I stopped there. So "Da Cheng" is your "Immortal Ascension Stage" in the Heavenly Realm. I also explained that True Immortals are limited by the world so their powers cannot exceed a certain limit (in CK2 base stats are limited to 100). "Void Stage" would be around Human or Earth Immortal - those are not yet "real" immortals. Btw. Grasping Evil is very nice! Zahxian is also a good book - but has plane hopping as well, which we cannot have here (as we only have one plane - Earth and True Immortals are "barely sticking" to it, on the verge of ascending to the next plane). For the features: I this is a continuous project, first I will try to get the CK2 version converted to CK3 + stuff necessary as CK3 has no societies (yet). This enables you to cultivate - albeit in a very simplified way. After / alongside that the stuff I've written here will be the focus and then I we can expand in various directions. Roots come in 10 stages from 0-9 Broken Root to Divine Root with no affinities at the moment. Also "poor root" (1) is the lowest root assigned to players - as "broken root" disables cultivation. The CK2 Code-Base has around 11k lines of code (which is alot, though compared to long year projects like DWR, which has like 300k+ loc it is small). But then again my mod has been released less than 2 weeks ago. The root thing: Pre-Natal and Post-Natal - I plan to have you born with a root (preferably inherited from the Dual Cultivation of your Dao Companion Parents) and then the ability to foster that to greater heights post-natal (but limited). Body types like: Extreme Yin/Yang, 9 Yin/Yang, Golden Buddha Body etc. are planned (later) getting Primordial Yin/Yang for (semi-permanent) "upgrades" of your root as well (Your wish for "cauldrons" comes in here too) though there is benign Dual Cultivation (benefiting both) as well, though the evil path usually gets results faster at the expense of others. To summarize again: First plan is to get a (minimal) "working" system set up, which will be expanded.
  8. Hello everyone! I am currently working on the CK3 version of my CK2 mod "True Immortal Cultivation". I thought I could share the direction the whole thing is heading atm and ask for feedback. Changes noted here will (hopefully) find their way into the CK2 version as well. Based on the "True Immortal Cultivation" mod in CK2: - Player, meeting the requirements, meets Immortal Wang in a random triggered event -> Immortal Wang offers to teach the player cultivation techniques and invites them to join Immortal Mountain (to start off with the Cultivator Dynasty - while there are no facilities yet) -> Immortal Wang will choose / "seed" several cultivators around the map, who will build up Immortal Dynasties and Sects (so that you are not alone and get in trouble when bullying mortals -> This will be the Cultivation Dynasty's "Ancestor", the first cultivator, who will then reform the Dynasty and build new infrastructure etc. - Game changes: -> Spiritual Roots will be much rarer and upgrade super hard/limited. They can be inherited and the upgraded again. -> Severe failure in Tribulation or overdraft of power can lead to root degrading. - New Buildings: -> Immortal Cave (enables: closed door cultivation) (lvl 1-4) (Mortal: x3, Earthly: x6, Heavenly: x9, Immortal: x12) -> Pill Hall (enables: alchemy - to craft & pills for sale) (lvl 1-4) (Mortal: mortal pills, Earthly: earthly pills, Heavenly: heavenly pills, Immortal: immortal pills) * Qi Gains * Root Improvement possibilities (one rank max) * Improved breakthrough chances -> Immortal Herb Garden (provides: ingredients for alchemy) -> Martial Hall (enables: martial training) -> Dao Discussion Hall (enables: Dao Contest) -> Scripture Hall (enables: research of new techniques) - New troop types: -> Cultivators can lead troops and form Units (depending on rank they are VERY efficient) - New artifacts: -> Items for modifications - New actions: -> (Intrigue) Steal cultivation resources / techniques -> (Intrigue) Spy on breakthrough date/location -> (Martial) Raid for cultivation resources / artifacts -> (Martial) Disrupt breakthough -> (Diplomacy) Exchange cultivation resources / techniques - esp. in marriage -> Immortal Possession of any Sect/Dynasty member - to play as this character - Adjustments / Overrides: -> Immortal Government - extra laws and rules: Separating Mortal Affairs and Immortal Affairs, though both intersect and influence eachother. * Sect Type: Ruler is the leader of his her own sect, works a bit like a Theocracy - mainly recruiting disciples from outside (AI type) * Immortal Dynasty: Ruler is the head of the dynasty, works similar to the regular game (Player & AI type) * 4 Stages for both types: Mortal, Earthly, Heavenly and Immortal * Requirements are the number of cultivators at that stage + quality of facilities and resources overall * Tournaments & Sect meetings can add to the ranking as well and gain/lose cultivation resources -> Law (automatic): Acceptence for Dao Companions as valid spouses, regardless of religion -> Dao Companions are like "guests" who stay indefinitely and do not take slots, but can be used in government positions and as ambassadors etc. -> Children of Dao Companions are treated like any legitimite child (no matter the religious doctrine) -> Ideally there are 2 courts one mortal and one immortal, where the mortal one has regency, which can be overruled at any time. -> Immortal court has functions as well, tailored to the Sect/Cultivator Dynasty. -> Mortal realm cultivators (Qi Gathering, Foundation Building) are considered mortals and CAN interfere in mortal business without anyone having any say. But they are "elite" compared to normal mortals. -> Should great conflicts arise (e.g. some invasion by a Dark Cultivator Sect) any level of cultivators can act. -> Use of "powers" is "restricted" which works like "Threat" - the more and frequent you do "supernatural stuff", the higher the "Threat Level" and some righteous sect will come knocking on your door. This can escalate into "Super Scale Holy Wars" with Cultivators involved, suppressing eachother, duelling eachother etc. So much for the list of goals for both mods. Please let me know what you think! (Esp. if you plan to play it yourself!) Best wishes, Gildoniel
  9. continuation of the previous post: Immortal Mountain and the cultivation system presented in v0.0.5 is "minimal". There are plans to extend the "Root Awakening"/"Root Improvement" to give useful quests / event chains to get your own root improved. Basically the Qi gains in this version due to "divine grade" roots being achievable rather easily (with a few tries over a few years) in combination with "top-tier" Immortal Caves being available from the start makes cultivation super easy. Which is "OK" for now, as you are the only "cultivator dynasty" - but on the long run, this will come with research, specialized buildings and most important: The introduction of Dao Manuals and Techniques - with different grades (usually) limiting the progress, as you need techniques for every major stage, which have severe diminishing returns on higher stages (as they are simply not meant for that). This will also open up potential for research and Sects / Dynasties having a "good cultivation technique", will be ahead of others. And will also be the limiting factor for the stages in the dynasty/sect. So: On the long run, this whole thing is intended to be much more diverse and interesting, with abilities to build your own sect, build up a cultivator dynasty, or stay rogue cultivator etc. Also the ability to develop own "Dao Techniques" (giving you abilities and means in combat and out of combat) in a "modular way" - so you can choose what to take and stuff together and the engine/framework gives it values in the end. Also cultivation techniques and elemental affinities are planned - the ability to research and improve techniques, or steal them from others (only to notice that you only got half later on and this turns people into degenerates). There is still much to do The journey has only just begun!
  10. The problem is basically: You are the only cultivator around. Intention is to have several Immortals (and Gods) around the world (at various stages) who can and will become hostile if you abuse your powers (too much) against mortals (who cannot do anything about it). I think something like a "threat" meter could work. Like when you accumulate "threat" for conquering everything fast. If you use Time/Space or powers in general (as there will be many more), you "stir up" things and if you do that often/all the time, it will be noticed, not by the poor dude you made 110 years old in the blink of an eye, but by the Immoral residing in his backyard, who likes the garden and the lake the ruler prepared for him to stay in. So you lord over time and space - which is intended. It has no consequences (now) because they (the mortals) have no idea that it is YOU doing the deed - they are out of diplo range and you sit in your immortal cave, doing morally questionable or outright evil stuff. So, if you got the attention of others and they take action against you, things will potentially get more interesting, because your powers do not work against them (no space prison on anyone above Great Perfection Stage). Making them old is moot - because ... they are Immortals as well. So wars could happen, where Immortals hanging around the offended countries will take action against you - countering stuff you do, while several countries band together and start a "Super Scale Holy War" against you. For this to work, I need to implement something that motivates rulers to send their kids to Immortal Mountain, and for them to STAY THERE! As cultivation takes a long time, people leave the sect (as they rise the ranks slowly - which is bad for the AI) and seldom gain cultivation stages beyond nascent soul. I somehow need to change the AI rationale there (no idea how at the moment). I will spawn/seed a few immortals, taking on other ruler's children as disciples (making them pass tribulations easier - like your own apprentices). This should help as well. And then give them (as well as you) a way to notice stuff happening (when someone uses powers) and handle that similar to "threat". I am open for suggestions here - as this will also be very relevant in the CK3 version as well. Ideas for CK3 and also CK2: - Buildings for Cultivation (Immortal Caves), Immortal Herb Gardens, Sacred Springs and the like. (which enables you to leave Immortal Mountain and do your own thing) - Evil Cultivation stuff - like Sacrifices and draining life etc. - "Non Interference" policy with mortals (see above) and consequences if you are too "blatant" - Option for Guardians seeking Immortal Masters to teach their wards (so this gives prestige or whatever - so they stick to it)
  11. Sounds interesting. I don't know Irae house, but the idea sounds doable. So basically you write a narrative event with different pages and each page explains stuff, like in a book?
  12. Just a short "heads-up": I will focus my energy on the CK3 development of this mod for now, if there are any problems in the released CK2 version - please tell me, I will try to fix it all Once the CK3 version is up and running I will develop both.
  13. Just released v0.0.5 with a bugfix and a number of improvements: - Breakthrough tooltips should now work as intended (showing the actual chances) - Disease removal for Heavenly Cultivators and above clears the character flags that diseases are developing + sets immunities to all possible diseases (where possible). - Wound healing, disease removal as well as negative trait removal pops up an event window instead of doing it "silently".
  14. Version 0.0.4 is out: Containing mainly "problem mitigations" and fixes. - As requested: The offer consort/concubine decision is back (vanilla) - opening a potential abuse, when offering consorts to low ranked cultivators - but this has to be "ok" for now, until I can properly replace the entire thing (takes time). - Also as requested: Breakthroughs should be much more transparent now, you can stop a breakthrough after getting useful information on the likely outcome. Plus: You get more info on what happens in the breakthrough. As the tribulation element is random - the "confidence" is averaged over all stats. - I found the cost of traits for children of Dao Companions too "expensive" and cut them in half. Now: 1 accumulated point in energy = 1 point in the "Ruler Designer" on a new game. - I also found a few typos and fixed them. If you find more problems - please throw them at me I'll do my best to fix them.
  15. Hmmmm, possible. Said elixir could make you a fake immortal (giving you the "immortal trait" like the "divine blood ritual"). Let's collect ideas, so the Jade Emperor can start out with several different options once it is time.
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